Well, here we are. Everything went according to plan and sure enough, Paul won HoH yet again. That said, there was a little excitement at the end of the live episode when Jessica announced to the house that she and Cody are safe for the next 3 weeks (they’re not).  Feeds have returned already, so I’m going to jump right in


  • 7:00 pm – Kind of annoyed that feeds have returned quicker than they do when I promise I’ll be keeping people updated during the HoH competitions, but whatever
    • Jessica and Cody are in the apple room (or APSR) talking to Paul
    • Jessica said she’s happy the house revealed they’re frauds.  Paul is telling them that he told Josh not to poke and prod
    • Cody says he’s been trying to have conversations with Paul but Paul keeps avoiding him
    • Paul says that Ramses was a good choice because he won the $25k (he didn’t).  Cody says that Paul could have told them
    • Paul is trying to play the victim because of Jessica announcing her safety
  • Mark enters the room and asks if he’s in trouble
    • Paul says no, the only reason he was left in the dark was that he showed emotion
    • He brings back how Ramses didn’t throw the veto competition as a reason why he (R) is a lone wolf
    • Paul says Josh was cast as the ‘Big Meech’ this season. A nutcase who does nothing
  • 7:20 pm – Talk breaks up, Paul retells the conversation to Jason and Kevin
    • Paul says he has to put them up on the block just to reveal the temptation. Oops
  • 7:25 pm – Mark finally confronts Josh
    • He basically asked him why he was being such a dick to him. Josh says it’s because he disrespected him on national TV and threw a drink in his face
    • Josh continues by saying when he was at his lowest, Mark and crew did not reach out to him, so he wasn’t going to go easy on Mark
    • Mark says ‘that’s fair, I understand’.
    • Josh says he won’t touch his bed, or his shit, but he won’t be nice to Mark.
  • 7:45 pm – Jess, Mark, and Elena are talking in the bedroom
    • Jessica is saying that she’s most pissed about the flat out lie that Raven said to her before the live show. She absolutely promised she was voting out Josh
  • Feeds cut to an interview with Ramses from Jeff. Please don’t tell me we’re going to have the Jeff loop again. Noooooo
  • 8:50 pm – Paul is talking to Kevin and saying how he is going to put Cody and Jess up to call their bluff and flush it out
    • Kevin agrees that it’s crazy that it’s 3 weeks of safety (it’s not)
    • This is shortly after Mark and Cody talking about how good they are feeling in another room
  • 9:45 pm – Paul, Mark, and Elena are still trying to figure out Jessica’s power
    • Paul leaves and Mark tells Elena she needs a hug. Elena tells him not to touch her. She’s pissed and almost smacked Raven.
    • That all breaks up and Mark and Josh end up in the apple room alone. Mark again wants to squash it all and have water under the bridge, but Josh once again says “Noooo”. “I need to torture you just a little bit”.  So, Josh is being a baby about it and Mark is getting rejected left and right tonight.  Poor guy

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