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Big Brother 19 – Programming Note – Feeds Down


Quick update for you guys if you missed it regarding the feeds and schedule…

The feeds are currently down (Tuesday evening) and will be down until Wednesday night at around 9 pm.  This is because they are recording the eviction show which will air tomorrow (and pretend it’s live) and they don’t want to ruin the show by giving us spoilers early. Boo. That said, there has been a fairly reliable leak from the production staff that hasn’t been wrong yet, so if/when they leak information, we will post it.

The TV schedule for the week is as follows:

  • Wednesday – 8pm est (Alex/Kevin evicted. Down to final 4)
  • Thursday – 9pm est (live show. Down to final 3)
  • Friday – 8pm est (almost certainly a ‘highlight’ episode featuring stuff that probably hasn’t been aired on cbs yet. Maybe they’ll finally show how awful Alex is?)

So three nights, two evictions, and one happy camper!  If you’re wondering, Alex is almost certainly going to be evicted tonight and then barring some sort of competition miracle, Kevin will be gone on Thursday night. If Kevin throws the next HoH comp, well he deserves to leave in one of the worst finishes in the game (3rd-5th place are the worst because you get zero time in the paid vacation called the jury house).

Even if Kevin doesn’t leave, it’s almost a sure bet that Paul is going to end up in the final 2 and almost a sure bet he’ll win the game. Alex is saying all the right things to make me think she won’t be voting for Paul, but her dumb little ego will likely prevent her voting for Christmas or Josh. That would admit they played a better game than she did and she wouldn’t want that. Did they actually play a better game than her? I guess it depends on what you consider better. If being a player who is loyal enough to do all the dirty work but not skilled enough to actually be a competitive threat “good”, then Christmas and Josh are some of the best ever! Alex was certainly loyal enough, but she was more of a threat competitively so that was her only downfall. Ironic how the better she did this season, the lower her odds were of making it to the finals. I guess that happens when you’re so bad that you can’t spot the real power player in the house even though it was told to you numerous times by people like Cody.

If only Alex or her ride or die had some sort of power late in the game that would have allowed them to set themselves up to be in the final 2 together. If only they won 4 out of the last 6 HoH competitions they were eligible to play in (Alex couldn’t play in the most recent which Josh won). If only they didn’t just throw the remaining two competitions to Christmas for whatever reason.  Imagine how different this season would be?  Oh, wait.  Nevermind.


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  1. strwar1

    Boy,I can’t wait to see that bitch Alex get evicted tonight! It sucks that we won’t happen,but I hope there was sadness and shock and anger..from Alex hehehe Bye Bye Alex!!!

  2. Edsel

    Since it won’t be a live eviction, will Julie still interview the evictee? I would hate to not get to see Julie interview either Alex or Kevin.

  3. Edsel

    Thanks, Gerardo! I couldn’t remember what they did in the past.

  4. Colby

    So, when will they show them arriving at the jury house? I might actually watch that one.

  5. Wendy

    When should I cancel my live feeds? Any word on who the celebrities will be? When would the winter feeds start? I need more information….. it’s killing me to know!

  6. Alda

    Lance Bass,Dog ,the Bounty Hunter,Tiffany Pollard aka NY,Drita D’avanzo.Brad-The Ladlong and Natalie Nunn.That’s all for now.

    • Ann

      Drita ain’t no punk. I can’t wait to see that show.

    • Avatar

      So basically, not real celebrities. Just has beens and reality TV “stars”. What a disappointment. I was hoping at least some B-listers would do it. I know its too wishful of thinking to see A-listers on the show maybe playing for charity. I’ll still watch though. NY is hilarious. I also hope they keep it like the real game and not some watered down mess.

    • Avatar

      I’m not sure if this is true or not but I read somewhere that the leaked list you mentioned is actually a fake/rumor. Again, that could just be hearsay but I read that, based on previous BB Celebrity seasons (not in the US obviously), they won’t “book” any celebrities this far our because of the risk of the real list being leaked. But who knows.

      • Avatar

        Well that’s kinda good then. Maybe we still have a chance to see some relevant celebrities play. I would love some A-list comedians in the house. That would keep it amusing for sure.

      • Avatar

        I agree! I doubt we will see any A listers but if it ends up being a bunch of reality show people, I likely won’t watch. Because they will all just be there for drama and trying to get 5 more minutes of fame. Much like the houseguests we have the season. Ugh! *insert eye roll*

      • Alda

        I hope it’s fake too! Time will tell.

  7. Ann

    I still haven’t watched last Wednesday’s show yet because I’m still pissed at them (as if it matters). Lol

  8. Helen

    Just In:

    The votes were split and Josh broke the tie. Alex has been evicted from the BB house.

    • AIO_7

      Once again Slosh does Paul’s dirty work.

      • Helen

        Yup….as usual his talk was just that. Talk…..

      • AIO_7

        I meant making Slosh look bad by having to vote at all. I’m glad Slosh’s talk this time was just talk because I would hate to have had the Deputy stay.

      • kneeless

        But isn’t it wonderful that he is so loyal! The way Josh & Alex talked about loyality, all summer, one would have thought they were doing something in real life. Wake up, you’re playing BB, loyalty is not going to win you $500.00. Just ask Cody C.

    • Alda

      Boy,Josh really made a big move-NOT!

    • LO1004

      Seriously??? Talk about counterfeit. At this point he deserves to lose again. That’s so disappointing.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Although I would’ve loved to see Josh go against Paul this week, ultimately I don’t think it would’ve been a wise decision to keep Alex at this point. Josh pretty much has a F2 spot locked right now– the only way I could see Josh not making it to the finals is if Kevin wins this next veto comp and votes Josh out. Of course, he cannot beat Paul in the end, and if he had kept Alex she could’ve helped him get rid of Paul. But the problem is, I don’t think Josh could beat Alex in the F2 either. So one way or another, Josh needed to get rid of both Paul AND Alex.

      The best case scenario would’ve been Josh finally getting rid of Paul, only to lose to Alex in F2. The worst case scenario would’ve been this whole thing backfires and Josh ends up getting evicted before F2 (and not even getting the $50K he’s almost locked up at this point). Now that he at least got rid of Alex, there’s a SLIM chance that he could still take Paul out at F3 and win against The Nightmare in the finals.

  9. Avatar

    I’ve never voted for AFH would like to this year and was wondering if anyone could tell me how it works. Like when does voting open, do you only get one vote or can you vote daily while it’s open, etc.? Also was wondering, so far Cody has stayed #1 on Jokers poll as well as other polls I’ve seen… in the past years has the person who was the clear front runner prior to voting the actual winner or does it change when the real voting opens?

    • AIO_7

      I think you have to vote through CBS (I could be wrong). Not sure when it opens, but last time I voted you could vote 20 times a day and for several days.

    • Avatar

      Dani, go to CBS.com/big brother you have to sign uo to become a member of CBS before you vote. If you have more emails, like husband or kids, sign them up too. After voting starts which should be soon, Julie will announce when. Somewhere there you will see vote for AFP. YOU GET 20 votes a day per email address you sign up. I have 60 votes a day (I vote for husband and daughter) you have a certain amount of days you can vote and I’m thinking a day starts at MN. The last day I believe voting ends in morning around 9.

  10. Helen

    There is basically nothing to look forward to with this season……There is no doubt Paul will be the next HOH…Christmas and Kevin will be OTB leaving Josh to cast the only vote to evict Kevin….

  11. Jenny

    @stevebeans this site is opening other windows when I click on the thumbs up, and also when I clicked to log in. Not sure what is going on but thought you should know!

  12. Helen

    Okay here it is. No surprise here

    The competition was WHAT THE BLEEP.

    Paul has won Head of Household

  13. Helen

    Kevin will go home on Thursday night

  14. Avatar

    So what are the misused, made-up or overused words of this season besides curses…counterfeit, bumpy, literally, gassed, friendship, back pocket, meatball, bobo…what else?

    • Avatar

      I would say friendship is more misunderstood than overused.
      Overused: I love you, I respect you

    • Jay H

      I can at least give this cast credit for not creating any alliance names. I usually hate those names.
      I’m curious if they were discouraged not to for some reason. Every year multiple teams came up with something and this year, I didn’t hear anything, or maybe it’s because alliances were too small and short lived.
      A good alliance name for Paul, Xmas, and Josh would have been Paul.

      • Renee

        I only heard a few alliance names at the beginning. Paul and Alex had one, but I don’t recall what it was. I also recall Ravel complaining that production wouldn’t allow her to use the alliance name she wanted. It was another dumb one, but so insignificant, I don’t recall what it was either.

  15. Avatar

    It would be hilarious if Josh voted Nightmare out bc she is shitty to him and she already said she picks Paul over him for F2. Time for Tuff Talk to sack up and go after Paul like he sobs he will.

  16. Avatar

    I just watched the clip where Josh and Paul do impersonations. Those 2 did great impressions of each other. Plus Cody head bobbing when upset and Raven always sticking her butt out were dead on.

  17. Avatar

    I was just on Jokers, & the Rumor is from Reddit…(the Spoiler Guy) that Paul won HOH, & Kevin & Josh are on the Block. Oh Whoopie! 😉

  18. Helen

    It does not matter…..the outcome of the season has been predetermined….Paul will win the 500k and it makes no difference who goes home on Thursday…..

  19. Avatar

    Not only will we hear that Paul “never sat OTB” (but he was nominated) if he goes against Xmas in the finale, we might see a 9-0 shutout. Once they start talking in jury and realize Paul has the votes of Josh, Raven, Matt, Mark, Elena plus other followers Alex, Jason and Kevin not wanting to be left out, Cody might follow suit. Once again the only hope might be Cody. Throw in the fact that no one wants to lose to someone (xmas) with one foot busted. The difference might be that Cody respected Paul’s game, the others are just doing what they can to keep a lifelong friend outside the house. LOL

  20. Avatar


    Did I miss anything? no?

    The status quo still in place? yes?

    I went back and read some of the previous threads over the past two days and my, my , my… who let the uninformed, borderline, stereotypical, closet racist in here in?


    Cody and Jessica will never be on Amazing Race, she may come across as a tough girl in a closed environment but get into a wide open competition like that where those two will actually have to play hard 24/7 both physically and mentally and she’ll fold like a cheap set of BB House bed sheets (not Matt and Raven’s sheets mind you, those are a little too crusty to fold, even after 100 washings). Cody is an alpha male who will hate to lose and he will snap at her…. She won’t take it and the fight will be on… (remember Rachel on that show????)

    Paul on Survivor? I would love to see that! He wouldn’t last through he first tribal council. His rep will have proceeded him and based on his inability to compete against strong willed alpha players in physical competitions, he will get owned… Besides, I don’t think you’re allowed to use a floaty toy during swimming comps so his little friend will have to stay in the BB house.

    I would love to see Xmas on survivor, she would probably rock it out and go far…. Of course every female will hate her guts and every male will be thankful there isn’t a mirror on the island because of the shame they’d feel every time she walked by and they look down and can’t see their feet despite trying to suck in their guts into their spines…. I know I’d be that way but hell, at least I’ve got a great personality despite being old and well… old…….

    I don’t see any of the other HGs doing any other reality shows again unless it’s guest spots back on BB. Could you imagine any of them on either the Bachelor or Bachelorette? Maybe Elena on Bachelor in paradise…

    I do see a boat load of YouTube crap from a bunch of them going forward…

    • LindsayB

      So typical post BB. Unless you happen to follow some of them on social media you really don’t hear from or about them ever again. I’ve missed you on here.

    • Avatar

      Cody and Jessica are the only Cast members I would put on Amazing Race. Their fights on the Race would be epic. It would be a true test of their relationship in which i have no faith will last a week beyond the end of the show. They are no Jeff & Jordan.

      Cody showed me he cannot control his temper and the fact that Jessica works as a VIP Hostess. Which is code she works in a job that she has to flirt to get tips. Cody will lose his shit and that will be the end of that. My gut tells me Jessica works at a Strip Bar.

      I agree with you about Paul. He would not last on the show. He will be paired with Alpha Females & Males that will chew him up and spit the little runt out. Paul has big time short man’s syndrome and would not be able to last on the show.

      Christmas would do fine on Survivor but she is not compelling and her personality is flat and she would just fall head over heels in love with whoever was going to win the prize money. Male or Female.

      Josh on Survivor would be a waste of a cast member. I would give him 1 hr before he was crying and begging to go home.

      Alex would do fine on Survivor but who the hell wants to see her again?

      • Renee

        Jessica will stay with Cody until the money runs out, if he wins AFP. You are dead-on with your valuation of Cody. He was shopping for a step-mom and fell in “love” with the first pretty face. He is definitely the jealous type and would be too controlling for Jessica to be able to work her current job.

  21. Avatar

    I am ready for BB19 to be over with. This blog site has been far more entertaining than the cast of idiots they showed us this year. Mensa will not be getting any members from this cast of losers.

    Not one Cast member has the intelligence to organize a 1 car parade.

    Nothing like a good Cast this has been nothing like a good Cast.

    Just give Paul the $500K the other contestants are so eager to give to him on Thursday and end it all ready. I have no desire to watch a “Recap” show.

    If they show Alex, Jason and Christmas in a bad light after the fact shows me Production are cowards. It is no secret that Jason is in hot water for his Rape Joke comments. Alex came across as James light all she was missing was wearing Camo. They hid Christmas personality and try to show her as this angelic America’s Sweetheart but she was anything but.

    Paul is the only one who played and everyone was just happy to make it to Jury. I will never forget the big celebration of making it to Jury. It is like a MLB team going nuts over making the 2nd Wild Card spot. Or a NHL team doing a parade over making the playoffs or a NFL team making a Wild Card spot. YOU HAVE WON NOTHING YET!

    To me that showed me that this cast was a bunch of losers. I wouldn’t celebrate a spot in Jury if I played I want the big prize. Go big or go home. No one remembers who finished 2nd. If Paul had not been brought back this season he too would have faded into the woodwork.

    I don’t think I will bother watching Celeb BB. I have no desire to see about bunch of D listers play. I will give BB20 a chance but if it a loser cast again like this one. Then I will no longer be interested.

    This season was painful to watch and I am glad it is finally coming to an end.

  22. Avatar

    The online exit interview where Jason was talking about Paul when show was over wasn’t like the normally threats throw around by bitter evictees. Wanting to have Paul alone in his house/his world and other odd comments. Paul may need to watch out for that guy.

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