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Big Brother 19 – Quitters Never Win


The live feeds turned on at 1:00am est and was already giving us juicy details from the past week inside the house.  Jillian and Alex were talking together and it eventually came out that they’re both on the block. Not completely unexpected as they’ve been in the house for well over a week so it was possible they played veto, Megan won and Alex was the re-nom.


Apparently, Megan saw Josh acting like a lunatic this past week and told the house “hold my beer” (not really).  From what I gather, she tried to spread rumors between each side of the house thinking nobody would talk to each other and clear it up. It sounds like she told people that Jessica called Alex a ‘panda’ which eventually got back to Megan.  A fight broke out that “wasn’t even as bad as some in previous seasons” (according to someone I don’t remember who), and Megan went to the DR and never came out.  She quit. After only 3 hours in the DR, she quit.


I wasn’t able to witness it because it all happened before the feeds went live, but it is mind blowing that someone would leave the house over a fight after only 3 hours in the DR.  We’re just a few seasons out from when Audrey went all unibomber on the house after her attempts at stirring the pot blew up in her face. The difference is that Audrey didn’t completely fuck over someone else in the house as a result. She cocooned herself in blankets and spent most of the time in the HN room before putting herself together and facing the heat on Thursday night.

By Megan walking out, the eviction apparently is still going on because Cody was forced to name a new nominee which happened to be Alex.  Unreal. We’re only two CBS episodes in and two people will have had their Big Brother dreams shattered by ridiculous ‘twists’ or rules.   Cameron was screwed by the twist to bring Paul back, and now it seems Alex may get the boot because production doesn’t want to just give them a pass this week.

I will post more details as I get them, but as of right now this is a completely shitty situation for Alex and Jillian as Megan should have just stuck through the rest of the week and asked to be evicted by the rest of the house (I’m sure it wouldn’t have been hard).


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  1. Avatar

    For all the attention they put on Megan for being a Navy interogater or whatever it was, this was a huge BUST casting her! Sucks seeing someone walk so easily especially when someone like Cameron who actually wanted to play was forced out night one!!

    And thank each and every one of you for such a warm welcome on my first post! Got me a giddy and stuff hehe (:

    • Avatar

      So true about Megan. With that training you would think she would go really far.

      But when Josh was yelling at her in the kitchen, it looked like she was ready to throw in the towel.

      • ElaineB

        I agree dmc about Megan. When I read her background, I thought she might have some good underlying skills, like Derrick. She folded so quick, like I do playing poker (lol), when Josh got after her. She immediately over-apologized, which was not a good sign. Oh well, she’s gone!

  2. ElaineB

    Thx. Boy, the complexities so early on. So no veto comp? I was so hoping to see if big-talker Cody backdoors Paul, if one of the women come off the block. Am I to be denied this moment because Megan left….drat!

  3. Avatar

    I am so confused with the temptation twist…..it sounds like each houseguest went individually into room….someone got the temptation but no one knows who? If the temptation was protection and that person can’t be evicted for 3 evictions how will the HOH know that they can’t be evicted?

  4. LindsayB

    This is such a shit show already. I tried to watch some feeds and BBAD but Josh has gotten on my nerves so bad that I have to turn it off. All these people do so far is beg America for help, try to convince themselves they are good people, and give shout outs. The only people not on my nerves so far is Paul (of course), Christmas, and Whistle Nut. This is going to be a tough season to watch if these people don’t calm the F down.

  5. AIO_7

    I’d hate too see either Alex or Jillian go. Only 3 people are on my S-list right now; Jessica, Cody and Schizoid Josh, and they are safe. I could live with the rodeo clown being back door’d.

    • LindsayB

      I’m fine if Jillian goes. She’s a basket case. I have mixed feelings about Cody. He’s a total douche but I like that he’s direct, but then he’s not direct when it comes to Paul. I feel that right now he’s trying to be something he’s not. Like, he’s attempting an Evel Dick gameplay without the goods to back it up. I don’t want whistle nut or Paul to be backdoored. I have a feeling those two will be our only source of entertainment this season.

      • ElaineB

        I don’t want Alex to go. She has already showed some game play and attitude, which I like. Jillian, doesn’t matter. If she stays, she will probably float and ride on coattails. As for Paul, just not into all the schtick he had last season…it worked last season for viewers, but I just want him out.

  6. Avatar

    Maybe they will parachute Cameron back in so they wont be missing the additional body.

    Or maybe they have another vet to bring in.

  7. Lynn

    Looks like Paul is the 3 weeks safe guy. Too bad. I can’t stand to watch a grown man act like he’s in junior high.

  8. Avatar

    If it was “good for my game” or not, I’d have to try and get Josh out. He’s all over the place emotionally and I mean ALL OVER THE PLACE. I don’t deal well with that! So much drama already…..I’m in! (By the way, I’m a newbie here…..looks like a fun place to hang out! 🙂 )

  9. Mimi Ryan

    Late to the party, because my internet was down when I wrote this: Ok, Josh, the mama’s boy, seriously? WT? All that bravado, ego, “he’s all that” . . And now he’s emotionally a wreck. Damn dude. Megan, another WT? This person talks about not liking women, talks about her skill set and yet she’s running her mouth and Josh hears her. Funny, while these people are fans, there’s a lot that happens when it’s you in the barrel. Paul, I’m over him, I was over him last season. OMG then Cody, calls Josh an loser LMAO people. And Kevin didn’t have to do a thing to throw the comp, bravo. Mark on the other hand is a total beast!!! Injured and kick’n everyone to the curb in his wake.

  10. Mimi Ryan

    OMG – What if Cody puts Paul up, and Paul sits in that chair. And then the votes are cast, and Julie has to tell the house, “well, expect the un expected & all votes cast for Paul do not count.” I’m up for that.

  11. Avatar

    Honestly, I was shocked that she was even cast. A former military officer who is as out of shape as Megan displayed in the first endurance competition and whose professional occupation at the moment is “dog-walker” screams all sorts of stereotypically classic signs of PTSD. Something probably set her off. Maybe it was the Josh thing. Or maybe I shouldn’t be too surprised since having some sort of mental health issue seems to be part of the casting strategy this year given the folks in the house right now.

  12. Avatar

    I may be alone on this but I feel Megan was attacked on initially by Josh and then that Cody fellow was harsh telling, he just didn’t like her! I can’t stand Cody, he’s so arrogant but Subtly, where he doesn’t want to expose himself. Christmas, I didn’t think I would like her but she really appears sweet.

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