I went to bed fairly early last night as I was feeling like crap, so my posts today may be lousy but there is your warning!

Yesterday, the feeds were down almost the entire day as the temptation comp took place which lasted some 7+ hours or so and then nominations were surprisingly long as well.  While I may have missed some of what happened in the house when the feeds finally returned, I could tell you all about the puppy and kitten cam I stared at all day.


Let me give you a little summary –

  • Cody won the temptation comp. He is safe this week
  • Jessica finished last, she is the 3rd nominee
  • Josh nominated Mark and Elena and really wants to get Elena out this week

This should make for an interesting week as Paul wants to remain on track for getting out Jessica rather than one of his own pound members Elena. For some reason, Josh is completely determined to see Elena walk out the door, despite admitting he likes her and even has a crush on her.  His reasoning is that she’s shady and is playing both sides of the house (and not that he’s jealous he can’t have her.. *wink wink*).  One thing is remaining consistent in that Jessica continues to play a terrible game.  Last night around 10:45, Josh approached Jessica to have a private conversation in the HoH room and she refused.  She is still upset that he ‘literally’ threw trash on her on the day her father passed away.  This is referring to the HoH competition when people chose a person for a ‘punishment’ after they left the comp. While she may have a point that she did have a personal talk with Josh earlier in the day kind of mending fences and he knew what day that was to her, he didn’t ‘literally’ throw trash on her. He chose her for the punishment and they did the trash thing.

I’m not taking sides on this Josh versus Jessica issue, I’m merely pointing out bad gameplay and bad gameplay is holding grudges, especially against the HoH. With Cody safe, she could have swallowed her pride and tried to cut a deal with Josh to take her off the block but decided to stay angry. Of course, she doesn’t realize that Josh wants Elena out so she has a realistic shot at actually making a deal, but that shouldn’t matter.  Rather than prepare herself for sulking in the room all week with Cody, she should be trying to play the game and save herself. Despite her passion and willingness to not automatically follow Paul around the house like everyone else, Jessica is really bad at this game.

Big day today. If Cody plays veto and wins, or if Jessica wins, the house is going to erupt because there will be no dancing around the fact that someone not named ‘Jody’ will be leaving the week before they’re guaranteed a solid $5k+ by making it to jury.  That should be fun!


  • 9:15 am – The lights are on but the house is slow to get up.
    • They will be picking players for the veto competition shortly.
    • Two players will be picked to play along Josh, Jessica, Elena, and Mark
  • 10:05 am – Feeds cut for HoH lockdown
    • They come back and it’s time for HN picks
    • Scratch that – The card says no havenots this week except Elena because she picked wrong last week when she gambled her fate
    • Cody runs into the HN room to remove his stuff, he thanks Big Brother
    • He and Jessica take up residence in their bed for the week
    • Jess says that Paul is full of shit in the real world. She said she’s never seen him but would if he did what he said he did
    • She is going to make someone up and see if Paul ‘knows’ him
    • Cody begins talking about someone he knew in the Army who lied all the time. It’s funny because he said ‘it’s sad because nobody is going to question his service’ – unless he went in the BB house I guess
  • 10:45 am – Cody and Mark are in the bathroom talking. I hope Paul doesn’t walk in because Mark will be punished!
    • Meanwhile, Christmas and Josh are in the kitchen talking relationships.  Exciting pre-veto times in the house!
  • 11:05 am – Christmas is having a brief conversation with Josh in the bathroom
    • They are saying they don’t want the veto used and need to be able to tell Paul somehow
    • Josh is really pushing the Elena out thing and Josh plans on being firm with Paul on it.. sure
  • 12:45 pm – Josh had a talk with Jessica. Here is a summary…
    • Josh apologizes for the personal attacks during the fight. He doesn’t apologize for the pots and pans
    • Jessica says he was selfish for going for the apple in the first comp and Cody didn’t like him for that
    • Josh continues being pretty damn giving in the conversation allowing her every opportunity to talk deal but she’s not having it
    • Both sides make valid points about why they’re upset with each other, but Jessica is in no position of power and needed to swallow it
  • The talk breaks up and Josh retells the conversation to Christmas
    • They talk about how Christmas isn’t going to use her power if Cody is picked to play
    • The two are still talking about how they need to get Elena out but don’t want to scare Paul
  • They break up and head up into the HoH room to talk it over with bossman.
    • After some groveling while telling him that they don’t want to use the hex
    • Paul starts with saying that it’s his HoH so he can do what he wants, but….  and continues on why Jessica still needs to go home
    • He tells that to think about jury (which he has a point).  Jess and Cody are two votes because they can’t think for themselves
    • Elena can be swayed while in jury
    • Josh continues by saying he can’t trust Elena because she can flip. Christmas quickly sides with Paul and tells Josh to think about it. Think about jury
    • Whether Josh likes it or not, Paul is making the better point. Josh’s argument – while entertaining to us – is bad
  • 2:50 pm – I took a small nap.  I return and the worst case happened for Paul
    • Cody got picked to play in the veto!
    • But, Christmas used her power that she was given and swapped him out for her.  Hahahahahahaha
    • After all the tough talk about absolutely not using the power, Christmas buckled under pressure and used it
    • Jessica tells Cody that Kevin offered to work with Cody and keep his safe for some time
    • Cody tells Jessica he appreciates the olive branch but doesn’t want to put Kevin’s game in jeopardy.  He is just going to go out guns blazing and not be someone’s pawn
  • 2:55 pm – Meanwhile, up in the HoH room everyone is telling Josh not to feel bad
  • 4:00 pm – Christmas and Paul have been working Josh on not feeling bad off and on for the past hour. This is painful
  • 4:05 pm – Feeds down for veto!

Check back for updates