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Big Brother 19 – Saturday Feeds; PoV Soon

I am hope between things I have to do today so I wanted to create this post which I will update later when the PoV happens because it could be a good one.


Why?  Because Mark was picked to play in it!  This means the current players for the veto competition are Christmas, Jason, Matt, Paul (of course), Raven, and Mark.  Seeing as vetos are typically on the physical side, there is a good chance ole Christmas will be sitting this one out. That increases Mark’s chance of winning to 20% and then possibly 25% if you exclude Raven who is next to useless (watch her win.. noo). Matt is also pretty damn pathetic, so in theory Mark has a 33% shot at saving himself this week. Those odds are far better than they were a few hours ago, but still won’t mean anything if he loses.  Paul is a very strong competitor and Jason can be as well depending on the comp. I also wouldn’t rule out Matt so at worst Mark has a 25% chance.  Who knows, it could be a cereal eating contest.

The odd-couple has been picked as have-nots for the week. Mark and Josh will be spending the week in there. This will make it the 4th week he’ll be in there unless he picks the key again and gets luck like he did last week. Had he not been lucky last week, this would be his 5th week (out of 7 weeks).   Here is a random number of weeks in the have-not this season by person….

  • Alex – 1
  • Christmas – 1
  • Paul – 2
  • Jason – 3
  • Mark – 4
  • Kevin – 2
  • Matt – 1
  • Raven – 0
  • Josh – 4

I think it’s time to start balancing it out and making Alex, Christmas, Matt, and Raven have-nots for a few weeks. Raven having zero is pretty bullshit


Alright, here are some updates before I step out and before they play veto…

  • 4:00 pm – Most are sitting around the kitchen eating while Kevin is sitting alone in the bedroom
  • 4:15 pm – Heading out sooner than expected. By the time I get back the veto results should be in!
  • 8:15 pm – Feeds are down for veto. I guess they’ve been down for about 2 hours so they could be back at any time
  • 9:22 pm – Feeds are back. Finding out who won PoV now.  Nobody is wearing the necklace so I need to listen
    • Jason may have won. Paul says ‘good job’ and ‘don’t keep yourself up there’
    • It may have been the ice skating one which is typically HoH
    • Paul said something about Jason going for the small one so he may have gone for the prize
    • Yup, Jason won PoV
  • 9:30 pm – Raven says she couldn’t get up the heeeel.  I guess this is one of her really southern accent nights
    • Jason is suddenly a major target in the house by Paul and the Puppets.
    • I am going to re-watch Jason’s brief stint as HoH and laugh when he’s evicted. Dummy

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Raven won the Never Not Pass in a previous competition which is why she has never been a have not. Still, that’s a pretty bad imbalance. I hope Mark win Veto!

  2. Shivani33

    Remember Raven can’t be a have-not because she picked a season pass. Alex will probably be a have-not soon , since there’s an incipient groundswell to evict her.

  3. Shivani33

    Will Christmas hit the lecture tour circuit after BB? Will her topic be “how to succeed as a follower” after she needs to change her marketable image?

  4. Mello_One

    By Golly…There’s a LIVE RAT in the Big Brother House, lol?! How Ironic.

  5. KelBel

    4:25 PM Paul says he is glad Derrick came in & told them what Paul’s been saying: not be mean, bitter, hateful or aggressive & enjoy it

    Are you friggin kidding me? That’s exactly opposite of what he’s been saying! Ugh, I truly hate him.

    • danmtruth

      KelBel you miss understood What Paul said was Don’t be bitter that i played all you as fools , don’t be hateful when i send you to jury house Don’t even think about being aggressive again est me or i will sick all my minions on you

  6. Mello_One

    Ritchie….I’m sorry I messed up your name! Steve get us an Edit Button PLEASE!!!

  7. Avatar

    I am being totally serious.Call someone tell me why anyone likes Paul ? From the bottom of my heart ,I don’t know why his parents ,can even stand him.Unless of course they are just like him.I have really tried to find 1 redeeming quality in him. And I just can’t find one.Feeling confused.Sorry to those who really like him ….

    • Ann

      I just like the fact that he’s playing the game & his minions are just that, minions. Nobody has the balls to try to go against him or to have their own opinions. If someone just mentions the name Paul, there’s always someone trying to break their neck to get to Paul & tell him. He’s playing with a bunch of chicken-shit scary cats.

      • Avatar

        Ann… part of the problem with “nobody has the balls to try to go against him” is that when Cody did… CBS made sure he was protected from the second he walked into the house. First, it was with the “friendship bracelets,” and then with the temptation… so Paul was made untouchable by CBS/BB for the first month of the game. And when someone can’t even be nominated, naturally everyone is going to want to cozy up to that person. Paul was the ONE and ONLY returning player… the only ONE with any experience playing this game… and BB made sure that HE was the ONLY one fully protected for the first month. So, he went from biggest target to sinking his slimy claws into a group of scared followers. Paul is a disgusting human being and it’s disgusting how BB protected him of all people.

      • Alda

        #TEAM PAUL

      • LindsayB


      • Ann

        @Kenn, gotcha, I see your point but damn, does anybody besides Paul want the $500K? Will any of them just say f*ck it & go for it? Cody went in too cocky, too hard & too fast. He should’ve at least gave it a little time because he didn’t know any of those people to be forming an alliance with. He should’ve given it some time to see if his so called alliance was loyal & reliable before he went off all willy nilly making plans & not telling anybody. These people better wise up with a quickness or just hop on over to the jury house & give Paul the money. I’m team Paul & team Kevin if Paul doesn’t win.

      • Avatar

        Ann–you’re right about that… everyone seems to have joined this season’s cast to help someone else win. There is no fight in any of them unless, of course, they are all together piling on one person… then suddenly everyone is full of fight. At this point, I want Kevin to win.

      • Ann

        @Kenn, I don’t like the bullying either. As they get ready to evict someone they all gang up on them. Why isn’t anyone thinking that is the same treatment they’re going to get when it’s their turn to go?

      • Avatar

        I agree with that Ann.

    • Avatar

      He has a few qualities that make him stand out in the house. 1) like Kevin he can be quick witted and make me laugh out loud when he is not being a nasty gossip 2) he is intelligent enough to quickly assess a situation and turn things to his advantage which is a huge requirement for playing BB that no one has this year.
      Do I like the way he is playing this year and am I rooting for him to win…no. But it is a game and I appreciate someone who is actually working hard to win the game. Not just expecting to win while putting in no real effort. But his group attack behavior offends me.
      Also as a side note, based on comments Cody and Jason have made I feel I would dislike those two much more if I knew them outside the house. I imagine Paul as an equal opportunity asshole; your religion or sexual orientation would not matter to him.

    • LindsayB

      I like his personality. He is witty and smart. He doesn’t care what people think of him and is true to himself. He’s also playing the game. Hard. Nonstop.

    • Avatar

      #teampaul all the way. You may not like his game play but by golly…he’s playing a damn good game! Love Paul!!

  8. Shivani33

    Raven won’t survive if she goes near the rat zapper, she said. Oh, and her mother was struck by ligntning and has a scar!

    • Shivani33

      * lightning. Her mother didn’t have a pacemaker yet or would’ve died when struck. Raven needs a tattoo listing everything that can kill her. She doesn’t have enough skin, though. She’s a lot like those medicine ads on tv when all of the potential side effects are recited. Mute button required.

      • Avatar

        “She”s a lot like those medicine commercials…”.

        This is brilliant!! Can’t you just see her in the ad with the real Boys I Men singing about flatulence and sweaty eyelids? LMAO!!! Raven IS the gassy girl in that ad.

      • Avatar

        I wish people (America) got a taste of live feeds. They would see a lot of things in a different light. Raven thinks she is the poster child for gastropareus or wtf it’s called. When in reality she contradicts herself on a daily. She even looks like she has put on a feeble lbs since being in the BB house. And I have yet to see her vomit. Do the houseguest question this? As much as the question so many other things. Such as the BB paranoia and Cody being actually in the military.

      • Ann

        @Sheila Gunnels, they have questioned it, just not to her face. I sure as hell would. That’s probably what would get me kicked out of the house is my big mouth.

  9. Avatar

    This made me happy. JMac is a breath of fresh air.

    • Avatar

      Watching these clips of Johnny really makes me miss the humor of BB contestants. Each season usually has at LEAST one making us laugh. This season has no one providing the humor and it’s really dull.

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  11. hogwild

    I would love for Mark to win POV it would be very interesting to see what Jason would have to say after his nominations of Mark and Elena on Thursdays double eviction.

  12. Ann

    Who is Ground hog day planning to get out or should I say who did Paul tell her to target?

    • hogwild

      The odds are 99.9% it’s Mark

    • Avatar

      Mark is/was the supposed back door target but since he gets to play in Veto comp, and judging by his track record has a decent shot at winning, they are talking about sending Jason home.

      I would probably take out a second mortgage on my house and give it everyone if they would please..just vote out Matt. (of course I don’t think they will ever do that)

      • Ann

        Why would Paul want Jason out instead of Matt if Mark wins POV? Is it because Alex let the cat out of the bag when she said Jason is her ride or die?

      • LindsayB

        Jason is playing slightly harder than Matt just by being with Alex. That, and Matt is just a cereal eating mattress. Also, he just found out his wife was pregnant in his HOH letter so he could get some touchy feely votes in the end. Jason also has better relationships with everyone in the house than matt does. When choosing between the two to have at the end, jason would be harder to beat.

      • Ann

        @Lindsay, got cha…I was thinking that too but my thoughts ran away from me while thinking about that Whoreraven. That girl irritates the pee waddling shit out of me.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Linds, remember when Jason was ticked off because Dom told him that he was going to have a daughter….and now his wife is pregnant. Now just think of how ironic it would be if the baby is a girl….lol

      • Ann

        @NKogNeeTow, I’ll bet you Dom is going to be there waiting on Mark & she just might get him after all because Whorelana the porn blow up doll don’t want him. Dom is going to get her some rebound meat.

  13. Avatar

    Here’s a lovely little diddy I found over on Joker’s:

    “3:23 PM -Raven to Mark: (sarcastic) Sorry I called your GF out. Yeah, I hid cat ears. Got 2 terminal diseases! I’m that petty. (Hand onhip.)”

    Seriously Raven, TWO terminal diseases now?

    • KelBel

      Terminally stupid & terminal liar?

    • Ann

      Omg, why won’t somebody call her ass out on these terminal diseases? I’m surprised Josh hadn’t said anything to her yet. I want them to call her ass out on lying about turning down Cody, eating her weight in food but if it’s something she doesn’t like then she says she’s not supposed to eat it & her filthy habits when she cooks & she does not wash her hands after she comes out of the bathroom. Oh, & stop turning every damn conversation into your freakin belly box. We dont give a fly pigs ass about hearing you lie & scam about it no more. “Hey Raven’s mom, didn’t you teach that girl any home training?”

  14. danmtruth

    Raven is part of the “team ” Paul has not given the signal to turn on her Also they have been so hard on people no one wants to be the one to pick on the sick girl Even tho she is just sick in the head

  15. Mel

    #RAVEN STFU update:

    *Her mom has been hit by lightening.
    *Her mom holds the record for the fastest mile at Arkansas College. (I looked it up. She wasn’t on the list)
    *She can’t get near the rat trap because she “won’t survive.” (That one could be true with a stomach stimulator, I have no idea.)
    *She’s back to retelling old stories that didn’t get a big enough reaction the first time. She mentioned how she almost made the Olympics in gymnastics again.
    *Last nights snack was ice cream topped with peanut butter, raw cookie dough and Kool whip. Matt shared it but there was easily 1500 calories in that bowl and the obvious…a hell of a lot of dairy products.
    *With grifters, there is the short con and the long con. Her mama overestimated her ability to run the long con. Maybe since that lightening strike, she doesn’t think clearly.
    *Have I mentioned how much I hate that butterfly she’s started wearing in her hair?

    • LindsayB

      I hope she gets too close to the rat trap.

      • Ann

        What in the hell kind of rat trap is this?

      • Mel

        Ann, I’m not sure. Paul and somebody else made one earlier then Xmas made a fake rat to scare people. They got plastic food containers to put their bread and cereals in and maybe BB brought in some kind of a zapper type trap whrn they brough the containers. I don’t know for sure.

    • danmtruth

      Mell I must answer :

      RAVEN STFU update:

      *Her mom has been hit by lightening.
      () sure that wasn’t just being Tarazed by the police
      *Her mom holds the record for the fastest mile at Arkansas College. (I looked it up. She wasn’t on the list)
      () Mell you are dedicated to look that up you mam are a next level SNOOPS corespondent
      *She can’t get near the rat trap because she “won’t survive.” (That one could be true with a stomach stimulator, I have no idea.)
      () she seems to have no problem using or being near the microwave
      *She’s back to retelling old stories that didn’t get a big enough reaction the first time. She mentioned how she almost made the Olympics in gymnastics again.
      () she was just as close to being an Olympic gymnast as I was to being an Olympic sprinter having came in second in a day camp race when i was 11
      *Last nights snack was ice cream topped with peanut butter, raw cookie dough and Kool whip. Matt shared it but there was easily 1500 calories in that bowl and the obvious…a hell of a lot of dairy products.
      () per my lord and sensei Alton Brown lactate the hardest thing for the digestive tract to break down
      *With grifters, there is the short con and the long con. Her mama overestimated her ability to run the long con. Maybe since that lightening strike, she doesn’t think clearly.
      () Raven has gotten off script and given to much info that is to easily to verify and prove FALSE
      *Have I mentioned how much I hate that butterfly she’s started wearing in her hair?
      () first question is who did she steal them from
      Mell I respect and love what you bring to the board You inspire me lol

      • Ann

        @danmtruth, yeah, what you said, I totally agree. Mell you’re the best….


      • Mel

        Dan, you’re hilarious as usual! I felt just a silly looking up track records as I did Mensa members but I like to be factual. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        “() Mell you are dedicated to look that up you mam are a next level SNOOPS corespondent”

        Dan, that’s why she’s our own Special Investigator with her Helmet of Protection. 🙂

    • NKogNeeTow

      “*She can’t get near the rat trap because she “won’t survive.” (That one could be true with a stomach stimulator, I have no idea.)”

      *Most rats DON’T survive the rat trap” 🙂

  16. Avatar

    Evl D is making after joke about Raven on jokers. Funny stuff. ‘Raven said the movie Deliverance was based on her family. Raven was not impressed Dan’s funeral because by then she had had 5 of her own,….’

    • NKogNeeTow

      Wasn’t Deliverance that movie about some backwoods hillbillies that hunted and raped one of the guys in a hunting or fishing group? I vaguely remember that movie, but it’s hardly one I’d claim as based on my family if I were her…lol

      • Avatar

        Correct! Movie was based on a book by James dickey. Unless ravens family came from Georgia, she’s full of shit. James dickey is from Georgia. The book that the movie was based on has always been speculated as not factual as it was advertised back then.

  17. Alda

    I wonder if the eclipse will affect Raven in any way?We’ll just have to wait and see,I guess.

  18. Avatar

    @LindsayB One of the qualities you like about Paul is that he doesn’t care what others think?…

    DOM – Remember how butt hurt he got when she called him out as the snake in the house?

  19. Avatar


    When Jessica intially started the “they are your dogs” comment which cody backed up, remeber how livid he got and showed that he cared very much what was being said about him?

    Also think back when Cody called him “a character in a show”, that comment lit him up like nothing else. He very much cares what people say about him, and if its bad, it does get to him big time.

  20. Mel

    Rating were way down for Fridays show so we can hope they’ll stop doing them or at least not cut the feeds for it.

    Derrick’s book just came out so now we know why he hosted the hoh comp. Cross promotion.
    With knowing his real opinions of the hg’s and the season, I wonder if he hated wearing that earpiece and reading lines instead of saying what he probably wanted to say.

  21. Ann

    Is the VETO comp going on now or what the hell are they doing? Maybe Raven got sick…..

  22. Mel

    Random stuff for people who don’t watch feeds not necessarily in order:

    *Matt said Cody is the worst player ever.
    *Paul told Xmas & Raven that Kevin may be the rogue votes.
    *Xmas found out Kevin took the 25k.
    *Xmas tells Paul she’s put out fires today with people.
    *Everyone is still trashing Jessica & Cody. (Obsessed!)
    *Mark thanks Josh for not being isolated like everyone has been in the past. They’ve been bff’s again today.
    *Paul’s sleeping in the hoh during this hoh too.
    *Paul/Xmas/Josh finalize their final 3 deal.
    *Alex confirms her final 2 deal with Paul,Jason and herself to Jason. (Her math sucks, 1 too many)
    *Raven had a strong opinion about who should be a HN as usual even tho she’ll never be one.
    *Xmas and Raven have been being fake buddies again.
    *Alex think Kevin may be an undercover cop and said he acted wierd around Derrick. (He told the hg’s a long time ago he saw or met Derrick at his casting call)
    *Xmas chose Mark for HN and Josh volunteered. There are only 2 this week.
    *The seeds are being planted to take out Jason soon by mostly Paul & Christmas.
    *Josh & Mark have chatted about where Marks game went wrong. He said because the side he chose didn’t win. It was funny. They’ll fight again before Thursday, I’m sure.
    *Paul says if Kevin really had criminals in his family, he wouldn’t talk about it on tv.
    *Paul says he’s glad Derrick told them not to be mean, hateful and agreesive since it’s the same advice he’s been giving.
    *Jason got nervous because Xmas got to pick a veto player and she chose Raven. Alex tells him he’s dumb and stupid…the usual.
    *Kevin does a little Cody bashing himself. I hope it’s a “join them for survival” thing because I hate when he chimes in on that stuff.
    * Kevin talked about some small time runway modeling he did in the past with his kids in the front row yelling “hey dad.” I think it was in malls or something. He also did a Wrangler jean commercial shot on Harvard campus.
    *Xmas and Paul agree if Mark wins veto, Jason is leaving. (This plan may change 10 times by Thursday)
    *Kevin has come up with several ways to kill the rat if they see it.
    *Kevin talked about a couple of his brothers he was closest in age with. He really does tell great stories.
    *Kevin made a comment about taking out Matt if Mark wins veto and Matt may have over heard it. That may be one of the fires Xmas put out.
    *Paul/Xmas talk about why Kevin wants Matt out so bad and they’re pissed over it.
    *Xmas asks Kevin not to talk about veto until it’s over.

    I got up very early and won’t make it for veto results. I’ll have to be happy or bummed in the morning. I’m out guys!

  23. Avatar

    Go Mark you deserve to win – don’t let these low life no class people get into your head.

  24. Avatar

    Well, Mark didn’t win the POV, so it’s another predictable week in the BB house. There hasn’t been one week yet this season that hasn’t been predictable… there hasn’t been one big move this year. #yawn!

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  26. Alda

    Jason won POV.

    • LindsayB

      Good. Looks like we can say goodbye to the overly emotional ape this week that somehow became everyone’s new hero.

      • Avatar

        Not a hero. Just a decent human being unlike the rest.

      • feltso gudinya

        “i am not an animal, i am a human being”…..(the elephant man)……..p.s.—-paul is obsessed with his brand (image) which automatically makes him extremely concerned with what others think of him. his guilty conscience is why he never shuts up….and his actions r not just to sway jury members because he plays up his schtick for the cameras…he is a constantly grooming and preening narcissist who cares very much what others think of him…….this is the weak point in his game…..evel dick is an example of someone unconcerned with what others think of him. paul is the exact opposite. “and i am unanimous in that”…..(mrs. slocomb in “r u being served”……..

      • Avatar

        Seems that anyone who pushed back against the Paul consortium in the house is this week’s new hero…. wonder why…

  27. Mel

    It’s shows how bad the game play is in that house this year when we have hang our hopes for something unpredictable to happen on people we don’t even like. Mark is a terrible player and I was rooting for him tonight just as I wanted Cody to win/play in Veto last week. I cheered for Jessica in her last veto comp too. This is like BB on autopilot. I didn’t think a cast could be dumber than 16 but they’ve topped them….by a large margin too imo. There isn’t anything to do until next week when Jason goes (after Mark) and see how Paul handles it so Alex doesn’t blame him. I might have to write about BB production procedures next week for Steve because honestly, I can’t even think of a topic at this point.

  28. danmtruth

    I just hope we don’t get the kick the guy when he’s down The only thing will be who will Paul mark as next to go Will it be Kevin Not many people to help him Xmas talking about the 25K never mind Paul knew about it weeks ago Used the 25K to help get Ramses out Matt &Raven just happy people are not looking at them Raven is trash talking Kevin already Paul might like standing next to him in final What can Kevin claim ? He was loyal ?
    Jason ? His ride or die keeps forgetting his name when she talks of final 2 her and Paul oh yeh along with you
    Xmas ? What if any comp can she do at the end Final 3 comp One will be pure physical One memories One a mix
    Matt & Raven who if anyone in jury house would vote for them ? looks like Paul’s perfect couple to be standing next to
    this is all we can look forward too This could get interesting after the get Mark out this Thur

  29. Tinkerbell

    News flash…….Munchausen Raven just announced she has “author-itis” in her knees, legs, arms, hips, and everywhere. Bless her precious little pacemaker. She is working so diligently on her accent. She is such a trooper!

  30. Avatar

    I can’t wait for Raven to be back home and she Google’s herself.


  31. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    Gross, sounds like the veto comp featured the ever annoying Zingbot. Josh was surprised at how easy Zingbot went on him, and Paul mentioned that Zingbot apparently made some lame joke about Trump and Putin.


  32. Tinkerbell

    A friend sent this to me. Lots of “fun facts” about America’s favorite sweetheart, including a great video. Hopefully I can post the link. If it doesn’t work I will try a different route.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Ritchie/Lindsay, either let it go or take private please 🙂

  34. Avatar

    In recent years there has been countless reports of the Big Brother team has rigged a competition to favor particular houseguests and keep them in the game, so it definitely is within the realm of possibility. While there have been numerous claims of the production team rigging various aspects of the show, there has never been any hard evidence to support the reports until now. Paul is not a good player production is playing the game for Paul . Cody and Jessica were the only two who played this game. Bullying was allowed and CBS should be ashamed. This season you can expect the expected. Production has fix Big Brother once too many times. Like Big brother over the top where America voted for Jason to return and then America (production) did not vote for him to win. I’m so sick of this bs that I’m done with big brother. I hope it gets cancelled because production ruined a good show.

  35. Avatar

    It like wrestling, it really hurts when you find out it’s fixed and fake. Sorry if you disagree but BB is fixed.

  36. Avatar

    It’s like wrestling. So mad I can’t spell lol. Where is the edit.

  37. Avatar

    The only person left in the house that I like is Mark. I really can not stand Paul! He is a BULLY in the worst ways. He should not have been let back in the game. He came in second last year. He has had so much extra help this season. He acts like he does no wrong! He is a bad person and worthless. The house guest need to wake up and throw him out! BULLY BULLY BULLY BULLY! #LOSERPAUL

    • Avatar

      Careful…. You’ll unleash the beast in here…

      • Avatar

        It’s ok I’m not worried. I have a right to express my opinion

      • Avatar

        Not according to some, we are are uninformed and full of it because we have opinions…

      • NKogNeeTow

        Wayne, Zach….enough! Everyone here has aright to their opinions, whether anyone else agrees with them or not. What they don’t have a right to do here are personal attacks on each other. I usually try to stay out of them and let them work themselves out, but constant bickering back and forth between board members gets tedious and annoying to the rest of us. If you have personal disagreements with each other TAKE IT PRIVATE! The rest of us don’t need to be subjected to it.


      • feltso gudinya

        i’m kind of enjoying it…..

    • Patrick

      It isn’t just Paul, and he is far from the worst.
      You can’t really blame any of them for it. As this new, and accepted, way of bullying is all anyone sees anymore when they turn on the tv, get on Facebook, or read a blog. It has become the ‘cool’ thing to do. Hopefully people are intelligent enough to put two and two together and understand that it is OK, and dare I say better, to have differing opinions. But I highly doubt it. I doubt more than one or two of the people reading this will know what I am talking about. /rant

  38. Ann

    @Lindsay, @Zach, don’t take the bait. Let it go.

  39. Shivani33

    One time Jason called Raven “counterfeit,” and of course, he didn’t say it to her. It was a couple of weeks ago, and his choice of that description has stayed with me, because I liked that very apt, simple and frank description. Paul questioned Raven’s “two diseases” during the very first week, particularly the disease that she called the Raven disease. Most of us have heard Kevin refer to the”healthiest sick girl I’ve ever seen.” It is odd that people feel somehow beholden not to confront Raven or to delve into what’s true and what’s not true with her.

    People can see the stomach implant and feel that she has something wrong with her health, but don’t want to get into with her. Despite her evident manipulation via hypochondria, it seems that no one wants to look like the bad guy by trying to get real with her. Not yet and maybe never, and I think that part of the reason is because so far, she’s won nothing except for her selection of the Never a Have-not pass. She has made her long con into somewhat of a success in the house but not in the outside world of social media and Internet research. To the BB players, she looks like an insignificant non-threat and an easy-to-evict Paul loyalist who nevertheless could get sympathy votes for her “cause.” She’s doing what she’s accustomed to doing and probably thinks that she’s doing it well, what with no one coming after her.

    I’d like to watch that dynamic change. Not by allowing her the chance to dramatize or explain, but by her castmates telling her that they see through her life game and that bringing it to Big Brother has been an unenlightening drag. She’s asking for it.

  40. Ann

    Anybody think Paul will change his mind & let Christmas keep Mark & put someone else otb? Does she have the balls to put Paul up & get his minions to vote him out? Has anyone even thought about that but are too afraid to tell anyone? Will they all remain too chicken to take that shot at the INVINCIBLE PAUL???


    • Zach

      I’ve thought since Christmas won that Matt or Raven were going home this week. Plus if they get rid of Matt now and then Raven, Kevin or Mark next week. That will be 3 more weeks of “safety” for Josh/Christmas and Alex/Jason. I think in order for Paul to get to the final 3 he has to start putting the target on all these twosomes i.e. Matt/Raven, Alex/Jason, Christmas/Josh.

  41. danmtruth

    @addy08 / Mell if you are looking for a topic for your next long form observation I would enjoy hearing your or @stevebeans take on how CBS will or should address the Raven situation Specifically how she seems to be scaming and at the very least Exaggerating her illness Beside walking the fine line of HIPPA laws What they knew of her illness How far they allowed her to lie about it I’m sure they will claim it as game play that they can not interfere with Yet even on other shows production was quick to point out to viewers the contestant was lying CBS has offered no such disclaimer I know there is the blanket disclaimer about views, talk, race But do they not owe something to people who do have this condition To stop Raven from turning it into a joke condition It does not tale to much looking to find people who are deeply hurt by what she is doing As with any medical condition research is important It’s not a far reach to see the damage Raven has done for people doing LEGITIMATE fund raising
    We all know it’s a game but the producers still have responsibility to put out a product that will not cause harm

  42. NKogNeeTow

    Wayne, final warning. I’ve already started to remove some of the post of people argueing and I’ll remove as many as I have to. Please stick with comments about the BB game and houseguest and not the board members. Thanks

  43. feltso gudinya

    call me irresponsible……………

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