As the week progresses, alliances are forming, stupid moves are being made, and awkward conversations are happening left and right.

Right now there are a bunch of overlapping alliances with the showmances, floaters, and alliances within alliances.  Let me explain. The three showmances have a formal or informal alliance (Raven/Matt, Elana/Mark, Cody/Jessica). Meanwhile, you have Elana, Raven, Matt, Paul, and Jessica forming some probably temporary alliance of sorts in the HoH room.  Then of course you have Alex and Jillian with a few other stragglers like Ramses. Yet Ramses has been trashing his side on the down-low to anyone who will listen. Kevin has been floating around doing his thing whatever that is. Josh is being creepy to all the girls and Christmas is positioning herself fairly well in the middle.


On top of the alliances, you have Alex talking about using her veto on Jillian because she thinks it’s unfair that Jill has been on the block so much. She realizes she would probably go home if that happened and she seems cool with that. Great.  Bunch of fighters this season.  Of course, that’s just speculation until the actual meeting but for her to toss that idea around is crazy.

On to the feed updates for your Saturday night….

  • 5:15pm – Jessica is telling Cody about her extensions which seems to be freaking him out.
    • Meanwhile, Elana was doing what she does in the HoH room which is talk about her vagayjay and wanting to have sex
  • 6:00pm – Jillian is in the kitchen talking to Alex about her weight loss surgery.
    • Apparently, she was mourning the loss of food after. Seriously.  Mourning.
  • Fun Fact – Ramses typically doesn’t wash his hands but does while in the house.   *puke*
    • Raven got herself a new hairstyle thanks to Jessica
  • 6:45pm – Paul is having a pretty candid conversation about his season, the jury, the votes, etc.
    • He thought he was going to win because he did more, but the jury felt different.
    • Meanwhile, Cody doesn’t know what to think about all of this….
    • Paul says he doesn’t really mind losing to Nicole, but he would have been pissed if he lost to James.
  • 9:10pm – Back from a small break. I come back to hear the new alliance plus Cody chatting.
    • Cody busts out ‘Do you think they’re going to come after a Marine Infantry for saying the word ‘tranny’?  Yikes
  • 9:25pm – Kevin comes up to tell the house that Josh asked Cody if he was in the Marines.  He then asked if that was the branch that didn’t fight.
    • Cody was apparently shocked while Kevin tried to defuse it
  • 10:00pm – Paul is back talking about himself and how great his game was.  I liked the insight a few hours ago but now he’s getting repetitive which may be smart or may be stupid.
    • It could further cement his ‘elder’ status in the house passing out wisdom… or he will remind people he’s a huge threat.  Guess we’ll see which in a few weeks

Come back tomorrow!