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Big Brother 19 Saturday Night Spoilers


As the week progresses, alliances are forming, stupid moves are being made, and awkward conversations are happening left and right.

Right now there are a bunch of overlapping alliances with the showmances, floaters, and alliances within alliances.  Let me explain. The three showmances have a formal or informal alliance (Raven/Matt, Elana/Mark, Cody/Jessica). Meanwhile, you have Elana, Raven, Matt, Paul, and Jessica forming some probably temporary alliance of sorts in the HoH room.  Then of course you have Alex and Jillian with a few other stragglers like Ramses. Yet Ramses has been trashing his side on the down-low to anyone who will listen. Kevin has been floating around doing his thing whatever that is. Josh is being creepy to all the girls and Christmas is positioning herself fairly well in the middle.

On top of the alliances, you have Alex talking about using her veto on Jillian because she thinks it’s unfair that Jill has been on the block so much. She realizes she would probably go home if that happened and she seems cool with that. Great.  Bunch of fighters this season.  Of course, that’s just speculation until the actual meeting but for her to toss that idea around is crazy.


On to the feed updates for your Saturday night….

  • 5:15pm – Jessica is telling Cody about her extensions which seems to be freaking him out.
    • Meanwhile, Elana was doing what she does in the HoH room which is talk about her vagayjay and wanting to have sex
  • 6:00pm – Jillian is in the kitchen talking to Alex about her weight loss surgery.
    • Apparently, she was mourning the loss of food after. Seriously.  Mourning.
  • Fun Fact – Ramses typically doesn’t wash his hands but does while in the house.   *puke*
    • Raven got herself a new hairstyle thanks to Jessica
  • 6:45pm – Paul is having a pretty candid conversation about his season, the jury, the votes, etc.
    • He thought he was going to win because he did more, but the jury felt different.
    • Meanwhile, Cody doesn’t know what to think about all of this….
    • Paul says he doesn’t really mind losing to Nicole, but he would have been pissed if he lost to James.
  • 9:10pm – Back from a small break. I come back to hear the new alliance plus Cody chatting.
    • Cody busts out ‘Do you think they’re going to come after a Marine Infantry for saying the word ‘tranny’?  Yikes
  • 9:25pm – Kevin comes up to tell the house that Josh asked Cody if he was in the Marines.  He then asked if that was the branch that didn’t fight.
    • Cody was apparently shocked while Kevin tried to defuse it
  • 10:00pm – Paul is back talking about himself and how great his game was.  I liked the insight a few hours ago but now he’s getting repetitive which may be smart or may be stupid.
    • It could further cement his ‘elder’ status in the house passing out wisdom… or he will remind people he’s a huge threat.  Guess we’ll see which in a few weeks

Come back tomorrow!


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  1. Avatar

    The veto meeting must be tomorrow?

  2. Seattle Kari

    Josh is the only Have Not? That attract be interesting, lmao!

  3. danmtruth

    with all the thousand of people who tryout for this show this is the group they come up with

  4. danmtruth

    one more rule before someone calls themselves a superfan Make sure they have seen more than one season . Ram calls himself a supperfan yet he seems to only have a min knowledge of a few past season He knows the names of a few older cast mates Just not sure what season or what they did Same with most of the other people on the show Jessica and Elane just knows who got famous from the show

  5. Alda

    This is one sorry cast of “MISFITS”.For the most part they are clueless to the past seasons.They seem so shallow and oblivious to the purpose of BIG BROTHER.It’s going to be a long,boring summer,I’m afraid.

  6. LindsayB

    The only breath of fresh air in this house (besides Paul) is Kevin. He is cracking me up with his stories and sense of humor. He keeps saying he’s in HOV, house of virgins. I love it.

  7. Avatar

    OMG!! I love Kevin……he is killing me…….I hope he stays for a long time!!!

  8. Mel

    I may be in the minority here but I really like the cast. Sime are definitely there for some type of fame or to promote something but we always have them. We always habe a few who dont know anything about BB too. (Paul last year) I really like (so far) Kevin, Dom, Alex and Paul. I could possibly end up liking Christmas and Matt. I’m neutral on a few others.
    I like having the crazies in the beginning because I need a Cody to totally piss me off and a couple of bimbos to judge. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want them there for too long but if I like everybody, I won’t know who to root for. Maybe at this stage in my life, I just like easy decisions.

  9. Avatar

    I think Alex can seriously far. She appears to be smart about the game, competitive and thinks ahead long term. So far I like Alex, Christmas, Dominique, Jason, Mark and Kevin.
    Anyone watching the live feeds?? I think Dominque telling Mark about Elena motives may come back and bite her in the behind too.

    • LindsayB

      Possibly. He’s pretty smitten with trashy Elena.

      • Avatar

        Haha I know you and I were on different teams previously but girl that Elena is questionable. She super pretty and I thought I would like her but I don’t know. She’s a little pretentious. Mark is truly smitten with her. What do you think about Jessica? She seem like she’s going to be riding Cody’s coattail

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Hey Cyn! Good to see you :-). I like Alex too, and I also think Christmas is emerging as a potentially very strong player. I like Kevin’s personality a lot and I’m rooting for the “old guy” to go far, but I’m hoping he’ll figure out how the game works so he can make some moves in the house at some point. Other than that, I’m still trying to decide on most of the other HGs.

      • Avatar

        Hey buddy:) yes Kevin is just adorable and I love his accent. The only con is he lack of knowledge about the game. Hopefully he will do better in the weeks to come. what’s your thought on Josh, he’s way too emotionally unstabled for the game.

  10. danmtruth

    is it me or is there a bit of a role reversal this season The women are using the men as much if not more
    Mell you are spot on about the HG These HG are pushing limits But as in car wrecks I cant look away
    Don’t ask my why but I cant help but think a lot of Kevin clueless is an act He is fun to watch and I can see that getting him far
    Unlike last year I do not see the females bonding

  11. Avatar

    When I saw the first episode of the season I got super excited. To me it seemed like a great cast and that the twists were going to be more extreme this year…. but now I am kind of in the middle. I guess I’ll just have to sit back and watch and see what happens. HOPEFULLY this season rocks… 😀

  12. NKogNeeTow

    Hey Everybody! I’m glad tonight’s BBAD is a LITTLE better than last night. I don’t know if it was them getting the BY or what but whatever it was, I’m appreciative. I’ve been sitting here trying to keep my eyes open and pay attention as much as possible but I’m afraid that sleep and fatigue are winning. I didn’t take as many notes as I usually do (I have to because I have the attention span of a gnat so I have to take mini notes to keep up).

    Here’s all I got out of 3 hours:

    – During Dom’s broadcast, Mark was put on the spot about Elena the Faux Pussycat Doll.
    – Cody seemed to have fun in the kitchen with Kevin & Alex. I think he respects her more than anyone there
    because he views her as a competitor and fighter and not a quitter or floater, and she doesn’t seem as
    much of an airhead as the rest of the girls in the house.
    – Nat2.0(Jess), Paul, Matt, That’s So Raven (TY Steve) and Ram, want Alex gone. Jessica is really pushing it
    (jealous because she’s afraid Grody is getting to close to her). Paul first wanted them to push Josh towards
    self-evicting, then changed his mind and told the group it might be good to keep him around for a while.
    – THANK YOU Jessica for giving Little Cindy Lou Who a new hairdo.
    – Paul is in the HOH talking WAY to much about his making it to the end last season and walking away “with a
    little money” ($50,000). Braggadocia will get ya killed (figuratively).
    – Steve, that pic of Cody….BHAHAHAHAH!!!
    – The best thing I can say about Dom so far is she has a beautiful complexion. I get no personality or any
    kind of vibe from her. Matt is turning out to be a dud too. At this point, their life jacket wearing asses can
    pack up and go home WITHOUT a vote. Every time I see either one of them, the only thing that comes to
    mind is crickets.

    Okay Kidlets, I’m going to try to stay awake long enough to be nosey on Jokers for a few minutes.

  13. NKogNeeTow

    One last thought….Has anyone seen Jannie and Franko? I miss them 🙁

  14. Shivani33

    Dominique’s interviews with Kevin and then Mark were kind of fun. Most of the houseguests were gathered or in and out of the room while the interviews happened. Christmas, in a question from the audience, asked Mark if his thing with Elena is a showmance or a romance, which he answered with diplomacy, since Elena was there. He said that he hopes it turns out to be a romance. Elena was dolled up as if she expected to be interviewed, too. Didn’t happen. Also, Mark seems mad at Christmas for putting him on the spot.

    Meanwhile, Dominique is the seventh wheel in an alliance with the three couples. She might need to make an adjustment there, but said that she’s worked with military before, and both supports and understands Cody’s way of doing things without telling anyone what he’s doing. All righty then, Dominique. Um, glad to hear it.

  15. Shivani33

    Dominique and Mark meeting again at the chessboard, gossiping and strategizing. It’s their secret alliance within the alliance. Mark is questioning how come Cody likes Alex so much. Signs of dissension. Very good!

    • AIO_7

      “Mark is questioning how come Cody likes Alex so much.”

      I could get on team Grody if he helps protect Alex. Last night Jessica Grande and a few others, including Paul, were up in the HOH scheming to get rid of Alex next….even before Slosh (Josh).

  16. jimbo

    I think Paul would have beat James, and i think he doth protest too much saying that he wouldn’t have. Aside from that fact, here’s the logic problem that comes from Paul himself. Just recently Paul argued, ad nauseum, to the houseguests that Josh’s constant pleas that he is not a jerk and that he’s a good hearted person is something that you would only keep repeating because you are trying to convince people and that it isn’t really true, that you really are a jerk if you have to keep saying you aren’t one. So, what does Paul do tonight? PLEA FOR AN EXTENDED PERIOD AND KEEP REPEATING, that he is not mad or angry about losing last season to Nicole, that he is fine with it, and that he is better off. By Paul’s own logic (just recent!) he said that constantly repeating something to people trying to convince them MEANS THAT YOURE FULL OF CRAP! It is so funny to hear him repeat this passionate argument, because it is the same thing he lambasted Josh for doing! Same old Paul.

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