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Big Brother 19 Season In Review


The feeds yesterday pretty much summed up this season for me, so have a good day!

You didn’t think I’d actually just post one sentence and leave, did you??  I ramble on far too much for that, but I will try to be as succinct as possible because I’m sure you’re tired of hearing the same things.  I will even put my random thoughts in bullet format to somewhat organize the mess inside my head.

  • The season started off with tons of potential when I saw 16 cast members revealed before opening night. No vets, yay!
  • An hour into the season and production already screwed us by not only getting rid of Cameron but replacing him with a vet. Come ON.
  • One vet can’t do much damage, right?  These people are sure to get him out right away. They have to.
  • Oh wait, he’s given immunity for the first week and gets to interview every single houseguest as they beg HIM for safety before he won a comp
  • Immunity over, so he’s gone now, right?  Nope, have 3 more weeks of safety
  • Safety is over, the smart people will take care of things now. Jessica won HoH and Paul is screwed!  Wait, nope. Let’s go after Ramses!
    • Fun fact – Paul only had to survive two evictions before he was in jury
  • Christmas gets to stay in the game despite leaving the house multiple times to fix her foot. I firmly believe this wouldn’t have happened if Megan remained in the game. Her exit pressured production to keep Christmas in to prevent Cody from nominating his 6th person which may seem unfair to him (ironic considering most thought Christmas remaining was more unfair)
  • Christmas unintentionally created a new strategy moving forward. Get injured which will allow the house to carry you along thinking they can dump you at any time
  • Despite being the only people to see what Paul was up to, Cody and Jessica may have been some of the worst players in the house – and that is saying a lot this season. So many stupid decisions.
  • Elena left too soon. She was the only other person in the house with a brain even though it didn’t really matter because Paul had a lock on the house. It still would have been nice to see someone who can form an argument tear into Christmas when she acted condescending
  • Josh is a great example of peer pressure and mob mentality when it comes to bullying others. You know he felt bad every time he did it, and it was obvious that he hated doing it, but he felt he had to in order to remain on Paul’s good side.  I’m not defending Josh, but just using him as an example of why otherwise decent people end up doing bad things when they’re around bad people.
  • Raven is crazy
  • Matt is boring
  • Mark is a good guy but was not fit mentally to defend the bind he put himself in by flipping back and forth on people
  • Cody was hilarious how he refused to do dumb reactions just for TV
  • Alex is an awful person
  • Jason is another example of peer pressure. Another pretty decent person who felt he needed to say terrible things to make awful people laugh
  • Kevin was one of the first people on TV to accurately portray a typical person from Boston. That was refreshing. I know far more ‘Kevin’ types than whatever the hell Ben Affleck tries to play whenever he does Boston roles

Ok, so those were my random thoughts. A messy list for a messy season. Paul completely killed this season just like Boston Rob killed the season of Survivor he won, but I already compared the two players very early in the season (a week and a half in to be specific). That said, just like Rob, Paul deserves to win tonight. He made this season boring as hell, but he played the best game overall by far. Christmas was useless and Josh was a puppet. Neither of the two did any form of jury management regarding the social game and both sucked at comps. Neither came up with any decent strategy or plan as they only just did whatever Paul wanted to do. While it would be hilarious to see Paul’s reaction if Josh wins, it will be a slap in the face to anyone who actually respects the game.


I fully expect a 7-2, 8-1, or 9-0 vote tonight as the only people who may vote for Josh (or Christmas) will be Mark and/or Elena, and that is a big maybe. I think Paul sweeps the rest of the votes without much trouble.  I’ll be shocked if he gets less than 7 votes tonight. With that said, I will be having a live update thread, so see you tonight for the two hour finale!


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  1. Avatar

    I wholeheartedly agree on the vote. I think the bitter jury leak was just to create some suspense leading up to tonight’s sweep. I really don’t see anyone voting for anyone other than Paul. That being said, I look forward to a fun episode tonight. I think it will be one of the better ones this season. And I’ll be here with you for the live update thread unless I am not home and watching it later. Then I will still be here for the thread, just not live – ha.

  2. LindsayB

    Good thing this season is over after today. There’s a lot of people carrying around an excessive amount of stress and anger over a tv show. I’ve actually enjoyed the season somewhat because it was different. Instead of everyone flocking to whoever is HOH for the week, mostly everyone stayed true to one person. That one person was able to see even the slightest amount of dissension in any of them and then immediately got them out. So what if he won the first temptation?? There were plenty of people automatically against him just for being a returning player that could’ve gotten together to vote for someone else. All you would’ve had to do is go to reddit or twitter to figure out to to focus your votes on. As fans, this isn’t our first rodeo on voting for things. Now, if you’re of the mindset that all the voting is rigged by production then why get so angry at something you “know” is gonna happen? This show is something that should be an escape from our own reality. It’s something we should enjoy. I still enjoy it immensely. What many see as bullying I see as game play. I’m not going to convince any of you to see it the way I do, just like you’re not going to convince me that grown adults in a setting where all are equal can be bullied. And fyi, I was extremely bullied as a child so there goes your idea that I would see if differently if I had been personally affected by it.

    We are all entitled to our viewpoints and opinions of the HGs and the show. Believe it or not, it’s ok for us to not all see things the same way. My question is: for those who are so offended by the show, who have hated the whole season, who are never gonna watch again, why are you still watching? By watching, I’m encompassing it all: episodes, YouTube, blogs, etc. There’s been plenty of shows in my life that I stopped enjoying so I just stopped watching. Nobody’s holding a gun to anyone’s head right? Are you being held against your will? If nobody is forcing you to stay involved in the world of BB, what is it that’s keeping you around?

    • Avatar

      I actually know a lot of BB fans that stopped watching this season. Meanwhile, I jumped all in. My husband has always been a fan and always watches BBAD and I maaay have made fun of him in the past for getting so into it. He’s been laughing at me all season reading the blogs. It started out with him telling me no spoilers and now he asks me – anything happening??! He still doesn’t read them. And, I haven’t let him know I comment or he would completely make fun of me, for making so much fun of him and well, here we are! I agree that if people hate it so much they should just stop. I also know that once I commit, it’s hard for me to just walk away so I always knew I’d finish the season. The real test for me will be if I tune in again. I will probably skip the celeb one if the HGs are going to be the rumored ones but will probably be back next summer. But never say never. If there’s nothing else capturing my attention at the moment, I may suffer through the celeb version even if I don’t like the cast. I have to say, I only half watch the episodes and can’t do BBAD because of all of the mic noise so what has really captured my interest is this blog. I watch just enough to tie it all together. If I had to just straight watch the show I wouldn’t last because of everyone’s habits and annoying voices and behavior.

      • AIO_7

        ” I agree that if people hate it so much they should just stop”….

        It’s not “hating” IT, just some of it, and some of the people. But it’s always been that way, and BB is not the only show that can evoke that emotion.

      • LindsayB

        Absolutely AI. To me, there’s a difference in just disliking the players and cursing the big brother name. It’s easy to group it all together cuz they’re (mostly) all part of the paul (PH) hater group. Not all PHs are disgusted with BB as a whole.

      • AIO_7

        ” To me, there’s a difference in just disliking the players and cursing the big brother name.”

        Obviously; but it’s also cool to cast some constructive criticism toward CBS/Production too. It’s all part of the “game” to me.

      • Avatar

        @AIO_7 I didn’t have you in mind with my comment. At least for me, I haven’t gotten the sense that you were on the verge of a breakdown over this show.

      • AIO_7

        Hil: I didn’t take it that way at all. We are good.

      • Houseguest Doug

        Well said Hillary.

        I agree with you my problem is I should never of done the free trial to look in on the House Guests I happen to sign in on the day Jason made the first of his 3 Rape Jokes. (Once again Comedy Gold there) {Not sure how to show sarcasm in written form}.

        I had a chance to see these people unedited and I am disappointed in CBS to the degree they manipulate the broadcast. I think if they had of shown Paul, Christmas, Jason and Alex for who they really are and not the carefully and favorable edits they showed on the CBS show there would be a completely different opinion of this group.

        My other issue is BB / CBS is guilty of playing into a lot of sensitive social issues that we as a North American society are trying to eliminate. Racial prejudice, violence against Women, Bullying, Body shaming, Adult depression. CBS / BB19 seemed to enjoy showing this stuff and even did a comp where they violated all of these social issues in one comp. Not to mention the cruel and unnecessary comments made by their creation Zingbot. (I am still waiting to see where the humor is in this character. Insulting someone is the lowest form of comedy).

        For Lindsay B I respect your opinions and your posts are well articulated. I will not be watching Celeb BB as it has no appeal for me. I may or may not tune into BB20. I was a huge fan of the show but the whole season based on Paul has not sat well with me. CBS would have been better off just paying him $500K to be the host of eliminated contestants and hosting the jury debate. I am still confused why it was so important for him to win this year and the great lengths they have gone to to ensure his win. For me this exposed the show as being fake.

        As a long time fan of the show I am deeply disappointed in this season. I thought the cast was awful and the show was too much about Paul.

        I know you are a huge fan of bearded wonder but they are trying to sell him as the greatest player ever and more to the truth he is the greatest scripted player ever due to the tremendous amount of help he was given by CBS.

        I will watch tonight only because I have watched the whole season. But I highly doubt I will watch next season. Also, when I come on to this site tomorrow it will be for the final time.

      • Mel

        Doug, I understand where your feelings of frustration come from and agree that CBS does most of the things you mentioned. It can be disheartening for someone who wasn’t aware of it before. The only thing I would disagree with is the role CBS plays on the live feeds. The whole point of the feeds is for us to have unfiltered access to these people. Although some of the things we see are ugly to watch, people would complain if it was taken out and accuse CBS of editing that too. The feeds are about getting the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately, it’s my experience that even good people have ugly moments and ugly people have a lots of ugly moments. The first year I watched them I remember being bummed out because someone I thought I liked, I didn’t. It’s been so long ago, I don’t remember who iI was. There is real strategy some real friendships and some real competing. This year may not be the best example but not every years like this year. They’re all different so maybe if what you’ve seen this yeat won’t bring you back, maybe optimism for a different kind of season the next time can.

      • Houseguest Doug

        To further answer Lindsay B’s question…

        * I guess by coming on here and ranting about the things I (we) don’t like about BB19 I guess a small part of me hopes that someone who works for CBS might actually pop on here and read what the fans are saying and thus create some sort of change in the next season to make BB better.

        * Also coming on here allows fans of show to rant, rave voice their opinions. More or less to vent frustrations.

        * What BB / CBS don’t want is people not vent or show no passion or emotion for the show. Unemphatic people will kill the show entirely. No Empathy is cancer for TV programs. Means people no longer care and the show is doomed. For Pro sports if people stop caring and stop showing up to watch that Pro team will not be in that City very much longer. Same with TV Shows, no eyes no show.

        *For me I have been a long-time fan of the show and I will admit I liked the show better before I came to BBJ. I was better off watching the spoon fed episodes of BB and the magic was real. Keep in mind the opinions of the show by people who only watch the CBS broadcast Sunday, Wednesday and Thursday is way different than the fans who come to BBJ. They don’t know about the real side of Jason, Alex, Christmas et al. They only see the over edited version of the show.

        For me I imagine it is similar to someone who has been smoking for years to try and suddenly quit. Not an easy thing to do. This site and the spoiler information is like a drug that you crave. Once you get a small sample you need to keep coming back.

        You read a post from a fellow fan that you totally disagree with and you have a strong desire to voice your opinion. Also, I have invested a lot of time this year watching the show it is sort of like looking at a car wreck. You know you should look away and move on but something compels you to keep watching.

        I have watched up to this point so may as well see Paul get his prize. He did play a good game despite getting more help than any other BB contestant in BB History and probably deserves the prize. I just found him not as likable as last year and this year for me at least he came across as a bit of a douche. But that is my opinion I don’t begrudge fans of Paul I can see where some people find him highly likable.

        Either case we will see if CBS can put together a better cast for BB20. But if it another train wreck like this season I will not be sticking around.

      • LO1004

        @ Mel

        Unfortunately, it’s my experience that even good people have ugly moments and ugly people have a lots of ugly moments.

        HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this really made my heart smile.

      • LindsayB

        Doug, thank you for the insight into your thought process on this. The feeds definitely aren’t for everyone. Like Mel(l) said, you do see the good, the bad, and the ugly. When I started watching feeds and coming here it definitely changed my BB experience. While it’s hard to see some of the stuff we might consider the bad and ugly, I’m grateful for it because I can see how the HGs are vs how they are portrayed on the show. That being said, CBS has to edit stuff. They just do. It’s not an hbo show so they have to be mindful of both the channel and timslot. When it’s boring they have to create intrigue. When it’s crazy they have to dumb it down. They have to have the classic roles of the underdog, the villain, the village idiot, etc. I hope you do decide to continue watching the show. Just appreciate it for the entertainment value. Again, I really appreciate your insight on this and that you recognized it for being a conversation vs an attack.

    • Avatar

      Thanks Lindsay, I feel so at peace with the season after reading that…..

      • LindsayB

        You are so very welcome. I was very clear that there’s no expectations about changing each other’s minds about anything. I’m genuinely curious about why some people are continuing to watch if they hate it so much. Nothing more. Nothing less.

      • Avatar

        So I can still hate Paul?

      • LindsayB

        Has anyone ever said you couldn’t?

      • AIO_7

        “So I can still hate Paul?”


      • AIO_7

        ….”why some people are continuing to watch if they hate it so much.”

        You need to define IT. One can “hate” (or dis-like) a player and not hate the game.

      • LindsayB

        A player isn’t an it. The show is an it. Therefore, “it” is the show.

      • AIO_7

        Then we like “it”, or else we wouldn’t participate in places like BBJ.

      • LindsayB

        Well, AI, I guess that means my question wasn’t directed at you.

      • AIO_7

        “Well, AI, I guess that means my question wasn’t directed at you.”

        “Absolutely AI. To me, there’s a difference in just disliking the players and cursing the big brother name.”

        Oh, O.K. then.

      • LindsayB

        My question was directed to those who have expressed disgust for the show, who have said they will never watch again yet are still watching.
        Is that you? No. You shared that your issue is with the players vs the show. Therefore, the question isn’t directed at you. We can keep going in circles if you’d like. You would have much better luck understanding my comments if you just read the words I write vs attaching whatever emotional angst you have towards me. I just can’t be responsible for whatever tone, etc you add to my words.

      • AIO_7

        “My question was directed to those who have expressed disgust for the show, who have said they will never watch again yet are still watching.”

        Can you name some of these people. Sometimes I think your conclusions tend toward hyperbole.

      • LindsayB

        Off the top of my head, Doug and Jimbo. I would think one would know if they’ve expressed that or not. I’m not going to argue with you over this. If you would like to discuss this further, by all means please private message me and I’ll be happy to break each sentence down for you.

      • Avatar

        @aio_7 See, I thought Wayne’s comment was funny. And I think Lindsey’s been clear all season about people (whether it’s the players or the commenters here) having agency.

      • AIO_7

        ….” by all means please private message me and I’ll be happy to break each sentence down for you.”

        I’m not interested in private messaging you, and your condescension isn’t necessary.

      • Avatar

        Messaged received loud and clear…. But it’s meaning is up for interpretation….

      • Mel

        Let’s walk away from the keyboards count to 10 and come back to a new subject. We’re not here for this.

      • LindsayB

        All this anger and name calling because of a tv show?? I guess it’s taken an emotional toll on some.

        Clowns either make people scared or make them laugh. Wayne makes me laugh daily so maybe that one is fitting?

      • Avatar

        no crayons, Wayne….but if you are good at making animal balloons, count me in !

    • Avatar

      Omgosh, Lindsay, I can not thumbs up or like this enough!

    • kneeless

      Thanks for all your thoughts & comments this season Lindsayb. I may not have always agreed with you or disagreed with you but I appreciate that you expressed your opinion & never backed down or apologized. None of us ever agree 100% of the time. Some take things way too far & become too invested but it is just a TV show for entertainment purposes! Whether we liked the season or not it is safe to say BB19 evoked a lot of talk “around the water cooler!” Thanks for another fun season at BBJ, LindsayB & all.

    • Mel

      Wow Lindsay, you’re up to 29 thumbs down I think the most I hit once was 34. Steve, we need a new thread before she has a chance to beat me! Her pick for a player is probably going to win and if she gets this too, I’m going to feel cheated and and think it’s rigged damn it!!

    • Avatar

      Hi. I’m new here, been reading everyone’s comments. I am on the “hoping Paul doesn’t win” side of the table and here’s why. I’ve watched from season 1. Every other BB winner who has used the “master manipulator” mode of play has either verbally warned everyone ahead of time they would lie, cheat or steal to win (think Doctor Plastic Surgery), had an alliance with one or more people they stayed loyal to without totally ripping away their dignity by manipulating them into taking all the blood onto their heads. In Paul’s case, he has been loyal to noone, even Christmas and Josh he kept only to do his dirty work and because he felt they were the only 2 he could beat. He also manipulated to the point that he left not one player dignity(other than Cody who created his own) . There were several times Paul could have taken the blood, Alex being an example where he knew she would find out in jury he was behind her eviction and allowed Josh to feel he accomplished something. But not Paul, the victory for him is not in only winning BB, it’s in humiliating and manipulating every moment, every episode. Regardless of the fact, this was the dumbest group of contestants ever, Paul’s type of play was unneccessary and he doesn’t, IMO deserve to win or to be held up as some kind of example of the only way to win at BB, to make all the other contestants feel like total idiots and fools. I also don’t think he will win by a landslide, I think it will depend on what Alex and Jason do. I hope Josh wins. Even though he did play dirty and bully at times, he did stay loyal to his core group and showed he had heart. Maybe it’s a pie in the sky mentality that there’s a way to win, even if you have to lie and manipulate, but can still allow others(even if just a few) some sense of accomplishment and dignity, but I’ve watched most every reality competition from their inception and have seen it done many times.

  3. AIO_7

    What should be waiting for several of the BB 19 house guests once they leave the house.


  4. Avatar

    Before the show later on, thanks again to Steve for the amazing site.

    Enjoy the finale everyone, even if your horse doesn’t come in. Two of my three picks, Alex & Cody made it to jury & my last pick, xmas made it to final 3.

    Hope everyone is recovering well from the storms & wildfires.

    Have a safe rest of the year everbody !

    All tge best to G8, Mel, Knee, Morgan & her mom; and all the other great contributors !

  5. Lynn

    I posted this on the old thread, so I’m moving it here too. I want to make sure Steve and Mel get my thanks! (Told ya I’m new- lol no clue how to do this!)
    This was my first year to get the live feeds and to comment here. I will def be back, Good Lord willing. (Never take tomorrow for granted) Thank you Steve and Mel (with 1 L) for the updates and commentary! This site made this season bearable. It truly was the worst ever. As with any contest or game, when it’s over in the first few minutes, it’s boring the rest of the time. I thought the hand-outs to Paul were an awful way to foster fair competition. But what is done is done and it can’t be over soon enough! I voted every day 20 times for Cody in hopes of voicing a great big “na na na na” to his royal shrimpness! Also, it’s supposed to be our favorite and Cody was my favorite because he was funny and had incredible self control when the gang-up happened. Not sure if I had his physical capabilities, that I would have been able to take that junk! Loved hearing from all of you-including the Paul fans!

  6. Shivani33

    From the Hollywood Reporter, Sept. 19, 2017, ‘Big Brother’ Bosses Review Season 19 Finale and “Emotional” Jury, by Brian Porreca:

    Many have criticized the mob mentality and bullying this season. What’s your take on the behavior of some of the houseguests?

    Grodner: We don’t condone bullying, but they played within the rules that we have. It became a tactic and was part of a strategy at times, but I think we’ve seen other seasons, like season eight, where that was just a constant. I don’t think it was that. At times it can be strategic. I can’t say we were thrilled by it, though. We were not.

    Looking back on this season, it will be remembered for…

    Grodner: The dominating gameplay by Paul and the showmances that tanked gameplay. (sidenote: Really? What about Expect the Expected? How ’bout: Grodner: Paul wins. I love Paul! Too obvious?)

    Responding to a query about the bitter jury, Grodner expresses surprise at how Raven is able to “put her emotions aside” and to use logic. For the love of God’s green apples! This is patently ridiculous. But then, there’s a two hour finale to sell. However the emotionalism of the overall jury is somewhat acknowledged. Grodner and one of her colleagues have more to say about AFP, about whether they liked having a return player come back and a bit about the story arcs of the 3 finalists.

    As for having any sort of production powwow to analyze the frailties and faux pas paws of BB19, forget about it. Already these people are on to the next thing. How to make Celebrity Big Brother, with its possible batch of d-listed noncelebrities NOT look like a rerun of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew? Will the houseguests require cocktails every afternoon and catered dinners? Will their luggage need to be searched for weapons and drugs? Not to mention cellphones and x-rated attire. And what about onscreen sex? What happens if players wanna sing their own hits? You know, big d-listed hits. Who will clean the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc.? Where will production put Dr. Phil’s trailer for in-house counselling sessions?

    • Mel

      The most memorable comment from Allison Grodner for me was in the very beginning of the season when she was asked what she had to say to people who have complained and don’t like returning players. She said that she didn’t think having only one returning player should skew things too much for people who don’t like that.

    • Seattle Kari

      *Shaking my head* Wow, just…WOW.

    • Mello_One

      Thank you Shivani for the Interview by Allison Grodner. I just hope & pray that CBS/BB realizes that this Show is in need of someone with Fresh Ideas, & New Blood. Big Brothers has Fans all the way back to from Season One, & we all know what BB from Back in the Day was like, & the Current BB is like…

      The Difference is VAST, a lot has been done to BB to Water it down, & ruin the game. I want Big Brother Classic Back in its True Form, & the Hybrid Big Brother that we have now to Go!

  7. Mel

    Lindsay, I can only speak for myself but I still watch BB even when I hate a season because I’m aware how it works and that there will be seasons I don’t like. I don’t know if it’s possible to watch a show for two decades and like every season. I accept that as part of BB. Live feeds are a blessing and a curse since we don’t get this much access with any other show, it can also frustrate us when we see what they’re putting on the show. I think people are better off to make one of them their focus even if they watch both. If you’re into the feeds, you can’t worry about the winner or the editing too much. I comment on it and make fun of it but I accept it. As you and I have both mentioned, we need to remember they ARE making a show. People get overly invested because they spend 3 months of their summer not only watching the show 3 hours a week, who knows how many hours are spent with live feeds and other forms of information. We have unfiltered access to people so we begin to feel like we know what they’re about and it’s human nature to have an opinion on who takes home that much money when you’ve seen how they behave or how well they played.

    Some hate showmances above all else and that’s a close second for me. What I detest most is a predictable season and this was. It’s the same reason I didn’t care for BB16 and it’s the reason I don’t want returning players because BB history shows, with a vet, it’s always predictable. That’s a fact and not my opinion as they’re always in the final 2. Some of us like to watch and complain because that’s the way we experience it and it’s part of the feed watchers bond. We know things the TV audience doesn’t and like to complain/discuss it.

    I agree and disagree about the bullying. What happened this year was the definition of bullying AND it was also done for strategic purposes. It was a strategy I didn’t like but it most definitely was a strategy. Some people hate a floating strategy but I don’t when it’s done well and with great manipulation. Dan Geesling and Jun from BB4 were amazing floaters and they won. Tomato, tomahto. I don’t like to see it but they’re adults and not children on a playground.

    I hated that Paul got the safety but we all knew it was going to happen or at least there would be some twist to keep him safe for a while. That’s why I sighed the moment he came into the house. It wasnt becauae of Paul, it was the vet twist. CBS just can’t stop themselves and they won’t because it’s what they like. Until live feeders can compete with the millions of TV viewers, it is what it is. If the feeds were free, like in Canada, we might stand a chance but they aren’t so we won’t.

    You and I have agreed on very little this season but we have fun because we don’t care about that. I can accuse you of drinking Kool-Aid and you can kindly offer to ship me some since anyone I tried to like was a big loser. Apparently not everyone shares our humor but they may in time. While we wait, I don’t mind letting them get mad and threaten to stop watching because that’s their way of venting about the show. They’ll eventually start to laugh about it like we do or have some form of breakdown. Nothing can be done to help those people on Twitter but I don’t mind helping the commenters at BBJ get through it. I’ve had fun with you this season and even thought of you last night when you weren’t on here. As I logged off I thought to myself, Lindsay will get to be on here tomorrow night giving us the double bird from Paul. I think the season sucked but that thought made me laugh so you get ready to go with your bad self this evening and I’ll be here waiting for it.

    • Mel

      My comment was meant to be a reply under your first comment but as usual, I don’t know what the hell happened!

    • LindsayB

      Thank you Mel. You answered my question in the way it was intended. There is a definite difference between you disliking this season and those threatening to stop watching every day because they don’t like it. I very much appreciate the fact that you and I can have a different viewpoint (which is odd cuz I’ve always agreed with you in past seasons before I started commenting) and still have respectful and productive conversation. It’s definitely more fun to be in the majority but being in the minority offers some clarity.

      I’ll definitely be on tonight, although I’ll have to try to find it streaming online so I can watch at the same time as everyone else. Of course, I’m hoping paul wins. If for some reason he’s out third or comes in second I’ll be happy for Josh to win the money because of Irma.

  8. AIO_7

    “There is a definite difference between you disliking this season and those threatening to stop watching every day because they don’t like it.”

    I threatened to cancel my feeds once this year, but that only lasted one hour.

  9. AIO_7

    Does anyone know when Celebrity BB starts? Maybe they will fill us in tonight.

    • Avatar

      I’ve been googling for information about this and all that comes up is stuff on British Celebrity BB. I’m worried that the contestants will be person’s I thought were dead or that I have never heard of. It’s likely it will be loaded with Disney Channel personalities and 3rd and 4th place winners from other reality programs.

      • AIO_7

        “I’m worried that the contestants will be person’s I thought were dead or that I have never heard of.”

        That’s cool with me, Jim; just give me some warm bodies to bitch about.

      • Mel

        I’m expecting a few returning players, a B list acting has been, a Bachelor or Bachelorette, a YouTube sensation and maybe someone from one of the shows on Bravo. I’m expecting the level of celebrity we get on DWTS. I don’t really mind because if they’re more famous and surprise me then I’ll be watching celebrities and if not, I’ll be watching a regular BB but in the winter. I’m secretly hoping for Andy Cohen. He really likes BB and knows how to stir shit. As to when, I’ve only seen 2018 mentioned which makes sense because I don’t see anyone being gone over Christmas…well, I’m over Christmas but that’s something different entirely.

      • Tinkerbell

        @addy08 Mel, Andy Cohen would be perfect! He would be a blast to watch. Let’s throw in Flavor Flav……but only if he would wear his big clock necklace. And yes, we must have at least one loser from Bachelor/Bachelorette Nation. Yes, I’m a loser as well. I bash those shows, and Paradise – but I haven’t missed one. What does that say about me?!?! Bwahahaha.

      • Mel

        Hobie, I would brag that I’ve never watched any of the Bachelor/ettes and I haven’t but my mother pointed out to me that I couldn’t. In a convo with her while trying to act as if I was above it, she took great pleasure in reminding me that I’ve watched Bad Girls Club…more than once and I watch every franchise of the housewives. Shut me up real fast. Lol

      • LindsayB

        Mel, if I really wanted to I could try to figure out which of the housewives will be on. It all depends on when each city is taping. I could see Kenya trying to twirl around the house. Gag. Or Brandi. Having both would be fun cuz they hate each other. I doubt Andy would do it. He’s got too much going on with WWHL and his tour with Anderson Cooper. Definitely a bachelor/ette. Heidi and Spencer are probably bummed they decided to have a baby now although I wouldn’t put it past either of them to still try to get cast. I see the majority of celebs being either recycled reality people or has been actors who have been on the reality circuit. I’ll definitely watch. I can’t imagine not watching anything BB.

      • kneeless

        Too bad Abby Lee Miller is locked up. She could cause a ruckus!

      • Tinkerbell

        MEL, That is hilarious about you and your Mom. I’m still laughing. Same with my daughter and I….except I’m the “watcher of trash-n-crap.”

        LINDSAY, Yes, let’s throw some of the Housewives in the BB house. They would be perfect in the mix.

        Knee, Abby Lee would be a hoot in the house. Too bad she is already in the Big House.

  10. Avatar

    Most of us assume that Paul will win the 3rd round of tonight’s HOH battle. If Josh, by some astoundingly unbelievable act of luck wins, he would be foolish to take Paul. If he takes Roidette, at least he has a chance. If Josh wins and takes Roidette, that would save the entire season for me.

    • AIO_7

      . “If Josh wins and takes Roidette, that would save the entire season for me.”

      Me too.

    • Mel

      As of last night, he’s planning on taking Paul. We have to remember that they get tunnel vision in there and he’s very focused on the fact that Paul and he have made the same people angry, past conversations that no one wanted a vet to win and his fear but they all still really like Christmas. He thinks he can plead a case for making a lot of the moves and saying that he did it rather than Paul. He’s losing sight of the fact the Paul was the manipulator. To sum it up:

      Josh, Cody from BB16 called and wants his strategy back.

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  12. hogwild

    I’m just tuning in for the last five minutes of the show to see who wins AFP.

    • Mello_One

      Awww hogwild, you have vested this much time & effort, just tune into the show?! I know I will, even though I have been Disappointed, & Frustrated with Season 19 of Big Brother! Then come onto BBJ so we can ALL Discuss our LIKES, & DISLIKES!

  13. Mel

    Wayne asked a while back for people to create fake stories of the hg’s after the show. I was going to do that for Wayne but couldn’t come up with enough time or creativity to accomplish it. Sorry Wayne but I don’t think anyone could top yours or a couple of the others anyway- they were hilarious! I do have some genuine thoughts about them after the show.

    Josh- I don’t know how much his community or family were affected by Irma but from everything I read and hear about Harvey and Irma, it seems most are affected in some way even if their home came through okay. The thought of Josh starting his evening on such an incredible high but ending with such depressing news is sad no matter what anyone thinks of his game. Even if he’s disappointed coming in 2nd, he’ll remember this summer as a blast.

    Paul- I didn’t like his methods but he’s worked hard this summer and if he doesn’t win, he really will have been robbed. To walk away in 2nd again, I’m sure would be a terrible feeling even if he covers it up with “friendship” and “never cared” because we know he does care. In theory, I’d enjoy Josh winning as a FU to production for bringing back a vet but CBS doesn’t care if Paul wins or not so wishing that is pointless and unfair to Paul’s gameplay imo. He’s going to win so I think he’ll put a check in that box and move on, hopefully. I don’t want to see or hear from Paul again unless they have another All Stars.

    Raven- Raven will be devastated with what she finds out but she obviously has the ability to live in the reality she creates. I think she’ll be very bothered by not being popular and earning less than 5k in her GoFundMe. She may end up moving because quite a few people from her hometown have been vocal on social media regarding her lies. In the past, they probably made fun of it behind her back but other than that, let it go. When she put it on national TV, all that changed. She could still go back to her dance classes but with a few less students and only surround herself with people who buy her BS but she has bigger plans for herself than that. If her plans included continuing to scam people for money, hopefully we’ve helped put a stop to that.

    Alex- Alex will hate the fact she isn’t loved as a little, feisty gamer girl and the fact that many people do adore Kevin. She’ll either convince herself we’re all delusional, pretend her 500 fans are 5 million or have the ability to realize that her cockiness mixed with her own delusions of thinking she knows it all are what cost her the game. I don’t expect her to learn anything from her personal behavior because she’s stated several times that she knows how she is and she was toning it down for TV. She’s said that she’s usually worse.

    Xmas and Jason- they’ll both take a little Heat for some of the things they’ve said because they are in the public eye to a small degree. That will pass and they’ll both go back to their successful lives. Jason will probably book more rodeos and Xmas will write an actual book about her experience.

    Jessica and Cody- For however long they’re a couple, CBS will make them a hybrid of Jeff and Jordan & Brendon and Rachel. They’ll do some meet and greets where she will thrive and he’ll get through it by focusing on her boobs. Jessica’s already dealt with the haters which she ignores quite well and she’s enjoying her temporary fame. I also think she’ll capitalize on her 15 minutes better than all the others. Cody will be genuinely surprised at his new celebrity and I think he’ll be amused and annoyed by it at the same time.

    Kevin- He’ll go back to being himself while enjoying the attention he gets from everyone. He’s obviously a showman, he eats it up and he won’t miss a step while being questioned by anyone. He’ll be too busy catching up on what he’s missed with his family to worry about any negativity.

    Ramses and Cameron- They’ve already turned into social butterflies on social media and should continue to enjoy the process. Unless there’s a conflict in scheduling with Ramses’ own family, I fully believe he’ll be at Kevin’s for Thanksgiving.

    Dominique, Elena, Jillian and Mark- I don’t think much will change with any of them. Dom does have some new followers for her YouTube videos and Elena could possibly get some interesting job offers because she is intelligent and witty in her own way.

    Matt- Matt will probably hang with Raven for a short while as he discovers what’s really going on. After that happens, I don’t expect we’ll ever hear anything about him again. This time next summer if someone happens to bring up the show to him, one of his buddies will probably have to remind him that he was on it.

    • Avatar

      I’m honored you mentioning that! Thank you…

      Love the analysis! If any one of them suffers even a little to their brand, I think it will be Xmas. I think she will take a hit on a personal and professional level because of they way she behaved.

      Paul will benefit because let’s be honest, he only had one way to go and that’s up. He wanted social exposure and he got it so for someone starting out with a fledgling clothing empire, this will help.

      Elena will break even…

      Kevin will always be the man in his part of town…

      The rest will disappear into anonymity..

      • Avatar

        If anonymity is a disease, Raven will be happy to disappear into it.

      • Avatar

        I doubt it… her family can’t make money that way…

      • Avatar

        I think Elena comes out ahead. She’s ending on a high note because she’s a lot more likable in the jury house than she was in the house.

        I think Xmas will survive/thrive in her professional life but, if she’s even wondering, this answers some questions why she isn’t as successful in her personal life (if her two broken engagements are anything to go by). I think they probably saw all of this type of behavior on a micro level and this just put it under a magnifying glass.

        Josh has grown on me. Not sure what that means for him once he leaves.

        Paul exhausts me but I forget how young he is too. But he’ll do well because he is very smart and seems to be open to taking risks. He’ll either do well or he’ll recover well because he doesn’t seem to have a personality that stays down for long.

      • Mel

        Christmas could even blame a lot of her behavior on medication if she wanted to. I don’t think she will because I think she’s got more guts than that. That’s why I think she’ll take a little heat initially but it will quickly go away. I honestly think the evidence of her recent infatuation with Paul will cause her more embarrassment than anything he’s said on the show too.

      • Avatar

        I see what you did there Wayne. You got called a clown, so you changed your profile pic to a clown. Clever. I truly never saw it coming. You got a great sense of humor and are not predictable at all. I woulda went with Pennywise though, being that is what’s in now, a little disappointed but well played indeed

      • Avatar

        @addy08 Mel I totally agree. She is going to be way more embarrassed by the Paul fiasco than her behavior. I think in some small way it’s because it makes her more vulnerable/weak and she prides herself on being strong. It does seem like she took her performance in those last two comps really hard. She actually seems proud of how she persevered in light of her broken foot and I don’t think she’ll shy away from her “I’ll eat people’s souls” behavior. I used to think it was contrary to her “brand” of building people up but she’ll focus on being a “warrior” which is also part of her brand.

      • Avatar

        MickP, what can I say! When in doubt, send in the clowns.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, we’ll probably see Jess and Cody in the amazing race.

  14. hogwild

    Tonight the vote is for Snidley Whiplash or Dumb and Dumber. Curious to see how many get Snidley Whiplash reference.

  15. Tinkerbell

    My hope for tonight’s grand finale……..air time for Mama of Dead Girl Walking. We deserve it.


  16. Avatar

    I’m tuning in tonight to see Paul lose, Josh win, and Cody or Kevin get AFP!

  17. Tinkerbell

    @stevebeans @addy08 Mel @nkogneetow Just wanted to add another great big giant – Thank You.

    Pooches Gracias

  18. JadedMage

    Going on actual Game Play you can not deny Paul his due.

    The guy played the shit out of a pack of morons!

  19. Avatar

    I thought i would just share how TMZ Rank hg from Worst to Best. Totally don’t agree with them at all.


  20. Avatar

    Thank Gawd Its OVER tonight and On to Survivor and next season of BB….maybe production learned something…i doubt it tho…they tailored it so Paul would have the best chance to win as im sure they thought he got shafted last season….I hope the jury pulls a Russel Hansen on Paul…if Production does not have respect for their viewers I have no respect for the game….

  21. Avatar

    What won’t I miss about BB? 1. Paul’s phrase “you played yourself” 2. Christmas talking with her mouth full of food or not closing her mouth when she chews. 3. Josh yelling instead of talking.

  22. Shivani33

    I hope that MattRess packed that damn dishtowel or at least threw it in the trash. And also, I hope that Mark scored some Elena. When October 2nd comes, I’ll tune into The Bold and the Beautiful to see The Jessica Graf, filmed back in early September, supposedly as a waitress. Bless her heart.

    It was interesting to see the paintings done in the jury house. Alex made a little poster. It says “Trust No One” and “Jalex.” Jason drew a strangely phallic or maybe boobalicious cowboy hat, plus what might’ve been a rodeo. Mark made one painting of a green Incredible Hulk and one of a big teddy bear. Kevin made a two-toned red and yellow hand with a heart on its palm and another picture of men’s fashion apparel. Cody drew his and Jessica’s names on one paper and possibly some hats on another. Elena made “Just Give Up” with pink and blue stripes and also some yellow background with ” The Thug Life.” Raven posed by her junk with her boobs taking the spotlight. I can’t remember Matt’s stuff, kinda like him. Probably that’s a good thing.

  23. Tinkerbell

    Until we gather again…….BB20. Happy Everything. (((Big Hugs)))


  24. AIO_7

    Now I feel vindicated when I complained that I felt “Jessica benefited from producer meddling.”


  25. LindsayB

    When does the finale start? It doesn’t come on til 7 pacific time. Trying to figure out if I can stream the east coast airing or if I’ll even be home in time to do that.

  26. g8trgirl

    I would like to go on record as staying I think it really sucks of CBS to have the finale the same night as the Jewish High Holy Day of Rosh Hashanah. You wouldn’t schedule it on Christmas Eve, would you?
    Small rant over. #tsktskcbs, #lesmoonvesyoushouldbeashamed

    Now, where were we? Ah, yes…Paul, Josh and Easter…

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  28. Tinkerbell

    Are you kidding me?!?! Dead Girl Walking seems to think she is still in the running. No big surprise there.


  29. Tinkerbell

    Kevin – I miss Y-O-U.

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