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Big Brother 19 – Small House Update

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Just checking in with a smaller house update seeing as it’s easier to do this than give you timestamps of when the house sits in different rooms or naps.

Earlier this morning I posted how Paul planned to tell Alex today about the veto situation.  When she pulled him aside and asked who they were going to bring to the final 3, he had to pull her aside and crush her hopes and dreams – and it was great!

She did not take it very well, although she hasn’t resorted to yelling and playing the ‘mean girl’ role she has grown attached to.  He told her the bullshit how Josh and Christmas just won’t let him use the veto and save her, and 70+ days later Alex is finally realizing it – Paul is out for himself. She called him out similar to what I said she should do, although in a less blunt way. She said by him not using the veto, he is only screwing her. If he used it, he may screw them both but it may also work. Paul slammed her with the hammer and basically said (and I’m paraphrasing) “You have the votes in jury, and I want to win. That’s not happening with you in the house” which made Alex realize she is grade-A screwed.

The hilarious part of all of this is the fact that every day that passes, Paul is ruining his own game.  The tighter he is playing, the worse it’s getting for him come jury vote time. The time he valued so dearly when he made Jessica’s life hell for using the hex. Paul flew too close to the sun with his silly plan to keep Jason and Alex’s vote after slicing their throat. Seeing as it’s NFL season, here is my analogy. He was going for the blowout win and left all his starters in despite a 42-7 score. 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and the star QB takes a shot to the knee. Boom, season over.

At the very least, he should have just taken a side when Jason got evicted and hoped to win his respect by playing puppet master.  Instead, he pissed off Jason and then toyed with Alex and she’s going to go to the jury house, compare notes with everyone else, and Matt & Raven are going to realize they were duped as well. Cody actually may still vote for Paul out of respect (I really don’t think Cody is bitter at Paul. I think he respected his game and was almost a locked vote against anyone but Jessica).  This is even if Paul makes it to the final 2 because in this process, he has soured with his real allies Christmas and Josh a little. He actually brought those two closer together and has now become a third wheel to their little alliance. Christmas is still more loyal to Paul than Josh is, but even she is seeing she’ll have a better chance against Josh.

Basically, Paul did such a great job at building Josh up to be the most perfect final 2 companion that others are going to capitalize on it if they can. He got Josh so hated by everyone in jury that Kevin or Christmas would be better off taking Josh.


Side note – I do think Josh is going to get jury votes if he’s there. His open and honest – albeit immature and crude – game will probably earn him the respect of a few people. Even Mark. The house thinks the entire jury absolutely hates Josh, but I have a strong feeling he’s going to be hard for anyone to beat because of how huge of an underdog he was this season. 

  • Update – At 6:45 pm, Paul is in the kitchen talking with Alex and she is giving him reasons why he should win and who he can beat. This cast is just so stupid
  • 7:35 pm – Alex is doing some stretches in the living room and says to herself “so much for friendship”.  Yes, that was your stupid idea to think Paul couldn’t go back on his ‘friendship’ thing
    • She says she’s going to ‘keep it classy’ and not blow up anyone’s game. Better late than never?
    • Alex says she should have been praying for her to win the PoV, not Paul.  Yes, god influenced that.
    • She says Paul’s move is a coward move and Dent wouldn’t have done this.



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