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Big Brother 19 – Small House Update


Just checking in with a smaller house update seeing as it’s easier to do this than give you timestamps of when the house sits in different rooms or naps.

Earlier this morning I posted how Paul planned to tell Alex today about the veto situation.  When she pulled him aside and asked who they were going to bring to the final 3, he had to pull her aside and crush her hopes and dreams – and it was great!

She did not take it very well, although she hasn’t resorted to yelling and playing the ‘mean girl’ role she has grown attached to.  He told her the bullshit how Josh and Christmas just won’t let him use the veto and save her, and 70+ days later Alex is finally realizing it – Paul is out for himself. She called him out similar to what I said she should do, although in a less blunt way. She said by him not using the veto, he is only screwing her. If he used it, he may screw them both but it may also work. Paul slammed her with the hammer and basically said (and I’m paraphrasing) “You have the votes in jury, and I want to win. That’s not happening with you in the house” which made Alex realize she is grade-A screwed.


The hilarious part of all of this is the fact that every day that passes, Paul is ruining his own game.  The tighter he is playing, the worse it’s getting for him come jury vote time. The time he valued so dearly when he made Jessica’s life hell for using the hex. Paul flew too close to the sun with his silly plan to keep Jason and Alex’s vote after slicing their throat. Seeing as it’s NFL season, here is my analogy. He was going for the blowout win and left all his starters in despite a 42-7 score. 5 minutes to go in the 4th quarter and the star QB takes a shot to the knee. Boom, season over.

At the very least, he should have just taken a side when Jason got evicted and hoped to win his respect by playing puppet master.  Instead, he pissed off Jason and then toyed with Alex and she’s going to go to the jury house, compare notes with everyone else, and Matt & Raven are going to realize they were duped as well. Cody actually may still vote for Paul out of respect (I really don’t think Cody is bitter at Paul. I think he respected his game and was almost a locked vote against anyone but Jessica).  This is even if Paul makes it to the final 2 because in this process, he has soured with his real allies Christmas and Josh a little. He actually brought those two closer together and has now become a third wheel to their little alliance. Christmas is still more loyal to Paul than Josh is, but even she is seeing she’ll have a better chance against Josh.

Basically, Paul did such a great job at building Josh up to be the most perfect final 2 companion that others are going to capitalize on it if they can. He got Josh so hated by everyone in jury that Kevin or Christmas would be better off taking Josh.

Side note – I do think Josh is going to get jury votes if he’s there. His open and honest – albeit immature and crude – game will probably earn him the respect of a few people. Even Mark. The house thinks the entire jury absolutely hates Josh, but I have a strong feeling he’s going to be hard for anyone to beat because of how huge of an underdog he was this season. 

  • Update – At 6:45 pm, Paul is in the kitchen talking with Alex and she is giving him reasons why he should win and who he can beat. This cast is just so stupid
  • 7:35 pm – Alex is doing some stretches in the living room and says to herself “so much for friendship”.  Yes, that was your stupid idea to think Paul couldn’t go back on his ‘friendship’ thing
    • She says she’s going to ‘keep it classy’ and not blow up anyone’s game. Better late than never?
    • Alex says she should have been praying for her to win the PoV, not Paul.  Yes, god influenced that.
    • She says Paul’s move is a coward move and Dent wouldn’t have done this.



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  1. LO1004

    I’m watching now, and Alex is telling Paul she’s going to campaign for him to get votes from bitter jury members. She might be blowing smoke up his you know what, but I suggest everyone take a peek.

  2. danmtruth

    It will be hard to read this jury
    Josh got a good edit on the Sunday show It made him look like he was ready to make a move People who just watch the CBS broadcast Are not smart enough to read this blog or watch the live feeds Have no idea how lame Josh is with what he says Compare to what he does

  3. Avatar

    I still think Alex and Christmas will remain under Paul’s influence unless some of the nastier digs he has made behind their backs are told to them by jury members.

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Steve, only you could find a way to make this season still sound interesting at this point and give us hope that there’s even a slight possibility that someone other than Paul could win. Thank you.

    • Avatar

      Yep. The only chance for cbs to save this season is for someone besides Paul to win. Otherwise it was known by most after he got the 3 free weeks that he would likely coast to the end. #expecttheexpected

      • LindsayB

        There’s also people who think the season doesn’t need “saving”.

      • Avatar

        @LindsayB I meant from the standpoint of the “expect the unexpected” line they push. Everything that has happened has been pretty expected as soon as Paul was given the first “unofficial” HOH and free first day of safety by handing out the Friendship bracelets to tell everyone who was safe (kinda what the HOH does) plus the 3 weeks of safety. It kind of set the very expected tone for the season and here we are months later in the position we all knew we would be in July. It was just a matter of who he would have beside him. The best part of the show is seeing who can rise over others to get on top. When you come into the house on top with a shielded 3 weeks, it’s kinda obvious (actually expected) who is on top and can’t be touch.

      • LindsayB

        And I’m saying I think the season has been fine and doesn’t need saving.

      • Jannie

        The only thing that will save the season for me is to have the Gnome sitting next to ANYBODY and lose…again…I will love it.
        Especially if it’s Kevin, who he pretty much tried to humiliate all summer.

  5. Avatar

    I’m ALL for Josh calling a House Meeting in the Living Room, with Paul, Bitchmas, Kevin, & Alex! Let the “Truth” come out for Pete’s Sake!!!

  6. Avatar

    Nice football reference. Sounds like a Tony Romo play.

  7. LO1004

    Please excuse me while I go off topic for a second. BUT..did anyone happen to catch the butter and sour cream sauce Christmas made the other day? I couldn’t hear the remaining ingredients and they all raved about it.

  8. LindsayB

    Omg. Alex just asked us to give her AFP!!!!


  9. Tinkerbell

    In all seasons, for me, Christmas’s personality is the most frightenjng. Not trying to be funny, or mean…..that chick is seriously unstable. She is over-the-top happy and laughing hysterically……to the bottom of the barrel shredding the souls of anyone in her path….in an instant. She is a very scary person. I think she is seriously capable of doing very bad things to anyone, for any reason.

    • Avatar

      Ikr…I have seen this person before!! I had a Supervisor just like Bitchmas, and trust me it was Nothing Nice…Smdh?!

      Josh needs to tell Bitchmas to GTFO, & Back the Hell Off Of Me?!

      • Tinkerbell

        @mello_one Wow! I can’t imagine being around anyone like that….especially as a Supervisor. A complete nightmare. I keep thinking Josh will come through for us, but the days are passing quickly. He’s going to kick himself in the butt. Wish I could do it for him.

    • kneeless

      By no means do I condone Jason’s comments about Kev’s wife/kids but I don’t think he would ever do what he said. I think Christmas is actually more reprehensible than Jason because I think she would actually do some of the things she has threatened. Especially, if she goes off on Kev to get him rattled.

  10. NKogNeeTow

    Peg Leg Bates is in the BY giving Josh another talk again. This time she’s Good Cop. That ought to last about as long as when she’s thinking he’s resisting arrest. *rolling eyes*

  11. Avatar

    Don’t kid yourself. Paul is cruising towards victory. Every single one of these dopes in jury is going to vote for him.

  12. kneeless

    I hope all of our BBJ family, in FL, are faring OK. Continued thoughts & prayers for everyone battling with Mother Nature. Take care.

  13. Avatar


    Xmas on her scooter dictating to Josh –

    Josh, you have been doing the dirty work for Paul’s game, but now can you save your own. There is one Veto left and you must win it to survive. If you don’t win the Veto, you will turn in to a huge meatball and explode. You have one week to save yourself.

    Lol, she reminds me of that guy from Saw on that darn scooter, it drives me nuts!!!

  14. Tinkerbell

    The person making fun of people, mercilessly, all season for reading the Bible……is reading the Bible. Hell just froze over.

  15. Jay H

    The way Kevin is treated by these house guests reminds me of how Meg on Family Guy is treated. Does nothing wrong and always gets shit on.

  16. Helen

    Paul has created a monster with Christmas……she will for sure be after some of that after this is all over….and he has encouraged it

    • Avatar

      I TOTALLY Agree with what you said One Thread back!!! Paul is going to take Kevin to F2, so in the meanwhile he has gotten all of the HG to literally “hate” Kevin for no reasons whatsoever?! So that when they are seated together at the Finale, no one will Vote for Kevin, because they Hate him?! Plus most HG likely feel that Kevin has been a Floater…But one thing is for sure, Paul is not taking a Female, he told Alex he made that mistake before, & will not do it again.

      I always knew that Paul would either take Josh, or Kevin, but I always had Kevin Winning…Now Idk.

      • Helen

        I think he is trying to decide who the jury will hate more….Kevin or Josh……
        Idk. Christmas may find herself in jury on Thursday just to get that little problem out of the way….No way he wants her anywhere near F2

  17. Tinkerbell

    Alex’s residence is now the have not room. When Jason left her all alone with the big bad wolf, Kevin, she moved to the rose room. Now she’s ticked at Paul and his psycho girlfriend……so the have not room it is. Nobody ever accused her of being mature. She’s really showing everyone by not sharing rooms for them. Ahahaha

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Gremlin has exiled herself to the HN room.

    Josh on the hammock in deep thought.

    Kevin found a new coffee maker in the SR.

    Paul wandering around the house trying to keep tabs on everybody.

  19. Yael Sara

    Haven’t been able to stomach live feeds for a couple days so just reading the feeds. Has production brought Josh in to tell him about Irma?

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Two things struck me as funny:

    1. They are all so against Kevin. How will they feel when they get out and find out from their families that Kevin has been the only one in the house that truly liked each and every one of them. All the things each of them said to each other about him were all lies.

    2. All of them want to win and want to send someone else home, but when it’s their turn to leave, they do it kicking and screaming.

  21. Mimi Ryan

    UGH ;( I one more Village Idiot says, “I TRUST PAUL.” The remote, will not be so remote from the damn TV. Dear Lord People, this cast of Village Idiots is unbelievably DUMB. Alex, what or when, are you ever going to see yourself the way us out here watching see the vile behavior? Kevin, for me you are AFP. Although w/ Jessica outside of the house, she might have access to help pushing for Cody to be AFP. Which for me Cody, albeit a Comp Beast, had Zero Social Game. Paul should never have been given 3 weeks of safety, that was BS. And I still do not like the way Cody played. Now, the Comps that these Village Idiots are throwing, damn. This might very well mark a new page in game play for future BB’s. I can only pray that this season doesn’t get repeated, with a DuperStar Paul.

    Houston, Florida and everyone impacted by Mother Nature – I’m praying for you all, hoping for the best.

  22. Tinkerbell

    Please don’t keep Christmas in the house!! Besides despising the vicious person she is…..I could scream watching her on her broom with wheels, now that clunky crutch. The sound of it, a thousand fingernails on a chalkboard. When she screwed around with Jason and broke her foot, her butt should have been gone immediately…..and permanently. One less screech owl for us to listen to this season. Please don’t let her come back, ever. I love BB, but can’t watch her ever again.

    Alex tonight – stated she is pissed at CBS. What?! Am I in the Twilight Zone.

    I’m completely exhausted from Josh wiggly waggin’ back and forth. No wonder he can’t stop crying. He wears himself out.

  23. Edsel

    Friday’s episode should be interesting if Josh, Christmas, and Paul are left after Thursday. That’s when the final three reminisce and reflect on the seaaon but instead it’ll be just be a bitch and bash fest.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    POP wants viewers to tweet #bbadunicorn or #bbaddisco and which ever gets the most tweets, POP will deliver either Unicorn Milkshakes or Disco Fries to the HG in an hour.


  25. NKogNeeTow

    What are all those pills that Alex keeps taking?

  26. NKogNeeTow

    10:00 PM Cam 3: Alex

    This little fool is begging for AFP again. She’s giving the reasons why she should be voted AFP and why the others shouldn’t. She says she has the most wins in the house and Paul, Xmas and Josh have had their wins thrown to them and that Kevin hasn’t won anything.

    She says that even though they screwed her, she is giving Paul her vote and will make sure Jason does too.

    She says goodnight and goes to bed.

    • kneeless

      She, still, thinks she controls Jason? Wow she has Paul syndrome, thinking she can be a puppet master.

      • LindsayB

        She has no reason not to. She was able to change his mind any time he tried to think for himself all summer. He was pissed when he left but she does have a way with him.

      • Avatar

        LindsayB – does or did? She’s admitted he was right and will probably tell him, so he may very well not listen to her.

      • LindsayB

        I think that’ll make him listen to her even more. The point of my comment was that she doesn’t have a reason to think he won’t listen to her. She hasn’t seen his message from Josh or his eviction interviews. They’ve had different ideas the whole season (his were usually right) but every time she’s been able to get to him.

    • Ann

      Awwww,sure little Alex poo I’ll give you my vote. When hell freezes over, when pigs fly, when you talk like a normal person & tell everyone about all of your dirt. AS SOON AS THOSE FEW LITTLE THINGS HAPPEN, I WILL VOTE FOR YOU FOR AFP……..HAHAHAHAHAHHA….NOT IN THIS LIFETIME TOOTS!!!

  27. NKogNeeTow

    This is going to be a looooong night.

    Paul and Kevin playing pool.

    Alex laying in bed looking like someone kidnapped her dog. (*What happened to all that over the top energy? Like when everyone was attacking Jess and Cody and she was jumping up and down all over the kitchen screaming how she loves chaos.*)

    I don’t know where Xmas and Josh are. She’s probably guarding him in the HOH to make sure he doesn’t get away to talk to Alex or Kevin.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    Josh just came out of the DR and went into the HN Room and got Alex. She’s getting up and going with him. I couldn’t hear what he said to her.

    He just called everyone in the LR for an announcement. It must be about the snack that will be sent to them.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Josh just went to get Xmas from the HOH.

    They have to wait for all of them to be together. They don’t know what the announcement is.

    Josh tells Xmas that he feels bad that Alex is sleeping in the HN room and ask Xmas if she told her to sleep in there. She says no.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    They got supplies to make milkshakes.

    Alex didn’t want to participate. She went back to the HN Room and said they were all counterfeit.

    Both Josh and Kevin have come in to see if she wanted them to bring her anything. After Kevin left, she said people were trying to show fake love to her.

    She then says Paul played her. She said a true friend would have brought her to the end.

    She thanked POP for all they’ve done for her and for the milkshakes but she says she doesn’t feel like sitting there with those fake people.

    She says if Jillian’s watching, she was right, she shouldn’t have trusted Paul.

    In the kitchen, Martha Stewart almost burnt out the blender motor. Paul told her to put gummy bears in the milkshakes. She did and tried to run it and it kept getting stuck (she should have pulsed it first).

    In the HN Room, Alex says she’s not usually a spoiled sport (*Whaaaaa?*), but that Paul lied to her and she doesn’t want to have milkshakes with them. She says she’s kind of salty, then continues to read the Bible.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    The Kitchen Krew are having fun with their milkshakes…well Josh, Paul and Xmas are. Kevin is just sitting there quietly drinking his.

    Salty Alex is re-interpreting the Bible.

    Josh says he was having a rough day and now that he has a milkshake, he’s feeling so much better. He suggested they pour some out for the homies.

    He said who would have thought that at 23, he’d be at a unicorn milkshake party.

    Josh ask if they should make Alex one. Xmas says if he waits another 10 minutes, it’s not like he hasn’t asked already.

    Josh and Paul announced their stomachs hurt.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Josh announces that it was an awesome milkshake party but he has a date with an owl. He grabs Orwell then goes outside.

    Xmas and Paul look at each other and ask what that was all about. She says she doesn’t understand Josh. Paul says he doesn’t either these days.

    Production starts making funny comments to Xmas and Paul (still sitting at the table).

    Paul says 82 days of mental mindf*ck and POP gives them milkshakes.

    Josh is laying in the hammock with Orwell, cam talking . He is telling us that he has the best allly in the house, Orwell.

  33. NKogNeeTow

    Hammock: Josh/Xmas/Paul

    I think Josh is on an ice cream rush. He’s just yelling and talking to the top of his voice (the usual?). He’s in a much better mood than he was earlier today.

    They are laughing and talking about the people in the JH, when Xmas gets called to the DR.

    Ale i up and eating ice cream in the kitchen.

    She thanks POP again for the ice cream and says again that she just doesn’t want to be around a bunch of counterfeits. She gets some gummies and goes back to the HN Room.

    Once she gets in bed, she starts calling them counterfeit motherf*ckers and says they’re such cowards.

    She starts reading the Bible again. (*Normally I would complain when someone that evil plays with the Bible, but if the girl can find Jesus, then I’m all for it*).

    She leaves the HN Room and ask Kevin, who is laying in bed, it he wants to read the Bible while she makes tea. He says sure. She’s being surprisingly nice to him…especially since she’s been cursing his name all day.

    Paul is in the HOH, showering in the dark. (*Not sure where Josh is but I hope he hasn’t gone to bed and will maybe talk to us a bit*)

    Alex is now outside alone, playing with the hula hoop.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I love watching Alex whine like a stale, salty little b*tch. She’s in the backyard alone right now having a MAJOR hissy fit about all the “counterfeits” in the house. Hey Alex, remember when you threw that HOH comp last week because you thought everyone was targeting Kevin? Remember when you lied to Jessica about your intention to get rid of Ramses instead of Josh? Remember, when you lied again to make her think she would be safe if she would just help the house get rid of Cody? Yeah, it’s called Big Brother asshole, and you’ve been just as “counterfeit” as everyone else. Get over yourself.

      • kneeless

        She was all high & mighty with her advice to anyone who would listen. She sat people down & told them to assume everything is lying to them including her. Well, that pertained to everyone but her. She really was “playing” with blinders on if she thought Paul was going to be straight up with her 24/7. When Kevin remained for so long, she should have had something go off in her pea brain that said something was going on.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Jason tried to tell her early on in the season that they shouldn’t put all their trust in Paul but she refused to listen to anything he had to say. Paul did such a great job brainwashing her that she was sure he cared more about her useless ass “friendship” than he did about winning the game. Now of course she’s been going on and on about how much she misses Jason and how she wishes she had listened to him. In the insightful and profound words of everyone’s favorite Cuban meatball, Alex “YOU PLAYED YASELF!!!”

    • kneeless

      She finally figured out Paul is not her savior, maybe Jesus will fit the bill!

  34. NKogNeeTow

    BY: 1:48 AM PT Cam 1 :

    Alex playing with the hula hoop. She is still bitching about all those who betrayed her. (*Guess she forgot those she betrayed*)

    She says Mr.Friendship played her and she says if he only knew how she prayed for him to win the comps.

    She’s still saying that she’s going to make sure everyone in Jury votes for him though.

    She says Josh cries about everything and she hates everyone in the house right now. She says they are all a bunch of p*ssies.

    She says she’s going to tell Jason and that she should have listened to them.

    She said she thought friendship was the main thing.

    She says Paul said he can’t take her but it’s not about the money. She says he’s a bitch.

    Now she’s bitching about Elana and Xmas again.

    She’s on a rampage. She says Paul is doing exactly what Cody said he’d do, take Josh. She says he’s such a coward.

    She said Paul is taking her out because she’s the strongest one left in the house. She said it’s just like going to the Academy Awards, why would you want to get that far then win against someone mediocre. You want to win against the best.

    She said she misses Jason so much. She said when she won that last HOH, it was for Jason. She said sorry, she didn’t get out the right person. (*Buyers remorse?*)

  35. NKogNeeTow

    Alex is still in the BY alone, going off about Paul (she said a few choice things about Xmas too).

    Back in the HOH, Paul just got out of the shower. He is talking to Josh, who is laying in the dark.

    Josh say he’s not even going to make a Twitter because he doesn’t want to know what people think of him. Paul says he will make one for Josh.

    Josh says suppose they think that the fans love them but we really hate them. (*Most of us do*)

    Josh says he hope Alex gets out of her funk. Paul says so does he. (*I wouldn’t count on it*)

    They start to talk about Jess/Cody and how fans will think they are mean for splitting them up.

    Paul says why, she stuck her fingers in his *ss.

  36. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    The Nightmare Before Christmas just finished giving the live feeders a speech about her gameplay, how proud she is of herself for never giving up in spite of her broken foot (which I will give her credit for), and why she’s stayed so loyal to Paul and Josh (because they picked her over Jillian early on and have remained loyal to her ever since) and feels no remorse about turning on Jason and Alex. It wasn’t a bad speech but I can she thinks she’s in the running for AFP (everyone seems to be pitching themselves for AFP lately). I can’t wait until she gets out of the house and finds out how much America hates her.

    Paul walked in and asked who she was talking to and she said herself. She abruptly ends her AFP speech, Paul turns off the lights and crawls into bed with her. So much vomit, so little time.

  37. Helen

    You think Alex is salty now? Wait til finale night when either Cody or Kevin win AFP!! That little gremlin is going to have a mental breakdown!!!

  38. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul and The Nightmare are in bed spooning. The Nightmare, of course, is the dominant, aggressive, big spoon in this situation. They are discussing F2, Paul’s game, how he can argue his case to the jury, and all in all how amazing Paul is.

    Once they are done discussing their favorite topic (Paul), the Nightmare begins rubbing Paul’s back as she tells him about her life story. She tells him how starting her own gym changed her life and gave her the stability she had been yearning for. He is barely awake, nearly snoring, and hardly listening to anything she says.

    • NKogNeeTow

      IKR! Did you hear when she asked him “Did you just go to sleep on me?”. I was laughing like crazy.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        It’s so pitiful. Now they’re exchanging “funny stories” and Paul uses this as his opportunity to perform for the cameras to make sure America knows what a stand up guy he is. He tells the Nightmare back-to-back stories of him swooping in and coming to the defense of retail employees who were being attacked by nasty, rude customers. Paul’s solution? Call them all c*nts and tell them to get the F outta here!

        The damsel in distress retail employees are so grateful for Prince Paul rescuing them from the evil customers that they give him massive discounts on his purchases. The Nightmare squeals in delight at the nobility and bravery of her bearded warrior. Gerardo pukes in contempt for these posers.

  39. NKogNeeTow

    Paul tells Josh that if they portray him as a villain, he’s going to be pissed because they brought him back as the only vet.

    He starts to tell Josh again, how he has to get on Kevin.

    Sorry, I lost my feed for a bit. When it came back:

    Xmas was in bed in the Rose Room, alone and cam talking. She was saying how it hurts her heart that Alex has to go.

    She said Alex only used her as a pawn and never carried her. (*Alex would beg to differ*)

    She talked about how good of a competitor she is (talking about herself). She said everyone underestimated her and that she is such a good competitor and that the fact that she’s still there proves it.

    She said she’s won when she had to win and got everyone out that she wanted to get out. (*She forgets that the HOH’s she won were a “gift”*)

    She said a bunch of other crap to, but I can only listen to her for so long.

    Paul comes in and she lights up like a Xmas tree. He tells her he’s going in to say goodnight to Alex.

    He comes back and gets in bed. As soon as he gets in, she turns over and snuggles up under him. They start talking and she starts rubbing his back and shoulders. (*This fool woman actually thinks she’s in a husband and wife relationship and they’re having pillow talk*)

  40. NKogNeeTow

    Alex keeps prowling around the house. I love how she moves around. Comes back, gets in bed, calls people a mouthful of motherf*ckers while holding the Bible. (*She didn’t just do it but was doing it earlier*)

    I had to change cams from the Rose Room. I just couldn’t any longer. Josh came in earlier and asked them if they were making out. Paul said no, they were sleeping.

    Josh said he didn’t want to sleep alone. Paul told him to come an sleep in the Rose Room. (*Bet that went over well with Lucretia Borgia*)

    Josh said he was going to shower. I was hoping that they would put the cam in HOH and he would talk to us, but doesn’t look like it. We either get Alex pretending to read the Bible, or Paul pretending to be interested in Xmas’ stories. Oye Vay!

  41. NKogNeeTow

    Alex laying in bed holding the Bible open, staring at the ceiling and shaking her head.

    Frick and Frack in bed, exchanging lies.

    Who knows where Kevin his. Probably somewhere rubbing lotion up and down his arms so he can have some human contact.

    Where is Josh when you need him. He’s silly as hell, but at least he makes some good listening to. He’s always good for having a late revelation or trying to understand him through flying snot and tears.

  42. NKogNeeTow

    By the time we get to Eviction night, they’ll ask Alex to stand and make her speech. She’ll stand and recite the Bible word for word, from page 1 through Revelations.

    Kevin will stand up and say “I played a good game. I didn’t talk to nobody. I did what I was told. Hey Jimmy One Eye, Tommy Two Toes, I’ll be home soon and we can have a drink. Alana, Peggy, I love you.” Kiss 2 fingers, throw up the peace sign, run his fingers through his hair, adjust his tie and sit down.

    Xmas will have this devious Grinch smile on her face while twirling her fingers.

    Paul will raise one eye brow and throw his hand on his chest like he’s so surprised at how it came to this.

    Josh will be standing there with tears flying out like a cartoon, his shirt drenched with tears and screaming to the top of his lungs “I’M SORRRRRY. I LOVE YOU. CAN WE BE FRIENDS? CAN I HAVE A HUG.”

  43. NKogNeeTow

    Alex can’t get to sleep. Funny, she had no trouble sleeping when she was either doing or thinking of things to do to others….especially Kevin. Things that make you go Hmmmmm…..

  44. NKogNeeTow

    All of our little darlings are fast asleep….well all except for Alex, she’s a bit restless, but she’s out of our lives soon anyway so…..

    Have a GREAT day everyone! 🙂

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, I usually stay on the feeds and here, at least 10 to 15 minutes after I say goodnight, in case something happens in the house, before I cut the puter off.

    Alex is back up with the lights on and reading the Bible again. Is he hoping for a miracle? Does she think that if she keeps reading it, one will happen? Right now, her only chance for a miracle is called St.Josh. And unless he can keep Frick and Frack out of his head, he ain’t coming. Instead of running him out of the room every time he tries to talk to her, maybe she should try getting him on her side. Especially since both of them see the same thing about Paul now. All she’d have to do is ask Josh, “Do you realize what Paul is doing…to both me and you?” My Aunt use to say the only stupid question is the one unasked.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      My thing is, she has nothing to lose at this point so why not stir up some chaos? Technically, she doesn’t need Paul’s vote this week– she needs 1 vote plus Josh to break the tie. Of course, we all know the chances of her turning the Nightmare before Christmas against Paul are slim to none, but why not give it a shot? Isolating yourself and throwing tantrums for the live feeders aren’t useful to you (as entertaining as they might be). At the very least you might cause a little turmoil and anxiety for Paul, who is the one who really betrayed you and the real reason you’re leaving this week. These people have been tormenting HGs all season long, you better believe if I were on my way out I would NOT leave without giving them a taste of their own torment.

      • Avatar

        To me, that’s been worse than the misplaced trust in Paul. NO ONE has gone out swinging. Once they realize Paul turned on them, they all pack their bags and go home. No one has campaigned or used that opportunity to talk to the other house guests or blow shit up on their way out. At this point, she has nothing to lose. Her shutting down Josh was so stupid.

      • Avatar

        Alex believes her role at this point is to go to jury and get Paul those needed Jury votes. It’s like a pledge doing something stupid to get into a fraternity and impress some jackass so they can hang with the supposed popular, cool kids. After Paul wins, she’ll run to him and say, “we did it, team Paul YAY”, with the other 6 or 7 dopes. Julie should say congratulations, Paul…and Alex and Josh and Christmas and Raven and Matt and Elena and Jason. But we’re only giving out one check, sorry. Here you go Paul…oh and Kevin you were favorite player and runner up, here is your $100,000…oh and $27.00.

  46. Avatar

    Hilary you took the words right out of my mouth! I just logged on to make the same comment. The best of bb is when someone is on their way out and they are able to turn the house. No one, literally no one, did any real campaigning this year.

  47. Avatar

    I would love to see Xmas get evicted after Alex and then miraculously Josh wins final HOH and takes Kevin and wins. Whether you like josh (probably not) he has done more than Kevin this season but hats off to Kevin who beat so many other HGs.

  48. Tinkerbell

    Paul, just get it over with and give her what she wants. She’s already going to stalk you the rest of your life anyhow…..especially when you Sh*t on her…..very soon. Could they be any cuter.


  49. Tinkerbell

    Meanwhile in the Have Not room……..all alone with her pathetic self –


  50. Tinkerbell

    Prayers, love, and cozy ((Hugs)) to our loveys in harms’s way of hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, and floods. God bless and protect each one of you xo

  51. Tinkerbell

    Oh Sweerie Pie, My heart breaks for you. I’ve already gone through two boxes of Kleenex. There-there now, everything will be okay.


  52. Avatar

    “Alex tells America that she is getting boned and hopes they vote her for America’s favorite.”

    HA!!!! Good freaking luck with THAT!!

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