What do you mean I eventually have to play this game?

Random update – Cody has momentarily broken away from Jessica and is actually socializing with Raven and Paul of all people.  Nothing newsworthy about it, I just felt it was such a rare sight that I’d highlight it.

On to the main story of the house this week – Operation Evict Elena.   Ever since winning HoH, Josh has a weird case of “hohitis”.  I say weird because he doesn’t exhibit the typical symptoms of being bossy and mean, but this is clearly a different person than what we watched a week or two ago. It’s like as soon as he won, he realized he’s actually playing the game and turned into a somewhat normal player.  Despite being in power, he expressed numerous times how bad he felt about the way he was involved in the Jessica/Cody bullying thing last week. He apologized directly to her about it and extended the olive branch a few times. He also realized that he doesn’t simply need to follow Paul’s game. While I appreciate the show of independence, hopefully he realizes he didn’t win HoH for the season. After tomorrow, his power is limited to being the tiebreaker vote in an event of a tie.


The reason I talk about Josh is that Paul has made it clear that he wants Jessica gone and it is better for their (his) game to keep her out of jury. I thought he would let the wild idea of voting out Elena die after Christmas curb-stomped his small power trip when she told him she wouldn’t use the temptation, but used it when Paul told her to. Nope. Josh is still going on about getting her out which is great for the viewers to prevent a boring week – but odd. Very odd. It’s almost like production realizes that the season is going to be very boring when Jessica leaves and nobody is left to challenge Paul, so they got in his head about looking at other targets.  Complete speculation and I’m probably wrong, but the entire obsession with getting Elena out is just strange.

Alright, enough talking, jumping into the updates….

  • 12:40 pm – Jason heads upstairs to talk to Josh in the HoH room
    • Josh tells Jason that he sees the big picture.  Nice and condescending beginning
    • Jason asks what Elena can do. Josh says that she has Mark, Matt, Raven, Jess, and Cody
    • Josh points out how Elena dropped her allies that he thinks she has as soon as things got rough. He really hates that disloyalty from her
    • He continues how they’re all allies, and Jason tells her he gets that, but they don’t have the numbers
    • Josh brings up the good point that Jess and Cody will always be the bigger targets
    • Jason says “stirring shit, stinks”.  He is telling Josh that he is making everyone nervous
    • Jason says that Elena and Jessica are both equal targets but the difference is their men. Cody is much stronger with Jess than without.
    • Josh mentions how Elena came up to the HoH room with no bra, see-thru shirt and underwear trying to earn points.  She certainly earned some last night with Mark in bed..
    • Jason is humoring Josh and saying he sold him and he agrees.  Definitely sounds like he wants out of that conversation
  • 12:55 pm – Christmas makes her way upstairs
    • She immediately tells him he needs to chill on the Elena thing right now (lol)
    • Josh says Paul and Elena have a pretty close friendship, even Christmas agrees
    • Jason says to just give him the word and he’ll vote however.
  • Jason leaves
    • Christmas tells Josh that just a few minutes ago, Jason said ‘no fucking way’ to voting out Elena
    • Josh tells Christmas that Paul is either with him or against him with Elena
  • Conversation is getting boring.  I’m following Jason who is checking in with Alex
    • Alex says they have to get rid of Jessica. Every day she wants to punch her in the face
    • They have small talk, Kevin comes back in and the game talk stops
    • Christmas comes in and takes up her spot as Kevin’s weird in-house girlfriend.
  • 1:50 pm – Jason and Josh arm-wrestle
    • Jason beats Josh right handed but they tie left handed.  Surprised Josh didn’t say “man you beat me on national TV!”
  • 2:50 pm – Jessica is outside talking to Elena while the guys are inside in the kitchen.
    • Jessica tells Elena that Christmas does not like her. She’s not her friend in the house
    • She also said Elena’s name is coming out of the mouth of Christmas
    • And if Jessica wanted to campaign, she should campaign to Christmas
    • Jess says the person that will take Elena the furthest would be Paul
    • But people are going to turn on him sooner than later
    • She continues that Paul will take her far but she (E) is not safe on that side of the house with Alex and Jason
    • After talking for a bit, Elena admits next week she has to put Cody up, but she’ll do it before veto so she doesn’t backdoor him
  • 5:00 pm – Paul is chatting with Mark and Elena in the apple room
    • Kevin, Christmas, Alex, and Christmas are outside talking
  • 7:00 pm – Really slow night in the BB house, and GoT is on soon, so….  Be back soon!
    • Before I go, here is some meatloaf made by Cody. Cute
    • Cody has actually smiled, laughed, and joked more today than the entire season combined. Good to see him socializing. He’s not a bad guy
  • 7:12 pm – I lied, I’m still here.  Josh is talking to Christmas in the HoH room and I thought you guys would like this convo
    • Christmas is saying Raven is getting more and more paranoid.  She is also asks if she can have a conversation with Raven without it being about her lol
    • Christmas wants to cause some chaos in the house

Check back for updates!