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What do you mean I eventually have to play this game?

Big Brother 19 – Sunday Feed Updates

What do you mean I eventually have to play this game?

Random update – Cody has momentarily broken away from Jessica and is actually socializing with Raven and Paul of all people.  Nothing newsworthy about it, I just felt it was such a rare sight that I’d highlight it.


On to the main story of the house this week – Operation Evict Elena.   Ever since winning HoH, Josh has a weird case of “hohitis”.  I say weird because he doesn’t exhibit the typical symptoms of being bossy and mean, but this is clearly a different person than what we watched a week or two ago. It’s like as soon as he won, he realized he’s actually playing the game and turned into a somewhat normal player.  Despite being in power, he expressed numerous times how bad he felt about the way he was involved in the Jessica/Cody bullying thing last week. He apologized directly to her about it and extended the olive branch a few times. He also realized that he doesn’t simply need to follow Paul’s game. While I appreciate the show of independence, hopefully he realizes he didn’t win HoH for the season. After tomorrow, his power is limited to being the tiebreaker vote in an event of a tie.

The reason I talk about Josh is that Paul has made it clear that he wants Jessica gone and it is better for their (his) game to keep her out of jury. I thought he would let the wild idea of voting out Elena die after Christmas curb-stomped his small power trip when she told him she wouldn’t use the temptation, but used it when Paul told her to. Nope. Josh is still going on about getting her out which is great for the viewers to prevent a boring week – but odd. Very odd. It’s almost like production realizes that the season is going to be very boring when Jessica leaves and nobody is left to challenge Paul, so they got in his head about looking at other targets.  Complete speculation and I’m probably wrong, but the entire obsession with getting Elena out is just strange.

Alright, enough talking, jumping into the updates….

  • 12:40 pm – Jason heads upstairs to talk to Josh in the HoH room
    • Josh tells Jason that he sees the big picture.  Nice and condescending beginning
    • Jason asks what Elena can do. Josh says that she has Mark, Matt, Raven, Jess, and Cody
    • Josh points out how Elena dropped her allies that he thinks she has as soon as things got rough. He really hates that disloyalty from her
    • He continues how they’re all allies, and Jason tells her he gets that, but they don’t have the numbers
    • Josh brings up the good point that Jess and Cody will always be the bigger targets
    • Jason says “stirring shit, stinks”.  He is telling Josh that he is making everyone nervous
    • Jason says that Elena and Jessica are both equal targets but the difference is their men. Cody is much stronger with Jess than without.
    • Josh mentions how Elena came up to the HoH room with no bra, see-thru shirt and underwear trying to earn points.  She certainly earned some last night with Mark in bed..
    • Jason is humoring Josh and saying he sold him and he agrees.  Definitely sounds like he wants out of that conversation
  • 12:55 pm – Christmas makes her way upstairs
    • She immediately tells him he needs to chill on the Elena thing right now (lol)
    • Josh says Paul and Elena have a pretty close friendship, even Christmas agrees
    • Jason says to just give him the word and he’ll vote however.
  • Jason leaves
    • Christmas tells Josh that just a few minutes ago, Jason said ‘no fucking way’ to voting out Elena
    • Josh tells Christmas that Paul is either with him or against him with Elena
  • Conversation is getting boring.  I’m following Jason who is checking in with Alex
    • Alex says they have to get rid of Jessica. Every day she wants to punch her in the face
    • They have small talk, Kevin comes back in and the game talk stops
    • Christmas comes in and takes up her spot as Kevin’s weird in-house girlfriend.
  • 1:50 pm – Jason and Josh arm-wrestle
    • Jason beats Josh right handed but they tie left handed.  Surprised Josh didn’t say “man you beat me on national TV!”
  • 2:50 pm – Jessica is outside talking to Elena while the guys are inside in the kitchen.
    • Jessica tells Elena that Christmas does not like her. She’s not her friend in the house
    • She also said Elena’s name is coming out of the mouth of Christmas
    • And if Jessica wanted to campaign, she should campaign to Christmas
    • Jess says the person that will take Elena the furthest would be Paul
    • But people are going to turn on him sooner than later
    • She continues that Paul will take her far but she (E) is not safe on that side of the house with Alex and Jason
    • After talking for a bit, Elena admits next week she has to put Cody up, but she’ll do it before veto so she doesn’t backdoor him
  • 5:00 pm – Paul is chatting with Mark and Elena in the apple room
    • Kevin, Christmas, Alex, and Christmas are outside talking
  • 7:00 pm – Really slow night in the BB house, and GoT is on soon, so….  Be back soon!
    • Before I go, here is some meatloaf made by Cody. Cute
    • Cody has actually smiled, laughed, and joked more today than the entire season combined. Good to see him socializing. He’s not a bad guy
  • 7:12 pm – I lied, I’m still here.  Josh is talking to Christmas in the HoH room and I thought you guys would like this convo
    • Christmas is saying Raven is getting more and more paranoid.  She is also asks if she can have a conversation with Raven without it being about her lol
    • Christmas wants to cause some chaos in the house

Check back for updates!


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    • Jenny

      She really is. But it’s sad that she doesn’t seem to have any self-worth beyond her body. I hate to think what caused that.

      • Avatar

        It’s psychological warfare and she’s using her physical attributes as one of the tools to get further in the game, that doesn’t mean she has low self-esteem and low self worth.

        As long as it isn’t breaking the rule book why not use any means necessary to get yourself further along in the game?

        The morality code is virtually non-existent many of these houseguests.

      • Avatar

        Agreed, & last night Elena was Pushing the Body thingy Hard! Elena let the GIRLS Out! Its sad, because I believe Elena is a very smart girl, & she doesn’t “have” to use her body for self worth.

      • Avatar

        You have to realize something about Elena, She has always had the boobs but was very heavy, she lost a lot of weight prior to BB and is using that new found confidence in the house. I think she has low self esteem. It’s just taken on a different flavor within the house and since the pond is so small and “shallow” her attributes are augmented even more. What will be sad is when she leaves the house and tries the same stunts outside and doesn’t get the same results, her world will crash and her self esteem will plummet…….. again..

      • Avatar

        Kevin, I thought it was Jillian who lost all the weight.

      • NKogNeeTow

        It was Hawk, but Lips also lost quite a bit of weight. I pulled her up on YouTube and she was heavier than she is now.

  1. Avatar

    From the way she talks, she probably left Mark with something bleach can’t wash off or penicillin take care of either!

  2. Tiare

    I agree with Scooter, DMW’s accent changes more than Mattress changes his shirts.

  3. Avatar

    Happy Sunday BB Junkies!

    Hot Damn!!! Cody is making attempts with Kevin & Jason, that if they Keep Jessica, both he and Jess will work to get out the Riff Raff in the House. Aka Raven, Matt and other HG. Kevin is very open to this tactic, & this is how you play the Game for yourself! Kevin gets it, & others are slowly coming around.

    Christmas has also seen the writing on the Wall, & is trying to set the table to Branch Off from Paul. Josh, & Christmas are in talks to Evict Elena on Thursday, & keep Jess & Cody as the Targets in the House. The Question is, “Will Mark use the Veto, & who will Josh replace as the Re-nom?! And who will stick with Paul through think & thin???

    • Tiare

      @mello_one, I’m so excited that Cody is reaching out. I almost pulled an Elena running around the house with no bra. lol

    • Avatar

      The thing I worry about is if Jason and Kenvin break form the minions and start to work with C/J, C or J or both will end up the final two and that just can’t happen. I’d rather see Paul win than those two.

      • Avatar

        But, it would add some excitement to the process.

        If you want Paul to win, at least make it challenging for him, and watch to see how he deals with it.

        The way it is now, everyone is pretty much just doing what he says. That may be great if you are his fan, but it is not all that exciting for anyone that wants to see some actual game.

    • Avatar

      Is it possible that Kevin from Boston (I love Boston, I loved Boston Rob in survivor and I really like Kevin…..) and Jessica from Boston, Cody and Jason the radio clown could also get Christmas to go with Josh and vote our Elena…..they only need 4 votes…..Cody Jason Kevin and Christmas….as long as you replace Mark with Raven or Matt or Alex…..or Paul for that matter…..I like the idea and those are moves that build trust and Cody and Jessica could not only survive but with 11 people left after this week 4 isn’t a small number win a few HOHs and it’s suddenly anyone’s game…..I just want to see Paul’s game flip on him…..Cody and Jessica have the lowest chance of winning the game which is also why teaming with them becomes a huge plus…..Jason and Kevin stay low key targets because JC are comp beasts and the head of the snake…..I like it and Christmas probably has to come along and maybe bring Josh lol…..idk we can dream right!

  4. Alda

    I don’t know what Josh is thinking,I really don’t.Keeping Jess and Cody in the house is a big mistake.He’s got more then a few screws loose if he thinks those two will want to align with him in this game.Poor Meatball.

    • Mel

      It may not be a mistake if he can get a deal out of them first.

      • Sassy

        Except, there are no deals in this house. I haven’t seen any of them saying if you do this, I will do that and then follow through. It is either my way or the highway. Weird group this year.

      • Avatar

        They won’t uphold any deal with him.

      • Mel

        We don’t know because we haven’t seen any. Paul doesn’t allow them. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        As much as I hate to go against Our Little Meatball, is he smart enough to make a deal with him? And if he is, would they be willing to make a deal with him? Messi thinks he’s a disgusting human being and Grody hates him just because he breathes.

      • Ann

        There ain’t no way in hell I would make any kind of deal with the psyco & the slut puppy if I was Josh. They would not honor any deal with him, they treat him like hammered shit. If he’s stupid enough to make any kind of deal with them & they don’t honor it then he deserves to get got.

      • Mel

        Ann, I was just wondering about you today since I hadn’t seen you on here and I knew you fell. Are you doing better?

      • Ann

        I’m trying to get back to where I was but my freakin back is giving me hell. I’ve been trying to read the comments & damn , I’ve been missing out on a lot.

        Looks like Christmas is going to be the one to try to get someone else to get Paul out. I hope he finds out & comes right back after her ass.

  5. AIO_7

    You do know, Scooter, that there is another empty bed you could flop on just to chat.


  6. Avatar

    Early report on one of the current speculations circulating in the Department of Speculation:

    Matt will be a replacement nominee tomorrow at the Veto Ceremony and will be the housepet that is eliminated on Thursday.

  7. Avatar

    Hi everyone!! New to the feed but I have been following for the past week or so and it has helped me see a whole new side of the game. More of the social aspect of it all. And personally I think if any of them want a chance at possibly winning the $500k they need to start thinking of thier own game instead of getting into the drama of the house. If Josh does pull off getting out whatever target he decides and does go against Paul. KUDDOS!! Sorry I’m just kind of sick of Paul thinking he runs the house. I want the HG to start thinking about how to get to the final not just the Jury. That’s a lot of money to let slip through your fingers to just be a follower.

    • Avatar

      I agree 100%; however, these HG’s are all too emotional and they take everything too personally, so they make decisions based on who pissed them off instead of what is strategically smart. And everyone minus Cody and Jess are just there as part of the “Help Paul Win for CBS” fan club… and they are all completely playing just to make it to jury. They have lost sight of the big prize ($500k) and instead have all settled for a few thousand dollars in the jury house. This season can’t end soon enough… and if CBS and BB can’t do a better job at picking a cast and setting up a season… then it might be time to pull this show off the air… or at least stop bringing back past houseguests unless it’s an All-Star type season.

    • Avatar

      Hi Chels welcome to the MB, its good to read ya!

    • Avatar

      Hi chels. This is a really fun sight but it can be a major time suck.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hi Chels and Welcome aboard 🙂

    • Ann

      Looks like it very well may happen if Christmas Joy stays in Josh’s ear long enough telling him not to listen to Paul. She had just better pray that Paul doesn’t find out because he’ll have her hopping her ass on out the BB house to have a conversation with Julie Chen.

  8. ElaineB

    Matt and Raven in the wave room planning their ‘final five’ team. Matt will need more shirts.

  9. Avatar

    Hi team #RAVENSTFU…….I was just thinking about Elena being a radio personality. …Do you think she knows that people can’t “SEE HER” through the radio??????duh…..

  10. Avatar

    Interesting conversations going on. I don’t think people realize the importance of getting rid of Jessica in respects to getting rid of Paul. Cody is showing signs of being social and working with anyone to get Paul out. This is Kevin’s time to act once Jessica is gone. Cody and Jessica together after elana is gone is dangerous for Kevin/Alex, Paul/Christmas as well as Matt/raven. Cody wins HOH with Jessica gone, Kevin will have the perfect opportunity to back door paul. Then the game can really begin.

    • Avatar

      Kevin seems too married to Paul on the show… so i’m not sure he’d make a move against Paul. It seems like every one of Paul’s minions think THEY are the one going to the end with Paul. With that mindset, not many of them will want to risk upsetting the apple cart… and it won’t be until they are sitting next to Julie on eviction night, that they finally “get it” that they were played… and America just watched them all play the worst BB season ever.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Not really, Kevin and Jason constantly talk about getting rid of Paul. They just don’t think the time is right now because there are so many left in the house. They want to wait until the house gets down to between 6-8. For now, they are just trying to stay out of the cross-hairs and let everyone take out each other. This has worked out for them so far but will only keep working as long as they don’t wind up with their backs against the wall and have to publicly declare a side in front of the whole house.

  11. ElaineB

    Why is Paul dressed like a house painter? Lol.

  12. Avatar

    I really hope Jessica stays only for the joy it would bring me to know Paul doesn’t have complete control of this game. Say what you want about Jessica but at this point she’s probably the only one that would go after him. I mean Cody would but if Jess was to go how useful would he be. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t self evict. I just watch season 10 and now watching 11 and now I realize how terrible this season is. No powerplayers. Even the fights are better

    • Avatar

      Not so fast… Cody was the one wanting to make big moves and go right after Paul in week 1 and that was before he was ever serious about Jess. Cody’s downfall was when BB made the guy nominate 5 people as the first HoH… which really wasn’t fair to him. Every 5 minutes BB was stepping in to save Paul and make Cody nominate one more person and get more and more blood on his hands.

      • Avatar

        Cody being in a showmance wit Jessica, really screwed his game. I rememebr when he said he didn’t want a showmance and then in the DR room, he fell for Jessica hard at th every beginning. He won’t kame top 4 but atleast his abilities to win challenges will give him an opportunity to work on the the Paul minions that are not on the inner circle… Josh is not, Kevin is not, Matt/Raven are not and Mark is not. Elana can be swayed, she has to realize that her days are numbered…

  13. Tiare

    Jessica just pissed me off. Why is she telling Elena anything…especially about Xmas not liking her and about some folks telling her stuff in the game. I really want Jessica to stay but if she’s being too emotional and not playing the game with her head, then she needs to go! (I hate I just said that, but I want to slap Jessica)

    • Avatar

      Ikr!!! I like Jessica, but she Isolates herself in the Rose Room with Cody far too much, & doesn’t notice what in the hell is going down in the House?! I am AMAZED that Jess does not Realize, & See that Elena is playing for Paul’s team.

      Its too bad that Jess didn’t catch Elena Act last Night in the HOH…LOL, No Bra on she let her Girls Loose on the Boys last night in the HOH. Elena had on Butt Floss Short Shorts On, kept talking about her Nipples, and had Paul’s head in her Lap, right under the Girls! Elena would sell her soul to stay in the BB House, & to an extent JOSH of all people is Right about Elena!

    • Avatar

      Jessica is the classic self entitled millennial. Even her career is not remotely serious, it’s all about Booze, Boobs, and her. It’s a good thing she is attractive, it helps offset her delusional self aggrandizing personality. Paul is no different but she is a piece of work. She’s 26 and sells expensive booze using her boobs. She did what she usually does in real life. She latched onto someone who can shield her from being serious. I honestly feel she will drop Cody in a hot minute once she’s out of the house. That whole relationship has been built on the stress of being in the BB house. Some of the vicious vitriol that comes out of her mouth is really disturbing. If it’s not wanting to choke someone or drown someone, its some other form of physical abuse she wants to instill on someone. Granted other house guests say similar things but she has the longest record of saying stuff like that. I have noticed that she says those things only around Cody, probably because she feels safe with him as a shield. I also find it laughable when she makes the over the top statements about being the only two that really deserve to be here. That only makes sense if the competition was a BB house based on how much time you spend having sex. Of course Matt and Raven would give them a run for their money.

      • Shivani33

        Yes, Jessica talks. She vents. She has experienced more gaming opposition than any other woman in the house. Which women do more rough stuff, rather than verbal venting? Alex and Raven, that’s who. Of course, one can overlook their wrestle mania as being fun-loving. Both merely beat on their male besties, at least on the show. There are different ways to look at it. It’s like that old journalism lesson about 3 witnesses to the same accident giving 3 different descriptions of exactly what happened. Alex and Raven, to me, are more violent than Jessica.

      • Mel

        Exactly Shiv, They both talk about wanting to best the shit of her, punch her in the face, call her a slut, whore, etc. but ppl get pissed if Jessics does it. Alex also admits she wants Jessica out because she hates her. That’s a lousy game player imo.

      • NKogNeeTow

        When it comes to smack talking, I don’t think Alex and DMW are more violent than Messi. Messi only vents her deadly thoughts to Grody (because he’s the only one who will listen). DMW and Alex vent their deadly thoughts to everyone, because they have the ear of the house. As far as verbal violence, I think they’re equal.

        Now when you get down to physical, DMW and Alex have her beat. I am so tired of watching Alex beat on Jason with those little cheap sandal, or anything else she can get her hands on. She’s even left bruises and marks. Production never calls her out for it. Every time she hits him she should be charged penalty points or they should take a pair of those cheap ass shoes away from her.

        DMW and her dumb azz food fights and wrestling matches are enough to make me want to pitch the TV/puter, out the window. Every time she starts or participates in one, she should be charged for the food and it should be deducted from her stipend. But again, Production never calls her out for it.

        Josh and Jason horse around playfully and Josh always gets called to the DR and warned. This ticks me off. If Production is going to admonish 1, they should do the same for them all.

    • Mel

      She’s telling Elena because she’s sure she’s going home and she wants to help Elena get further in the game.

      • Avatar

        Possibly Mell but I think she’s stirring the pot. If she gets Christmas riled up, the campaigning might shift to voting Elena out. The votes will be close and if Jessica can get the vote to a tie breaker, Josh will show Elena the door.

      • Tiare

        Kevin, that could be a possibility. Maybe she is trying to stir the pot. Maybe she knows that Elena will run back and run her mouth. Hmmmmm…

      • Avatar

        Tiare, its a given that Elena will go back and run her mouth… Straight to Mark and Josh…..

      • Sassy

        I think Jess realizes she is leaving. She doesn’t know that Josh was planning to kick out Elena. She may be trying to help Elena or trying to pull a Cody on the way out the door in hopes it will save him for a week or two…

      • Mel

        I saw the entire convo and based on everything Jessica tells Cody, she was genuinely trying to help Elena further her game.

  14. LindsayB

    With all the negativity and bitching about this season can we just all stop a second and be grateful that we aren’t watching the girls wax each other’s armpits this season?

  15. Avatar

    Is it one of the easiest ways to make it to the final two his by having somebody who is always a bigger threat in front of you?

    If you were sitting in the final two wouldn’t it make sense to keep the person the house hates the most next to you. .

    Cody and then Jessica serves both purposes for somebody who was clever enough to keep them around and let them do the Dirty Work.

    If Paul is ousted from this game it will be because he did not keep bigger threats than himself around in the house, especially threats where he can make a secret Alliance to work with (Jody as a whole, not just Jess).

    Yes Paul is good at manipulation has used his experience from being on last season’s BB to his advantage this season, but many of the people who walkthrough the front door on eviction night due to some influence by Paul is more of an ego ousting, than always the best move.

    He’s good at getting people to do his Dirty Work, but he should be a lot better at getting the villains of the house to do his Dirty Work which would always have people see him as the better person in the end.

    • Mel

      Paul is too afraid of Cody to do that. He’s afraid of him in comps but downplays it to everyone else. It was funny when he blamed production for Cody winning the temptation comp. You don’t usually hear vets complaining about production. It’s kind of fitting because, I’m with Steve. This week won’t be Paul vs Josh for the hoh. It’s Paul vs the DR. If you think I’m full of it, ask some past players on social media. Many hg’s have gone home from DR interference. It’s quite common in BB. It may not work this week because Paul is very stubborn and intimidating. Some of them may be more intimidated and/or infatuated with Paul to worry about how they’re being perceived.

      • Avatar

        I agree!!!! Production is always trying to manipulate for the ratings. Paul’s America’s choice in the beginning is a prime example. It was laughable to give him three weeks of safety, if production was that worried about having the vet voted home so soon, maybe they shouldn’t have added a vet to begin with. That’s why I hate survivor and feel the show has jumped the shark. Even BB has jumped the shark with all the added BS temptations, POV competitions and obvious production meddling.

        What needs to happen is a good old fashioned old school BB next season, no vets, no gimmicky temptations, no golden power of veto. Let them just duke it out…

      • Avatar

        Kevin, we thought this past season of Survivor was the best in a long time. Loved the twists and turns. I don’t dislike the vets on the show as much as this one. I would have been happy if they had invited Beast Mode Cowboy to be on BB, he got screwed on Survivor.

      • Mel

        Preaching to the choir Kevin! I’ve been begging for that for years!!!

  16. Avatar

    Things are going to get interesting for sure….Jessica telling Elana that her name is being thrown out by Christmas is probably going to backfire on both Christmas and now may implicate Kevin….
    The rats are going to start scurrying

  17. Avatar

    I can’t wait for that rat infestation to start feeding on themselves. And all the new HOH has to do is put up another couple on the block, or half of each remaining couples (Jalex or Ravatt).

    • Avatar

      What we need it Kevin and Paul on the block. That will jump start this boring ass game…

      • Avatar

        I am hoping to see Alex and Raven on the block together. It isn’t much of a game move, although Alex is tight with Paul, and it could split a couple. But the reaction would be amazing. Make them both havenots at the same time.

        It would be a season’s worth of hysterics packed into one week.

    • Avatar

      I can’t wait for Christmas to start scurrying…lol or should I say hopping

  18. Avatar

    I don’t think Kevin is a minion. Just biding his time till he can make a successful move against Paul. I think in real life Kevin would never buddy up to Paul. If they end up against each other he could easily try to point out how ridiculous Paul is and make him butt of jokes…maybe asking if all of his modeling is done for Gap kids, silly things like that which Paul would hate.

  19. Avatar

    Fellow forum members…. I appreciate the fact that people can thumb up or down and it show’s that people are engaging in here. The discussions have been stimulating. If I could ask a favor of all, if you disagree with comment, by all means thumb it down but how about you reply with a counter point? Let’s really have a discussion in here. There are many fans of every player in here, well… maybe not Raven… but let’s discuss! it only makes this forum even better…

    • Avatar

      This is one of the very few almost totally pro team paul blogs out there. So if your responses start to go against the grain with Paul, or other Paul sidekicks like Kevin and/or Jason, thumbs down and quick witted one liners to get laughs, and thumbs up will soon follow.

      • Avatar


      • Zach

        I’m pretty sure there is only like 6 people on #teamPaul so what are you talking about? I get more thumbs down being honest about the game than anyone here. Most of the time because people aim their anger at Paul simply because the other HGs are idiots and horrible at this game. Paul by no means is a great BB game player but this season he is head and shoulders above the competitors. People don’t like that so they hate on anyone who ever says anything positive about Paul.

      • Jenny

        I am totally NOT team Paul. I hate when they mix vets with newbies.

      • Avatar

        Zach, my comment wasn’t about the thumbs down so much as let’s debate it out in the open instead of hiding behind anonymous thumbs down or even thumbs up. I’m not a fan on any of them and they all fall under the term “ass-hats”. lol!

      • Zach

        Kevin my response was to Ritchie because I think he is annoying. I agree that people shouldn’t hide behind an anonymous thumb, they should agree or disagree openly.

      • Avatar

        Zach, at least they aren’t giving us tge finger !

    • Seattle Kari

      Don’t forget that a number of the people doing the thumbs down thing are just idiots doing it for no reason at all…

    • NKogNeeTow

      @Kevin: There is no need for a discussion. The Thumbs Up and Down are really only there if you agree or disagree with a comment or view (although some people use it for personal reasons…and you know who you are). Thumbing down someone’s view doesn’t require anymore justification/counter point than thumbing up does. When it comes to the thumbs down, some people do it for a valid reason, some are just trolls. You’ll find them on just about every site. I just encourage members here to say what they need to say and just ignore the trolls. I learned how to pay the thumbs downs no mind a long time ago. 🙂

  20. Sassy

    I don’t understand why Elena thinks she is going to be HOH next week, and if that should happen, why she would think she has to put up Cody. She can’t really believe that will help her standing on the other side of the house. She will never be more than the bottom layer of that group. Her and Mark would be better off sticking with Cody and trying to recruit others to their side.

    • Avatar

      All Josh has to do is put someone who would have voted for Jessica on the block is mark pulls himself down. If he throws Alex or Paul up there, there is a good chance of a tie. That will end Elena’s time in the house. So my gut is, Mark doens;t use Veto, Jessica goes home, Mark pulls himself off, Elena goes home. Mark pulls Elena off the block and Paul has a breakdown and Mark gets laid…

      • Zach

        You realize that if he put Paul or Alex up the tie would be against them and Jessica? If there is a tie he has to pick between the two that tied not any of the three.

      • Avatar

        And if the tie was between Paul/Alex or Jessica, Josh could make the biggest move of the season… Cut the head off the snake or send Paul’s most loyal soldier home…. I realize your team Paul but Josh could make that work if Mark pulls himself down. I got a feeling Paul knows this, hence pushing Mark to NOT the Veto on himself or Elena.

      • Zach

        You said if Mark pulls himself off Elena is going home. I was disagreeing with you. So which stance is it? Do you believe Elena is going home or someone else? Your original post said you get Elena was going home and I was arguing that point.

      • Avatar

        Zack, my initial post was if Elena and Jessica were tied because oaul or alex were up on the block thinking no one would vote for either of them. I took your reply meaning if Paul or Alex were tied with Jessica instead of Elena, hence my reply to Josh making the biggest move of the season….. Maybe I’ll just start drawing pictures with crayons… lol!

      • Zach

        Kevin, that’s the thing Elena is not a big enough threat to the house to be voted out over Jessica or Paul/Alex. Cody, Mark, Kevin and Jason would all vote out Paul over Elena. Christmas, Matt and Raven would all vote out Jessica over Elena. My point is that if Paul or Alex goes up as a replacement that either one of them or Jessica are all 3 goon home over Elena.

  21. Avatar

    @kevin my case and point about the thumbs down, quick firing responses in defense of Team Paul (with hopes of thumbs up and many likes) when you speak out against them. beautifully illustrated by one of the @zach‘s reply.

  22. Avatar

    The conversation between Jessica and Elana was very interesting….Jessica told her she thinks Paul is Elanas biggest ally (she’s right)
    The four names she told Elana who Cody would go for first did not include Paul
    Christmas is running her mouth and the name coming out of it right now is Elana….she is NOT Elanas friend

  23. danmtruth

    these people are always worried / interested in how they are precived in the outside world So hang in there it might be complicated For HOH look at the popularity polls Set the HG at screens Have them slot who they think are the top 4 this is All people even those voted out score 1 point for every person they guess 2 points for being in the right position Next move to the next 4 After that the final 5 with 10 points to guess first and last HoH is person with highest total complicated yes Perhaps at the end of each round show the high point totals list . If your a HG and smart yo can start figuring things out A bit of reality slap before jury

  24. Shivani33

    Good ol’ Kevin has been very helpful to Cody in encouraging him to move away from self-isolation. Their conversation while raising the outside blinds this morning was at least their fourth recent and mutually supportive session. Kevin has filled Cody in on the strategies and opinions of all other houseguests. Kevin, the Spy in the House of “Love” ( and Rancor). May he never be caught.

    He says that he blows every bit of good fortune to smithereens throughout his life. But at least he can explain to his wife that he flirted with Christmas only because he knew it was safe. He can convince her that Christmas was only in love with Elena. Yeah. That’ll work!

    • Tiare

      I missed that. Can you tell me when this occured so I can go back and watch? I was wondering what made Cody come out all of a sudden.

      • Shivani33

        @Tiare Sorry to be so late to respond as I was out at the stores. Cody and Kevin talked shortly after 10:00 am or thereabouts, BB time. It wasn’t their most detailed talk, but they were outside and started raising the window closures. You can tell you’re near to when they started talking because first, production asked Cody to raise the blinds. He was outside alone and ignored the request until Kevin appeared in the backyard.

        Always they have to sneak their discussions. Kevin says each time, “we’ll talk more later.” Jessica and Kevin are the only ones who’ve been urging Cody to get around more and talk to the others. Kevin has kept telling Cody that he wants them to join up and work together to knock out the floaters and that Jason and Alex will help. It might not be doubletalk, but it’s Kevin, so who can tell?

  25. Zach

    Going back and rewatching this past weeks episodes. Cody is typically what we call in the medical field as an emotional abuser. I can’t stand Jessica but after rewatching I feel bad for her. Cody treats her like crap and when she questions him he makes her feel bad and like it’s all her fault. When talking to Mark he makes himself the victim by saying “I’ll always be the problem when something happens with Jessica” when he was talking to Jessica and she asked him is my mom going to like you? He turns it on her and then runs away to make her feel like she was being mean to him. He is the classic example of how a person in a relationship emotionally abuses and manipulates the other person in the relationship. After realizing this I don’t hate Jessica as much. She is still a slooty sloot but Cody is a vindictive emotional abusing ass-hat.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I see it as quite the opposite. She seems to be the one holding the reins. Which gives her the control in the relationship.

      • Mel

        Completely agree Nk, he’s crazy about her (at least for now) and she’s told him off whenever she felt like it. He walked away from her in the hammock because he was hurt and offended that she was doubting him. Shit, I fell like I’m commenting on a soap opera! Yuk!

      • Zach

        Maybe it’s just the way production is spinning it on TV. Remember I don’t have access to the live feeds. Why pay for porn when other sites let you watch for free?

  26. Avatar

    Does anyone know if Alex is anbody’s target in the near future ? She seemed tight with Paul, but I know Paul wants everyone to think they are safe, so that doesn’t mean all that much.

    Is Alex solid with the rest of the house ( except Cody & Jess ) ?

  27. Avatar

    I agree w Paul fans that he is by far the best player this year. If the vote for a winner was today Paul should take both the 1st and 2nd place prize. BUT I like his personality much less this season and hoping someone will come out and start playing hard against him and knock him down a bit before he has a chance to take home the cash. I don’t know if the Paul/Victor dynamic cast him in a better light last year or if a year of fame is the issue.

    • LindsayB

      He was loud and obnoxious last year too, just without the experience under his belt. I hated him at first but grew to love him and respect how he learned to play. I think this year he is having to be more tactical with his personality and doesn’t feel like he can take one second off from playing the game. At this point, I hope he goes all the way. Not just because I like him, because he’s the only one playing. If someone else were to truly step up instead of just talk about it I could switch my pick. Kevin is on my radar… mostly because I’m intrigued by how he is playing. I haven’t decided if he’s actually effective. All the girls can go. They are all extreme disappointments. Slutty, screechy, absusive, bitchy, fake, the list goes on and on to describe this year’s women. Cody is an elitist prick. Jason is an idiot. Josh is just for entertainment. So, yeah. #teamPaul

      • Mel

        What do you like about Paul, not game related? I’m curious because I used to like him somewhat too. I rooted for him last year hard.

      • LindsayB

        I love his sense of humor and his never cared attitude, just his personality in general. I follow him on Snapchat and he’s funny. He’s also a huge animal lover so that always gets points in my book.

      • g8trgirl

        Extremely disappointed in the women this year. Reading their bios I thought we had a good group of strong women ready to play tough for their own game.
        Remind me not to read the bios anymore.

      • LindsayB

        G8r, I think the girls catfished us with their bios.

      • Mel

        Completely Linds, I though we had some real gamers with the women this year. They’re still scarier than the men and seem fairly ruthless, if only they had channeled it somewhere besides Paul’s butthole. I make fun of Alex for wimping out but Paul said cam talking that he’s sticking with her so she at least has that going for her. It was still pathetic to hear her say they couldn’t win without Paul in the game.

      • g8trgirl

        They sure did Lindsey.

    • Mel

      I think you nailed it. Victor and Paul were the underdogs, Victor stole people’s hearts, they were comic the genuine relief and we were watching them learn the game. I really wanted Paul to win last year but it wasn’t ever for his personality. He’s arrogant, brash, rude, entitled, spoiled, a know it all, lies (not game stuff) and one ups people. He did those things last year too but he was also funny and the underdog. Paul is like a pill we had to swallow last year but we had a big glass of water, this year it’s just a big fat pill. This isn’t referring to the game he’s playing. He’s doing a good job in the game.

      • Alda

        When I would watch Paul and Victor last year,they really made me laugh.I loved the quck wit of that dynamic duo.They reminded me of Ralph and Norton,or Abbott and Costello.

  28. Avatar

    Was Kevin being more distant with Christmas this afternoon? Seemed so to me…..
    Why hasn’t Elana even hinted to Paul about her convo with Jessica? I would think she would before tomorrow especially since she knows what Christmas is up to

  29. Mel

    Sunday episode thoughts:

    *They didn’t play halting hex music in the recap…they must have realized it was stupid too.
    *I hate the episodes Julie arn’t because I can’t criticize her stylist.
    *Cody may be the only person ever to be on BB who has boring dr’s but that are funny.
    *Paul didn’t just say he flushed out the hex in the DR, (but they probably gave him the idea) he said it an hour ago on feeds. BIG LIE!
    *I wish they had shown Elena adjusting her boobs during her sales pitch to Josh…her real strategy.
    *I liked the spooky house comp more in OTT when we heard everything.
    *Josh shouldn’t have let Paul get away with Paul lying and saying he volunteered to go otb. It makes Josh look worse.

  30. Tiare

    Sorry, Elena. Your time is running short and you gotta go. It’s been real, Boo Boo. Muuuah (2 fingers) #inmyJoshvoice.

  31. Avatar

    Paul has played well, but he must play a lot, and I mean a lot better moving forward to get to final two. His main adversaries in Cody and Jessica have brought a tremendous amount of energy that was shotty, undisciplined, and too erratic to seriously challenge Paul so far.

    But shadows in the wings such as Kevin, Jason, potentially burning bridges with Elana and Mark, and moderate resistance from Alex and to a bit lesser degree with Josh equates to a group of people (his potential next force of adversaries) who collectively will not be as sloppy as my team Cody has been.

    With any little power Xmas had (used her temp up yesterday), and her having to rely on the luck of the draw with favorable comps upcoming, how long will she stand to be dictated to by a force such as Paul?

    The spider cracks in the Pauls windshield are becoming more prevalent each week, the complete shattering of glass is very imminent unless he loses ego, allows others to run their HOH, and lays low for a couple of HOH’s.

    • Avatar

      We must be watching different feeds Ritchie. Lol

      • Avatar

        Haha I’m all in, what feed am I missing @helen?!

      • Avatar

        Lol. The feed I’m seeing. Lol
        This is what I am seeing…..Jessica thinks she is going home Thursday so she took the time to warn her best friend (other than Cody) about Christmas….even threw out there that aligning with Alex and Jason would probably send her out sooner than later. She told her Paul was Elanas closest ally and would take Elana farthest in the game….she wasn’t telling Elana this for any other reason than she truly likes Elana…
        Jessica is very strategic…if Jess stays in game she is going to steer Cody towards getting out players like Matt Raven Alex and Christmas…she does want Paul out but later rather than sooner…..she also would be a vote for Paul in jury.
        Christmas is on borrowed time….most housepets cringe and try to hide when they see her coming. Jason does not like Christmas and he carries a lot of weight with Kevin (probably more than even Alex)
        Every time Kevin and Cowboy talk seriously top four for Kevin are Alex Cowboy Paul and himself…I think Kevin would like to see Jessica in a top 5 or 6…he respects Jessica and thinks she has played hard and deserves to be here

      • Avatar

        Someone please give me examples of how Jessica has played hard? Other than holding Cody’s leash with sex and threatening Alex/Raven behind closed doors, what has she done. She’s aligned herself with the one guy most want out of the house. She’s guilty by association but wasn’t the top target. She is now because of circumstances.

      • LindsayB

        Great question Kevin. She’s all talk, no action. Yes, she can verbally attack but that’s about it.

    • Avatar

      You could see Paul’s frustration tonight when he was trying to get Josh on board with still only using Elena as a pawn, and sticking to evicting Jessica.

      When Josh interrupted him to get some water, Paul couldn’t believe Josh wasn’t giving him 100% attention. It was quite funny.

      Another point showing that Paul isn’t completely in control, is the conversation between Christmas & Josh when Christmas planted the seed to Josh that she wasn’t team Paul all the way. These two can end up working together to get Paul out. They both have strong opinions. And, if Elena gets evicted, Josh will be able to talk to Jess and Cody and say that was the plan all along. Then there will be a group of 4 who would all want to target Paul.

      You are right, Paul is playing very well, but now that all his safeties are gone, it’s getting tougher for him.

  32. Mel

    #TEAM RAVEN STFU alert:
    Raven gets anxiety now going up and down the stairs.

    I wonder what happened to Danielle from BB14 since she started all this. Raven may have her beat but let’s not forget who was the original.

  33. Avatar

    @helen LOL you are correct I don’t have that feed that’s the Paul fantasy feed! I thought about purchasing that feed but the membership fees were way too high for me.

    Part of the dues was that I had to give allegiance to some of the biggest shareholders in the Paul Kool-Aid company that reside on this blog.

    you have the CEO who is the maker of the Kool-Aid, the COO who manufacturers the punch bowl, and the CFO who gives you an unlimited supply of cups. you even have a sponsor that gives you free bags of ice whenever you need it!

    You stick to giving me updates on fantasy TV and I’ll check in with you from time to time on reality TV!

    • Avatar

      Oh ok….Maybe someone can show me where the real feeds are because I must admit 5.99 a month for CBS All Access does seem to be quite high at times lately…..

    • LindsayB

      Damn! That haterade you’re spewing is awfully bitter. Kool aide is so much sweeter. You should try some.

      • Avatar

        Lots of Paul haters lately Lindsay…even when I comment actual facts that have timestamps available I am told I’m watching fantasy tv. Lol. Haters gonna hate! Never Cared #TeamPaul # Team RavenSTFU

      • Avatar

        There is no need. Team Paul fans continue to enjoy the nice and refreshing Kool-aid beverage aaaah! I just hope that it doesn’t run out anytime soon, like I think it will.

  34. Avatar

    Man if these people were smart and wanted to win they should backdoor Paul literally the person that doest that will be the one who wins the Jurys vote. But this season besides Jessica and Cody its a whole bunch of floaters and people who arn’t thinking about winning but going to Jury. I had high hopes for Alex but slowly shes looking more and more like a floater everyday. These people need to let go of personal feelings and see who the biggest threat there is in this house.

    • Avatar

      Paul is far from the biggest threat in that house…..the biggest threat in that house is Kevin…..he wins 500000 k against whoever is sitting next to him in F2…hands down.

  35. Mel

    Can anybody tell if Xmas is really on board to try and sway people about Elena or is she just high again??

  36. Tiare

    Now Xmas is trying to persuade to not vote out Elena. She is getting on my dang nerves…Somebody scoot Xmas’ ass out of the house!

  37. danmtruth

    Xmas seems to be just mentally masturbating Josh now Pushing him back to Paul and getting Jess out Josh is smart to say Paul is getting close to Elena But that is just for her jury vote Xmas knows what to say to Josh to keep him under control She ask him questions and he wants to show how smart he is and how strong of a player he is Josh wants people to see him as Paul’s equal

  38. Avatar

    So what has Raven been up to today that Paul is referring to her as crazy? Something new or same old stuff??

  39. Tiare

    You know…I’ve wanted to try out for BB so many times, but I know that I won’t get picked because I’m not an actor or have a business to try to promote. I’m just a regular citizen. I do know that I wouldn’t last long on teh show becasue I woud be very picky about peopl eating my shit up if and when I become HOH…AND folks wouldn’t just use my room as their personal room. Take your asses down to the community bathroom and use it.

    That’s what JOSH needs to tell everyone. Hell, they are in there and eating up his stuff more than he is…smh

  40. Avatar

    Is anyone watching/ed the show on CBS? The only person that appeared to try for safety was Cody… Alex did NOT try making me think she’s hoping he stays without Jess!?!?

  41. Mel

    There’s stuff every year that I don’t comment about if it isn’t part of the game or about people’s families. Their stuff this year but I haven’thaven’t commented on and I won’t. Ravens family not only put themselves in the middle of it, they actively go after people on social media so they’re fair game to me this year.

    I already posted about Ravens mom’s virginity claims on facebook (I’d have to strangle my mother if she did that) but now there is a lady pissed because she tuned in and realized the “bitch” who slept with her husband was on the show. This is a rumor and isn’t confirmed as a fact but based on the people involved in the chatter back and forth, they are from the same area that Raven is. They allegedly met when the guys daughter took dance classes from Raven. Sorry Stacy, you and sickly started this.

  42. danmtruth

    Editing is always important on the non live shows Also as it has been said by Mell and others The DR are a way that production try’s to influence / steer the game or person a certain way They ask leading questions If you ever hear or read former players They will say how active the people are in the DR
    Nice not to have any the tin foil hat people come out with the fake story about production changing times
    I did like that Kevin was the only player to just bring the heart without the jar
    please please put Raven up and backdoor her ass out
    Paul just told Raven and Alex he does not know who might go up if mark uses the POV

  43. Shivani33

    Paul has done Elena’s makeup, acting like a Beauty Editor pro doing a promotional demo. Jessica just popped in and said now Elena looks like Robert Downey, Jr. She also looks like an albino, overfed reindeer with a boob job.

  44. Avatar

    “Albino,over fed reindeer,with a boo job”. I am laughing so hard I’m crying. Seriously the funniest thing I have heard all season..

    • Shivani33

      Paul was even able to get some laughs from Cody, who came in with Jessica. Paul, Elena, Jessica and Cody were really having fun. Paul said ultra-marine a couple of times just for Cody. I did a hula happy dance, overjoyed seeing these two guys break through and enjoy each other’s company. Halleluljah!

  45. NKogNeeTow

    Looks like Lip’s hand job last night paid off. She and WIR just told Paul that to prove himself to the group, he isn’t using the Veto on himself, but using it on her instead. He said that way Josh and everyone else gets what they want. 8/7/17 1:58 AM PT Camera 3.

    WIR tells Paul that she promised him a date in exchange for it. Paul doesn’t believe him. He’s clearly ecstatic, but doesn’t believe them.

    • Avatar

      I think mark may actually be serious…..but Matt is not replacing anyone….ravenSTFU will go up….if that really happens there is an excellent chance that ravenSTFU will be evicted,not jess.
      Votes for jess to go would be: Paul,Matt,Alex
      Votes for ravenSTFU:Cody,Elana,Kevin,Christmas,Jason

      • Avatar

        While it would make for an interesting few days if #ravenSTFU goes up, She and Matt are harmless right now for Paul’s game. If Paul really got through to Josh and Jessica is back on top of the hit list, All we will have to endure is a few days of #ravenSTFU NOT STFU…. Jason will vote with Alex/Paul. Even Kevin, annoyed as he is with #ravenSTFU will vote Jessica out. Just my thoughts..

    • Avatar

      It could be a chance to back-door Paul.

      It wont happen, but boy, that would be fun to see the reaction.

    • Avatar

      If Mark pulls Elena off the block because of the servicing he received, it will make every stripper and hooker in the country proud.

  46. Seattle Kari

    Someone shoot me now. I’m sitting here at 2 a.m. Seattle time with insomnia watching Paul put makeup on Elena….


  47. NKogNeeTow

    Paul went up to sleep in the HOH Room. He and Josh were talking about how they had to split the showmances up. Josh says he wanted to get Lips out so bad because he didn’t like her playing him and making him look like a liar. He does now agree that Messi and Grody need to be split ASAP. Josh says that he hates it when he’s lied to. Josh ask him if he talked to WIR today. Paul mentions he did and that WIR said he’s going to use it, but Paul doesn’t tell him he’s going to use it on her. Wonder if Josh will feel betrayed when he finds out that Paul knew all along who it will be used on?

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Paul really cares what josh thinks….Paul knows josh went behind his back and was campaigning to Alex and Jason to evict elana instead of jess….they told him that in storage room today……
      Kool papa is going to end up being the cause of Alex being evicted….he has been feeding jess info

  48. Shivani33

    I appreciate Matt’s courtesy and politeness in recommending that Raven deserves a chance to go on the block before him. It’s nice that there are some gentlemen who open doors and want ladies to go first. As for Mark saving Elena, I won’t believe it until or unless it happens.

  49. danmtruth

    The pound is not happy with the way Paul is acting with Elena Xmas was not impress with the makeup The only thing Paul would stop her was when Elena would play with his nipples Then he push her hand away a few times She still went for it but that was defiantly his line

    • Mel

      I’d love it if they would go to Paul as a group and tell him he should stop talking to Elena since she’s one of their targets. They could tell him that it’s not a good look, to show his loyalty and that it’s making everyone paranoid. Basically, everything that he says every week.

      • Avatar

        Oooh, Mell, that would be incredible.

        You would see the blood draining from his face !

      • Avatar

        But I thought she was not anyone’s target. I thought jess was supposed to be the target

      • Avatar

        O @Mell if someone wants to tell Paul…hey quit talking to Elana she’s our target…informing him of their plotting behind closed doors (and behind his back) to blindside Elana….that really does not sound like a smart thing to do…unless of course they are ready to abandon his ship…..
        Elana was always a plan b in the case Jessica came off the block…josh was the one that made Elana his primary target After she was OTB…..no one else was really buying into that except for his mommy Christmas….
        Jess remains OTB….

    • Avatar

      Paul is a narcissist and Elena has learned how to push the right buttons with Paul. He’s eating it up even though she would flip on him in a heartbeat to save herself. Look at last night with WIR. She pushed away from him earlier in the week, but now he holds her safety between his legs and she’s more than willing to grab on and hold tight. She really is the weakest woman in the house.

      • Avatar

        I can’t stand Elana. But then I can’t stand Jessica Elana or Christmas either…not sure which one is higher on my list…guess it depends on the moment….
        Alex is slowly starting to get on my nerves but at least with her she’s not trying to seduce anyone into liking her….she just beats on them usually with a shoe!

      • Avatar

        Jessica Raven or christmas

  50. danmtruth

    It is odd at the start of the season we were happy to see strong women Now we see most might be strong but not to smart game wise Jess over played her showmance When she had her HOH instead of staying true to character To go after Paul and Alex She tries to be the team player to get the house to LIKE HER (sorry Jess your never going to be Sally Field’s (( you like me you really do like me )) it’s not going to happen ) Just letting the house walk over you and waste your HOH
    Xmas had the lucky break of breaking her foot She was no longer seen as a big physical threat To her credit she did shift to a successful social game She seems in a tug of war for Josh game soul with Paul Wanting Josh as her personal tool
    #RavenSTFU is just irratateing on so many levels The less time thinking or talking about her the better for your mind & soul
    Elena surprisingly a better physical competitor than first thought of Her problem is her thinking her BEST weapon is her sexuality Uhmmmm no The only person they affect as you hope is Mark And thats not a real challenge Her flirting with Paul is laughable Her lesbian (not that there is anything wrong with that (( just as disingenuous as when the HG say “but I love the guy after spending time trashing someone )) )titillation with Jess or Xmas is as much for the guys as it is for herself
    Alex is in an abusive relationship As it has been pointed out If Jason beat and treated her like she does to him the police would have been called in by now Alex is blinded by her hate for Jess ,Elena and even a bit for Xmas to see much more of whats going on around her Yet the only person she does not try to talk over is Paul
    So i ask the ladies of this board to help us out and go on this show we need Helen bringing the full force of her department onto this game The sassy put downs of an aoi The witty sarcasm of a NKNeto we have so many strong women that I enjoy hearing from Please save our game and get these Barbie wannabes off

  51. AIO_7

    “So i ask the ladies of this board to help us out and go on this show we need Helen bringing the full force of her department onto this game The sassy put downs of an aoi” (AIO?)

    Dan, I don’t know if this is a reference about me, but I’m a dude.

    • Sassy

      I think he is saying that I put you down. If I do, I apologize! It is never my intention to be rude or mean on this site. I enjoy reading your comments and having friendly banter…

      • AIO_7

        “I think he is saying that I put you down.”

        When, Sassy, I never saw it. Maybe it’s just the run on sentences and lack of punctuation that’s confusing.

  52. Avatar

    That will never happen Dan…CBS syndicated Big Brother would need to cast people like they did for BBOTT….
    The Shelbys. The Alex. Even Morgan
    But if I remember correctly Robin Kass did not do the casting for BBOTT

    • AIO_7

      …”The Shelbys. The Alex. Even Morgan”…

      Loved those three.

      • Avatar

        Me too AIO. I loved Shelby. But I loved the three of them together!! Am really glad that they maintained their friendship out of the house and got an apartment together…..they have remained as real outside the house as they were inside….and that’s saying something…

      • AIO_7

        Helen, I hadn’t heard about them getting an apt. together. That’s pretty cool.

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