I know I named the title ‘Thursday Morning Chat’ like it’s a regular segment here on Big Brother Junkies, but it’s not. I’m just not very creative with titles and wanted to jump right into the post.

Last night, I zonked out fairly early so I missed a bit of the feeds, but there were a few things I wish I was awake for.  Before I talk about that, just a quick Christmas update – she’s still not in the house, though she is probably coming back today.  Kind of weird they’re allowing her so much time out of the house as they probably should have just removed her from the game entirely so she can take care of her foot, but that’s not my call. Of course, it’s not like the house is a dangerous environment for her to be in, but the entire point of the show is to keep people isolated all summer and it defeats the purpose if she’s outside the house for hours on end.  I really doubt anyone slipped her information, especially considering there isn’t currently much info to give, but it’s still weird.


The big thing on the feeds last night was Dominique making a splash in the game by hosting her talk show and not really holding back on the questions.  Who is Dominique?  I know, she’s rarely mentioned and that’s because she rarely does anything worth mentioning. That is good for her game, but it also exposes her when she actually does something worth talking about. Especially when she is hosting a fake talk show and asking houseguests some pretty .. weird? .. questions. More on that soon….

Her show began around 10 pm, but I am going to jump into it at 10:30 when Cody was surprisingly a guest on the show and if you’ve watched his DR sessions, he’s not really one to mince words.

I’m going to do some flashback blogging for it…

  • He is asked about first impressions and quickly said he didn’t like Paul. He thought Paul was loud and brash on his season and was not happy at all when he saw him walk through the door.
    • He mentions how he was annoyed they had a good conversation but he was not given a friendship bracelet (CBS must have edited out the actual talking)
    • Paul jumps in and says ‘There were 8 bracelets and 16 people, do the math!’
    • Cody mentions how Paul gave bracelets to all the pretty girls but said those who didn’t get bracelets aren’t ‘not pretty’.  Everyone jokes to comfort Alex who was one of the females not to receive one
    • Cody did say that over time he realized that Paul wasn’t a bad guy, but this is on first impressions
  • The questioning moves on to Megan and his HoH
    • Dom – “You were the first HoH. How did that feel?”  Cody – “Fine”  … hahaha. Straight to the point
    • Cody says his main goal was to get Megan out. He didn’t like her at all.
    • Apparently, nobody in the house liked her, so he thought it was a good move (that got screwed when she quit)
    • Dom asks why, and Cody said at one point that Megan said she hates Marines and that was it for him
    • Then she said the worst thing she possibly could to each houseguest (didn’t say what but Paul nodded in agreement)
    • Also when everyone was out in the kitchen, she came out and asked people to keep quiet
  • Talk moves to his strategy as HoH and his team
    • He says there was no leadership. He was pretty selfish and just wanted to beat Paul
    • Dom rambles on about communication between the alliance and Paul jumps in and asks if there really was little to no communication
    • Cody jokes that at the advice of council that will have to remain in private conversations
  • As part of a question, Dom mentioned Cody nominating most of the house and then Cody says “and then going out in week 2”
    • Dom asks how he knows for sure he’s leaving this week
    • Cody said he’d never campaign against Alex. There are 3 people he’d never campaign against.  Jess, Alex, and Raven.
    • He says he knew he was getting backdoored last week as soon as he made the Paul/Christmas nom
    • Cody said it wasn’t hard to figure out that Paul was going to win HoH this week because he’s a competitor
    • It didn’t help that they made it a team competition and everyone rallied around giving him (Paul) tickets
    • There was no way he wasn’t not going to win that competition. There was nothing Cody could do.
  • Dom asked if there was anything different that could have changed things
    • Cody said ‘yes, Megan not quitting’.  His strategy was to get her out then chill for awhile
    • He wanted to peg off the ‘outsiders’ then first week in jury try to take Paul out and compete from there on out
    • Then Cody points out how Jessica hasn’t done anything other than stay loyal to him but she’s getting a lot of the heat for his decisions
    • Meanwhile, Raven limps on by.  This house is the walking wounded
  • Talk moves to loyalty
    • He respects the hell out of Jess for her loyalty. They shouldn’t kick her to the side like trash
    • Paul jumps in and goes back to his first question regarding loyalty and people jumping
    • He asks if the decision (to nominate Paul) was solely his own
    • Cody says he never made a decision completely alone. There was always 1-2 people involved.
    • Mark jumps in “meaning what? You told them or just 1-2 people involved?”
    • Cody – “1 or 2 people always knew about the decision I was going to make”
    • Mark – “Which decision is that?”
    • Cody remains quiet
    • Mark repeats the question a few times and is growing angry at Cody’s refusal to answer
  • Dom opens the floor once again. Josh jumps in
    • Josh – “If you weren’t intimidated as a man or a player would you have lasted longer in this game”
    • Cody – “Is that supposed to be like a dig at me?”
    • Josh – “No, it’s a serious question”
    • Cody tells Josh that he doesn’t exist in his book and he’s not going to give him any airtime and won’t take any more questions from him
  • Mark has another question for Cody…
    • Mark – “So, the one or two people who knew about every decision. That statement is going to help Jess’s game moving forward?”
    • Cody asks if Mark is going to go after Jess now (and is clearly getting worked up)
    • Mark asks if Jess wasn’t involved but 1 or 2 people were?
    • Paul – “Are you open to state who?”
  • Dom asks about his secret that he’s not 27 but actually 32. Why did he disclose that?
    • Because he had nothing to lose
    • Someone (Kevin?) asks why he would even lie about that
    • Cody said he figured the median age around here would be mid 20’s but this year was different
    • Kevin jumps in “Do you think I should have said I was like 40 or something?”  Everyone laughs

That wraps up the interview. She did ask Ramses some weird questions about his sexuality that I may flashback to but for now I want to watch the post-interview reaction

Time for some post-interview recaps…

  • Raven, Paul, and Matt are talking about how weird the Cody interview was and how he tried to throw people under the bus with the ‘1-2 people knew’ comment
  • Paul says he is absolutely not doing the show on Saturday. They love Dom but that was a ‘not chill’ thing to do
  • Paul mentions Dom was out of line with her questioning to Ramses as well because nobody is sure how open he is about his sexuality

Running some errands, I will be posting later on and of course stand by for the endurance HoH competition tonight!