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Big Brother 19 Thursday Morning Chat


I know I named the title ‘Thursday Morning Chat’ like it’s a regular segment here on Big Brother Junkies, but it’s not. I’m just not very creative with titles and wanted to jump right into the post.

Last night, I zonked out fairly early so I missed a bit of the feeds, but there were a few things I wish I was awake for.  Before I talk about that, just a quick Christmas update – she’s still not in the house, though she is probably coming back today.  Kind of weird they’re allowing her so much time out of the house as they probably should have just removed her from the game entirely so she can take care of her foot, but that’s not my call. Of course, it’s not like the house is a dangerous environment for her to be in, but the entire point of the show is to keep people isolated all summer and it defeats the purpose if she’s outside the house for hours on end.  I really doubt anyone slipped her information, especially considering there isn’t currently much info to give, but it’s still weird.

The big thing on the feeds last night was Dominique making a splash in the game by hosting her talk show and not really holding back on the questions.  Who is Dominique?  I know, she’s rarely mentioned and that’s because she rarely does anything worth mentioning. That is good for her game, but it also exposes her when she actually does something worth talking about. Especially when she is hosting a fake talk show and asking houseguests some pretty .. weird? .. questions. More on that soon….


Her show began around 10 pm, but I am going to jump into it at 10:30 when Cody was surprisingly a guest on the show and if you’ve watched his DR sessions, he’s not really one to mince words.

I’m going to do some flashback blogging for it…

  • He is asked about first impressions and quickly said he didn’t like Paul. He thought Paul was loud and brash on his season and was not happy at all when he saw him walk through the door.
    • He mentions how he was annoyed they had a good conversation but he was not given a friendship bracelet (CBS must have edited out the actual talking)
    • Paul jumps in and says ‘There were 8 bracelets and 16 people, do the math!’
    • Cody mentions how Paul gave bracelets to all the pretty girls but said those who didn’t get bracelets aren’t ‘not pretty’.  Everyone jokes to comfort Alex who was one of the females not to receive one
    • Cody did say that over time he realized that Paul wasn’t a bad guy, but this is on first impressions
  • The questioning moves on to Megan and his HoH
    • Dom – “You were the first HoH. How did that feel?”  Cody – “Fine”  … hahaha. Straight to the point
    • Cody says his main goal was to get Megan out. He didn’t like her at all.
    • Apparently, nobody in the house liked her, so he thought it was a good move (that got screwed when she quit)
    • Dom asks why, and Cody said at one point that Megan said she hates Marines and that was it for him
    • Then she said the worst thing she possibly could to each houseguest (didn’t say what but Paul nodded in agreement)
    • Also when everyone was out in the kitchen, she came out and asked people to keep quiet
  • Talk moves to his strategy as HoH and his team
    • He says there was no leadership. He was pretty selfish and just wanted to beat Paul
    • Dom rambles on about communication between the alliance and Paul jumps in and asks if there really was little to no communication
    • Cody jokes that at the advice of council that will have to remain in private conversations
  • As part of a question, Dom mentioned Cody nominating most of the house and then Cody says “and then going out in week 2”
    • Dom asks how he knows for sure he’s leaving this week
    • Cody said he’d never campaign against Alex. There are 3 people he’d never campaign against.  Jess, Alex, and Raven.
    • He says he knew he was getting backdoored last week as soon as he made the Paul/Christmas nom
    • Cody said it wasn’t hard to figure out that Paul was going to win HoH this week because he’s a competitor
    • It didn’t help that they made it a team competition and everyone rallied around giving him (Paul) tickets
    • There was no way he wasn’t not going to win that competition. There was nothing Cody could do.
  • Dom asked if there was anything different that could have changed things
    • Cody said ‘yes, Megan not quitting’.  His strategy was to get her out then chill for awhile
    • He wanted to peg off the ‘outsiders’ then first week in jury try to take Paul out and compete from there on out
    • Then Cody points out how Jessica hasn’t done anything other than stay loyal to him but she’s getting a lot of the heat for his decisions
    • Meanwhile, Raven limps on by.  This house is the walking wounded
  • Talk moves to loyalty
    • He respects the hell out of Jess for her loyalty. They shouldn’t kick her to the side like trash
    • Paul jumps in and goes back to his first question regarding loyalty and people jumping
    • He asks if the decision (to nominate Paul) was solely his own
    • Cody says he never made a decision completely alone. There was always 1-2 people involved.
    • Mark jumps in “meaning what? You told them or just 1-2 people involved?”
    • Cody – “1 or 2 people always knew about the decision I was going to make”
    • Mark – “Which decision is that?”
    • Cody remains quiet
    • Mark repeats the question a few times and is growing angry at Cody’s refusal to answer
  • Dom opens the floor once again. Josh jumps in
    • Josh – “If you weren’t intimidated as a man or a player would you have lasted longer in this game”
    • Cody – “Is that supposed to be like a dig at me?”
    • Josh – “No, it’s a serious question”
    • Cody tells Josh that he doesn’t exist in his book and he’s not going to give him any airtime and won’t take any more questions from him
  • Mark has another question for Cody…
    • Mark – “So, the one or two people who knew about every decision. That statement is going to help Jess’s game moving forward?”
    • Cody asks if Mark is going to go after Jess now (and is clearly getting worked up)
    • Mark asks if Jess wasn’t involved but 1 or 2 people were?
    • Paul – “Are you open to state who?”
  • Dom asks about his secret that he’s not 27 but actually 32. Why did he disclose that?
    • Because he had nothing to lose
    • Someone (Kevin?) asks why he would even lie about that
    • Cody said he figured the median age around here would be mid 20’s but this year was different
    • Kevin jumps in “Do you think I should have said I was like 40 or something?”  Everyone laughs

That wraps up the interview. She did ask Ramses some weird questions about his sexuality that I may flashback to but for now I want to watch the post-interview reaction

Time for some post-interview recaps…

  • Raven, Paul, and Matt are talking about how weird the Cody interview was and how he tried to throw people under the bus with the ‘1-2 people knew’ comment
  • Paul says he is absolutely not doing the show on Saturday. They love Dom but that was a ‘not chill’ thing to do
  • Paul mentions Dom was out of line with her questioning to Ramses as well because nobody is sure how open he is about his sexuality

Running some errands, I will be posting later on and of course stand by for the endurance HoH competition tonight!


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  1. AIO_7

    “Paul jumps in and says ‘There were 8 bracelets and 16 people, do the math!’”

    Were I Paul in that situation I would have eliminated any interviews for the bracelets and just given one to the eight females in the house. That would have eliminated a lot of problems with the “awarding” of bracelets.

  2. Avatar

    The person on Reddit who put out the spoiler that Megan was leaving says toningts HOH is the hanging wall comp

    • Shivani33

      The set design for the comp has been leaked too and looks like we’re out in space like Star Wars. It’s great that it’ll be shown on the feeds. Maybe incentive prizes will tempt some players to give up their HoH chances. Raven, if she competes, isn’t going to hang in long with 5 stitches in her foot, is she?” Usually people get sprayed with lots of water, etc. Just guessing that Alex can do well. Paul, too and maybe even Jessica. It’s going to be another excellent night. I wonder if hair extensions and maybe one wig could go flying.

  3. Avatar

    I have to say last night was a really good night to stay up. A LOT happened becuase of Doms show(Which you should all watch, its at night on wed/sat). It was very satisfactory seeing Paul actually worry a bit during this game, since he has had the smoothest ride possible thus far. Hope it happens more often and once his temptation runs out and to quote Jessica the “people who follow him like God” realize that he needs to go, that he will never feel safe again.

    • ElaineB

      And Paul can’t receive another temptation, but I assume can receive a consequence. So once his safety weeks are over, hopefully there will be a shift. And if Jessica follows Cody’s dislike for Paul, if she actually starts playing the game, who knows??!! All I know is I am ready for a change!

  4. Wendy

    So Paul may have actually been working toward wearing all the guys out with that workout. Smart but, I am so ready for Paul to be the underdog. I do get tired of all Doms dreams but, I really do like her game play and I like Kevin still. So, do you think Raven will play? oFor HOH. And I almost feel like it will be a question HOH because of the injuries and I have not missed Christmas being gone to surgery.

    • Avatar

      I don’t ever see Paul being the “underdog” but hopefully he’ll have to start playing the game with the same rules as everyone else. Then we’ll get a true sense if he is a “good player” this season or just someone taking advantage of what has been given him (first unofficial HOH with bracelets and getting to pick who is safe day one, and the safe temptation three week thing) and weak players doing what he tells them (handing him their tickets to win candy crush? WOW). Without that safety, Paul would have probably went home when Cody nominated him. Getting a player like Paul out in the first few weeks would have been a “strong move” but now Cody is being treated like an idiot for trying. That’s not our boy being a good player, that is the “pure luck” that he was “chosen” to be safe the first 3+ weeks in the house. There is no way he could have been saved from that back door.

      • danmtruth

        agree on the friendship bracelet thing Just a cheep ploy by production Than again it forced an immediate split in the house With half the people having bracelets the other half not
        as for the 3 week’s of safety. Either put on the tin foil hat and claim production manipulated the vote Or accept it was America who gave it to him
        Did I miss something Why did Cody name Raven as one of the 3 people he felt was loyal ?
        Is it just me showing my old age chromogen side But it freaks me out to watch Raven pull out her hair extensions

      • Avatar

        I guess I have to be the “outsider” on this…….I don’t feel like giving Paul friendship bracelets can really be that big of any kind of advantage. The houseguest had already been in the house for over a week….they got a chance to know each other and get a “feel” for each other. Paul came into this game with a huge disadvantage being the only returning player…..by allowing him to meet with and talk to other players and get a little insight into their personalities he
        was at least given a short space of time…(a couple of hours as opposed to a week+). It also made some hard feelings from those he didn’t give bracelets to……the temptation was 3 weeks but we gave him that . To say it was CBS giving him a free ride is to me like saying poll show this week Alex is winning….does that mean CBS wants her to be able to save someone she likes from eviction?
        I would like to see him make it to jury but hey,that’s just me….

    • Avatar

      What? I highly doubt thats why Paul was working them. You are overselling Paul by a lot.

      • danmtruth

        @helen are you sure about that it was a week before Paul came in and gave out the bracelets ? I thought it all happen the first or second night The house guest came in two groups Than the temptation than surprise here is Paul

      • Avatar

        I would at least say it was a favorable position for Paul, to be able to walk into the house and pick 8 people to be safe for the first eviction. Normally, a player has to earn the power to say who is safe. To be able to tell 8 people they are safe, if anything, makes you 8 quick friends. But I guess 8 quick enemies too. We’ll never know how the 3 week safe temptation came about, could have been voted I guess. We’ll have to trust the system. I’m still wondering why Paul was so concerned about Ramses’ nearly 8 minute comp. time. Didn’t Paul realize he did it much faster than 7+ minutes? I get that he wanted him to throw it, and get like a 20 minute time, but Paul still beat him by plenty. I wonder if Paul was wondering why all of the other contestants who participated in the comp walked in dripping wet? I guess they are secluded.

  5. danmtruth

    @stevebeans nice recap as always Just when you think things are getting too boring That Cody is just in a fetal position and just going to walk out all mopey face He attacks the HG
    @nkogneetow First I owe you an apologize In letting my ego out of check I forgot and made your job unnecessarily harder I am sorry On to game play
    @gerardo thanks last night for the jokers like updates For what us cheep POP only viewers missed paul trying to be cryptic in his question about who know what when More importantly the blow up between Josh and Cody Josh just wont stop gnawing on that bone
    From last year Paul learned midway thru his first year The art of reading the HG and who was most likely to be voted out Than he would work the votes After he gained the trust of people thinking he was on the right side of the votes He would start to influence the outcome to benefit him Smart move
    Dom is not as naive or innocent as she try’s to portray herself Her question were to cast doubt on Paul and the showmances As some other person pointed out (sorry dont remember who this is not my original though credit to who ever said it ) every time Dom talks to Mark she is running Ellena under the bus This women’s game is showing as bad as her wigs
    Marks denials of what Cody said only makes himself look worse
    this house is very divided now after a vote tonight that you would think would unite them Thanks Dom

  6. Avatar

    Awe…Wendy! 🙁 I like Paul being on top. He was the underdog for most of last season! I love this site because we all have such different views and opinions on the players. I agree Christmas should not be able to go in and out of the house like she is. Bring her back on another season or something. However, she is one of my favs this year. I guess, right now, the only ones I don’t really like are Josh, Ramses, Cody and Jessica. Everyone else is pretty likeable. Of course…..I am Team Paul all the way!

  7. AIO_7

    ” I agree Christmas should not be able to go in and out of the house like she is.”

    I like Christmas, I think America does too, so CBS likes Christmas. There is a lot of sketch as to how she is still even in the house. How in the world did she wind up with the votes to stay in the house? (against Jillian) She horse played, got herself hurt, and is not a viable contender for BB competition, yet CBS bends over backward to accommodate her. Though I am glad that she is still in the house, there is, or seems to be, a lot of background sketch that keeps her there.

    Don’t hate, just trying to keep it real.

    • Avatar

      No you are 100% correct…..I have renamed this season. It is no longer Big Brother…….it is Bachelor and Bachelorette meet The Walking Wounded season 19……
      I really like Christmas but come on……this is the fourth time she has been out of the house since she decided to play horseback ride with Cowboy.
      I got sick of Corey and Nicole laying in bed playing suck face until the last 4 weeks of the show last year I thought I would scream…this year is 10x worse in my opinion….
      It’s not much fun to watch someone get a costume punishment and then not wear it or abide by the rules from day one….Jason has been the best sport ,followed be Cody…Jessica does not even bother with the costume (guess she doesn’t feel sexy enough ) and her little skip thrown in now and then is just stupid.
      Okay….thank you for allowing me to vent

      • Avatar

        I agree with you Helen…I believe that if you are Injured to the point where you have to sit out of some competitions, you should leave the Game. Idk tho…I guess I’m used to the game Survivor, where when you get hurt you leave the Game!

        As for this Season of Big Brother, its kinda bland. Paul was brought in for his Entertainment Value, but without his side kick Victor he is coming off as a Dictator. Paul, who I absolutely love as a Player, & Person, plays the part of Underdog sooo Much Better. As for this Season of BB, it has been pretty much void of Drama, which I believe is why we all watch Big Brother. But I’m still watching this Season, but without that much gusto…lol?!

  8. Avatar

    I like Christmas too. However, she came off a bit “poor me” when Cody nominated her after his first 2 nominations (Megan and Paul) didn’t work out. If Cody had more time to think he may have nominated someone else but that was his shotgun, on the spot decision. He was probably thinking about getting a strong player out at that point and not waste his HOH, and he wanted to work with Alex so Christmas is the other strongest girl. Can you imagine if the next HOH put up Christmas and Raven? They would look like the most insensitive, bully in BB history. Maybe that is why Cody said he would protect Raven. He didn’t want to look any worse then he is being portrayed.

  9. Alda

    If a healthy Christmas was pitted against Alex I don’t have a clue who would come out on top.These two are ferocious competitors.Could be very intense.

    • Avatar

      I agree completely. The person I would fear most in the house now (as far as smarts & physical capability) is Alex. I think she could give Paul a good run this season if Christmas bows out of the game.

    • Avatar

      Didn’t they compete on the trapeze and Christmas took the easy way out and dropped thinking she’d get a safe apple…. I’m betting Alex has more heart and wins 9 out of 10. JMo 🙂

  10. danmtruth

    People keep talking about Alex as this comp beast We must remember some comps are more mental challenges some more endurance While others are a pure crap shoot
    The candy crush showed were Alex did not change her approach to much Instead Paul would try little changes in how he rolled his ball
    Alex needs to show that she can adapt and change to win different types of comps

  11. Shivani33

    Probably lots of houseguests don’t want to nominate Raven because of her medical situation and not wanting to look like a big blue meanie. Plus, she does a lot of cooking for the house and is good-natured! Jason would nominate her and Elena if he got the chance, because he sees them as 2 floaters who are numbers for Paul. But will he get the chance? And if he does get HoH sometime, Alex is likely to try to control Cowboy’s nominations. She has more significant competitors in mind, people who can actually win comps. But Alex also seems ready to cooperate with removing Jessica, Ramses and Josh first, simply cutting the fat off of the meat. By then, who knows what will have happened to bring changes? It hinges upon where the power shifts and who freaks out or gets too negative.

    On a different point, late last night, Paul told Matt, Elena and Raven that they’re the ones he trusts. Literally everyone else in the house is kind of on a list for eviction sooner or later with Matt, Dominique and Josh having come up short due to last night’s drama and discoveries. Paul even said to Matt, Raven and Elena, “we’ve lost Josh.” Notably, Paul didn’t say much at all about Kevin, the wild card in this deck.

    Paul and his core alliance talked about being uncertain regarding Christmas and are waiting to see what she’s thinking if or when she gets back to the house. The main concerns with Christmas are what effect Cody’s chat with her had upon her estimation of everyone, alongside her own feelings about competing since her surgery. Until that’s all resolved, Christmas is an uncertainty like Kevin seems to be. Paul is smart enough to keep much of his ongoing thinking to himself, regardless of telling Matt, Elena and Raven that they’re his major allies.

    Dominique and Mark both have lost a lot of trust and clout. Cody planted those seeds and then both Dom and Mark themselves have kept making the wrong moves. The seeds have sprouted. I don’t know if either of them can do anything to change that, especially since Cody told Paul privately that Mark and Dominique are “thick as thieves.”

  12. Shivani33

    Sorry. Mark, Dominique and Josh came up short last night. Mark, not Matt. Matt is playing smooth as a snake.

  13. Shivani33

    Ramses might be able to re-position himself after Dom went overboard grilling him about his personal business. People did NOT appreciate this at all.

    • Alda

      Was Dom auditioning to take over Jeff’s job?It sure seemed like it last night.She went full “Beastmode” on HER guests.It was very uncomfortable.When she was being questioned my Paul,she looked like a deer in the headlights.I wonder who was “in her head” speaking to her this time?

      • Ann

        I had my grandsons again last night so I couldn’t watch the show until this morning & I read all of the comments. Dammit I missed the good stuff.

        I cannot believe Rapunzel had these gullible fools carrying her around. The girl got 4-5 stitches in her foot & she acts like the damn thing was amputated. I’m gonna need someone to tell that little hypochondriac to either get her ass somewhere, sit down & shut the f**k up & play the game or take her ass home now. Get one of those idiots to carry her ass to the door bag & baggage, belly box, stiches & rapunzel weave & kick rocks.

        Miss Cleo didn’t foresee herself digging a grave for her alter ego Poprah. I mean did she fall into a trance or have those 2 dreams that she has when the Lord is talking to her? Miss Cleo is slippin just like that wig slippin off her head.

        I’m telling you guys, Kevin is no fool & he knows exactly what he’s doing. The housepets Paul included had better watch out.

  14. Avatar

    It will be an interesting vote tonight that’s for sure

  15. Avatar

    Is Christmas even back yet?

  16. danmtruth

    During the conversation Dom Paul And Matt had The one thing I found interesting was after Paul told her all these thing Her commit to Paul on what did she think after he unloaded on her was I’m processing it Than she goes down stairs to start asking people if they felt uncomfortable during the “show” Walking into the HOH she was ready to hear nothing but praise from Paul Instead she got shot down As said before that line of questioning was meant to cast some shade on Paul and the showmances Dom is not naive Just as another poster said She is all friendly with Ellena to her face But loves to throw jabs behind her back Dom takes every opportunity to slam her to Mark

    • Avatar

      I do not trust Mark or Dominque. I think they have remained loyal to Cody. If only 9 votes Paul will have Matt,Raven,Elena and josh
      Dom and mark and Cowboy and probably Jessica will vote Ramses I think.
      The wild card for me is Kevin.
      He may just throw a vote at Alex just to shake things up. Or he could make a majority for either

  17. Avatar

    I’m just not positive she will be back tonight is all…as I said yesterday it is very common to spend an “extra” night on a planned one night stay….too many things can happen during surgery…from being more involved than they originally thought to having Problems from the anesthesia

  18. Ann

    Damn, I’m watching after dark….Bus meet Mark & Josh because Crazy Cody just tried to drive it right over both of you.

  19. Mel

    *Still no Xmas and I agree with some that she may not be back.
    *Ravens still acting like she need a wheelchair. Your foot can cause you trouble walking but a cut toe is not going to prevent it! Good grief!
    * Josh has 4 more days of pickle juice left.
    * Paul officially cancelled Dominoprah so it won’t be picked up for another season.
    *I’m going to say something nice about Cody since he’s leaving. He is a jackass ….but how many times have we all complained about watching sheep, playing it safe, going with the house, etc.? The way he played was BB suicide but he said what he wanted, did what he wanted, went Full Throttle and seems to have no regrets. If he wasn’t such a jerk and had just a touch of compromising ability, he’s a player that we all might have really liked.

  20. danmtruth

    @ann1 your watching a game many have already see Dont want to spoil to many of the surprises yet to come Poor infomercial placement
    say thanks to Dom for taking what should have been the easiest vote To the house divided into so many splinter groups
    and Kowel PaPa Kevin the sharp dress man just glides along

    • Ann

      Now I know who Dom reminds me of. She looks like Donkey from Shrek. I can’t stand how she tries to make whoever she’s talking to feel stupid. She knows what that bootleg show she does is doing. I want so bad to fix her wig or tell her to take it off. She knows she’s causing trouble.

      Slick Kevin is the only one quietly waiting to pounce. He’s not making any waves. He’s in a place right now where he does not need to win HOH so not winning the endurance comps won’t get him in trouble or cause anybody to want to put him up. He studies so can do well in mental comps when he needs to.

  21. Ann

    When I say Dom looks like Donkey from Shrek I mean she does about the mouth. Watch how she bites her lip & sticks her tongue out. Lol

  22. Avatar

    Well Ann I have to admit that I do indeed agree.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    And here we go with the Battle Back. No wonder Grody isn’t worried about leaving tonight.

  24. Avatar

    Been wondering if Cody will be receiving penalty noms for not following rules on wearing the toad suit. Both he and Jessica didn’t wear the head masks, the feet, didn’t hop, sat on chairs instead of the lily pad, etc.

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