Good evening! I’m going to do some evening live feed updates for Steve tonight. It’s looking like overnight recaps might not be a steady thing this season since this cast isn’t nearly as active at night. So I’ll be popping threads up randomly with Steve to keep everyone up to date on the big brother house!

On to the feeds:

  • 5:00- Opening up to a great conversation between Paul and Kevin in the apple room. They are talking about how people fool around in the big brother house and Paul tells him there’s plenty of ways to get away with it. He says that Cody and Jess have already had sex multiple times.
    • Kevin- “Good for him! He fuckin’ needs it! He’s wound up tight!” lol
    • Paul says he’s got a girl waiting for him on the outside and he’s not interested in a showmance.
    • Meanwhile, the frog duo is hopping their way to the shower and a few other hg’s are hanging out in the kitchen.
    • Back in the apple room Kevin, Paul, Josh, and Mark are making bets over chess games. Kevin is trying to make some deal with Josh regarding wins/losses and drinking pickle juice.
    • Cams switch to the HOH room with Ramses, Elana, and Dom. Dom is complaining about her eyes being swollen on her birthday.
    • Dom and Elana start talking about Elana’s showmance with Mark. Dom asks her if she really likes him and she says yeah but hates that she does because she didn’t want to get into anything on the show.
    • Christmas joined the boys in the apple room. They are asking Paul about the craziest things that happened last season.
  • 5:55- Dom, Elana, and Mark are in the HOH room talking about the story of Adam and Eve. Mark is trying to figure out if it’s men or women that have one less rib from biting the apple. The girls are pretty much just laughing at him.  Poor Mark…lol
    • Paul is still in the apple room talking about last season. He’s saying that there were really great competitors like himself, Victor, Paulie but whenever James would lose he would say he threw it.
    • They just realized this is season 19 and not 18. Welcome, glad you made it.
    • Paul is still talking about himself and his fans. He’s saying that AJ from the backstreet boys came to the wrap party just to meet him.
      • Okay…I love Paul. Pissed he didn’t win last season. But he is waayyy too much right now…

        Paul’s Friendship Fan Club 

  • 6:40- Dom, Elana, and Mark are in the HOH room talking about what they smell like…it’s a riveting night.
    • Elana has dyed her hair a light purple:
    • Jason and Alex are in the money room talking about people that just want to make it to jury. Alex says that those people would make more money in jury than they make on the outside.
    • Jason says he makes more money outside the house and would be losing money in jury. He’s saying he’ll be pissed if he gets evicted the first jury week.
    • Conversation moves on to Christmas and Alex says she really does feel bad for her but that she’s been really salty toward Jason and is talking about wanting to get him out.
    • That didn’t last long…Alex is now talking about how she’d rather having a miniature pony than a dog.
  • 7:15- Christmas, Paul, Elana, Ramses, Kevin in the apple room talking about have improv classes in the BB house.
    • Christmas- “Meghan would be really bad at improv cause she’d just quit.” Damn…
    • Paul and Elana are getting cozy:
    • Kevin- “My daughters wanna go see one direction”
    • Paul- “Which direction?” Idk why I find this so
    • Christmas, Raven, and Matt are in the showmance room talking about the next targets. Christmas asks if their alliance is a solid seven people. Raven decides she likes the name The Solid Seven for their alliance. (Christmas, Matt, Raven, Elana, Mark, Paul, Dom?) I could be wrong though.
    • They are talking about Christmas’ surgery tomorrow. That’s quite a familiar topic for me right now…


Check back for updates