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Big Brother 19- Tuesday Evening Feed Updates


Good evening! I’m going to do some evening live feed updates for Steve tonight. It’s looking like overnight recaps might not be a steady thing this season since this cast isn’t nearly as active at night. So I’ll be popping threads up randomly with Steve to keep everyone up to date on the big brother house!

On to the feeds:

  • 5:00- Opening up to a great conversation between Paul and Kevin in the apple room. They are talking about how people fool around in the big brother house and Paul tells him there’s plenty of ways to get away with it. He says that Cody and Jess have already had sex multiple times.
    • Kevin- “Good for him! He fuckin’ needs it! He’s wound up tight!” lol
    • Paul says he’s got a girl waiting for him on the outside and he’s not interested in a showmance.
    • Meanwhile, the frog duo is hopping their way to the shower and a few other hg’s are hanging out in the kitchen.
    • Back in the apple room Kevin, Paul, Josh, and Mark are making bets over chess games. Kevin is trying to make some deal with Josh regarding wins/losses and drinking pickle juice.
    • Cams switch to the HOH room with Ramses, Elana, and Dom. Dom is complaining about her eyes being swollen on her birthday.
    • Dom and Elana start talking about Elana’s showmance with Mark. Dom asks her if she really likes him and she says yeah but hates that she does because she didn’t want to get into anything on the show.
    • Christmas joined the boys in the apple room. They are asking Paul about the craziest things that happened last season.
  • 5:55- Dom, Elana, and Mark are in the HOH room talking about the story of Adam and Eve. Mark is trying to figure out if it’s men or women that have one less rib from biting the apple. The girls are pretty much just laughing at him.  Poor Mark…lol
    • Paul is still in the apple room talking about last season. He’s saying that there were really great competitors like himself, Victor, Paulie but whenever James would lose he would say he threw it.
    • They just realized this is season 19 and not 18. Welcome, glad you made it.
    • Paul is still talking about himself and his fans. He’s saying that AJ from the backstreet boys came to the wrap party just to meet him.
      • Okay…I love Paul. Pissed he didn’t win last season. But he is waayyy too much right now…
        Paul’s Friendship Fan Club 
  • 6:40- Dom, Elana, and Mark are in the HOH room talking about what they smell like…it’s a riveting night.
    • Elana has dyed her hair a light purple:
    • Jason and Alex are in the money room talking about people that just want to make it to jury. Alex says that those people would make more money in jury than they make on the outside.
    • Jason says he makes more money outside the house and would be losing money in jury. He’s saying he’ll be pissed if he gets evicted the first jury week.
    • Conversation moves on to Christmas and Alex says she really does feel bad for her but that she’s been really salty toward Jason and is talking about wanting to get him out.
    • That didn’t last long…Alex is now talking about how she’d rather having a miniature pony than a dog.
  • 7:15- Christmas, Paul, Elana, Ramses, Kevin in the apple room talking about have improv classes in the BB house.
    • Christmas- “Meghan would be really bad at improv cause she’d just quit.” Damn…
    • Paul and Elana are getting cozy:
    • Kevin- “My daughters wanna go see one direction”
    • Paul- “Which direction?” Idk why I find this so funny..lol
    • Christmas, Raven, and Matt are in the showmance room talking about the next targets. Christmas asks if their alliance is a solid seven people. Raven decides she likes the name The Solid Seven for their alliance. (Christmas, Matt, Raven, Elana, Mark, Paul, Dom?) I could be wrong though.
    • They are talking about Christmas’ surgery tomorrow. That’s quite a familiar topic for me right now…



Check back for updates


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  1. Mel

    *Matt’s had more slop, this time with cream cheese.
    *Dom told Paul all about God speaking to her today after they napped in hoh room. She talked to Josh about her trance. That’s her word. They are out of body experiences according to her and she says she is taken different places by God. (I really don’t think he’s touring the BB house but it’s not for me to judge)
    *Mark has been telling Dom that he has to make better decisions and is worrying about the Internet people seeing everything. (I think this is about the Elena hook up earlier)
    *Paul has officially named his next targets as Jessica, Ramses, Jason and Josh. (Not necessarily that order)
    *Jessica has been crying because she hasn’t had a bm in 3 days. (Slop diet I guess) It’s made her sick and nauseous. Raven has been playing doctor for her a little. ( I predicted this yesterday- she’s starting to get sympathy already) To be clear, I only guessed she would get her friends back. I’m not psychic like Dom and didn’t predict anything about Jessicas bathroom problems.
    *Elena told Paul (I think) that she doesn’t want hoh this week because she was the closest to Jessica and it would be hard to put her otb. (First Raven, now Elena)
    *In spite of Jessica being embarrassed over her belly issues, Raven has already told at leat 3 people about it.
    *Dom talking to Elena about her love life with Matt. (Shut up Elena!! She doesn’t care!! She’ll use it against you!!)
    *Josh lost a bet and has to drink pickle juice every day for a week.

    • Ann

      I wonder how many men Dom has run off with her Miss Cleo bull-shit? They probably turn & run when they see her coming. Too bad I’m not there because I would surely tell her she ought to be ashamed of herself for doing that shit to get a man because she’s making herself look stupid. That’s why her ass is single.

      • Mel

        Yep. I’m the most disappointed in Jessica and Dom. I wanted to like Jessica because she’s a true fan of the show and claimed she wouldn’t let a shomance get in her way. I thought she might be a real bad ass but she’s just an ass. When I found out she worked with Liz Nolan, I should have know. She’s just another model wannabe.
        Dom seemed so intelligent, grounded and mature. I also liked her stlye of sitting back and watching while being friendly and joining in. When she had Cody and Mark both wanting to protect her, I was impressed. She’s a nut job tho! I can’t take it! I don’t even mind her wanting to be the next Poprah. Most of them are there to further their careers but I don’t see how her crazy, pchyco babbling, voice hearing ass is going to increase her motivational you tube video following when she’s running through the house trying to c*ck block Elena, going into trances and talking about the voices. I’m waiting for her to jump up on that big round table and start speaking in tongues!

      • Ann

        @Mell, I hate to say I told you so but didn’t I say in the beginning there was something that I didn’t like about that girl? She might be trying to be a cult leader.

      • Mel

        You did, I remember. I really wanted to like her too! She isn’t boy crazy so that alone was worth giving her a chance….oh well, it is what it is.

      • Avatar

        Mel…your post about Dom was freaking HILARIOUS!!!

    • Ann

      Either the slop is not that bad or Matt is the type of man you can feed anything. Maybe he doesn’t have taste buds or he really likes it because he cleans the bowl with his fingers & licks them.

      • Mel

        He keeps adding stuff they arn’t allowed to eat. That’s why alot of people have been saying he’s eating so much of it. Maybe they changed what they’re allowed to have but a couple of hg have asked him about it. That made me think the rules haven’t changed.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Why is Paul out to get Josh? I don’t think Josh would ever come after Paul, especially since Paul just saved him from the block.

      I kinda feel like Dom is one of the most evil people in the house. I’ve watched her have several friendly chats with Elena over the past several days, only to turn around and completely trash her to Mark. I also feel that she uses her religious beliefs and her visions (or trances or whatever) to manipulate the others. I wouldn’t have as big of a problem with that if it were only for game purposes. But she also uses her alleged “trances” to attack people on a personal level, which is pretty messed up to me. But I’m not sure if Mark and the others actually buy into her BS or if they just play along.

      Jessica, I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well… You should go home immediately and take care of yourself!!!

    • Avatar

      Paul literally makes my skin crawl- NOT in an enlightning way either! Yes he is playing the perfect Boston Rob game as stated previously, I can only hope that a big brother miracle happens and these other houseguest wake the F$%K up and realize they are playing a game for a half millon dollars and not just taking a creepy, overwatched summer vacation! I was going to end that huge run on sentence with a witty comment about Paul but I’m too irritated with how this season is going to think of anything worthy enough. (And were only a couple weeks in!!!)

  2. ElaineB

    Thx Paul for mapping out the next four evictions for us.

  3. Mel

    Random observations: Alex
    (since it’s a slow day)

    Alex has an energy that’s way too frantic to stay “fake” friends with the other women very long. Once Jessica comes back to thw geoup, it will get worse. Alex was in hoh last night with Elena, Dom and Xmas. The others were having a back and forth convo that was fairly relaxed. Alex comes at them like dynamite. She’s constantly interrupting and I could see why Xmas said she didn’t like her the first week because she said she was too aggressive. I was thinking she meant Cody type aggressive but I get it now. It’s more about the energy that she puts out there. It’s ALOT! SHE’S ALOT! Her mind seems to work like that too because she gets a thought and just runs with it full steam. I feel like she doesn’t have any low gears. She going to get the next temptation and I think she’s going to need it even things seem to be going well for her at the moment. I like her spun and desire to crush the shomances but she’s no sweetheart. She’s talked about Josh on the feeds and directly addressed his family by telling them how awful he is. She called all of the voters/fans stupid. (Yesterday, I think) She also gets just as many digs and jabs in about Jessica as she can and she steers the conversation towards it to keep bashing her. Jessica wasn’t the only problem with them not getting along. She says alot of funny stuff tho!

  4. Alda

    I’m fine with Jessica,Ramses and Jason going.

  5. Alda

    Can I add Alex and Elena to my list.

  6. Avatar

    Ann, You make me laugh. I’m described by small children as the “Old, fat, white woman!”….so it could be worse Mell, Tea bag is a great suggestion. Years ago, I told a story about a young woman who attended one of my workshops and as she sat in the front row and I continued to talk…..she fell fast asleep. I related the story to friends, over dinner, a week later and mixed up the diseases of narcolepsy and necrophilia…..I learned that there’s a considerable difference between the 2.

  7. Shivani33

    Alex with her 5 plastic surgeries still manages to look like a short stack version of the Wizard of Oz Strawman with a boob job. Meanwhile, Dominique is sounding like a schizophrenic, what with hearing voices and Gawd talking to her personally while she looks for a way into Mark’s pants. It pains me that she claims to work for the government, but maybe she means Transylvania.

    • Mel

      I work near and sometimes on a military base. Sadly, she’s exactly what is normal in some of those positions. Lol

    • Colby

      The Wizard of Oz, ha ha.
      Paul’s ego and bullying the last few days, thinking he is the King and threatening to behead anyone who crosses him (how dare Ram not obey his orders), has made me picture him dressed as the lion of the Wizard of Oz belting out the song ‘I am the King of the forest’…………. 🙂

  8. Avatar

    Dear heavens. Do these people even know how to play! Dominque,Matt,mark and Elena are talking about how they would nom next week. They all agree Jessica,Ramses and next would be Jason…..so they have convinced themselves one of their own needs to be put up as a pawn…. i

    • Avatar

      Why would they not put up Jessica and Ramses? The worst that could happen is one of them wins POV and pulls themselves down…then just put up Jason and vote either one out…….who at this point would pull either Jessica or Ramses off if they won POV anyway? Every eviction does not have to be a backdoor!

      • Mel

        It could get interesting this week because after the house target of Cody is gone, they have different opinions about who should be next.

  9. Avatar

    Oh Lord can we please get to Thursday already! I am going to apologize in advance if there are any misspellings or grammatical errors I have had wine.

  10. Mel

    Recent stuff- not in chronological order
    *Jason complains about having to hop this week and his Frog costume Christmas reminds him she’ll be hopping for 7 weeks.
    *BB16 Cody Califiore tweeted a slam towards Alex. It was something like ‘glad she came on this season and decided early she’s playing for 2nd.’ It’s because Alex told Jason that Paul was going to win and everyone else was playing for 2nd. First, she didn’t mean it. Second, Cody has no business making that comment considering his stellar choice at the final 3.
    *Paul has been spilling all the tea about sex during BB18, how Bridgette was the only bad ass female last year, the mean girls throwing away her cookies and how 18 was just girls hating on girls. (He saw what we saw)

  11. Avatar

    I haven’t written much but I absolutely love BB Junkies and have stalked this blog for MANY seasons. As my Arkansas friend would say, “Cody cut his own dog loose!” In the early hours, when Paul had friendship bracelets to hand out…..he gave EVERYONE the same opportunity to talk with him and to sway his decisions. I think Cody was so arrogant and worried about appearing weak, on national tv, that he sat like an arrogant stone and blew his chance to align (or even fake an alliance with Paul). Cody’s initial decision has served him well….he definitely doesn’t look weak… but….. his demeanor has earned more than votes to get him out of house….he should also be voted most likely to show zero remorse after mowing down a row of bystanders at a Macy’s Day Parade…..he is creepy! I swear he could boil up and eat his neighbors thenpass a lie detector test! If he didn’t show lust for Messica, I would swear he’s not a real person.

  12. Shivani33

    It’s so kind and tender hearted of Raven to let everyone know about Jessica’s constipation. Anything medical or biologic and Raven can’t get enough. What happened to the have-not option of having protein shakes instead of slop? Or is production cautious about having people use a blender while Cody is in the house and might decide to use it as a weapon?

  13. Avatar

    The whole have not thing seems to be just for certain people not liked by production. Frankie used to get away with a “food allergy” some people have to abide by the rules and others don’t… Go Figure

  14. Mel

    Can Whistle-Nut please get hoh??
    Alex-They said you would put up Matt and Mark
    Jason-I would never do that….I would put up Matt and Raven

    • LindsayB

      Does no nut actually have the nuts to put up their sickly princess? He may have just scored a point with me.

      • Lynn

        It would at least make it a game. Right now, these folks are playing for a paid vacation. (Eyes cannot roll back in my head enough)

      • Mel

        Num nuts has some nuts. Alex keeps talking him down and telling him to play it safe but he’s ready to go off on the entire house. He doesn’t buy Paul’s stuff either. He’s already told Paul that he was fine being Paul’s equal but he didn’t want to be his under. That’s not exactly how I would have worded it but I got the point. So did Paul and that’s why he wants to frame Jason with the wierd vote this week.

  15. Avatar

    Back to my first impressions….since I’m a newbie to comments.
    My take on Josh! Everyone talks about and treats him with “kid gloves”….lest he retreat into a corner and dissolve into a bereft and homesick puddle, onto the floor. For heaven’s sake, Josh, is a grown man who did NOT make it 2 full days before he was crying, “Uncle” for his daddy! He obviously passed the psych eval to allow him to compete….so please hold him to the same standard as every other house guest! I remember back in jr high when we would throw a slumber party. If there were 20 guests at the party….there would always be one weak, entitled, self absorbed mewling “Winnie” who curled into a fetal position and cried until EVERYONE gathered to her side…..and…..offered up sympathy, advice and condolences. Josh is a this same jr high missy ….and EVERYONE is playing into it…..by talking about how fragile and sensitive he is. Yo, Josh!!! “Buck up little buckaroo!! Last I checked EVERYONE left their fam and friends behind! You aren’t a prisoner of war being held for years on end! You aren’t in a foreign country risking your life for the USA….you are voluntarily in a lushly equipt house for YOU and YOURSELF! You are a volunteer house guest who is playing a FUN GAME (that 10,000 others would LOVE to play) and unlike me (or anyone else on this blog) you are eligible to win $500,000 to add to the coffers of your already quite wealthy family!” I absolutely deplore bullying and think Grody and Messica have treated Josh despicably. On the other hand, Josh has presented himself as a “weak winnie” who is entitled to more sensitivity….than all others. Please, let’s all hold Josh to the same standard as we would, ANY other grown man, who would gladly leave their family, for a VERY short time…..in hopes of winning 1/2 million dollars!

    • LindsayB

      I agree 1000%. (Please read that as thooooooousand like they say in the house). He’s a self absorbed baby brat. I don’t think he’s a bad person but I don’t think there’s anything he could do to gain one ounce of respect from me. He’s feelings and emotions are valid because they are true to him. I get that but holy crap he’s ridiculous. The thing that put the final nail in his coffin for me was when Mark was trying to help him put his feelings into perspective and to realize how fortunate he is to have parents to go home to. Josh tried to interrupt him to argue that him missing his alive parents was equivalent to Mark missing his dead parents. It’s one thing to be emotional. It’s another thing to be so self absorbed to not realize what Mark was saying to him. He’s gross. I hate him. I don’t think grossica should attack him because two wrongs don’t make a right but I definitely don’t think he should be coddled. Used, but not coddled.

    • feltso gudinya

      i think he’s the word i can’t say because everyone gets their panties in a twist. when u look up this word that begins with an r in the dictionary joshs’ picture is there………………………

    • Colby

      And let’s don’t forget he attacked Megan right off the bat for no other reason than his own insecurities.
      He can dish it out, but he can’t take it? Nope!

      • Avatar

        I agree, Colby. I liked Megan and Josh spread paranoia and hate that helped take her down….or assisted her self evict. I remember Megan’s look of utter disbelief and surprise at Josh’s accusations. Lot’s of folks defend, “Poor defenseless Josh” but NO ONE stepped up for Megan.

  16. feltso gudinya

    i hope the next comp involves land mines……….

    • Mel

      I eagerly await everything you post on here. Didn’t know if I’ve mentioned that or not.

    • LindsayB

      Yes feltso, I like this side of you much better than the other day.

      • feltso gudinya

        it’s still the same me, just filtered for human consumption…..

      • Mel

        I must have missed ‘the other day’ but you crack me up and often with something NOT remotely expected. Too bad you can write for zing bot instead of some of the lame stuff they usually get.

      • LindsayB

        Filtration does make things more palatable sometimes.

      • feltso gudinya

        i was being extremely flippant and full myself, so of course i went too far and hurt someone’s feelings when i was trying to be clever. instead of being apologetic i childishly told her to remove the stick from her ass. very uncalled for. what good is it being intelligent if one lacks compassion. lindsay was extremely nice and comforted the woman. i came off like a nasty smart alec….lesson learned. thank you lindsay for the second chance…p.s. lindsay, i was assigned to paine webbers san francisco office in the eighties for four years. i literally cried when my assignment was over. almost quit just stay there…best place to live in usa…..

      • LindsayB

        I’m definitely much nicer on here than I am in my normal life.
        San Fran gives me hives. I’m more of a suburbanite…. mostly because of my inability to parallel park. I only go there when I have to for work…. my pic on here was a work event where we got to do the Alcatraz tour. Of course I did the most professional thing and take a selfie.

      • feltso gudinya

        my position came with an assigned parking spot…lol. when i lived in new york i would just leave the car half out of the spot and throw the hood up so the cops would think the car broke down and i wouldn’t get a ticket. u should see me go in reverse, hilarious and scary at the same time….i lived in belvedere when i worked in san fran…..

  17. Mel

    Raven told Matt that she had a secret and it’s that the reason she gets along so well with Paul is because she knows him. She mentioned the pic they had taken together in March. I beleive that’s all it was…a pic of Paul with a fan. I’m sure there were 100 others that day. Watch out for this one. She may be a stalker. She moved on to explaining to Xmas how her surgury and recovery would go each day. Is she the only person on the planet whose had surgery? I’ve given birth but that doesn’t mean I know the recovery time for a vasectomy!
    She ended by saying after the main targets they mutually have, she wants Kevin out. Bye girl bye!!!
    #yousuck #NOTsoRaven

  18. feltso gudinya

    was i flirting? in the words of the late, mediocre at best, ed koch “how’m i doin”?……..

  19. Shivani33

    Funny that some of the same houseguests who have said that Alex is playing more nicely and being sociable are the very ones Alex wants to target. She told Jason that she wants Christmas gone. In fact, Alex said once that she wants to target ALL of the other women. She doesn’t like the men either. Hardee haha. Whatta ball of love. Then she said that she makes more money than people make in the juryhouse, so why should she want to go there? Meanwhile, Matt the have-not cheat, seems to have gone on a full-tilt, sneaky food binge and claims that his only ambition in the game is to get into the jury. And Kevin has a rotten tooth and didn’t go to his appointment to have it pulled. It’s a good thing I’m not Mrs. Kevin. His ass would be in that dentist’s chair.

  20. Mel

    Well, that’s just great! Alex is officially an idiot and voters are getting ready to give her the temptation. She’s saying to Kevin and Jason that if they get hoh that they have to put up the people the other side wants out first…meaning Ramses and Jessica. Who does she think will be left after that’s taken care of?

    • Mel

      I had hope for Alex to be a player but her strategy is to wipe out everyone for the other side to show that they can trust her. She either plans to win every comp after that or thinks she’s going to steal Paul from them. That’s why she wants Xmas out. She thinks she’ll be close to Paul after Xmas is gone. Jason is a crazy person but he has good instincts. I wish she would shut up sometimes and let him do the talking.

  21. Avatar

    Ok….last of my first impression! Alex was almost likable when she first entered the house, but within 48 hours she showed her dumb Assery (if ASSERY isn’t a word let’s vote to make it one)! When Cody tried to reach out and “save her” from the first elimination nom, she acted cocky, untouchable and bullet proof. What on God’s green earth……led her to think it was ok to tell the HOH (Cody) that she refused to align with him and that she’s only out to “play for herself”. I had to wonder if she had EVER watched the game. She isn’t exactly loyal and honest when dealing with others….so why wouldn’t she lie about jumping on board, “Team Cody” to avoid elimination and create, even a faux, alliance Why did Alex prematurely shoot her load and choose to “die on that hill”? Alex has zero loyalty for ANYONE else in the house. In over 30 years of counselling and social work I learned that one who has NO loyalty is the most dangerous and frightening person on earth! DON’T LIKE ALEX!

  22. danmtruth

    Alex is being practical but also seems to be listening to Paul to much She might believe his BS about taking her to the final
    If they win HOH put up a showmance than if they win POV put up another You need to lessen the other sides numbers

  23. danmtruth

    Alex THINKS she is being practical she is just being dumb

  24. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Tonight on I don’t give a sh*t news: Apparently Jason’s birthday is tomorrow (Wednesday). More at 11…

  25. danmtruth

    the good news we have not had a Propra show with Dom

  26. Mel

    Alex is smart and dumb simultaneously. She wants to help the other side eliminate all of them but she is saying that Kevin acts like some kind of mobster. I doubt Kevin has told them about his dad’s prison sentence so she’s got the ability to catch on to things.

    • feltso gudinya

      back in boston guys like kevin r a dime a dozen. even some executive officers at the federal reserve bank of boston sound like kevin….u can take the boy out of southie, but u can’t take southie out of the boy….

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think she’s starting to suspect Kevin. Tonight, she whispered to No-Nuts, what if it was Kevin who changed his vote instead of Josh. I don’t think N-N bought it though. She told him they’d have to watch him.

  27. Avatar

    Funny, Gerardo! I love the short and humorous zingers. I’m just too “Windy” Lindy City…..but soon I will get the flow….and it will be on! Patience….I’m headed that way!!!

  28. Avatar

    Mell, I still think Alex has NO loyalty. She plays both sides and is about as subtle as a cockroach running across a white carpet! My guess….she won’t make it to final 4.

  29. Shivani33

    At the serious chess game between the two great brainheads, Matt the Hulk and Kevin the Con, the audience is huge. Between Paul with his gray-green facial mask with beard and Jason, crouched next to Paul dressed as a toad, I’m having Apocalypse Now flashbacks. It is time for a white russian.

  30. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I am watching Grossica dry hump each other on a lily pad. Someone pour me a glass of bleach please…

  31. feltso gudinya

    i never thought i’d live to see two toads dry humping in the bb bathroom, but i just did…i hope i can still get into heaven…

  32. feltso gudinya

    goodnight gerardo….i know what u will be dreaming about…….

  33. Shivani33

    The women spend a very long time at night putting on makeup for DR sessions. It might be Dominique’s only activity all day or night. She goes at her hair with the concentration of a mad scientist and fixates on her other cosmetics with her face about one inch from the big mirror. The mystery for me is how the hell she decides when she’s done. She looks exactly the same when she starts as when she’s finished. Then Elena goes at it and ends up wearing a hair bow hanging on the side of her head to match her schlumpy pink shirt. Why oh why is her fashion icon Miss Piggy?

  34. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Paul and Dom are in the HOH room discussing Mark’s growing hatred of Christmas. Apparently Mark feels that Christmas is a know-it-all, and she even tries to tell him the proper way to workout.

    Paul and Dominique, the two biggest know-it-alls in the history of Big Brother, hilariously both agree that Christmas needs to learn to accept the possibility that she’s wrong sometimes and allow other people to correct her. Oh the irony and lack of self-awareness…

  35. Shivani33

    Christmas was warned that she’ll have some hard pain for a few hours after surgery. It’s good that she has been warned, because that could be a few hours when she probably won’t feel like coming back to the game. Several people would savor getting rid of her. Among the more eager about it are Alex, Jessica, Jason and now, Mark. And Dominique doesn’t know what to make of her and is not her friend. I’m not sure that Christmas is going to be in shape enough to keep on playing. How much harder will it be to compete when she’s recuperating? Often there’s quite a lot of mental and emotional fallout after surgery. I don’t know if I’d be into it after all that.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I would love to see Christmas stay in the game, but realistically it’s hard for me to imagine someone spending 2 months on a reality show– under 24/7 surveillance, cut off from all contact with her loved ones, dealing with all the psychological stress associated with this game– all while recovering from major foot surgery. If she does somehow manage to do that, she is one of the baddest mofo’s I’ve ever known and will forever have my respect.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Money has always been one of the biggest motivators, so you never know. But if she has to tough of a time, she might just be happy to go to Jury. At least there, she won’t have any physical challenges.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I hope so NK, I REALLY want Christmas to stay. Especially now that all these snakes are starting to turn against her. I know these clowns would squeal with delight if Christmas had to leave and I don’t want them to have the satisfaction.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Maybe if Alex, Messica, Numb-Nuts, Mark or Poprah win HOH, they might put up Xmas because they look at her as a lame duck.

  36. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Jason and Josh are talking in the storage room about how neither of them feel safe regardless of who wins HOH this Thursday, so one of them must win. Josh says he’s going to just think of his parents and hang on for dear life. He says he will nominate Jess and Ramses.

    Jason suggests putting up Jessica and Matt (as a pawn) but trying to get Matt out instead and trying to make a deal with Jessica. Josh says no, they don’t have the numbers and besides, they can’t trust Jessica anyway. This conversation is making my head spin lol.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Why is that all any of them want to do is backdoor people? Is that what they consider a big move? Why not just nominate somebody and vote them out. I’ll admit, sometimes a backdoor is the only way, but all the time?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Exactly! Just make your freaking nominations, play hard for the veto, and hope your nominations remain in tact. And just have a backup plan in place in case one of your nominations gets vetoed. I’m adding the word “pawn” to my already long list of terms I despise hearing in the BB house.

        Oddly enough, Josh was the (somewhat) reasonable one in this conversation. His original plan was just to nominate his two targets until Jason brought up the brilliant “backdoor somebody every week” plan. *rolls eyes*

      • Avatar

        That’s what I said earlier when Dom,Matt,Elena and mark were in HOH talking about if one of them won HOH this week….they want to get out Jessica,Ramses and Jason…..they would prefer Ramses goes first…..so they decided to put up probably Jessica and maybe Matt so that if one of them won veto they could put up Ramses….me…I’m like wtf. Why not just put up Jessica and Ramses….if veto is won by either one put up Jason as back up plan…he was last on their “hit” list anyway….to me their plan is stupid and one of these days they are going to learn…pawns go home.

      • ElaineB

        The backdoor concept has been used too often. Most HGs should be able to have a shot at veto if they will be on the block. The ‘blood on my hands’ theme seemed to contribute to more use of the backdoor plan, with an initial placement of volunteers (really??) and pawns. HOH reigns have become weak.

      • Avatar

        Exactly Elaine…..the HOH used to be kinda special……safe for a week….able to nominate two individuals who you would like to see go….a letter from home,a basket of goodies and a private room with a place to go when HOH needed to “get away” and have some privacy…..now it’s used as just another room in the house…people just go and go (Raven told Jessica yesterday she could go on up and use HOH bathroom). I remember when it was respect for HG to respect HOH and knock or ask first.
        Backdoor concept has become the norm….it’s really not even a strategy anymore…..I don’t like it except for use on an occasional and rare situation….

  37. NKogNeeTow

    I just checked on Jokers. Shows you how things can turn on a dime. It seems that half the house is turning against Xmas already….and she was just the house darling a few days ago.

    • Avatar

      Yes….I kinda wondered how long that would take….Christmas allegedly had a drug problem in her past and when her foot got messed up I thought to myself.. ut oh…this could turn out badly….opiates can really change a persons personality….cooped up in that house without her normal activities and friends and family for her support systems could be a real problem for her. She’s a take charge type to start with.

    • Ann

      These freakin people are stuck on stupid. They’re not thinking long term. That’s why most of their plans are come right back to bite them in the ass.

  38. jimbo

    Christmas and Raven both think they can trust Paul in an alliance. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  39. Shivani33

    This is an excellent question. Backdooring has turned into a tradition. How often does the HoH do an outfront nomination anymore? Is it because nobody wants a week of reactions from the real target? Anger, hurt feelings, begging? Is it to remove the real target’s chance to campaign? Is it partly because there are lots of twists built into the game, which might make using the backdoor method a surer thing? It would be more interesting if some nominations were forthright and to the point, and some were backdoors.

  40. Avatar

    Shortly before B.B. After Dark ended this morning Jessica was standing watching the chess game in her frog costume with white globs on her face and a smile like the cat that ate the trouser snake. She just stood there smiling. She may be the biggest skank in BB history…I love her!

  41. Avatar

    Christmas and Cody talking….Cody is selling “his side” to her…she seems to be buying it….Cody just threw Mark and dominque under the bus and drove right over them!!! Christmas is eating it up and loving it!!

  42. feltso gudinya

    if mark could get past his ego he could learn a thing or two from xmas. his upper body is great but his mid section is flabby with love handles. also, am i the only one who smells smoke when mark is thinking. he has a classically beautiful face but u could rent out rooms in the space between his ears……

  43. ElaineB

    So I know that Jessica will jump on the ‘poor pity me’ train and won’t be voted out anytime soon. Is there any indication of who she will team up with?

  44. kneeless

    I haven’t posted much, this season, but have been keeping up with everyone here. Again, I love this site & all the banter. Enjoying the newbies & their comments!
    I think we are close to the point where these HG’S figure one another out & those who have been all buddy, buddy start annoying the hell outta each other.
    I tried, SO HARD, to want to like Dom… Her counseling everyone & knowing everything is making me gag! This next week could prove interesting.

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