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Anyone but Alex needs to win PoV

Big Brother 19 – Veto Saturday

Anyone but Alex needs to win PoV

I give Alex a lot of crap on how awful she is. And she is. I’m not going to pretend she’s not. However, when it comes to Big Brother as a gamer, she is also awful. Alright, that’s not a good way to start what I was going to say. Let me rephrase this. As a person who has the ability to manipulate a few select weak minded people, she is fantastic! There, I gave her a compliment.


Anyone who has watched 5 minutes of this season knows that Josh is an emotional wreck. I’m not going to play shrink and pretend to understand what is going on in his head, but I do see that deep down he is a genuinely caring person who does awful stuff inside the house because of whatever insecurity issues he has that makes him do whatever Paul tells him to do. Alex is not blind to how Josh is and has spent the better part of the last week preying on that vulnerability. Last night she had a long talk with Josh and gave him a super guilt trip and even threatened to not be his friend after the show. Why make such a threat? Because Josh is the only one who believes they will all remain friends when the season is over and doesn’t want to lose that (again, back to whatever issues he has).

The reality is that Alex is not going to remain Josh’s friend and never was. She will probably not even really talk to Jason a whole lot, or anyone else this season. Why? Because that’s just what happens. These people come from all over the country to spend a few months inside a house together and by the end of it, they’re sick of each other almost as much as live feeders are sick of them. Even ‘best buds’ Paul and Victor had a near non-existent relationship outside the house because they’re really two different people who would have never hung out if not for the show. That’s just the way it is.  Side note to this – Victor is dating Nicole. If you didn’t know this, sorry to drop the casual bomb in the middle of my paragraph, but it’s a good test to see if you’re actually reading this. I knew throughout last season that Victor had ‘more than friends’ feelings for Nicole. It was clear the way he interacted with her all year.  It’s also clear he remained the stand-up guy he was and didn’t try to get between her and Coreeeeyyyyy. Nicole and Corey were never going to work out and Victor patiently waited and is now dating her. Good for them. Victor is a great person, and Nicole is another rare good person. I hope they last for a long time. I really do.

Back to this season. Alex working Josh is almost pointless but she really has nobody else to work. She thinks she’s allied with Paul (like everyone else this year), and if she gets Josh, that should be all she’ll need to make it to the end (in her mind). If she survives this week and has Josh and Paul behind her, she is in great shape to make it to the end. Of course, she doesn’t realize Paul actually isn’t behind her and she still hasn’t noticed Josh up in Paul’s butt (maybe she isn’t far enough in, yet). Despite her complete lack of self-awareness of her position in the house, she is still trying so I give her credit for that.


The veto competition is today and everyone knows it’s important for their own game. Paul even gave Kevin the ‘go-ahead’ to try to win it (this is such a sad cast) because the trio wants nothing more than to evict Alex this week and then knock off Kevin after that. Josh is toying with the idea of trying to send Paul home, but he scrapped that and said he may just try when it comes down to the final 3. To his credit, he is pretty powerless to send Paul home even if he wanted to. He tried to talk to Christmas about the game Paul is playing last week and she damn near bit his head off and then further curb stomped him after he walked away from her. He has no options and that’s just the way Paul set it up, once again proving who really deserves to win this season.

I will try to update later after the veto competition.  It may be a fairly long one as I expect it to be the comic book challenge which generally lasts a few hours.


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  1. Renee

    Great points! Even when I get frustrated with the cast, I always look forward to the comments and debates on here. So, I will look forward to Celebraty BB even if they are non-celebrities, at least I don’t have to wait until next June to chat with everyone here.

    • Jannie

      Yes, everyone stay safe! My in-laws are in a nursing home on the west side of 41 in Estero, just south of Fort Myers. We have been assured it is safe thru a Cat 4…just worried about that damn storm surge.
      Looking forward to Celebrity BB – sounds as if they will have people who are fans of the game. Not expecting much as far as stategy, like Renee, just hoping stevebeans has the blog open!

      So who does “the gang” want out? Please let it be Alex!

      LindsayB – everyone gets an opinion here and every year it gets heated. Don’t let it get to you.. But seriously, people are sending you PM’s to complain? Holy crap people, get a life…we are all stressed with circumstances right now, if your biggest problem is a perceived bully on a BB blog well then, lucky you!
      Don’t make NK pull out a can of whoop ass…

  2. danmtruth

    Careful @stevebeans we don’t want to fall into that rabbit hole Yes Paul is playing a great game Getting people to throw comp’s But these are grown people who say and do what they want There i gave the team Paul mission statement as drafted by @lindsayb and @Wayne We must praise Paul for his great game play and control of the HG And absolve him of any rude, crude, or offensive remarks people make because they are big people who make there own decisions Who cares if Paul praises those who do that and questions those who did not
    The sad part is even if Alex were to won the veto It would be great to hear Paul’s logic to put Xmas on the block –We cant chance a back door– I can control her better when not on the block — friends came in from out of town –I got stop by a train –it’s not my fault –sorry slipped into Jake from the Blues Brothers — even if Alex pulled her self down Josh wants to give Paul a chance to be a pawn for the team like everyone else has (one of Paul points in his 5000K speach despite being the BIGGEST target he was never OTB) Even with Paul sitting their Neither Xmas or Alex would vote to evict Paul Even with One vote go to a tie Watch Josh shiet himself on TV see if he would pull the trigger on the biggest move in the game
    No we will be stuck with Alex going unless she wins POV Than Kevin goes and Paul needs to work a bit harder First tell Alex that was the plan all along Despite what Paul said last night he is in survival mode till he gets to F2

  3. LindsayB

    I took a couple days off from here not too long ago and came back to multiple PMs. They all said different things but had one common thread: they hoped I hadn’t left for good because of the bully mentality on this forum. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t feel bullied because as a competent adult I don’t feel like I can be bullied. I can be insulted, disliked, and ridiculed but to me being bullied implies that I’m not able to defend myself and we all know that isn’t the case. The point is that my opinion on the show is in the minority on here and SOME people resort to using similar tactics that are being used in the BB house while at the same time saying how horrible the HGs are for acting the same way. In no way, shape, or form am I saying that every single person who has a different opinion than me conducts themselves that way. Just some. Some of the PMs also said they were scared to join in on the conversations on here that go against the majority opinion because they don’t want to be treated like that. What’s funny is if I had the same tone in my commentary but was anti Paul or even anti current season the reaction I would be getting would be quite different. You should all remember (or learn if you’re new this year) that the same person you’re hating on so much right now is also the same person who almost got herself kicked off here last year defending one of the more popular commenters when someone was slinging racial slurs at her.

    Moral of the story, don’t emulate the very thing you’re against. It’s ok for people to see things differently. It’s ok to share a different point of view. Being on the minority side of things this season made me take a good hard look at how I represented myself during OTT when I was in the majority and I was guilty of some of the same things I’m talking about now. I can’t change the past but I can adjust moving forward. If some of you want to continue to hate me because I’m a Paul fan, go right ahead. Just remember, that says more about you than it does me.

    Rant over. Happy Saturday everyone. Avoid the fires, hurricanes, and earthquakes.

    • Avatar

      Team Paul for the win!

      • Avatar

        I’m hoping that Josh realizes that it’s Paul & Christmas final 2 if the three of them get to final 2.

        I am hoping that he can talk to Alex if she wins veto, and convince her that she has a better chance with him than with Paul.

        I think if Kevin wins veto ( stop laughing) that would be the easiest chance for Paul to get backdoored. Kevin would go for it, and Jos would be the tiebreaking vote. Which, if he were to make it to final 2, would give him the win. In the eyes of the jury, getting rid of the best player deserves bonus points.

        All of this would make the dull season so much better. Not because I do or do not hate on Paul. I just hate a boring game.

      • Avatar

        **if the three get to final 3**

      • Ann

        @dmc, Josh won’t do it because he’s scared of Christmas. It would be nice though but instead of taking the troll he should take Kevin because he’s easier to beat.

      • Avatar

        You are right, Ann, it’s just that Kevin sucks, or seems to suck at comps. He’s going to have to win 1 or 2 stay alive. Maybe he has been throwing them all along and is ready to compete. I hope so.

      • Ann

        @dmc, that’s what I’ve been saying, that could be his gameplay. Maybe he was waiting so he wouldn’t be seen as a threat….I know I’m grasping at straws & dreaming & reaching seriously high but I believe in miracles. Lol

    • caRyn

      I guess you could say I was in the minority of OTT. I was pulling for Justin. BB19, I want Kevin or Paul to win. Not sure what side that is. I don’t care. I like who I like. I am not aware of any bullying you received but maybe that occurred before I got onto BBJ this season – midway. I am interested in the game and game conversation. I do know what was said to “one of the more popular commenters” on here. I actually alerted Steve and asked that he help us out with the situation. At the time, before I was able to contact Steve, I made a comment that said keep this about BB and not BS. Speaking up with my comment made it worse. I wanted it to stop because it was awful to hear/read. I don’t know why there are personal attacks and I don’t understand it. It isn’t something we should deal with because we didn’t sign up for that. I hope to avoid the hurricane. Thanks. Hope you are able to avoid the fires here with the comments and in CA.

    • Avatar

      That’s not what she said at all.

      You are providing a prime example of what she is saying though.

      Commenters continue to say they are against bullying and how the HGs are treating each other, but then act the same way as the HGs they are shaming.

      Your comment is a prime example. Perhaps, you should take your own advice… If a comment upsets you so much, perhaps you should leave.

    • Avatar

      I actually don’t even know how to check my PMs, so maybe I have my own hate-a-grams, not sure.

      • LindsayB

        My PMs weren’t negative towards me. They were positive and appreciative that I stand up for myself and for a viewpoint that’s different. The concern was that I had left because of some of the mob mentality on here. I’m very appreciative of the messages I received. I’m also very appreciative of the positive responses on here this morning. I haven’t scrolled down all the way so far all I know there could be more comments like Marta’s. Oh. Speaking of Marta. I am nobody’s victim. Never have been, never will be.

      • Avatar

        Thanks for reeling me back in my long lost twin. I’ve missed you. 🙂

      • LindsayB

        Welcome back. I’m glad you feel like this is a safe place to be.

    • kneeless

      One thing, I can say with certainty, is Lindsay is NOT a victim NOR is she playing the victim card.

    • kneeless

      @lindsayb, if I remember correctly, you live in the west? Are you out of harms way of the fires? Hope everyone stays safe, from Mother Nature, this weekend.

      • LindsayB

        I am. Northern CA. Thank you. The ones closest to me are mostly contained at this point. The main thing we deal with during fire season (if you aren’t in the path of one) is the horrible air quality. I’d rather have to use my inhaler excessively than lose my home. The fires aren’t getting the news coverage like they usually do for obvious reasons but they are really bad right now.

      • danmtruth

        @lindsayb It is a shame the way a news cycle goes as to what is covered Being from the mid-west/ Chicago area I don’t have much of a frame of reference about the fires I remember in years past how large some of those fires get Good luck hate to see people lose there life long possessions due to a natural disaster Rain , flood, fire , or earthquake The worse thing is when lives are lost

      • Avatar

        Ditto what Linds said…We in NorCal are dealing with Heavy Smoke, Ash, Haze, & Air Pollution in the Air. The Actual Fires are in California’s Wilderness Areas. But Dang the way that these Natural Events with Mother Nature are happening….I just Pray we don’t have a Big Earthquake in NorCal?!

        Lindsay Girl, you just keep on doing You! Keep your head Up Girl! You know that I don’t care for Paul this Season, but for everyone who is pulling for him….That’s your Prerogative! Next Season we all might be Pulling for the same HG, that’s the way BB is, & why we all Love it!! Remember that we are a Family on this MB!

    • Painter1

      Agree with you LindsayB ,sorry you get some backlash for your thoughts. One of the things I like about this site is being able to agree to disagree with others on ideals. To get any backlash for an idea is just wrong. Come on people they are just IDEALS,THOUGHTS on a subject lets keep it fun like it has been.

    • danmtruth

      Marta I see no victim card being played I disagree with some of what Lindsey say but I just explain my different point of view No need to try to shame people In life I know of no one I agree with 100% of the time But i’m still friends with these people Just give it a try

    • Avatar

      I actually visited a lot of big brother forums and decided I liked this one the best because of the commenters and their dialogue. A lot of them have really stupid comments. I enjoy the more thoughtful conversation that goes on here. I have seen what you are talking about – it crept in and for a few days I just skimmed comments because I don’t have time to read stupid comments. I’m glad you have shared your perspective and pointed out the hypocrisy/double standard. I like seeing the opposing points of view. Anyhow, I enjoy your comments and have had to stop and think a few times after reading them. I still don’t want Paul to win from an “emotional” stand point but admit he’s playing the best game and deserves it. I do think even though Josh is a weaker player, he has been “playing” the game and has taken a lot of hits and I give him credit for that. Christmas is a no for me and so is Alex. I love Kevin but he hasn’t done anything and doesn’t deserve to win. Plus, he’s too old to be so dependent on Paul.

      • LindsayB

        Hilary I enjoy your insight as well. I don’t always agree with it but I appreciate the way you think. It bothers me that people are afraid to say anything that is against the grain in here because of the potential backlash. Being in the minority can be hard sometimes but I’m grateful for it. I was guilty of some of the mob mentality stuff during OTT and having this new perspective has been eye opening.

      • Ann

        @lindsayb, fine Lindsay I’m raising my hand too because I was there front & center. Lol

    • Patrick

      As someone who comes here just to talk big brother (whether I comment or not)… the constant drama you bring to the comments section is an EXTREME turn-off. It puts me in a negative mood. If you cannot handle contrary opinions.. then don’t write them down.

      • Summer

        What he (Patrick) said.

      • LindsayB

        If you actually read what I wrote you would see that I can handle anything and everything you can throw at me. Also, you would see that the whole point is to stop the negativity. The mob mentality is what brings things down. It’s what keeps people from feeling like they can join in.

      • Avatar

        Word…… let’s just talk BB, I don’t mind at all when people disagree with me or anyone. Patrick and Summer get it….. let’s stop with the victim noises

      • LindsayB

        Yes, by all means, let’s get back to talking about the game. Where all points of view can be expressed, where it’s ok to have different opinions. I’d love that. Glad you’re on board.

      • Summer

        We did read what you actually wrote and Patrick has 14 thumbs up. Quit treating people that comment here like we are idiots and don’t understand the English language.

      • LindsayB

        He has 17 now and I don’t care about stupid thumbs. Now, can we get back to BB?

      • LindsayB

        Oh. And my original comment has 30 thumbs up. Does that mean I win? No. Cuz thumbs mean nothing. Now let’s go back to BB for real this time.

      • LindsayB

        Absolutely I can!! What game play and strategy would you like to discuss?

      • Summer

        You brought this up to ALL of us in your original comment and you are talking about US (not BB) and now you don’t want constructive comments? I brought up the fact that Patrick had 14 thumbs up to indicate that there are people that agree and it is an opportunity for YOU to learn and grow. Please do! Are you winning?!

      • LindsayB

        I guess I’m just gonna have to disagree with you and politely point out that you are adding to the negativity and non BB talk you aren’t so opposed to. I’m not in a competition so there’s no winning or losing. I don’t care who agrees with me or who agreees with anyone else. You’re angry about a post that’s about reducing the negativity and attacks on here. You’re angry about a post that says let’s talk about BB in a way that allows all opinions to be shared. Knowing that, your constructive criticism isn’t something I choose to take. Just like my thoughts on the matter aren’t accepted by you. And that’s just fine.

        Anyway, I’m loving this season of BB. I love how Paul has played the house. I love his game play. I love watching a bunch of idiots be led by one person. It’s being played in a way that we haven’t seen before.

      • NKogNeeTow

        See now if I deleted this entire goddamn thread, everyone would think I was being nasty. So, I’m going to ask everyone one more time, either play nice or not at all. I don’t give a crap whether you agree with one another or not, but I still insist that you respect each other.


    • Mimi Ryan

      LindsayB – I’ve never see or maybe I just do recall seeing any Bullying on this Blog (Thank you Steve). I do respect your voice here. I’m with you all the way, it’s ok to disagree, agreeably. I’ve never been a Paul fan. However, I respect other’s and their opinions. I’m frustrated with this Season of BB, but I’m addicted and watching and reading daily (sometimes more than once a day). Thank you for your statement. To each his/her own & To Thine Own Self Be True

      • LindsayB

        I don’t see it as bullying myself but I think we all have different idea of what that word means. Some people have called it that privately and that has made them feel uncomfortable joining in.

    • Avatar

      LindsayB, you are one of my favorites on here. Part of the reason I joined. I enjoy reading your posts and seek them out.

    • Avatar

      Oh my God marta. That was completely uncalled for and unreasonably rude. LindsayB is like a vet here and you seem pretty new. Stay in your lane.

  4. Avatar

    I love Victor so much, and I’ve never liked Nicole. I am glad though that Nicole’s taste in men has grown so much. Hayden is decent; Corey is horrific, but Victor is phenomenal. If Nicole stays with Victor, my opinion of her will go way up. I hope it makes Victor happy; he deserves to be happy.

    • Tinkerbell

      I love Victor. He was my all-time favorite. He’s funny, sweet, sincere….not to mention, a cutie pie. He was in love with Nicole. I didn’t love Nicole, but I didn’t dislike her. I enjoyed some of her silly quirkiness…..like when she always looked at herself in the bathroom mirror to check her teeth. I hated that she was with Corey, especially in bed all the time. Corey was/is pretty useless. I could not believe how she fell all over him. As the saying goes……he just wasn’t that into her. It was obvious. I think her and Victor are darling together. I hope she won’t go all stupid on him and blow it. He adores her, and he deserves the same kind of love back. I hope it will be Nicole.

  5. strwar1

    Anyone,but Alex indeed! She is a pain the ass and she needs to go!!! I hope Kevin wins the veto.

  6. Avatar

    Hi! I’m just wondering where and when we start voting for Americas favorite player , I really really want Kevin to win just to so them that there all bullys

  7. Ann

    Whoever might think Lindsay is being bullied just don’t know Lindsay.

    Thanks Lindsay, I appreciate it. 🙂

  8. AIO_7

    I’m so far behind that I still don’t know who won HOH.

  9. Painter1

    If Alex leaves, wait when she leaves she will have to do A LOT of but kissing to Jason. Anyone see his exit interview he was PISSED. Jason thinks he was duped by Alex and Paul not knowing miss great game player was also duped by Paul. If Jason ,along with many other evicted HG, had taken their own advice and played what their gut told them they would be better off. Now when they go to jury they talk about the game and will see how they were ALL played by Paul.Cody just smiles and says” I TOLD YA”. Paul is playing to win everyone else is playing for Paul.

  10. Avatar

    @mell so, what your saying is that if Xmas plays her cards right (a la Nicole and Victor) she may end up dating Paul in a season or two? LOL

    If Josh would talk to Kevin he could flip things. I don’t know why he hasn’t considered that – maybe he did and I missed it.

  11. Avatar

    I’ve been a BB fan since Season 1, and have enjoyed reading all of your comments on BBJ for the past couple of years. I finally registered today to put in my two cents. This is probably the saddest season that I’ve seen. Paul deserves to win, only because the remaining HG’s are in awe of Paul’s celebrity status, and Paul’s ability to shepherd sheep. Shame on CBS for selecting such weaklings. This season seems to me to have the most interference from within (producers, etc.) and one where broken rules seem to have been dealt with differently depending on the offender. I think that the best part of the season has been reading your conversation strings though. I’m looking forward to participating and getting to know you all. Happy Saturday!

  12. Avatar

    Anyone see this happen? ‘Big Brother’ Contestant Paul Abrahamian Bitch Slaps House Guest

  13. jimbo

    Just awful, with an awful person set to win. This is the first article I read in a week since, basically, who cares? I guess I’ll check back in next week here just to see how arrogant Paul is further manipulating the worst, by far, group of strategists in BB history.

  14. kneeless

    Josh makes me flip, fly on him. There have been times this season I have loved him & other times I can’t stand him. I guess that’s the way I have felt about a majority of HGs this season. Josh has had some great insights but is too afraid to make a move. He told Jason & Alex he was loyal to them & them only. So, now I cannot figure out why he’s so against being disloyal to Paul & Christmas. He really needs to have a backbone so he doesn’t run off crying when things get tough. I hope, that is something he will develop more with maturity because it’seems not going to happen in the next week-and-a half. Josh could really position himself well if he would play smart this week & play as if he wants to win. Overall, I really think he’should a good kid but has a lot of growing up to do. It’seems really hard to believe he & Paul are only a year apart in age. Like I said, I have had moments of like & dislike of everyone all season but I think I am most frustrated with BB & production.

  15. Patrick

    Just looked at my guide. Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, then nothing till finale on Wednesday.

  16. danmtruth

    To the Hate the Game Love the Player Team Paul I respect the game Paul has played I don’t care who he lied too or backstab Thats the game Good job on fooling Jason and getting Alex to STILL do what you wanted
    People talk about the HG acting like a cult in following Paul Well good for him That is what good game play looks like Getting everyone to work as a team Sad thing for them they forgot this is NOT a team comp
    Other people started to throw around names like Jim Jones and Charles Manson A bit extreme No one was KILLED no one DIED
    For some reason this season started out on an ugly note Starting with Josh thinking that Megan was after him and talking bad about him Than you had the personal attack on Megan who tried to paint Jessica as a raciest This backfired as Alex went after Megan instead of Jesica By the way all started with a small comment by Paul But it was Megan who tried to build on it
    This set the tone for a lot of the season People vocally attract Megan Cody, Jessica, Josh Xmas, Alex, Raven that led to her self eviction
    Next we had Paul knowing he need to get his ally Dominique out fast So he started the fight with her She did not help with the way she was so bizarre It turn from being called a snake to borderline When Paul started to talk about coming out in blackface
    This to me was when things started to go off the tracks Many of the eviction latter would become more and more personal
    This is where the divide on Pauls game play started for me True people could say no but mob mentality says stay with the leader He encourage and rewarded people for personal attracts on the targets

  17. Tinkerbell

    Saturday’s observations:

    * In advance of my following diary……please throw rice, not stones. Thank you. Luv ya lots xo

    * Since Jason left, Alex has been wearing “real tops”, not her black bra. Also, yoga pants, not shorts. Interesting.

    * My dream won’t come true…..but I can’t stand the thought of Alex or Christmas in the final two. Please don’t let them have an extra penny. Wish it could be Josh and Kevin. Won’t happen. Hopefully Kevin or Cody will be AFP.

    * Interesting, and disgusting, Christmas and Paul’s sleepovers. In the HOH room last night she said she needs love, and sleep. They made their nest in the rose room. It was sick….and not the “new sick.” You could not have slipped a piece of typing paper between them. They were spooning to the max. Christmas had her arm around him, looked like her leg as well. Paul has said numerous times he let’s it all hang out when he sleeps. Nothing wrong with that. This morning when he was called to the DR, he grabbed his shorts from the floor and put them on, under the covers. Might have been some touchy feely going on last night, on the part of Christmas anyhow. Not judging, not one bit. Only observing.

    * I like Josh. There, I said it. He drives me crazy, he makes me laugh….sometimes. He is insecure and immature, but truly a good person. He loves, he cares, he has a tender heart. I hope he can mature and not be led around by more knuckleheads on the outside.

    * Christmas is a mess, all over the place. From one minute to the next……laughing hysterically, counseling with her infinite wisdom, ripping Josh’s soul from his body, patting herself on the back because of her great prowess, crying……to everything in between. I know it has been many days in confinement, but she knew that – all of them did. For someone always claiming…….I’m not anyone’s bitch, I am strong, I am self-sufficient – she seems pretty needy and insecure.

    * Please give these five leftovers cards, dominoes, Monopoly, Candy Land…..anything. They need it, we need it.

    * Last, and absolutely not least……deep concerns for Felts, Ann, G8tgirl, Happy Hippo. I’m sure there are other blog friends in danger. If I lived close to you guys I would scoop all of you up – share safe shelter, love, home cooked meals, and lots of laughs to try to chase some of the blues away. Fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods…..Heavenly Father, please protect, guide and direct, each precious life – including our beautiful animal kingdom. We know you are able, and I thank you in advance for protecting our wonderful fellow Americans. God bless each one of you, and your loved ones. It isn’t Sunday, sorry for being preachy. Also, for all of you teachers out there……FELTS, this documentary is not up for spelling/content/grammar check. Thank you for your kind cooperation. I don’t have time for proofing, need to go fill my bird feeders.

  18. Avatar

    When will they start this damn veto comp????

  19. Avatar

    Here’s an interesting scenario. Josh wins POV and he cuts a deal with Kevin to pull Kevin off the block and vote out Paul. vote would be 1-1 and Josh would have the tiebreaker.

    • Yael Sara

      Josh can’t seem to carry the same thought for more than 10 minutes however. As much as I think that is the best plan 1. to be able to get Paul out 2. for Josh’s game – I have little faith. But, will happily stand corrected. Squirrel!

    • g8trgirl

      Off course Josh has to tell Paul he’s putting him up as a pawn. Hee, hee, giggle, giggle.
      Does this mean you don’t love me anymore @lindsayb? We’re not BFF anymore? Are you giving me back my FRIENDSHIP bracelet? Lol. Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.

      • LindsayB

        Oh no. You have to wear that bracelet til the end of time. Ya can’t get rid of me that easily. My love for you is eternal.

      • Colby

        That won’t happen. Paul has already given Josh orders that if someone comes off the block, Christmas goes up. And she agreed to it.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Josh has been talking nonstop for the past 2 days about how his only shot at winning is to turn on Paul and take him out. He’s completely aware that Paul has been running the house and playing all sides all season, and he’s also aware of how he’s kept things smooth with the jury by allowing Josh and his other minions to take all the heat. The only question now is– will Josh have the backbone to try to get Paul out this week (assuming Alex, Kevin, or Josh wins veto)?

        My sense is that Paul is catching on that Josh is slowly wriggling out from under Paul’s thumb and could flip on him at any time. My fear is that Paul will strike before Josh has a chance to. This could be Josh’s only shot to take at Paul, so if he gets a chance he’d better go for it this week.

    • Avatar

      Lol I just said exactly the same thing before I read the comments! Great minds think alike! It would make up for Josh not using veto last week. You could see on Paul’s face that he thought he would be backdoored at that moment. He should have been. But this is the worst bunch of bb players in history! He was stunned that he didn’t use it.

      • AIO_7

        ” He was stunned that he didn’t use it.”

        Holly: that was an act.

      • Avatar

        I usually think he is acting but I thought I saw legit worry on his face. But since he has that house wrapped around his “black finger nail” finger, you’re probably right that he wasn’t that scared. If there had been a full week after Jason’s eviction then Josh might have had a chance to work on Alex and Kevin.

  20. Ann

    Uncle Sam has told Josh that Kevin made a remake to Jason about wanting to sleep with her making her look like a home wrecker. She told Josh they have to win VETO & then he needs to start arguing with Kevin so he can’t play good in the next HOH. The big dummy said he would do it.

  21. danmtruth

    HobieGirl nice observation Interesting about Alex wardrobe choices Not sure it’s self awareness Or just ran out of clean clothes Or her tribute to Jason
    ## fordbw interesting thought but yes Josh would than need to face the wrath of mothers day
    ## now as I watch I cant help but see how Ms Sadie Hawkins Day giggle at anything Paul says Paul was planning a sleepover after the season (don’t hold your breath ) you had Josh and Xmas drooling for different reasons Josh to spend more time with Paul Xmas to spend time with Paul in his bed ALONE

  22. Avatar

    Since Josh is HOH, if he won veto why wouldn’t he pull Kevin off and make a deal that he would put Paul up and then Kevin vote Paul out. Then in a tie Josh could send Paul home. Easy peasey! And he should tell Alex everything even though she is a terrible player and person.

    • Ann

      @Holly, he won’t do it because Christmas would still be in the house & he can’t handle her rath. Not to mention she & Alex would bully him & make him cry.

      • Avatar

        I know he won’t but I wish he would. Why would he cae about her wrath though? If he was left in the house with Alex, Xmas, Kevin he would only have Alex to compete with physically. He could very well make it t final 2 and take Kevin. I’d vote for Josh over Kevin for 500k. He will never win over Xmas , Alex or Paul. Never. I wish I could megaphone him !!! LOL

    • Avatar

      @holly It really is that easy as long as Josh or Kevin wins HOH. The hell with xmas. And as far as Alex, as soon as she realizes getting Paul out this week saved her from eviction she won’t break Josh’s stones too bad. Just tell her, Alex it was either you or Paul going home this week and only xmas voted to boot you go yell at her. Of course all this depends on “never win a comp Kevin” or 230 lb. Josh swinging on a rope if it’s the comic book veto to beat little people Alex or Paul for the veto. That is highly unexpected.

  23. Avatar

    And so glad Raven is out #stfuraven. The know people that are always sick and gave every disease in the book (coocoo) but they aren’t trying to scam and collect $$. She is a piece of work. So glad she is gone. YouTube has some good raven compilations. Haha

  24. Avatar

    Ohhh @danmtruth..if only I could unread the last 10 words of your post..haha!
    Is it just me or what but at one point was embarrassingly all over Kevin who is married..and now she is spooning with a naked gnome under tye covers who has stated he does have a girl at home even though that relationship is fairly new.
    I don’t know what it is…..just something about her I don’t like. Or as day here in the South “She gripes my grits!”

  25. LindsayB

    Not sure what to think about the Revengers. BB just posted the clip of it with the HGs reactions. It’s cool that they got Dan to be in it. I wasn’t thrilled to see James, Frankie, or Caleb. Those three are just gross. They spent some money on it but it’s pretty damn cheesy.

  26. Avatar

    I was so annoyed with Xmas and Paul lecturing Josh after Alex went to talk to him in the HOH last night on bbad. They think they are so wise. The are just intimidating him and he knows it. Josh has actually grown on me this season and I didn’t give him enough credit early on. Not t my favourite player of all time, obviously, but in this season he is one of the better people if you ask me.

    • AIO_7

      It wouldn’t bother me if Slosh won the big money.

    • Ann

      Sorry Holly, I can’t agree with you on that one. I don’t like Josh at all. I’ll bet he was raised with all women. He doesn’t act like he grew up around men.

      • feltso gudinya

        he has a father and i think he mentioned an older brother….maybe he is just overwhelmed?……..i cried during “sounder” when the father comes home….lol…

      • Avatar

        Compared to the others in the house, I mean. But I know many men only raised by and with women and they are great men. Some of the best I know. But they sure don’t cry or spaz out like Josh does. Josh is easily led. But I don’t think he is a terrible person. Mark wasn’t a horrible person either. Just a little dim. And Matt was fine. Dull. And stupid for getting hooked up with #stfuraven. I like Kevin I just don’t think he has done enough to deserve the 500k. Although anyone that isn’t up on murder charges living in that house with those people probably deserves a little something.

        I’m so curious who will win AFP , normally you know but this year it is hard to tell.

        I do, however, think Mark was right in that pool fight. Josh lost fair and square!

      • Ann

        But Felts, he spends more time crying than not. He cries a LOT. If his conscience bothers him that much every time he does something that he doesn’t want to do then he needs to do what’s right for him.

  27. Avatar

    If I’m Paul, I probably want Christmas and Kevin as my final three.

  28. g8trgirl

    I don’t know if this has been discussed already and I don’t know what if any of it’s true, but I thought I would share. Hopefully I copied the link correctly.

  29. Avatar

    On another thread I read that Christmas said that Jason told her that Kevin asked about which one of them would sleep with Christmas in the jury house. Do any of you know if Kevin really said that or Christmas is just trying to dogpile on Kevin?

  30. Alda

    I only know Lance and Dog out of these six.

  31. Avatar

    One of the greats of all time? His game this year is just fabulous? He is basically flawless and so many steps of the other guests? No way in hell in my book, and many others as well. BB production must be in debt to this guy because they are extremely hard up to make him the winner.

    From friendship biased chicanery by BB production, to slaps on he wrists with lax rule enforcement when it comes to “ya boy”, here is yet another example of just how “unpopular” and pathetic Mr. Paul Abrahamian is in the eyes of the non kool aid drinkers…


  32. Avatar

    Do we know who won veto yet? I guess it is a long one if it is comics

  33. Avatar

    Hey BB production, how about for future seasons you cast many, many, many more people who not only work, but have debt. People who are making school payments, loan note payments, credit card payments, hell any damn payment you please.

  34. Avatar

    Can you believe I’m actually on edge of seat (not really but in spirit) to only see if Kevin won. At first I thought I was interested in who won, but truthfully I want damn person to win the comp, how sad is that? This is worse than a tease, because at least with a tease, most of the time a little chase pays off alright!

  35. Avatar

    Whatever the case may be, Alex or Kevin, whichever one stays this week, or Xmas needs to win the HOH this coming week, and Josh needs to win the Veto so that he can control the vote to evict Paul. That is the only way Paul leaves.

  36. Edsel

    Prayers for everyone in Florida tonight. I can’t imagine what you will be going through the next few days; thankfully I have never had to experience anything like a hurricane. I am in western PA and the worst weather we get where I am is snow and thunderstorms with an occasional tornado watch, and the chance of the nearest river flooding and reaching my house is slim.

    Prayers and hugs, please be safe.

    • Avatar

      Yes, prayers to those in Florida and also the ones trying to recover in Texas! I am from Western PA as well, now in Michigan, so I don’t get really terrible whether outside of snow. Josh is from Miami, so hopefully he won’t get out of the BB house to find his family in distress. Prayers to them as well! If he knew about Irma, he would really loose it.

  37. Avatar

    That is such a great scenario, but like many other ideas this season of much better game maneuvers, it seems that it just won’t happen. No matter what we do as fans in general to hope things get better, we will yet again be let down.

    Its almost as if Grodner and company are reading how disgusted most fans are, and because its her show, that BB production staff continues to defy us as if to say its my show, I’ll do whatever “the __k I please (rigging, coaching Paul, directly suggesting to other houseguest to play a certain way).

    Its them slapping us in the face because they (production) have the true power for now. But just you wait when this franchise falls flat on its a$$ and the viewership dries up, and the live feed money severely plummets, culminating in a major loss of ratings and revenue and ultimate cancellation.

    Then it will be us showing them who has the power!

  38. Avatar

    I had to create a brand new account because for the past 2 weeks I’ve been trying to log on to comment and couldn’t.

    Now. What I want to discuss is how is it that Paul was able to slap Josh in his face and not get put out? I thought there was a no hitting rule.

  39. Helen

    Paul’s time in comic books last year was 18:04
    Nicole was 13:55

  40. g8trgirl

    Thanks for the thoughts and prayers folks. I’m checking out for the night as I have a feeling the next couple of days will be long ones.
    Stay safe my Florida brethren. @ann1 I already talked to my neighbors about their damn trees and told them I would appreciate it if they kept them in their own damn yards.

  41. Avatar

    What the frik happened today in here??? Damn!

  42. Ann

    Love & prayers to everyone being affected by Hurricane Irma, please stay safe……

  43. Avatar

    Commentary on this Season 19 Big Brother ~
    There hasn’t been One Substantial Power Shift this ENTIRE SEASON, since Cody/Jessica left the Game…That makes for a Boring, & Predictable Season….SADZ!

    There have been no NO Alliances, But Paul’s, No Strategy, but Paul’s, and No Power Shifts…As Elena Said, All of the HG are Playing “BIG PAUL,” not Big Brother!

  44. Avatar

    So now they get to slap someone & still stay wth

  45. LindsayB

    Oh now we are gonna get up in arms? There’s been slapping, punching, kicking, and butt poking this entire season. It’s been annoying but it’s also been meant in jest. It hasn’t been taken seriously by the recipients of any of it. Another case of it only being wrong if paul does it. Okie dokie!!

    • Avatar

      He slapped him and called him a freaking idiot. Thar was not meant in jest. No one should put their hands in anyone’s face.

      • LindsayB

        He is an idiot. If the two of them are fine, and they obviously are, that’s all that matters. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read on here how people want to go in the house and bitch slap Josh and many other HGs. Maybe production read all that and told paul that’s what the fans want.

  46. danmtruth

    Slow the roll on the “slap” Josh never felt threaten It was not done with any anger I’m not a fan of Paul but no way do you throw someone out for that

  47. Avatar

    So Paul throws next hoh to xmas, bye Josh. Down to final 3, see you Kevin. F2 no one in jury likes or respects xmas, Paul wins. Not exactly edge of the seat stuff. When do the Reality Stars from other Reality Shows kick off bb20?

  48. danmtruth

    Paul will just tell her sorry there is nothing he can do to save her As this is what the house wants and he cant make the house mad beside Kevin is the target nothing to worry about She will buy it Tie vote Josh votes her out because Xmas and Paul badger him to tears

  49. Newbie2017

    I was hoping that BB/Production got the message from the live feeders/bloggers that we weren’t happy with how Paul is playing the game. He is masterful in controlling the others, but I just don’t respect the nastiness he is spewing and encouraging others to spew. I thought maybe that is why BB showed Josh’s goodbye message to Jason. I can only hope Jason spills it all in jury and Paul gets 2nd place once again. But with Paul getting a hint that he is being portrayed as the bad guy in the comics veto competition, he has time to think up something “brilliant” to say to fool the jury in his final statements. And if we’re getting Reality Star Celebrity BB, I won’t be watching. I’ve quit watching a lot of the reality shows because of the mean girl mentality (Housewives, etc) and I want to be an important “star” crap. I’m amazed at what some people do to make money. Thanks but no thanks. You couldn’t pay me enough money to be a jerk on TV.

  50. Avatar

    Sorry, but it didn’t have anything to do with it being Paul, I wouldn’t care who it was, I wasn’t aware the person had to feel threatened, but if you say so

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