Good afternoon, everyone. Sorry about the late post today. I had an appointment with the dentist.. booo!

Not a ton has been going on in the house, anyway. Christmas is off for her surgery today which should be interesting when she returns. I have no idea how she’s going to make it work, but then again having a dozen roommates to help you out may not really be a bad thing. Maybe she’s better off in the house?


Cody and Jessica have already accepted their fate and it shows in their actions. They are taking the lame duck approach and just spending time with each other before Cody gets evicted tomorrow night.  Everyone knows it’s coming, and they’re not even trying to campaign.  Jess has been trying to rebuild bridges with people, and Cody has actually been a bit more social with the house, but that’s about it. Jess will need a new group on Thursday night and I’m sure she’ll be able to find some willing partners. Votes are important in this house and they’re not going to alienate her for pretty much no reason (she really didn’t do anything wrong).

Meanwhile, the house has been on indoor lockdown since yesterday afternoon which is unusual but combined with the scrolling message that tomorrow night there will be an HoH competition on the feeds makes me think the competition is going to be something really elaborate like the endurance wall.


  • 10:50 am – Not a lot going on. Christmas just came out of the DR but said they’re going to call her soon to head off to surgery
    • Cody and Jess are alone like usual doing whatever it is they do in life
  • 11:00 am – Christmas is off for her surgery!
  • 11:15 am – Alex is working out in the kitchen doing some ice skating routine
  • 1:30 pm – Everyone is in two rooms in the house, though the frog pair just skipped away for some more alone time in the HN room.
    • Kevin reveals that Cody lied about his age to the house. I guess he was telling everyone he was mid 20’s when he’s actually 32.
    • Cody wanted to feel younger with all the younger people
    • Kevin jokes to his group that he’s actually 21 and all his tattoos are peel-on that he’ll pull it off. They tell him to, so he begins working on it
  • 2:15 pm – Josh has to drink pickle juice for his week long punishment for (I think) losing the pool tournament
  • 3:10 pm – Whenever I see Matt and Raven together, am I the only one who thinks “He’s just not that into you”?
    • Don’t get me wrong, he’s not mean and she’s not crazy clingy or anything. It’s just that she always looks at him like she wants to make out and he looks at her like a sister.
    • And speaking of Raven, she slipped going down the stairs.  Am I also the only one who thinks those stairs have been an accident waiting to happen and surprised there aren’t more people who slip on those yearly?
    • I mean am I seeing that right?  Are those metal steps?  Raven was wearing socks. Why in the world would they put metal steps in the house?
    • Her foot is bleeding as Cody once again carries another injured person to the DR
  • 4:20 pm – Got back from dinner.  Raven is back. She’s fine. Some bumps and bruises.
  • 6:00 pm – Paul is back working everyone out.
    • I have a theory that Paul is working the guys out because he knows the endurance tomorrow and wants them to be sore and tired
  • 8:00 pm – Slow night check-in.  People sitting around doing nothing. No Christmas yet.
    • Alex is putting on her facemask.  Exciting
  • 9:00 pm – Just watched the CBS veto episode.  So I guess Ramses didn’t try to throw it, but then says he did?  I’m going to say he didn’t.
    • Meanwhile, Christmas is still out of the house and Kevin is getting ready for one of his shows tonight

Check back for updates