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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Feeds

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Wanted: Someone to go to the BB house and scream into a megaphone something along the lines of “We love Kevin! Paul can’t be trusted!”

Shit. I just realized today is Wednesday and the yard is probably closed until at least Sunday.  Well, here is to sending some positive vibes Kevin’s way from the internet!

Now I know what some are going to say. Oh, don’t be so biased! This is a blog, you shouldn’t have favorites! Perhaps, but the reason I am so worked up today is that screenshot above. That is Kevin sitting there in bed looking through his stuff that he is now carrying around with him because he is scared Alex is going to destroy it. Nobody should live in the house worrying if their personal property is going to be maliciously destroyed. I understand Alex had something happen to her cat ears earlier in the season and I’m not a fan of that, either. The one thing I don’t like is messing with personal property. It’s just something you don’t touch in this game.

When you add in the fact that Kevin really hasn’t done shit and he’s just the target of a bullying campaign, it makes this scene much more disheartening. Now I’m not going to sit and pretend he has been 100% innocent this game. The only person I can think of who was like that would be Donny. However, he is far more innocent than anyone else and has really just been trying to play a social game all season long. He is rarely in on any conversations trashing others (if at all). He doesn’t get involved in every fight in the house a la Christmas. And he’s been the only one to break against the pack to not make Cody and others feel like outcasts when the rest of the house did.  Sure, he has told game-related lies like just about every single player in Big Brother history, but that is about the extent of his ‘evil doings’ this season.

Virtually out of nowhere, Alex decided she no longer liked him and made it her mission to make his life a hell in the house. As we pointed out the last two posts, she apparently had a screaming match with him when the feeds were down last night and it sounds like she said some nasty things. Enough to where when the feeds returned, he was sitting talking to Christmas worrying that she was going to mess with his personal property. The only people who haven’t been awful to him are Jason and Paul, and they are gladly talking bad about him behind his back. This is how Alex woke up today.


Yes, she woke up and flipped off Kevin’s empty bed. What the hell?

Before I begin the live updates, I want to once again thank you guys for the enormous showing of support for our Hurricane Harvey Fund. I cannot believe we are near the next goal of $750 raised in just a few days. I am ending the campaign Friday, so be sure to donate whatever you can. Even a few dollars is helpful!


  • 10:35 am – Kevin was looking through his stuff in silence before putting it back into his bag in the HN room
    • I guess he packed his bag already for fear of people messing with his things.  I think there may be an official rule about actually going into someone’s bag for something
    • Alex wakes up and flips off Kevin’s empty bed because why not?
    • Kevin goes upstairs to talk to Jason
    • Kevin retells the story of the fight with Matt. Matt asked him if he won the $25k and Kevin told him no because it’s none of his business.  Kevin says he told Matt anything he says stays between them and Matt replied “no problem, dawg”
    • Matt then ran out of the poor and whispered in Christmas’ ear and they all went inside
    • Meanwhile, later on (?) Matt said it was good playing with him since he knows he’s leaving Thursday.  Kevin asked if he was going to come up to see his brother because he’ll take him out for dinner.
    • I guess Kevin told Matt that Alex is a real gamer and hardcore about the game but can be petty and has been harassing Kevin. Matt I guess ran and told Alex that
    • During the argument, Kevin told Alex a shoe would beat her in the final 2
  • 10:45 am – The talk continues
    • Jason tells him for two and a half weeks the house has been running him down which made Jason torn
    • Jason tells Kevin that he can’t go against the house and he’s not going to throw away his game for Kevin (which is reasonable. At least he’s being honest)
    • He tells Kevin that Alex is his ride or die and if came down to it, he’d choose her. Kevin said he understands
    • Kevin says Matt and Raven haven’t talked to him all summer but yesterday they got all over him
    • Jason says he’s still doing something (coming up?) for New Years Eve even if Kevin hates him. I don’t think Jason will be very welcome near Kevin’s family to be honest
    • Jason mentions how Alex asked if he was annoyed that Kevin didn’t call him by his name.  Alex claims it’s disrespectful to call him J and call Josh J.  What??
    • Kevin is shocked. He says “what the fuck? Your name begins with a J.  If I called you P I can see that”
    • Kevin keeps saying she isn’t winning
  • 11:13 am – After a lot of repeating, Kevin points out how he’s the one who created the nickname Tiger for Alex which is what everyone calls her. She doesn’t mind
  • 2:00 pm – Everyone is in the kitchen minus Kevin. Sad he’s forced to be alone
  • 3:00 pm – Really quiet afternoon in the house so far. Maybe they got all their fighting out for the week?
  • 4:50 pm – Paul and Josh are playing chess while Jason and Alex are chatting
    • Jason tells Alex hands down she has played better than everyone else. lol. Maybe if she played Paul’s BB17 of getting everyone in jury to hate you on the way out the door
  • 6:00 pm – One big happy family – minus Kevin
  • 7:00 pm – Stepping away to watch the veto episode etc

Check back for updates


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