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Big Brother 19 – Wednesday Feeds


Wanted: Someone to go to the BB house and scream into a megaphone something along the lines of “We love Kevin! Paul can’t be trusted!”

Shit. I just realized today is Wednesday and the yard is probably closed until at least Sunday.  Well, here is to sending some positive vibes Kevin’s way from the internet!

Now I know what some are going to say. Oh, don’t be so biased! This is a blog, you shouldn’t have favorites! Perhaps, but the reason I am so worked up today is that screenshot above. That is Kevin sitting there in bed looking through his stuff that he is now carrying around with him because he is scared Alex is going to destroy it. Nobody should live in the house worrying if their personal property is going to be maliciously destroyed. I understand Alex had something happen to her cat ears earlier in the season and I’m not a fan of that, either. The one thing I don’t like is messing with personal property. It’s just something you don’t touch in this game.


When you add in the fact that Kevin really hasn’t done shit and he’s just the target of a bullying campaign, it makes this scene much more disheartening. Now I’m not going to sit and pretend he has been 100% innocent this game. The only person I can think of who was like that would be Donny. However, he is far more innocent than anyone else and has really just been trying to play a social game all season long. He is rarely in on any conversations trashing others (if at all). He doesn’t get involved in every fight in the house a la Christmas. And he’s been the only one to break against the pack to not make Cody and others feel like outcasts when the rest of the house did.  Sure, he has told game-related lies like just about every single player in Big Brother history, but that is about the extent of his ‘evil doings’ this season.

Virtually out of nowhere, Alex decided she no longer liked him and made it her mission to make his life a hell in the house. As we pointed out the last two posts, she apparently had a screaming match with him when the feeds were down last night and it sounds like she said some nasty things. Enough to where when the feeds returned, he was sitting talking to Christmas worrying that she was going to mess with his personal property. The only people who haven’t been awful to him are Jason and Paul, and they are gladly talking bad about him behind his back. This is how Alex woke up today.

Yes, she woke up and flipped off Kevin’s empty bed. What the hell?


Before I begin the live updates, I want to once again thank you guys for the enormous showing of support for our Hurricane Harvey Fund. I cannot believe we are near the next goal of $750 raised in just a few days. I am ending the campaign Friday, so be sure to donate whatever you can. Even a few dollars is helpful!


  • 10:35 am – Kevin was looking through his stuff in silence before putting it back into his bag in the HN room
    • I guess he packed his bag already for fear of people messing with his things.  I think there may be an official rule about actually going into someone’s bag for something
    • Alex wakes up and flips off Kevin’s empty bed because why not?
    • Kevin goes upstairs to talk to Jason
    • Kevin retells the story of the fight with Matt. Matt asked him if he won the $25k and Kevin told him no because it’s none of his business.  Kevin says he told Matt anything he says stays between them and Matt replied “no problem, dawg”
    • Matt then ran out of the poor and whispered in Christmas’ ear and they all went inside
    • Meanwhile, later on (?) Matt said it was good playing with him since he knows he’s leaving Thursday.  Kevin asked if he was going to come up to see his brother because he’ll take him out for dinner.
    • I guess Kevin told Matt that Alex is a real gamer and hardcore about the game but can be petty and has been harassing Kevin. Matt I guess ran and told Alex that
    • During the argument, Kevin told Alex a shoe would beat her in the final 2
  • 10:45 am – The talk continues
    • Jason tells him for two and a half weeks the house has been running him down which made Jason torn
    • Jason tells Kevin that he can’t go against the house and he’s not going to throw away his game for Kevin (which is reasonable. At least he’s being honest)
    • He tells Kevin that Alex is his ride or die and if came down to it, he’d choose her. Kevin said he understands
    • Kevin says Matt and Raven haven’t talked to him all summer but yesterday they got all over him
    • Jason says he’s still doing something (coming up?) for New Years Eve even if Kevin hates him. I don’t think Jason will be very welcome near Kevin’s family to be honest
    • Jason mentions how Alex asked if he was annoyed that Kevin didn’t call him by his name.  Alex claims it’s disrespectful to call him J and call Josh J.  What??
    • Kevin is shocked. He says “what the fuck? Your name begins with a J.  If I called you P I can see that”
    • Kevin keeps saying she isn’t winning
  • 11:13 am – After a lot of repeating, Kevin points out how he’s the one who created the nickname Tiger for Alex which is what everyone calls her. She doesn’t mind
  • 2:00 pm – Everyone is in the kitchen minus Kevin. Sad he’s forced to be alone
  • 3:00 pm – Really quiet afternoon in the house so far. Maybe they got all their fighting out for the week?
  • 4:50 pm – Paul and Josh are playing chess while Jason and Alex are chatting
    • Jason tells Alex hands down she has played better than everyone else. lol. Maybe if she played Paul’s BB17 of getting everyone in jury to hate you on the way out the door
  • 6:00 pm – One big happy family – minus Kevin
  • 7:00 pm – Stepping away to watch the veto episode etc

Check back for updates


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  1. LindsayB

    @stevebeans what’s going on with our pictures? I feel so anonymous with just a brown L by my name.

  2. Tinkerbell

    Steve, Agree completely. Kevin is alone, completely alone. At around 10:55 this morning Kevin was talking to Jason. He still is. Kevin said – “THEY (production) told me to stay away from them.” Oh really, morons running production. So….its okay for seven people to rip one lone person to shreds, and he can’t say anything. Antagonize and taunt Kevin to the verge of losing his mind. That’s okay?!?! Tell me everything I knew, and need to know. Kevin is alone. Butt wipes!! That bunch of creeps are going to continue their ruthless war path. Production is behind them all the way. No doubt about it!.

  3. Avatar

    I just read that Jason told Kevin if it comes down to a choice between Kevin and Alex he’s going with Alex. I get that it is a fair choice for Kevin since Alex is a stronger competitor and I am glad he was honest with Kevin but it just sucks. I wish I could say that I hope Kevin remembers that when the time comes but if it ever comes and it’s Alex against Jason, I think it’s a no brainer that Kevin would still pick Jason. I am interested to see how that affects Kevin’s relationship with the rest of the house (i.e. Paul). If he’s no longer aligned with Jason and Alex, it makes them even bigger targets than they already are.

    • caRyn

      Jason did say that to Kevin. Jason said Alex is his ride or die. Kevin said ok.

      • NKogNeeTow

        How much do you want to bet that once Cowpie is targeted next week, the Gremlin will turn on him. She only remembers he’s her ride or die when it”s convenient. She is completely controlled by the Gnome King, so Cowpie is odd man out in that relationship. Guess he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate who’s wife he wants to rape next while he’s stewing in the Jury House.

      • Sassy

        NK – She will turn on him with a quickness! He is only her ride or die if he does what she says, when she says it and puts her game above his.

  4. LindsayB

    I’m still hopeful that something is being discussed behind the scenes to deal with the overused mattress. I forget who said this yesterday, but I like the idea of him walking out to Julie and being told that he’s being sent home instead of jury because of his blatant rule breaking this week. Yes, that would result in an even number of jurors, but that could be remedied by America having a vote. With the probability of Paul being in the F2, it would also give all the Paul haters an opportunity to show him their feelings. I would be salivating at the idea of seeing ravens reaction when she walks into the jury house to find out that matt isn’t there. No matter what happens I know that I’ll watch next season of BB and every one after that.

    • Avatar

      Cool! At least I know I’ll have a date for the BB20 season opener… 😉

      • LindsayB

        You most definitely do!! This blogmance will definitely roll into next season!!

      • Avatar

        wow…butterflies in my tummy… *snoopy dance*

      • NKogNeeTow

        Get a virtual room you two…lol

      • Avatar

        Would you rather us at each other’s throats? LOL!

      • LindsayB

        Wayne went from my target to my ride or die. He’s almost as good at arguing as I am so that was exhausting. I prefer this much more.

      • Avatar

        I’m her +1 for Thanksgiving in New England… With a short stop at the drugstore on the way… 😉

      • NKogNeeTow

        The drugstore or the liquor store?

      • Ann

        Wow Wayne, I asked you to marry me a few weeks ago & you never answered me. I thought maybe you just needed a time to think about it but now I see I’m getting kicked to the curb so you can take up with Ms Lindsay. Lol
        Don’t worry about me, I’m used to it. I’ve proposed several times to my BB peeps & I haven’t been able to hook one yet. I’ve got my eye someone else now so it won’t be like we’re cheating on each other.
        @Hobie-Lynne, we just might be eating that white cake after all. Lol

      • LindsayB

        I’m sorry Ann. I guess this means Zach is available again. He seemed open to it.

      • Avatar

        The only reason I’m her +1 for Thanksgiving is I’m the look out so she can spike all the food with Exlax at Kevin’s BB T-Day party.

    • Avatar

      OMG, I would love this. Especially the part where Raven comes out to find out he is GONE. LOL.

    • Painter1

      I was discussing this with my brother. Matt needs to be sent home like Thursday morning via the DR. The houseguest would be informed that he violated the rules enough that he was sent home.America would be the missing vote if needed. If BB does not do something the future houseguests will be making thier own rules.

      • Sassy

        They already make their own rules. They ignore production telling them not to sleep, go to the DR, put your mic on, etc… It’s only getting worse. They need to put their foot down now. I think sending Matt home would send that message.

      • kneeless

        If production doesn’t put their foot down & enforce some strict rules it will only get worse. It is so unfair to those who play(ed) by the rules. Mark was on slop when he knew there was no hope & he never complained. I Know Life & BB aren’t fair but this is getting ridiculous.

    • Avatar

      Lindsay, I think your idea is positively delicious! Not only would Matt be penalized for breaking house rules (since all he cared about was making it to jury, it would hurt),, but also BB announcing that America would have a vote for the winner might just make these ass clowns realize that they need to behave like human beings, not animals. Right now, they probably figure the jury can’t see what they are saying and doing in the house, but we can and they know it. They could even announce that without mentioning that Matt was not going to jury.

      I am so in love with this idea! I find pretty much everyone but Kevin to be truly disgusting excuses for human beings.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Unless Julie making that announcement at the beginning of the live show tomorrow, I can’t see them sending MattRess home. But who knows, stranger things have happened. Maybe with all the outcry from social media, blogs, etc, CBS might feel they HAVE to take action tomorrow. But….if they do that to MattRess, what about Cowpie? There has also been an outcry because of his “joke” about Kevin’s wife and daughters. Wouldn’t they also have to address that too?

      • LindsayB

        Mattress is breaking the rules of a game. Cowpoke is breaking the rules of life. Only mattress gets the game taken away from him. I could see Julie making some kind of blanket statement reminding everyone that the shit that’s said in there isn’t what CBS stands for but that seeing how people act in this environment is what the show is based on.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Remember she made a statement similar to that during the live show, after Aryan made her racist comments and just before she was evicted.

    • HappyHippo

      And if he doesn’t have anything happen to him then what stops future players from doing the same thing?! He is such a baby, it is so frustrating!

    • Alda

      That was me

      • LindsayB

        Yes!! I couldn’t remember so didn’t want to claim it as my original thought but couldn’t remember who to give credit to. Lol

  5. LindsayB

    Wow. So whoever is running Alex’s instagram while she’s on the show hasn’t turned it to private or deleted bad comments and she and Jason are getting SLAMMED in the comments. She has said some really shitty things but some of the things being “said” to her are just as bad if not worse. I get it, hell I’ve even said it, that these people chose to put themselves out there for all of us to see and judge. They are gonna be praised and they are gonna be hated on. It’s part of it. My issue with it is that there are some pretty crazy threats being made there too. Not just angry comments. I just start to wonder…. when you start threatening someone online for vile shit they have said on a tv show, what moral ground do you have to stand on that that point? We all have some pretty graphic opinions on everyone in the house, some of them worse than others but I’m really glad we haven’t gone past that point on here where we become no better than the people we despise. I really hope that none of the threatening messages on any of these people’s social medias come from any of us here.

    • AIO_7

      If anyone has a link to this I’d like to see it.

      • LindsayB

        I was on twitter. Started down a rabbit hole in the comments of various conversations and someone had posted a link to her insta. I’ll try to find it again but with all your image posting capabilities I imagine you’d have better luck searching for it. I’m not the best at that stuff.

      • AIO_7

        Lindsay; if you would like to post images here, just Google POSTIMAGE….load a pic. (or screencap) to it, and then just drag and drop the first link into your comment (reply) box.

      • LindsayB


        Did I do this right? Most of the comments are just saying things about her that makes every comment here sound sweet and innocent. I didn’t read them all, but she was told to kill herself, someone said they hoped she would have a stroke, another person wished her to die, another person hopes Jason’s dick falls off, that she chokes on her cat ears, etc.

      • AIO_7

        Thanks for the link, Lindsay.

      • LindsayB

        AI, that sounds really complicated so I’ll leave that one to you.

        Sorry for the duplicate post, not sure what happened there.

      • AIO_7

        It’s not difficult, Lindsay; you will kick yourself when you figure it out. You can always go to and old thread and practice.

      • LindsayB

        With my luck I’d accidentally post nudie pics.

    • Avatar

      I have to admit, I’ve looked up a lot of the HGs but hadn’t even considered looking up Alex, Raven or Matt.

    • Avatar

      She needs to apologize for the child molester and dementia comment. I’m over her. She had a fit and had Meagan kicked for for offending her…and LOOK what she’s doing. Production!!!?????

      • LindsayB

        She didn’t have Megan kicked out. Megan self evicted. Alex is a dumb bitch but if production kicked out all the dumb bitches we wouldn’t have a show each season.

    • kneeless

      I have never understood why people think it’s OK to threaten someone. Especially, when it is over something like a TV show. Not OK even if you don’t like anything about a person. I can’t stand Alex & I vent at this site, but that’s as far as I would EVER go.

  6. Helen

    TV Guide has now come out with Jason story……Production better start doing something!!


    • LindsayB

      What is production supposed to do? They already dance in the line when they put together their DR packages. The whole point of this show is to see how these people interact with each other while cut off from the outside world while they all (except matt) try to win the money. If production stepped in any time someone said or did something vile and insensitive the whole social experiment part of this show goes out the window. This isn’t a 24 hour live tv show. It’s an edited show 2 x a week and partly live 1 x a week. The rest is feeds, which has the disclaimer that the shit they say and do in there doesn’t represent what cbs thinks. They can’t tell jason to not say the things he’s said but not tell Josh to not say things. They can’t pick and choose. They have to just let them either dig their hole or build their pedestal. We have a choice to watch the show or not. We have a choice to watch the feeds or not. We have a choice to watch clips on you tube or not. We have a choice to catch up on all of it here or not. Nobody can make you watch any of it. I garuntee that out of all the people who have sworn off the show that less than 1% actually stay off. Hell, there have been people on here say they’re done with all of it then start commenting on it again a week later. Do I agree with everything said and done on this show over the years? Absolutely not but that’s part of why I watch it. It’s not all butterflies and rainbows. Damn. I am super long winded today. I guess Gerardo telling me I’m too shy really inspired me to come out of my shell. I really hope there’s no typos on this.

      • Helen

        While their disclaimer states that by allowing it to continue condones the actions and statements…..

      • LindsayB

        They aren’t condoning anything. They are letting these people make their own mistakes that they will have to live with. They will also edit the show in a way that will get them the most viewers. It’s just how things are.

      • Avatar

        You’ve never sounded more sexy than now!

      • Avatar

        @lindsayb You are so right about this. The show is exactly what you said and to keep it what it has been for 19 seasons, it has to be left alone from the standpoint of what the hg’s can be told. Many of us are looking forward to Big Brother 20. Hopefully CBS does a better job of casting the next time around.

      • LindsayB

        Wayne, I’m speechless. Best compliment all day.

      • LO1004

        I think the point we’re all trying to get at, is – when is enough, enough? Does someone have to be physically harmed for production to step in? I don’t think it should be taken to the extent that is has this season. Yes, it’s a social experiment, but that does not give these people a pass to act a fool all the live long day. They have crossed so many lines, I’m so disgusted. I love BB, but it’s getting to the point where it’s just not enjoyable to watch anymore.

      • LindsayB

        “Does someone have to be physically harmed for production to step in?”

        Short answer: yes.
        Long answer: see my various posts today on the subject.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I’m with Lindsay on this one. I don’t like a lot of what’s going on in the house, but unless they’re breaking rules, Production really can’t step in (or at least they shouldn’t). Now, messing with people’s personal belongings and food SHOULD be against the rules in my opinion, and Production SHOULD step in and shut that sh*t down if that’s going on.

        Other than that, unless it gets physical I feel that Production’s hands are tied. It sucks and it’s ugly to watch, but the reality is that humans can be very ugly sometimes. That’s the whole point of this “reality” show. The only thing Production can do is cast people who are above resorting to these tactics in the future.

      • LindsayB

        In some ways, I’m almost grateful that they don’t shut it down. Hear me out here. Yes, they do ugly things but I’d rather see these people for who they are rather than who production tells them to be. You never know when America gets to vote on something. I’d rather have as much info as possible when I’m making a decision a to who I want to give money or care packages to. Just think of how much some of you loved cowpoke up until recently. Would you want to click on his name now knowing what you know??? If you want a watered down version of BB then stick to CBS episodes only. If you want the truth (ugly or otherwise) then keep up on the feeds.

    • Helen

      They should pull Jason and Alex in there and sit them down and tell them the buck stops here! Your neck deep in shit already when you get out….don’t know if you read what’s going on on twitter but it ain’t good

      • LindsayB

        You can’t do that tho. You just can’t. Doing something like that could totally change the outcome of the game. We can’t say on one hand that we want production to not have a hand in things then say production needs to have a hand in this thing cuz it offends me. Neither one of them have physically harmed Kevin so the best they could do is say something like, “how do you think your family feels about the things you’ve done in the house so far”. Again, I am not condoning those two in any way, shape, or form… I’m just saying that they will have to lie in the beds they make for themselves and they can’t know what that looks like until after they are out.

      • Avatar

        Paul’s family was threatened w having their house burned down w everyone in it if he executed his snake black face plan w Dom. Personally I don’t think it was his intent to paint himself as a racist but he was a moron for not realizing painting your face the color black while taunting at a person of color is a terrible idea.
        It must have been awful for his family. This cast keeps pushing nastiness while their families get stuck dealing w the fallout and lunatics on the outside. Production will allow them to keep going and going but they should sometimes consider that they represent their family.

    • ingodog

      Wow! I just watched that I’m speechless! Then for Alex’s to set there and laugh I don’t know what to make of these people. Poor Kevin he will be glad to get to the jury house not to have be around these fools.

      • ingodog

        Sorry I meant to say sit not set

      • Ann

        It will truly be a sad day for Cpwpie & Kevin if Kevin finds out what that Jerk said about his wife & kids. Sad for Cowpie because Kevin will beat the hot snot out of him & sad for Kevin because he’ll get kicked off of the show.
        I wouldn’t put it past Paul, Alex or Josh using that as leverage & telling Kevin so they can get him to blow up on Cowpie causing a fight.

    • Avatar

      TV Guide Article: “Unfortunately, as current HOH, Jason isn’t eligible to be evicted this week, but his remarks have many fans praying he’ll find himself on the block come Sunday’s nomination ceremony.”

      Does CBS/BB need the other hg’s permission to step in and do or say something? To an outsider (non-BB fan who sees this article), this sentence in the article makes it seem like CBS can’t step in and do anything because he’s the HOH.

      Jason is showing one on the ways to be remembered after you leave the house. Clown!

    • Avatar

      Notice in the article the disclaimer that TV Guide is owned by CBS — I guess it’s true that any press is good press!

  7. Painter1

    Problem of living in a fishbowl there’s no where to really get away. They chose it unfortunately and will pay a price for it. I don’t really believe these people are all this nasty but when you are in their situation and gave EVERY WORD you say scrutinized every action it’s got to be tough. I would NEVER do it and bet Kevin is regretting it.

  8. AIO_7

    Paul, still trying to lure the boy band MINUDO fan base types with his cute floatie.


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  10. AIO_7

    Badmouthing Kevin in the Showmance room.


    • Avatar

      Every clip makes me like him less. I think the reason Alex doesn’t bother Jason is he already has such a low opinion of woman that her behavior meets his low standard. Unlike other woman she does not pretend to be better than she is.

  11. JadedMage

    I would have created the nickname “asshole” for alex since she seriously acts and talks like one.

    Cant wait till she loses and when she comes home gets all kinds of crap for acting like the bully she really is.

    Remember the girl Ariana? from a few seasons back that got all racist on the other girl? where CBS had to post disclaimers before the show?

    Well Alex, you just became this year’s total bully asshole villain player…

    I don’t mind the lies, the tears, the yelling or fighting or even the showmances (although they are annoying) what I do mind, is hgs being bullies.

    And it seems to me there are way too many lemmings in this house this year and not enough Lions!

  12. Helen

    For all you Raven lovers flashback to 8/29 5:48pm she digs something out of her butt and eats it! #ravenexposedparty #bb19

  13. caRyn

    A couple of weeks ago Matt on BB would not have been remembered. Now…

  14. caRyn

    My son stopped watching BB with me. He said people don’t really act like that. I told him they do. That people are a lot like they were in high school. They don’t change and if so that number is low.

  15. Helen

    Paul- Lay low. Kevin- Paul, I’m in fucking bed reading the bible #BB19

  16. Avatar

    I hate them all (except Kev) and I sincerely hope each one of them gets bullied out of the house in the same manner the previous have been. Maybe karma will make herself known in that form and give each an understanding of what their actions and words can do to a person. Shame on BB this season for letting this bullshit continue for so long.

  17. kneeless

    Alex has said, several times, that “in real life” she’s a nice person. I can understand amping up some parts of your personality but there is NO way she can be so totally different in “real life.”

    • Tinkerbell

      Knee, I don’t believe a single word that crosses her lips. The things she says are so mean, cruel, and damaging. Her constant unacceptable behavior as well. There is no way she could become so vicious just for show. That’s who she is. Another thing that kills me is when she is sitting with her implants sagging down to her belly button – doing the sign of the cross, saying rosary beads…..and all the while cursing as loud as she can, including the Lord’s name in vain. Demented.

      • AIO_7

        Also the Deputy has a starring role in Cowpoke’s rape fantasy video. Wait ’till that hits her Instagram.

      • Avatar

        My theory about Alex is that she has probably been a nerd who was bullied and unpopular most of her life. Now, she’s in a space where she has somehow managed to be one of the “cool kids” and she is totally drunk with “popularity power” to the point where she has absolutely no moral compass left. Wait until she gets out and feels the wrath of BB fans! She’s like Lindsey Lohan’s character in Mean Girls, except Alex probably won’t realize the error of her ways and try to do something good before the end of this movie.

    • Sassy

      In her mind, she is a nice person, but her definition of nice is different than mine.

      • danmtruth

        Thats the other problem with all the enablers in the house They keep telling each other they are not the mean ones The people they are trashing deserve it America likes and respect them

  18. Tinkerbell

    Excluding Kevin, I cannot wait until the other seven losers implode and turn on each other, just like they have done to others. My popcorn is ready.

  19. hogwild

    Is there a way no one can win this season? Outside of Kevin I’m really starting to dislike all these people a lot.

  20. Avatar

    Not sure if this was already mentioned but Matt is salty about the Zing Bot dig about him not doing anything. Mentioned to Raven last night that the last 2 days show he did something in this game.
    His claim to fame will be controlling the elimination votes while on the block. People who do not watch this season could see that as a cool move in the future. Gross, Matt cannot be allowed to have his way!!!!

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  22. Sassy

    Jason told Kevin, “No one can make you say anything, you are responsible for what comes out of your mouth.”

    He is telling him, he is giving them to much ammunitions and needs to lay off of the other houseguests because he is making his own bed. Seriously, Jason is telling Kevin about taking responsibility for his words. HAHAHAHA!! Jason also thinks Kevin owes Alex an apology. What?? Jason thinks Alex has a soul, she is just young and immature.

  23. Tinkerbell

    I posted this morning. Sorry for the repetition. As many times as I have watched this, I crack up every single time I watch it. My new go-to mood booster. If you haven’t seen it, and even if you have, it’s funny. I wish I felt as good about myself, as she does herself. The guy singing just puts the video over-the-top. Good stuff.


  24. Lynn

    I remember an equally offensive line that Jason had earlier this season. It was on the feeds. He was talking about window tinting laws-complaining about some states allowing dark and some not. (The reason for the law, in many cases, is law enforcement safety). Jason said that if cops are afraid to go up to blanking cars then they should get a different job- not a quote, but very close. Ummmmm #jasonyourignoranceisshowing The list joining the Raven shut up club is growing.

    • LindsayB

      It’s about time he starts being held accountable for his words and actions as much as some other people in the house.

      • Avatar

        I’m torn, there is a wife, son and baby on the way that will be collateral damage because of his mouth. He might lose his career, but he will recover. His family will suffer because of that. They shouldn’t have it happen to them.

      • AIO_7

        Lindsay, someone is throwing you hinky neg. votes. I promise that one is not mine.

      • LindsayB

        AI, I’m not worried about the thumbs. Thanks tho.

        Wayne, I’m sure they’ll all be fine. Like I said earlier, the world forgets about these people mere minutes after the show is over, if not sooner. Even the racist bitch Aryn is doing just fine now.

      • AIO_7

        “Even the racist bitch Aryn is doing just fine now.”

        How can you say that when people, even you, remember her racist statements even four tears later?

      • AIO_7

        *tears* = *years*

      • LindsayB

        I’m saying that her life is fine. I saw an article about it not too terribly long ago. Hardcore BB fans will remember things here and there but most of the world aren’t BB fans like we are here and would have no idea who she is or what she said.

      • caRyn

        The truth is I have watched every show every season and I remember Aryn. I don’t remember 98% of the BB cast over the years but I remember her. I don’t even remember the people I did like and wanted to win. Aryn made an impression at my house. I think that was the season my son decided to stop watching BB.

      • AIO_7

        True, but the parts of Texas she inhabits (I believe that’s where she is from) may not think what she said as so wrong. What Cowpoke said cuts across everything…all races have mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and don’t like the thought of them being hurt like that. Also remember that reading a puff piece about Arayn may not reflect her true reality. Alex and Cowpoke will feel this for years.

      • caRyn

        I understand. I do not think it is ‘just’ what is said but the intent in which it is said. And the hate that it is said with.

  25. Avatar

    Wouldn’t it be nice if the hgs voted Raven out Thursday and BB also ejects Matt

  26. caRyn

    My picture is Kevin. Check him out!

  27. AIO_7

    Cowpoke blabbing everything Kevin said back to the Deputy. She then says..”America is going to hate Kevin.”


  28. Mel

    Do you guys remember Brittany in BB16 who kicked a soccer ball until her toenail fell off but completed her punishment even tho she was pretty sure she was going home that week?
    Remember Chicken George in BB7 who was on slop for around 40 days? That’s how bad he wanted to play.
    Jackie in BB17 waited until midnight to eat even tho she had won hoh and didn’t have to.
    Matt’s was a piece of furniture, now he’s just a piece of crap.

  29. Sassy

    Jason and Alex talking about they hope CBS doesn’t manipulate the footage to make it “Look” like they are talking shit about Kevin… Hmmmm…. Isn’t that what they have been doing the whole time? Alex just said Kevin is a sad excuse of a human and America is going to see it. She has the pulse of America.

    • AIO_7

      They are still talking about Kevin 30 minutes later.

    • Avatar

      Yeah, she keeps speculating about what America thinks and she’s been wrong every single time. I have to say, I enjoy the thought of how she will react when she learns what America really thinks. Bitch better get her ass to confession first chance she gets.

      • NKogNeeTow

        She makes me ashamed to be Catholic. Bet Kevin feels the same way. She craps on people then immediately says the Rosary like that makes up for it.

        A Pox on her I say! (Where is Elaine anyway???)

  30. Alda

    Victor apologized on twitter to the families of BB19 that are being affected by these houseguests.Class act,Victor Arroya

    • Tinkerbell

      I enjoyed Victor so much. I think he is a genuine person.

      • AIO_7

        Victor is the reason that Paul was “popular”. Victor is the reason that Paul made F3.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        I think Victor and Paul complemented each other very well as a duo– Victor was a comp beast, Paul had a great social game and was a master manipulator. And Paul had really found his footing in the house by gaining Paulie’s trust even before Vic returned, so I don’t think I would go as far as to say Victor is the “reason” why Paul made it to the end. However, Vic definitely helped Paul’s game a lot last year (and vice versa).

        Now regarding Paul’s popularity, I think you may have a point. Victor has that “lovable” factor that Paul lacks. Victor has this humility about him and he’s so positive and upbeat all the time that it’s hard not to like him. I think Vic brought out a side of Paul that is very likable, and it was fun watching the two of them together. This year, however, Paul hasn’t had that type of interaction with anyone in the house. He’s just been running the show and barking orders and there’s no one there to sort of “balance him out”, so he just isn’t very enjoyable to watch.

      • AIO_7

        …”so I don’t think I would go as far as to say Victor is the “reason” why Paul made it to the end.”

        Ger., I was thinking that one of Vic.s comp victories might have helped Paul while on the block; but I can’t remember. Ask yourself this question: Would Paul have made F3 had Vic. not battled his way into the house. Also, Paul had gotten close with Paulie, but Nicole was closer.

      • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

        Vic’s comps definitely helped keep them both safe, as did Paul’s working to flip the house on several occasions. That’s why I said they complemented each other well. It’s difficult to say what would’ve happened if Vic hadn’t reentered the house, because Vic’s return presented Paul with an opportunity to move away from Paulie and change up his strategy. Had he stayed with Paulie, it’s possible that he could’ve gone far as well.

        Also, remember that ultimately it was Paul who played the biggest role in getting Paulie evicted last year, which completely shook the house up and changed the course of the entire game. Vic’s return certainly helped make that possible, but whether you like Paul or not, he was really the “brains” of the Paul/Vic operation last year. He definitely earned his spot in the finals. I know a lot of people don’t like Paul and his antics this year (and understandably so), but let’s also give credit where credit is due. The guy is a strong BB player.

      • caRyn

        Agree, Gerardo. Paul works with what he is given. This cast are human pawns and need to be handled accordingly. A majority of this cast are floaters and pawns. Paul and Victor were having to win comps against other hg that wanted to win comps.

      • Mello_One

        EXACTLY!!! In reality BB should have brought back “both” Paul & Victor. At least ALL the Focus wouldn’t have been on Paul running the show in the House. And all of you are 100% correct, Victor Complimented Paul last season, without Victor Paul isn’t that well Liked this Season.

  31. Lynn

    She also said Kevin should do something physically impossible and quite vile coming from a supposed lady because “no one cares about Boston”. Apparently some terrible son Kevin has committed that has to do with shoes? So she said Kevin is sad for trying to win that way. I think Alex is confused as evidenced by her logic-confused.

  32. Tinkerbell

    My Dream……girl fight – Halloween, Munchausen, Foul Mouth Mouse. No man left standing.

    • Avatar

      Hobie, you forgotten biggest girl of all …. Josh.

      Here’s how the fight would play out:

      Alex starts complaining to She Who Shant Be Named (SWSBN for short) about the way Christmas’ scooter squeaks. SWSBN responds with “I know, y’all. Christmas scooted over my toe that had to be sewn back on after Cody shoved me down the stairs because I wouldn’t have sex with him. Having sex in the BB house is disgusting. Besides, I’ll die if I eat beefcake. Also, pacemaker.”

      Josh overhears this and starts yelling “oh no you didn’t! Christmas is my girl. Ya played ya-self ya big meatball.”

      SWSBN says “Take it back, Josh! I can’t be a meatball. It could kill me. One time I got food poisoning at Olive Garden. Also, pacemaker.”

      Alex says, “I hid Christmas’ crutch …. and I don’t mean, Paul. That mother f’n whore made up the whole injury for sympathy and to make Jason look like he doesn’t respect women. Sure, he makes inappropriate rape comments, but if he didn’t respect chicks, he wouldn’t have chosen me as his rude or die. It’s time for me to do my rosaries, but I’ll be back to stir up more trouble because I’m bored. Plus, America will see that Christmas is sketchy because she doesn’t WD-40 her scooter.”

      Josh starts crying and says “you’re making this personal. it’s a game. Don’t disrespect me in front of my family. Elena confuses me. She makes me get tingly in my pants. You think I’m stupid, but I got a degree from Al’s House of Fancy Book Learning.”

      Christmas scoots in and SWSBN says “I’m afraid of scooters. I was riding on the handle bars of my mama’s scooter when we got struck by lightning and attacked by ninjas. Also, pacemaker.”

      Christmas says “then why did you vote to keep me? I can’t go in the pool. I just got my Meds from the DR. Everything is so green. I have the munchies and your hair makes me hungry for cinnamon rolls.”

      SWSBN replies with, “I can’t eat cinnamon rolls. The Pilsbury Dough Boy held be for ransom once. Also, pacemaker.”

      • LindsayB

        Also, pacemaker.

        Oh. My. God. The joy your bring to my life is indescribable. Seriously. Please don’t ever take a hiatus from bashing arkanskank again.

      • NKogNeeTow

        OH SH!T! That had me crying. I LOVE THIS GROUP!!!!!!

      • Avatar
        Misty (131 comments)

        “Pacemaker”. You are fucking hilarious. She killed me that day she was harping on that shit when Kevin had something about having wrist surgery. Yeah, really? Your pacemaker is SO bad, yet you could fall directly on it a zillion times during that comp and pop right back up every time laughing and bouncing around? Whatever, psychopath.

      • Avatar

        Thank you all! I am having fun joking around. I’m clearly twisted.

        Fear not, it”s not the same thing as an inverted sling!

      • Avatar

        Inverted sling? WTF!! I meant inverted spine.

        I graduated 257th in my class of 240 at Al’s House of Fancy Book Learnimg.

      • Sassy

        I needed a good laugh this morning! Thanks for brightening my day.

      • caRyn

        Misty – Raven talks about her wrist and yet she does a cartwheel at the Veto comp to show off.
        2 Much Sauce – Loved it! Thank you. Raven’s GPS is dance.Just sayin’.

  33. jimbo

    “I hate everyone in this house” — quote by Cody. Damn if that’s not eloquent and profound. (Maybe sans Kevin)

  34. Lynn

    Kevin to Paul “Jason asked me why I was mad at you. I said we just haven’t talked in a while because I’m not mad at you”.
    Immediately after
    Paul to Jason “Kevin said you told him that I was mad at him”
    I would say that is a lie. I thought the house was mad at Kevin for being a liar?

    • AIO_7

      Poor guy. The deputy also has a starring role in video.

      • Helen

        She will be next….folks are clamoring for her head on a stick for calling Kevin a child molestor……

      • AIO_7

        OOOOOOOH, She she has it coming.

      • Helen

        She has a lot coming….don’t think she even has a clue what is waiting for her….
        I know I’ve heard it before on why production can’t step in but the bottom line is as long as they keep these people in that house,saying and doing the things they are the bigger the shit storm grows out here…..it is not going to get any better…

      • Avatar

        I feel bad for Jason’s wife, pregnant woman should not be stressed. And who knows if he will continue to bring attention w more inappropriate comments and can’t rely on Production to step in. He has all eyes on him now.

      • Sassy

        If they have mass cancellations because of Jason’s comment, they may have to address it. When money is involved, it changes everything.

      • Avatar

        Earlier this season, Alex was furious about Jessica poking people in the butt. She said something about it being sexual assault … I don’t remember the exact words. She also talked about how upsetting it was and that she had a cousin who was raped and murdered. Yet somehow, Jason’s comments are not offensive. #hypocrite

  35. Lynn

    These folks deserve each other.

  36. hogwild

    With this veto comp I miss james he really went above and beyond tearing the house up when he was playing.

  37. Avatar

    Here’s a question for debate on here:

    Say Kevin goes back to Massachusetts and is attacked and injured because someone believed Alex’s assertion that Kevin was a child molester. Can Kevin file a civil lawsuit for defamation against Alex because she said it on a social media platform (BB Feeds). Is CBS libel as well? Is it time for CBS to time delay the feeds in order to scrub such statements? Considering the feeds are a paid service, I would think they would be held accountable as well.


    • hogwild

      He can file a lawsuit I don’t think there is any question about that rather he would have a realistic chance of winning the suit is another question and would require a far better legal mind thatn mine to answer that. If had to guess I would say no

      • Helen

        I would think even a new law school grad could probably get Kevin quite a bit of money out of Ow….
        People win millions for spilling hot coffee in their crotch for heavens sake!!!

      • Sassy

        Helen – In the end, the woman did not get millions. There is a misconception about this lawsuit and the results. The coffee was so hot, if she would have drank it, the medical issues could have been worse. She had to have skin grafts, from spilling her coffee, it was well above the legal temp. Originally, she was only asking McDonald’s to cover her medical bills (maybe $30,000), but since they refused, she went ahead with a law suit. Stupid move by McDonalds… That is the short version of what the media forgot to tell us. There are articles you can look up the whole story if you are interested.

    • Avatar

      They may sign away alot of rights in their contracts. But their families should not be affected by those, hoping nothing happens to any of their families.

    • Mel

      CBS isn’t even liable if someone gets hit. As long as they have rules to eject them for doing it and folow through, they’re in the clear. The hgs sign a ton of paperwork to avoid any legal issues. They can always come out of the house and say that it was strategy and they didn’t mean it.

  38. Avatar

    And in that same theme, can Kevin’s wife/daughter’s claim sexual harassment?

  39. Mel

    Does anyone know what Raven stole earlier? She hid something in her bag and said she was surprised that she didn’t get a “stop that.”

    • Avatar

      She took one of the heart pillows that was placed in the room during a fish screen… I think she thought they were for her and Matt.

    • Colby

      I read it on Jokers. It was something from in the bathroom when she was packing her cosmetics, etc. They couldn’t tell what it was, but evidently she put a whole package of something in her bag and tore the cardboard off the top (I guess so it would fit). She kept watching the camera’s to see if they saw her. I guess she thinks not since she wasn’t told to stop.

  40. Avatar

    An FBI tracking device is inside for when she gets arrested for fraud and tax evasion, they knew she would steal a heart pillow.

  41. LindsayB

    Feltso, where are you? I feel like you would have so much to add to the conversation today. I feel a little empty without your presence.

  42. hogwild

    I wonder who CBS gives favorable edit to tommorrow when we get to see the shit storm following the veto meeting?

  43. LindsayB

    Can we just all take a moment and appreciate BB for airing this little diddy again in the opener:

    Paul: what was your gpa when you graduated?

    Raven: dance

    All together now RavenSTFU!!!

    • hogwild

      It’s no longer a question of if Raven will something dumb it’s just how dumb will it be. On a sidenote dam that dog has a big tounge

    • Avatar
      Misty (131 comments)

      I know Lindsay! I fucking LOVED it! Dance!! “But I studied business too”!!! I died! “I got it from my Momma..she’s really smart. She’s in MENSA. I am too.”. And poor Paul’s face! He had a total WTF look on it, but he didn’t say shit to her. I couldn’t have kept my mouth shut. I would’ve been like “Bitch, your GPA was dance and business? Get the fuck outta here with your lying ass!”

    • LO1004

      Yessss! Hahaha was my fav part of the show

    • Avatar

      That was one of my favorite things ever!!!

      People can say what they want about Production, but I thought that series of clips was CBS’ way of saying ” don’t give your money to this grifter!”

  44. Avatar
    Misty (131 comments)

    I’m weird I guess. I know Kevin’s a grown man, and apparently a pretty tough one at that. But seeing him alone and checking his stuff and keeping it packed up because Alex is being a twat waffle to him for NO reason and threatening his shit, and knowing that the ones fighting with him and yelling at him are doing it for NOTHING just makes me sad. I just want to break into that house and hug him. And maybe cry? :/

  45. Jenny

    OMG Josh cracked me up with “A condom stash?!?! What the HELL?!?!”

  46. LindsayB

    How is it that nobody has asked wtf Kevin was doing using his toothbrush on his hair and eyebrows then back in his mouth?

  47. LO1004

    Wait… is anyone else understanding more why Cody hated them all so much? Never thought I’d say those words.

  48. danmtruth

    So in the wave / Austin Power Sex room Arbor day Deputy Dog , Garden Gnome, Mattres and Raven all having a great conversation together bashing Kevin Wait did not Alex and Jason just stab Matt &Raven in the back ?
    Even better was Slosh , Arbor Day were talking to Garden Gnome about what they need to do to get Alex and Jason out More importantly how is the best way so PAUL does not get blood on his hands and the people will not be salty towards PAUL

  49. Tinkerbell

    Pitiful disgusting people……

  50. Tinkerbell

    They’re all creepers. Right now I would love for Alex and Jason to be gone asap, ar the same time. Which it could be tomorrow.

  51. NKogNeeTow

    After spending the evening alone in the HN room, Kevin is now sitting in the LR with Cowpie, Jabberwalkie Josh and the Gnome King. He’s having fun laughing and talking with them. Mind you, this is only because The Corpse Bride is in the Rose Room playing Hide The Salami with MattRess, Send-A-Kid-To-Camp is in the bathroom taking a shower and the Gremlin is in DR. Once The Harpies find out, they will ruin it for Kev.

    The group breaks up. Cowpie says he’s going to bed; the Gnome King says he’s going to take a shower in the HOH; Jabberwalkie goes into the bathroom and talks to SAKTC while preening in the mirror.

  52. NKogNeeTow

    Send-A-Kid-To-Camp goes into the Rose Room to get dressed. This interrupts Sausagefest. When she turns her back, MattRess quickly puts on his pants under the covers. The Corpse Bride pulls the covers back up…guess she couldn’t get to hers.

    The Gnome King goes into the HN room to mess with Kevin’s head some more. He’s telling Kevin to throw the comp. Kevin tells him he doesn’t want to be a HN again. Gnomey puts his finger to his lips and tells him to “shh”.

    He then goes into the Rose Room to report to SAKTC and TCB. The MattRess comes back into the room and collects TCB and they leave the room.

    He says he’s going to bed. Gnomey lays in the bed with SAKTC and tells her he told Kevin not to win tomorrow. She ask if Kevin is alright with that. Gnomey says it doesn’t matter, he told him to listen to him. They then start to go over Days.

    The Gremlin has joined Cowpie and Jabberwalkie in the HOH and is telling them how to handle TCB once MattRess leaves. She tells them not to listen to how Kevin says to handle her because he doesn’t know anything.

    The Gremlin goes to the Rose room. She starts to talk about the upcoming comp with Gnomey and SAKTC. Gnomey tells her he told Kevin not to win tomorrow. MattRess and TCB return to the room and Gremlin Excrement starts bashing Kevin (*I’ve noticed that whatever the convo is about, she’s the one who always turns it to Kevin first*). Once this bitch starts, she’s off and running with the rest trying to keep up. They try to outdo each other with comments about him. Crying-Ass-Josh is only second to her. She leads the pack against Kevin with crybaby hot on her heels.

    Gremlin Excrement leaves the room to go to bed and cuts out the light in the Rose Room. In the dark, Gnomey and CryBaby start to talk about her. Suddenly she comes back into the room and turns on the lights. This catches them off guard. She tells them that when she left, Kevin was standing outside the door listening (he was getting something out of the closet). She tells them she can hear them on the other side of the door. She tells them she’s going out the door and for them to start talking to see how much she can hear. She leaves and they all give each other strange looks and start saying random stuff. She comes back in and says she can hear a little but most was muffled. She tells them that Kevin was standing behind the door listening to them but was called to the DR, made a face then shuffled off to DR. She then leaves to go to bed. As soon as she leaves, CryBaby jumps up and runs to SAKTC and Gnomey’s bed and starts telling them the things she said in the HOH.

    Outside the room, Gremlin is standing trying to listen through the door, then goes and starts rummaging through her nightstand in the dark. She gets eyeliner and a brush and goes to the mirror in the bathroom hallway and applies it then goes back to the bedroom, talks to herself then goes back to the kitchen, still talking to herself. She stops and studies the Memory Wall, with a strange look on her face…(*Think she heard them talking about her through the door? God I hope so!*). She goes back to the bedroom, gets in the bed (still mumbling). Can’t understand what she’s saying but she sounds a little pissed by the tone.

    The only lights on in the house seems to be coming from under the HN door. Everyone else is in bed. Kevin was reading the Bible earlier but they haven’t shown him in a while.

  53. NKogNeeTow

    Kevin gets up and goes to the bathroom. The Gremlin peeks under her eye mask at him. He goes back to HN room, takes a pill then reads prayer cards while holding his Rosary. He reads The Invocation of St.Therese card, then holds it up to the camera to show her picture on the other side. He then reads The Apostle’s Creed, Hail Mary, Our Father and Glory Be, printed on small scraps of paper. He quietly says his Rosary. He puts his cards and Rosary away and ties up his hair. He waves at the camera, blows kisses and says goodnight to his wife and kids by name. He gets up, cuts off the light, gets back in bed, covers his eyes with his headscarf, then waves with both hands. He flexes his arms, adjust his wristbands, then off to sleep.

  54. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin heard Cowpie come downstairs and up she popped and ran after him. He went into the DR before she could see him. She went to the bathroom, the goes creeping around the house looking for his. She gets back in bed and starts scratching and smacking herself in the dark (she mentioned earlier that she thinks mosquitoes have bitten her….I hope it was bedbugs). She lays her ratched azz down and tries to go back to sleep (at least until she hears movement in the house again. I tell you that girl is a junkyard dog…). She reminds me of Cerebus, that 3 headed dog that guards the gates of hell.

  55. NKogNeeTow

    The Gremlin is laying in the bed in the dark…..listening.

    When Cowpie comes out of the DR, she runs out and scares him.

    MattRess gets called to the DR.

    She hears Cowpie in the kitchen then says she has to pee and jumps up and runs to the bathroom and into him.

    He tells them that he’s been thinking and he thinks they have a day wrong. They go over it and realize what the right date is.

    She says Xmas and The Gnome were studying and ask Cowpie if they should teach her and CryBaby Josh the days. They are trying to decide.

    They agree that they (Gremlin/Cowpie) shouldn’t win this one or the next one…(*if they know what we know they’d better not….on second thought….LOSE IT!*)

    They say that they can’t sleep. So what do you do when you can’t sleep?…..Talk about Kevin, what else?!?!

    She tells Cowpie that America is going to see Kevin for being the shitty person he is, as a bitter old man. She also tells him that the two of them aren’t sitting to bad….(ha, ha, ha).

    They now plan to get New-School-Clothes-For-The-Kid’s Day out before CryBaby Josh. She says that it won’t be a problem because she thinks she will go easily….(again…Ha!). She says “That motherfucker will be in the HN room for at least another week. We have to take him out next”.

    They think they hear someone walking around the house and they both get up (they are in the bathroom) and go investigate. They decide to go to bed and talk in the morning.

  56. NKogNeeTow

    1:35 AM PT:
    The Gremlin hears someone come out of the Rose Room door. She decides to scare them so she gets up from her bed, covers herself with a sheet and hides by the entrance to the money bedroom. In the meantime CryBaby Josh comes out of the Rose Room and as he passes, she jumps up and scares him (he was half asleep, so it really scares him). He falls across his old bed, holding his heart. The little spider monkey jumps up and down laughing manically then runs into the bathroom or kitchen and tells the story to someone off camera.She also tells them that she can’t sleep. CryBaby goes into the DR. The cams switch to Cowpie sleeping in the HOH and Kevin sleeping in the HN room.

    *I’d just like to ask for the record, WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THIS GIRL???*
    There is nothing worse in life than missed opportunity. The HG should take that time (when she does this in the middle of the night) and as soon as she jumps out, slap the shit out of her then tell Production “I was sleepwalking, it was an automatic reflex”. Sometimes a good shit-smacking can cure one of many bad habits.
    Jus’ sayin…..

  57. NKogNeeTow

    2:09 AM PT:

    Kevin has been talking and tossing and cracking his knuckles in his bed.

    Gremlin and CryBaby Josh come into the Money bedroom and she gets in bed and says goodnight to him.

    He goes into the Rose Room and goes back to bed.

    New-School-Clothes-For-The-Kids Day rouses in her sleep. She turns over and the Gnome King puts his arm around her. They are spooning in their sleep.

    I think the house is out for the night. At least I hope so because I am.

    Have a great day everybody! 🙂

  58. g8trgirl

    Thanks for hanging in there Nk. I know it can’t be easy these days.

  59. Sassy

    Thanks NK for the nightly update! I look forward to reading it every morning.

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