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Big Brother 20 – Thoughts And Thanks Before Finale

Hey everyone!


Well, that’s it for the unofficial summer. When Big Brother ends, summer is over. The feeds are down and won’t return until the middle of winter when we get to potentially see a fun season of celebrities dealing with 1/3rd of a real season or a bunch of babies leaving the house because they got their 5 extra minutes of fame.  Last year, I was on vacation during the first week which is almost like 3 weeks of real Big Brother time, so I never fully got into CBB the way I should have. I have no vacations scheduled so I will be here blogging no matter what. I’m sure watching the feeds from the beginning will help me get into the show more than I was last Feb.

Also, I will be live blogging tonight but that should be expected.

The point of this post is to give thanks. Thanks to the cast of Big Brother 20 for actually giving us a great season full of likable people on both sides of the game. The biggest rivalry was between Tyler and Haleigh who are both great people and treated each other with respect despite wanting to get each other out. Those two people summed up the entire season that was virtually opposite of the season prior. Rather than a house ganging up on one person weekly and making them feel like shit before evicted, the sides became clear as day from the beginning and remained that way. Even when one side was wiped out and there was only 1-2 remaining, the larger side did not bully and make that person miserable before they left.  It was a classy season by classy people all around. I can’t say enough good things about this cast and I’m happy to have blogged them.


Another thanks goes out to you, the reader. I know you hear musicians say this all the time… ‘brooo, I want to give thanks to the fans because without you, I’m nothing’ … but that’s because it’s true. Without the readers of this blog, it’s just Mel and I writing to each other about what we think of the show. The interaction in the comment section is what makes people come back and I really hope I figure out a way to have the site be more interactive in the future where communicating with each other doesn’t feel so clunky and old.  We’re almost in 2019 and still have the same comment system I’ve been using since Big Brother 13. Hopefully, that will change by next season.

Speaking of readers, I want to give another thank you to everyone who has donated this year. After website bills were paid, I was able to actually compensate Mel and NK for their extremely hard work throughout the season. My email was not working properly throughout the summer so I didn’t get all the emails which will allow me to thank you directly like I’ve done in the past but it means a lot to me!

And speaking of NK, I want to thank her for the tireless work she puts in moderating the comment section and providing late-night updates. This is another area I’d like to change for future seasons and her updates are beneficial to so many who don’t want to scroll through the big comment section and more people should see them.

Finally, I saved one of the most important for last. My partner in crime on this site – Mel. When I first started doing this site, I would be a ball of nerves and stress throughout the summer because I’d watch the feeds late into the night then stress the next morning about getting an overnight recap up before starting all over the next day. This admittingly made me have more disdain for what I was doing and I’d end up super slacking by the middle of the season trying to take an exam with cliff notes. It became super obvious through my first season or two when people even commented how wrong I was on so many things in the house.


I had my pal Amy come along and take off a ton of that burden but real life came calling for her and she had to step away. Amy was a fairly popular blogger here, but Mel stepped into her role and did a phenomenal job filling in the void that was missing when she left. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work throughout the season!

Oh, I can’t leave out another important person – my wife, Melinda! Not only does she tolerate basically being a ‘Big Brother widow’ throughout the season, she also goes through and proofreads many of my posts because I’m really not that good of a writer.

See you in a few hours!


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  1. Phil Scott

    Thank you for all YOUR hard work. You killed it. This is my first season reading this blog, although I’ve been a loyal big brother fan for many years. Having this blog makes the whole process of watching the show so much better. I don’t watch the live feeds, so this blog really helps put things in perspective and takes away the production mist. Thanks again for all the hard work.

  2. LynnD

    I just saw this posted by real Vegas:

    (Likely) Last tweet of today.

    AFP by *popular* vote is TYLER!

    F2 can win it but on at least 2 seasons it was given to another HG. *Producers reserve the right to not count ANY votes in their SOLE discretion*

    If he wins game, should he be given AFP too?

    #BB20 #AFPTyler

  3. AIO_7

    * …. “We’re almost in 2019 and still have the same comment system I’ve been using since Big Brother 13. Hopefully, that will change by next season.”

    I like this comment system; hope it doesn’t change too much.

    • ElaineB

      I like the format of the site, and that is why I come back. I agree with finding a spot for NK to put her nightly recaps of BBAD/feeds, especially since she was often ‘late to the party’, when AIO announced, “New thread, Y’all”. NK, thx for your hard work, and sense of humor. Mel, I tried to be frequent and heartfelt, with my thx to you throughout the season. You are the best! Steve, what I appreciate most is how UNCLUTTERED the site is, and I certainly don’t want that to change. Thanks again to you for keeping the site up and running….to give us a place to call ‘BB home’.

      • AIO_7

        ” when AIO announced, “New thread, Y’all”.”

        Well, when I wasn’t misspelling ‘Y’all’ as ‘Ya’ll’ Yes, I was doing that for a while. Thanks for not publicly laughing at me.

      • ElaineB

        I always looked forward to your announcement……wherever you placed your apostrophe. *wink*

    • Painter1

      of its not broken why fix it.

  4. HappyHippo

    Thanks for all you do Steve! As much as I like Tyler if he wins I would prefer it go to 2nd place.. it just seems fair to me
    Great cast, great season, suck it BB19
    See y’all in a few…gotta get to and from my sons baseball game as quick as possible lol

  5. FW aka CY

    It’s been an awesome pleasure to come to this well-moderated, well-informed and vigorously passionate board you’ve created and maintain. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XmUXnQ_35-U

  6. Seattle Kari

    This is simply a huge THANK YOU filled with all kinds of love for everyone that participates on this blog. Most especially to those that stay up all night summarizing everything for us and giving us the little insights that only they can, with humor, love and intelligence. I just discovered you last summer and I’m so incredibly glad that I did.


  7. Ann

    I apologize for not Thanking you too Steve for all of your hard work & for getting us all here together. Thank you Steve for everything.

  8. hogwild

    As the season comes to an end let me say if nothing I posted annoyed you or ticked you off I will try harder next year.

  9. Avatar

    I have never commented before, but I read all your posts and I want to pop in and say THANK YOU!! All you do is appreciated since I cannot watch the feeds. I also love seeing the back and forth in the comment section. Maybe next year I will get brave and get into the conversation!! Thanks again everyone!

  10. Jannie

    Just remember, Stevebeans, a lot of us here are 50+, don’t confuse us TOO much with a new comment section. 😀
    As far as tonight…
    My heart says Kaycee, my head says Tyler. If Tyler wins AFHG, the scales tip to Kaycee.
    I would love to see a Kaycee/JC team on the Amazing Race. She’s laid back amd he’s hyper…so good.

    • Seattle Kari

      I am exactly with you. I’m 57 but hey, I have a 20 year old that can help me learn the new system if I have to LOL.

      I to say heart with Kaycee, head with Tyler.

      Am I incorrect In feeling as if this particular season is harder to figure out who’s actually going to win?

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  12. Seattle Kari

    Mel/ Melinda. I always thought they were the same person!

  13. LynnD

    As I sit here with no feeds to watch or listen to I started to think. How fun would tonight be if (after they vote but b4 they read the votes) the guys in production that are always yelling at the HG come on stage with shirts on that say “HI I’M BOB”.

  14. Mr. Beardo

    Has anyone ever pulled the trifecta(won 500k, won AFP, and gotten the boy/girl)? I wouldn’t be butthurt if Ty does. Kaycee is very deserving but Tyler’s game was just a smidge better imo. I could be completely off base and one of those two could choose to sit next to JC but I think theirs is a true and loyal bond.

  15. Jenny

    Last night’s BBAD was so much fun! My favorite line was JC:

    “They all told us it was gonna be the best summer of our lives, and uh, I guess everyone who said that has never had a really good summer before.”

  16. Charlotte

    Oh my goodness what an emotional roller coaster ride it is today! Thank you Steve, NK, Mel and Mrs. Steve! Your updates, recaps,opinions, etc. are truly so very much appreciated! And all the commenters…..I just love reading everyone’s take on the show, and sometimes other things that get thrown in the mix. You really seem like family! I’m so excited for the show tonight, but it’s bittersweet. What will I do on Thursday and Sunday evenings?? I didn’t include Wednesday because I’m a big fan of Survivor! Looking forward to that as well! Thank you all for a wonderful summer! I will be checking in often, just to see if anyone else is having withdrawals!

  17. Avatar

    Just wanted to thank everyone on this site, I have watched bb since the beginning but only on tv, except now I’ve bbad, found this site half way through last season & have really enjoyed the show so much more because of the things I miss. This is where I go first thing when I get up, will miss it I don’t get out much lol, Mel I especially your take on things so enjoy your break & hopefully be back next year

  18. mm22

    Does anyone know where Sassy’s been?

  19. Alda

    Thank you Steve,Mel and Nk for all your commentating this season.You are the greatest!

  20. Avatar

    Thank you so much for your everyday updates, I appreciate everything you and your whole team did for us this summer. I checked this site very often throughout the day. And I shared your page on fb. Thank you once again to all!

  21. Avatar

    And thank you A10 7 for the photos and videos you submit.

  22. Jenny

    TYLER TYLER TYLER TYLER TYLER TYLER TYLER or, Kaycee, I’d be good with that, I love her, but… TEAM TYLER!!!!!!! ahem. Also I found the clip online of him talking about Angela and how he hopes she wasn’t just playing the game and how she’s so accomplished and he’s just a lifeguard… and how much he loves this game… but he hopes she loves him…all while he had his hood pulled over his face. If she had any doubts about his feelings for her she just needs to see that video. Also on BBAD when the 3 of them were sitting at the kitchen island doing their official goodbye message to the feed watchers, there was a moment when he looked straight at the camera and omg his EYES are so beautiful. I don’t know how any of the women in that house could resist him. If he doesn’t end up with a modeling or acting career after this, I’ll be shocked. I love Kaycee so if she wins I won’t be mad, but I think he played harder and deserves the win. They said they were going to tell JC before the finale so hope he’s okay and not bitter.

  23. LynnD

    I’m sitting here getting ready for my very last BB fix of the season. Of course the season premiere of Survivor has to be on. So I’m sitting here and thinking (because so far I’m not overly impressed with any of these contestants and several of them are extremely annoying) so I’m thinking how awesome would this season of Survivor had been or even next season if they listen to us would it be to have BB 20 cast on Survivor with F6 (plus they’re couple extras) against fouette/hive?

  24. kneeless

    Can’t believe it’s almost time! What a great season. Thanks to Steve, Mel & NK for another great summer at BBJ! It was so exciting to have so many new people find us & fun to reconnect with “old” friends.

    Is anyone else interested in finding out if Steve, Mel, NK could start a thread just for email addresses, Twitter handles etc? I know some of you have shared but I didn’t get all that info & don’t want to go back through all the comments.

    Everyone buckle up & let’s enjoy our last night together…for now!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Knees, some of the the board members might not feel comfortable putting their personal email/Twitter, etc out in public, but you can always exchange them in your private message section here if you don’t want it public. The site goes dormant after the Finale, but you can come here all year round and send and retrieve messages.

      I’ve already given my personal email, but for those who missed it it’s: [email protected]. Just make sure you put BBJ in the subject line as I usually just delete email from people I don’t know. 🙂

  25. Vikki T

    A huge thank you to Steve, Mel and NK for all of their hard work and dedication enabling our addiction! I ran across this site a couple of years ago and finally found the courage to post a few comments very late this season. It seemed like a tight crowd but y’all welcomed me along with others that felt the same. Last, thanks to all of you who comment as y’all add so much and make this ride so much more fun! Till the next time!

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  27. mm22

    Can we just stay here for survivor season?

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t think Steve does a Survivor Blog, but I could be wrong. If not, I see no reason why you can’t come here and exchange comments with each other. That’s one way to stay in touch. For some of you who have FB, I think there is a group there too. Some in the Live Feed Chat mentioned that there was a group of BB fans who meet all year round. I tried finding it, but nothing came up other than this site and groups of specific seasons.

  28. leafhopper

    Thank you!!! I’m going to miss most of you!! See you next time.

  29. kneeless

    New finale thread

  30. HappyHippo

    7 min….bring it!

  31. AIO_7

    Finale thread is up, Y’all.

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