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Big Brother 21- Thursday Recap for 9/17/20

September 18, 2020 | 30 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning….I guess. Last night wasn’t the result I’d hoped for but it wasn’t the worst possible outcome. (In my opinion) The new HOH is…..Memphis. Yes, a combination of Day, David and Kevin will go on the block and Memphis may make it a boring week by going to bed at 10:00 p.m. The Love Triangle will have plenty of input this week, but at least they arn’t in charge. I just can’t handle 2 weeks in a row of Cody, Nicole and Dani in the hoh room all the time. There’s a tiny chance Nicole could get a little paranoid since she isn’t close with Memphis, is the only winner left and Memphis recently joked about sending her to jury. Don’t get excited, it’s not going to happen but at least she won’t be completely carefree this week. That’s your silver lining and it isn’t much if you were hoping for a house shake up. It’s more of a murky gray instead of silver, but that’s what we’ve got.

Last night, the Committee had 2 to 1 odds of  winning the HOH over Day, Kevin and David. (that’s if you count Enzo on their side, which he is) Of course, if you reverse it, having a 33% chance of winning doesn’t sound too bad. They played, Memphis won, here we are. (It sounds like Tyler came in 2nd. When the episode ended, Cody, Memphis and Tyler looked really close) If it couldn’t be Day, David or Kevin, Tyler would’ve been my next choice.  Maybe having less back hair helped Memphis be more aerodynamic while running with those puzzle pieces:

Back shaving must be an important part of preparing for the Thursday eoisode.

We’ll have to wait another week for the Committee to turn on each other but they know they have to plan for it. Most of them are already doing it so there should still be lots of game talk to cover this week. For now, the veto should determine which of the 3 targets remain otb, no matter the Committees preferences. (They all don’t agree)

Recap from before the eviction:

  • Everyone scrambled over the vote count. Maybe Ian’s talk with David did some good. Even though he’d been campaigning to keep Tyler, David told Day and Kevin they should vote to keep Ian. He knew (or thought) with Nicole, they could make it a 4-4 vote. David said he wanted Dani to break the tie and get blood on her hands.
  • Day got back to Nicole and said David had shook on it with Ian but warned she didn’t trust David. She thought he might be setting Day and Kevin up to vote the wrong way.
  • Kevin, never missing an opportunity to step all over his own game, ran and told Dani. (about David wanting to stick it to Dani) Kevin asked if she would evict Tyler if it was tied. She lied, said yes and Nicole was handed the vote she needed to claim.
  • Dani told Cody and mentioned that Kevin told her about Davids plan but said Day did not.
  • Dani made Nicole promise again she wouldn’t vote to keep Ian so she didn’t  have to break a tie. Nicole asked Dani how she should act after the vote. She said she needed to cry but was afraid she wouldn’t be able to do it.
  • Dani told Memphis Nicole was worried Ian was going to lie about her if he was upset after the vote.  He said Nicoles biggest problem was that no one was telling Ian the truth.
  • Nicole practiced with Christmas what she should say when she voted Ian out. She said she didn’t want to look like a monster to the viewers. (her word) She ran thru a few possibilities, including what she actually ended up saying in her good but msg. Nicole was also worried David would win hoh and put her up since he’ll be the only one (of the 3) who knows she’s lying about her vote.  She said she hoped the viewers would see it as Nicole not wanting to go against her alliance rather than her betraying her friend.
  • Dani and Tyler went over how Tyler would thank David for keeping him to cause problems between David and Day & Kevin plus allow Nicole to claim David’s vote.
  • Cody and Dani debated who should go next.  Cody wants Day out and Dani wants Kevin. Both say they aren’t really worried about David. Cody mentioned thinking he could pull David in closer to him, especially if they created more distrust between the 3.
  • Nicole, Dani and Cody laughed over what they were plotting for the eviction and Nicole asked Cody for some acting tips. She joked about needing to cry and make it good.
  • Day joked around with David saying he was probably getting a mastermind edit and said she was jealous.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • I liked Ians speech because he was so sincere. (It isn’t like the speeches ever change votes) It seemed even more heartfelt when we moved right from that to Tyler plugging Angela’s cookbook. Like Steve said yesterday, Ian fought till the end to stay. I think that’s what made it hard to watch. He was trying so hard and we already knew it was for nothing.
  • This is from finale night when he won BB14. Same shirt, maybe for luck? It looks darker in this pic but it’s the same color. They didn’t sound as if they’d told him in advance but he was dressed up so maybe they did.
  • Who do we think the BB legend, neighbor is going to be? Zingbot maybe?
  • Nicole put on a good performance and the tv only viewer probably didn’t even notice the way she checked her makeup in the hallway mirror and immediately shut down the tears after voting.

Janelle recently auctioned off her ‘Janelle’ necklace she wore in the house for charity. Right after, she made a joke on Twitter about doing the same with Nicoles wedding invitation. A BB updating site offered her a grand for it yesterday. Even though it began as a snarky comment, she told them “deal.”

Live feeds after the HOH comp:

It sounds like the plan to steal David’s vote is working, at least so far. Hopefully we’ll hear more today about what was discussed last night while the feeds were down.  I have doubts this is going to work long term but if it does, I may end up really impressed with Nicole, because it’s extremely devious. It’s the kind of stuff Tyler tried and accomplished in BB20. It’s the kind of thing Dan would have done. (No, I’m not calling Nicole a Dan!  I’m only saying it’s the same kind of over the top, multi layered, plans he pulled off) It’s too soon to know if it will continue to work and I’ll only be impressed if that happens.  As long as they can handle people being extremely angry if it does come out, they don’t even need to get away with it very long. If you can keep Day, David and Kevin from working together, they’ll be even easier to wipe out than they already are now.  Nicole won’t be able to take complete credit, because this was already a perfect storm between Day and David. Regardless, I’m curious to see where this goes but damn, I hate it for them. Day already had bad odds and this will just make it worse.

  • David was mad and yelling about something last night. At first, I thought it had something to do with the comp or something Memphis said. It’s still unclear but David said something to Cody that made it sound more likely that it was about Day.  She doesn’t believe him about his vote, that much is clear.
  • Dani told Cody she felt like crap for the move they’d just made. (not sure if she meant Ian or David and the stolen vote, maybe both) They both think David and Kevin will go up but Cody said he’s going to push for Day. He’d rather try to reel David in for now.
  • Cody and Christmas are the only have nots. Cody got mad because it sounded like right before David chose, Tyler asked David not to pick him. David chose Cody and I don’t know if that’s why or if he was already going to do it. Day chose Christmas and said something about being put on the block.
  • Cody got over it faster. He was annoyed but tried to make jokes about it. He spent quite a bit of time with David just talking about the game and life. He also told David if he was really mad or didn’t like him, he wouldn’t laugh and give him shit over it.
  • Christmas, on the other hand, got mad enough that it was talked about. Nicole said she was glad they weren’t fighting once it cooled down and Christmas called herself “sassy” once whatever it was, had ended. Later, Day hugged Christmas and said she thought they were going to have to get out the boxing gloves.
  • Memphis told Christmas he was the least concerned with Day out of the three. He was more concerned with trying to stay awake. She wanted to talk game. (try to push him towards Day and Kevin over David) He did not.
  • Nicole told Tyler he should be more mean towards Nicole, especially when he talked to Day. (Tyler’s supposed to be mad Nicole voted him out)
  • Day told Tyler she voted to keep him. (She’s joining in on wanting to lie about a vote, I suppose)  She spilled everything about David wanting to vote to keep Ian and wanting Dani to have to break a tie. She said it concerned her when she saw Tyler so happy with David after the eviction. She said she didn’t want David tricking Tyler. (Haha)
  • Tyler didn’t beleive what Day was selling since he talks to Dani and Nicole. It is funny though because Day may be lying but Tyler DID just find out that David tried to vote him out too.
  • Christmas was definitely pretending when she said she wasn’t mad anymore over being picked as a HN. She’d tried to act as if it was only reactionary. Later, she told Nicole, Day didn’t have a good reason to make her a HN. She said for Day to mention being nominated, just shows that Day holds a grudge. (Keep in mind, she’s saying this to the person who made Janelle a HN for personal reasons)
  • Dani and Nicole were judging amongst Cody, Tyler and Enzo over who had the best looking nipples.  Yes, this is the level I’ve sunk to in recapping and no, I’m not including pictures!  The closest I was going to offer was the women’s reactions. I must draw a line somewhere!
  • Day told Dani how much of a liar David was and said he could go.  They also talked about what a jerk Christmas had been earlier. They both said they were sick of her and Day pointed out, this was the 2nd time Christmas had came at her “over some bullshit.” Day made it sound as if, she would not allow a 3rd.
  • Nicole tried to get Cody to console her after Ians eviction. He was ready to move on though. (She knows how this works and what she was actually looking for was usable footage for production. She wants to provide footage of her crying and missing Ian) Eventually, she got Dani to oblige her.

Before you assume this is just me being cynical, I’ve seen her do it before.  She did it quite a few times on BB18 and this isn’t the first time she’s done it this season.  I remember a specific time during BB18 when she was having a conversation with Corey.  She had to explain to him what she was doing because he never caught on. She’d started talking about the choices for eviction that week as if she was having a hard time deciding who to keep.  It didn’t make any sense to him because the decision had already been made. After trying to get him to participate a few times, (while he stared at her blankly) she finally told him she was having the conversation to give production footage. She’d said they’ll want to make it look like it wasn’t such an easy choice for us. The other morning, when she was outside on the couch, crying and going over how upset she was….out loud….to the cameras….same thing. They actually used that one in the episode.

That’s it for me today. I may have something for Steve to post tomorrow, depending on how busy my work day is today. (I had something I wanted to write about if time allows) It won’t really be a recap though since I’m sure I’ll miss too much over the weekend. Thanks for all the congrats for my daughter and son in law.

Have a great Friday and weekend!

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