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Big Brother 22- Season Recap Part 2

October 28, 2020 | 38 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! It’s finally here and I can say, I don’t care who wins tonight. I won’t be excited or disappointed with the result because it’s just been that kind of season.  Before I get into the 2nd half of recapping the season, I wanted to say thank you. I’ve tried to email everyone individually but wanted to thank you again for your generous donations this season.  Whether you donated directly to me or to Steve, it’s so appreciated.  He was hit with the dilemma over the name of this site this year and you’ve helped him keep it up and running. Without his ability to do that, none of us would have this spot to talk about BB together.  Whether you donated or not, I’m thankful for all of you, simply for taking the time to come here and read the nonsense I write every morning.  Seeing a comment or even a like, tells me someone is reading it and that means more than anything.

I’ll have one more post sometime tomorrow with my final thoughts for the season. (If you’re kind enough to come back and read it please don’t look for it too early.  It will be one of the few days over the past few months that I’ll get to sleep past 5:00 a.m.) I’ll save the rest of my mushy commentary about you all for tomorrow. For now, I’m going to pick up where I left off yesterday.

By the end of week 6, Nicole was losing all her allies besides Cody, Nicole & Dani were more loyal to Cody than to each other and Enzo still wanted Nicole and Dani out.  Up to this point, Nicole had gotten out several people she’d wanted,m but only because Cody got on board too.  I think it’s worth noting because Cody didn’t need Nicole to be on board with his plans for them to happen, but she only got her way when she could sell him on it. I left off with Danis terrible HOH and Ians eviction.  This was the week Cody demonstrated he was completely dominating the game.  There were some other pivotal things that happened heading into week 7.

Week 7- Memphis won the HOH, had a plan to backdoor David, the F3 were safe and he put Kevin and Day otb.  He told the Committee to throw the veto but Cody told Tyler he needed to win it, since they didn’t want David leaving yet.  Tyler won the veto but was able to persuade Memphis that Day needed to leave, since she was too close to Dani.  Dani tried to keep Day but Nicole worried about Day learning she’d lied about the Ian vote.  Along with Cody, Nicole thought it was better for Day to go this week. (We lost feeds but we think Day found out from a wall yeller and there was some kind of fallout. By now, wall yellers had told them: Nicole & Cody are running the house, Tyler & Christmas have a F2, David has a power and Nicole voted out Ian) Day was evicted, Cody began opening up more to Nicole (since she didn’t have anywhere else to turn by now) and he started talking Enzo into wanting to keep Nicole longer. (Before this, Enzo had wanted Nicole and Dani both out)

Week 8- Cody won the HOH so the F3 were safe. Cody had told Nicole about Memphis making the wiseguy alliance with him and this was the week Enzo told Cody about the 2nd one.  It had gotten back to Cody that Kevin was saying he would put Cody otb. He knew Christmas was after Dani but had found out, Cody would be her 2nd option.  He put up David and Kevin with Kevin as the target, but planned to use Christmas as a 2nd option if Kevin won the veto.  It didn’t go as well as the first time Cody put up Kevin since this was the week Kevin told Cody “the world doesn’t revolve around you Cody.” Initially Nicole wanted Kevin to go because she thought he might target her but after talking to Kevin, she changed her mind. She suggested to Cody that they take out David but he said no.  Cody also talked to Nicole about Christmas needing to go soon but Nicole thought they should keep her. Cody chose this time to tell Nicole that Christmas  was in a 2nd wiseguy alliance with Enzo and Memphis.   When Nicole complained about all her allies having to be evicted, this was the week Cody told her, it was because she wasn’t winning the comps to make the decisions. Cody told Enzo that Kevin was the person he thought might put Cody and Enzo up together, while Christmas, at worst would put him up against Dani. Dani tried to make Christmas the target and later, tried to keep Kevin over David but she failed at both. Cody worked on Christmas and succeeded in getting Nicole to be her 2nd target after Dani. Cody also patched things up with Kevin. (mostly) Cody won the veto, noms stayed the same and Kevin was evicted.  By this time, Cody had Enzo convinced keeping Nicole as their ‘Victoria’ for the F3, was their best option. Tyler was also telling Christmas they needed to take out Nicole and Dani so Cody didn’t have them as numbers.

Triple Eviction Night (I know these aren’t weeks but it’s the way I kept track so I’ll still use “weeks” for each eviction)

Week 9- Kevin was evicted at the start of the night and Memphis won the 1st HOH of the Triple.  He put up David and Nicole, with Nicole as the pawn. Christmas won the veto, didn’t use it but voted with Tyler to try to evict Nicole. Enzo said he’d do it too but Cody’s work had paid off again. Enzo kept Nicole and David was evicted.

Week 10- Tyler won the 2nd HOH of the Triple,  acted as if the 1st part of evening hadn’t just occurred and didn’t adjust his targets accordingly. (After what had just happened, he should’ve put Cody and Enzo otb) He put up Dani and Nicole, won the veto himself and Dani was evicted.

Week 11-  The night ended with Cody winning another HOH. He put up Christmas and Tyler with Christmas  as the target since Cody and Enzo felt confident Tyler and Memphis would go after each other. Nicole said she hated them both because they tried to vote her out but preferred Christmas be the one to stay.  In an attempt to make sure Enzo wanted to keep him and possibly use the veto on him, Tyler told Enzo about the Committee and insinuated they shouldn’t trust Cody. (Too late, Enzo already knew about the Committee. Tyler had actually suggested to Cody weeks ago they tell Enzo but Cody told Tyler they should wait)  Enzo relayed this to Cody and they became worried Tyler might try to team up with Memphis. This, combined with trying to vote out Nicole during the triple, caused them to switch the target to Tyler. By this time, Nicole was having second thoughts. She was worried Christmas was closer to Memphis than she’d originally thought and wondered if they should keep Tyler. Enzo also spent part of the week thinking they should keep Tyler.  Cody had already decided it wasn’t happening, Cody won the veto and Tyler was evicted.  Before Tyler left, he told Enzo that he had to cut Cody if he wanted to win the game.

Week 12- Nicole won the HOH and by now, Memphis had told Enzo they should put up Cody with Nicole to make sure Nicole would be evicted. Memphis hadn’t planned on Nicole winning the HOH and she almost didn’t. Enzo had already given this info to Cody so Memphis became Cody’s new target.  Nicole put up Memphis and Christmas with Memphis as her target. She asked Cody if he was willing to vote Memphis out for her. He lied, said it was better for his game if Memphis stayed and told her he would make the sacrifice and do it for her.  Nicole won the veto and spent most of her hoh trying to convince both Memphis and Christmas she might be willing to back door Cody.  Enzo initially agreed and that Memphis should go but finally remembered he had a F2 with him and tried to get Cody to keep him. Christmas got in Nicole’s head a little by telling her she couldn’t beat Cody or Enzo in a F2 and going to the end with her was her best chance. Nicole seemed to agree and said (to the cams and herself) she thought taking out Enzo next was her best move. She still wanted Memphis out this week but wanted a F3 with Cody and Christmas.  She felt she’d be taken to the F2 by both of them. She said this was the best plan as long as she wasn’t the one doing it. She was only going to vote Enzo out herself if it was between Cody and Enzo otb next week.  Memphis was evicted and this was the only real blindside this season.

Week 13- Enzo won the HOH and put up Christmas and Nicole. Nicole was mad at Enzo because he didn’t help Cody eliminate Christmas from the comp and Christmas was mad at Enzo because she thought F4 noms were important.  Enzo told Cody he wanted to go to the end with both of them never being otb and he spent the week trying to get Cody to evict Nicole.  Cody wouldn’t budge, he won the veto and was the only vote to evict Christmas. Cody told Enzo they’d beat Nicole in the last HOH and go to the end together. Before Christmas left, she told Enzo he couldn’t beat Cody in a F2.  They talked about how cutting Cody would be the winning move since no one would beat him. She also congratulated Enzo on placing 3rd in her eviction speech.

Week 14- Nicole has won part 1 of the final HOH and Cody has won part 2. Tonight, they’ll compete to see who makes the final decision for who will be sitting in the Final 2 seats.



Cody won the week, every week from the 7th week through today.  I’m saying today because regardless of part 3 of the comp tonight, Cody is heading to the final 2. We briefly heard Enzo talking to himself about his ability to beat Cody or if he had half to evict him. We’ll never know since Enzo no longer has that option but I personally don’t  think Enzo would’ve cut Cody.



About the only thing that’s happened on the feeds the past couple of days has been watching Nicole practicing her final 2 speech. The only version she practices, involves her sitting beside Coby. I don’t think it’s even crossed her mind to evict Cody.


Cody doesn’t talk to the cameras or himself as much as the other two so h6es the only one we can’t be sure about yet. In his DR’s he says he isn’t going to let loyalty get in the way this time but since he’s been completely loyal to both Enzo and Nicole, it doesn’t leave us with an answer. I’m leaning towards thinking he’ll keep Nicole but that’s honestly just my guess.

Cody: He ran the entire game with only a little opposition around week 4, when Tyler was winning over Enzo regarding taking out a couple of Cody’s shields. Nicole plays the game using shields but didn’t realize she was actually being used as one for Cody this season.  Cody wasn’t in any danger of going home for most of the game. Even if he’d gone otb against Nicole or Dani, he’d have had the votes to stay.  The people who would’ve targeted him didn’t know that at the time but there weren’t many of those anyway.  Even as late as the triple, Tyler and Christmas were trying to take Dani and Nicole away from Cody, they weren’t trying to get rid of Cody.  Cody would’ve probably had the votes to stay against anyone except Enzo.  Kevin was the only person who may have put those 2 up together and that’s not even certain. He’s made it to the final 3 in 2 seasons, never had a vote cast against him and this time, didn’t even go on the block. He’s done an exceptional job explaining his game in his good bye messages too.


Enzo: I said Cody was rarely in danger but Enzo was NEVER in danger.  There wasn’t one week the entire season Enzo was in danger of being evicted. He laid low and let other people to do the dirty work but never being anyone’s target is a really hard thing to accomplish. He was always the best positioned to make it to the final 3 and he had more ways than just Cody and Nicole to get there. A lot of people think keeping Nicole at the triple was when Enzo may have lost the game. I’m not sure I agree for a couple of reasons. If you play out the scenarios week by week, (I did because I’m a BB nerd) with Enzo evicting Nicole and look at the probabilities of who would have won the comps, it’s highly likely Enzo still makes it into the final 3 but with the same problem he has now. If individual decisions cost him the game, I think it happened earlier. I think it will be a combination of his telling Cody about his separate wise guy alliance and the week Christmas was the HOH. That was his week to start building something on the side, apart from Cody but he didn’t.  I also don’t think his good bye messages helped him much either.

Nicole: She could be the first 2 time winner of BB and regardless of what some may think about that, it’s an accomplishment to be a past winner and get to the F3.  Unlike Cody and Enzo, she was in quite a bit of trouble the first half of the game. Nicole had to scramble and be in survival mode much of that time. She was a much busier player than Enzo which could go to her credit but she had to be and that doesn’t say as much for her game.  I see this as Cody’s game to lose but I wouldn’t completely count out Nicole. She’s good enough at the game to know how to survive and there isn’t much she won’t do to survive. She’s also the only one of the 3 that looks to be really preparing for tonight. I know the jury usually has their minds made up already but if Nicole can articulate a respectable game to them and show alot of passion when she does it, there’s a chance they could get wrapped up in the moment with her and give her the win.

I think all 3 of them have played really good games. They’ve all done it in different ways and even though it’s been boring, I can respect the games they played.  What counts as a good game means different things to different people and that’s probably going to apply to the jury as well.  They could respect Cody’s dominance and comp wins, Enzo never being a target or Nicole getting there as a prior winner.

I started this by saying I won’t be disappointed no matter who wins or loses.  I won’t be but that’s not the same thing as not having an opinion. For me, hands down, Cody played the best game and he played one of the most dominant games we’ve seen on BB.  Even if you take out everything that happened week by week, there’s two things that tell me Cody should win. It sounds like the jury thinks and most of the fans think, the only way for Nicole or Enzo to win, is to take out Cody.  Nicole and Enzo both seem to be aware of this too, even if they’re in a bit of denial. Yet, they both would take him to the final 2. That alone, says alot for Codys game.


Enjoy the finale and I’ll be here tomorrow for a final episode recap. Until then, have a great Wednesday!

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