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Big Brother 22 – Friday Ramblings

October 23, 2020 | 30 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s the final Friday in the Big Brother house and it shows. The crew has been doing absolutely nothing all day. I’m sitting here watching a cow sleep on one cam and Nicole on the other. So, I guess I need to find stuff to talk about

Side note – For people who think streaming on Twitch is easy, I can tell first hand based on slow days in the Big Brother house that it’s not. My job is easy, I can just ramble on a few paragraphs and be done. Those people need to create things to think and talk about for hours on end on a daily basis.  I have no clue why I thought of Twitch, but I often think about that when people say streamers have such an easy job due to how damn hard it is to fill ‘blank air’ as they call it (or whatever the proper term is).

Seeing as there is little to talk about, I’m going to think about next Wednesday.  I am a member of a few Big Brother groups and many comments are saying that Cody handed Nicole the win by not evicting Christmas.  I’m going to take the next few days and break down the final 3 and their chances on Wednesday night.  Today I guess I’ll begin with the Codester

While I have certainly said that Nicole has a very good shot at winning, that is because I don’t want people blindsided if it happens. That said, I think this guy has the best shot overall and I’ll be shocked if he’s not half a million richer on Wednesday night. Here is why:

    • Some of the arguments I made about Nicole being able to overcome a few key issues also apply to him. Let’s not forget that he was also able to deflect the megaphone guy spilling his alliance with Nicole. That should have been disastrous and it’s a huge bonus for both of them to get by that.
    • Cody won the first HoH and it wasn’t even close. Everyone knew that Cody was a ‘comp beast’ from 16 when he won HoH 3x and PoV 3x. Did he downplay his ability? No. The dude comes out and glides across that first ankle-breaking competition like this damn lizard running on water:
    • Yes, his nominations and evictions have been pretty weak so far (Keesha & Kevin) but he did also get out Tyler and won the veto that week to guarantee his target went home. Christmas tried to brag how it took the house a few attempts to get her out, but it’s merely because she was sitting next to comp beasts like Tyler and Memphis before her ticket was finally punched. Tyler was the first link in that chain to go and it was because of Cody.
    • His jury management has been about a 7-8 out of 10 so far this season. Even the person he shocked the most (Dani) is now his biggest cheerleader in the house. The only person he really never quite connected with is Kevin and that likely stems back from week 1 and week 8 when Kevin was Cody’s nom his first two HoH wins.  Now I will say that he doesn’t quite have a personal connection with the jury that others have. Dani, Nicole, and Enzo are really the three closest people to him and two of the three are going to feel a bit betrayed when they’re casting their vote. Dani has apparently gotten over it but Nicole/Enzo won’t.
    • That said, he has also said the right things to the right people in his goodbye messages. He took credit for a lot of what was done. He owned up to certain things and did things like tell Memphis he knew about his (M) other deals so he had to go. Memphis will respect that because Cody was absolutely right.

Cody’s season was clearly a Cody type of season with a lot of influence and coaching from Derrick.  He won comps like Cody, he was well-liked like Cody, but did the smart thing and tried to take credit in a respectful way for evictions like Derrick would do. People will say that Derrick gave him an advantage, but every person in that house has played before and knows a former winner. Janelle had a showmance with one of the best (Will). Memphis was best buds with Dan for a while after their show. Tyler was super close to Kaycee. Christmas close to Josh. Dani’s father was a winner.  All except maybe David had pretty good access to former winners they could have picked the brains of. Cody used that resource to his advantage just like Nicole did.

And finally, any ‘pre-season’ alliance advantage should have been squashed the moment they heard that megaphone. That was exposed. Cody and Nicole were exposed and out there hanging in the wind yet nobody did anything about it. That’s on them. Even people who said ‘Cody is going to cruise to victory’ did nothing about it.  I’m not trying to write Cody’s final 2 speech, but I’m just saying he played a nearly flawless game and should win pretty easily. With all that out of the way, let’s see how he matches up:

Cody versus Nicole

Enzo Cody
Christmas Cody
Memphis Cody
Tyler Cody
Danielle Cody
David Cody
Kevin Nicole
Da’Vonne Cody
Ian Nicole

In this situation, Enzo was an extremely tough pick because I know he’d 100% vote for Cody if he had more time on the jury to decompress, but he is going to be extremely bothered if Cody takes Nicole.  If Nicole takes Cody, he’ll vote Cody for sure. If it’s the other way around, it may be a coin flip.  Kevin really dislikes Cody and I can’t see him giving a vote and Ian will likely respect Nicole’s game for getting back to the end more than anyone else because he’s a former winner.  David will probably be on the fence but I think he’ll vote however Tyler does and I think Tyler will respect Cody’s ability to play Tyler’s game better than he did (which is make a bunch of alliances and not have them blow up).  

Now let’s see how Cody versus Enzo looks

Cody versus Enzo

Nicole Cody
Christmas Enzo
Memphis Cody
Tyler Cody
Danielle Cody
David Cody
Kevin Enzo
Da’Vonne Enzo
Ian Cody

This one had a lot of question marks.  Here are absolute locks:

  • Danielle for Cody
  • Da’Vonne for Enzo
  • Ian for Cody
  • Kevin for Enzo

Christmas just liked Enzo more and even though she felt betrayed by him, she’ll respect how he was able to stay under the radar and get to the end. Memphis is a huge 50/50 here as he had a final 2 with Enzo but he was never really close. He likely just felt he could beat Enzo more than anyone else which is why he chose him. I have a hard time seeing Tyler voting for Enzo over Cody as he’ll respect the game more. David may flip to Enzo so in this situation, Memphis and David could be the swing votes to give Enzo a win. I think it’ll be Cody 6-3 but I wouldn’t be shocked to see 5-4 with either Enzo or Cody winning.  

So that’s my Cody view. Strong game, probably should win 9-0, but likely won’t because there are always bitter jury members.  How do you feel Cody’s chances are versus Nicole or Enzo?

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