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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 10/2/20

October 3, 2020 | 31 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I want to start off by apologizing for yesterdays recap sounding so doom and gloom. I was let down a little by the Triple Eviction and venting my frustrations. As waaayyyyy too many past BB houseguests would say, “I was fustrated.” (Always drove me nuts how many hgs couldn’t pronounce frustrated) Anyway, I’ve had another day to remember, CBS doesn’t produce this show solely for my benefit. Therefore, I need to be happy with what’s in front of me and be glad the show is on at all.

I better get to recapping because I have another wedding today. (My niece, this time) I’m hoping it’s a warm day since it’s all outdoors. My nephew is next (in April) and who knows if he’ll have to have a covid careful wedding too? I only bring it up because production has done a good job over the past 2 months with the obstacles of covid. I complain sometimes so I want to give credit to them when deserved.

Memphis’ moisturizing face mask

Before I forget, this is for mustangsally. (a request from someone in the BBJ fam) It isn’t post nomination, since the feeds were cut but she knew she’d be going otb. It was as close as I could get to a post nom unhappy face:

Ok, let’s get to yesterdays feeds recap:

Nicole recently told Cody that she and Dani are friends outside of the house. I’d just assumed he already knew this but I guess he didn’t. I’d actually assumed the entire house knew because Janelle knew. I’ve tried to remember back to conversations and who Janelle told but I can’t.  I think I remember her telling Bay but I’m not surprised that it didn’t get out if she did tell her.  There were often times that Bay would hold info she should’ve been sharing and tell info she should’ve kept quiet. Regardless, Cody seemed bothered by it when he told Enzo. They said it was a good thing they’d gotten Dani out because she was probably Nicole’s real F2. (I think that was a jury vote Cody thought he had and now he’s not so sure. He’s also wrong, Cody was always Nicole’s F2)

  • Nicole: The day began with Nicole berating herself for not winning any comps. She also wasn’t over going otb. She apologized to Dom (cam talking) for what happened with Dani and said she thought Dani had been throwing her under the bus. She said she hated Christmas and regretted Dani leaving. (She didn’t vote so it’s telling that she knows she’s part of why Dani left) She may have reversed the apology by saying, she didn’t tell Christmas anything about Dani she didn’t already know. (not true) She said Tyler was the biggest liar she’d ever seen (Arn’t there a shit ton of mirrors in that house? Really, biggest she’s ever seen?)
  • Enzo & Tyler: He was cam talking about needing to talk to Tyler. He said he needed to give him a heads up. Enzo talked to him and said he didn’t know about noms but said Cody was a little concerned about the votes to evict Nicole and said he may go otb. Enzo said he needed Tyler to stay and wanted him to know ahead of time so he’d know what to say to Cody.
  • Tyler & Cody: Tyler said he’d screwed up and Cody agreed but said he wasn’t mad and didn’t feel differently about Tyler.  Tyler said if he went otb, he’d go home. Cody said he wouldn’t. Tyler stressed Nicole would vote him out, Cody said no way she’d do that. (This is the kind of statement someone like Tyler would pick up on. Why does Cody KNOW Nicole will do what he wants? The problem is, the players can know it but there isn’t any runway left to do anything about it. They just have to win comps)
  • Enzo & Christmas: He basically had the same convo with Christmas that he’d had with Tyler except the word “wiseguys” got tossed around a lot.
  • Memphis & Cody: Memphis thinks Christmas may have been behind trying to flip the vote. He said he didn’t think Tyler had it in him since it was a pretty aggressive move. (I guess he didn’t see Tyler’s season) Cody agreed with him that is was possible. (Cody didn’t agree)
  • Cody & Nicole: They talked about their options between evicting Tyler or Christmas. (Not really, he wants Christmas out) He told her Memphis thinks Christmas was behind trying to vote her out. (He really knows it’s Tyler)  Nicole said Christmas was dead to her and she wanted them both gone.  They agreed Tyler may do better in comps but think if he leaves, Memphis won’t have a target anymore. (Not true, it would be Nicole) They also think Christmas is linked to both Tyler and Memphis so it may be better to get rid if her. They don’t think Tyler and Memphis would ever work together so they can go after each other.  Nicole sort of wants Tyler out first but thinks it’s a better game move to take out Christmas. She said she wants them both gone, said she hates them both and looking at them makes her sick. (dramatic much?)
  • Christmas & Cody: She tried to explain her vote to him by saying it was a confusing moment and things were happening really fast. She said Tyler told her the vote flipped and they were supposed to vote out Nicole. She asked Enzo for confirmation and he said ‘yo’ or ‘let’s go’ or something. She said she thought that meant he was confirming what Tyler said. She said Tyler duped her and it was sad because she really trusted Nicole. (It was complete bullshit and so was everything Cody was saying back to her) From Cody, there was alot of ‘I understand, I get it, shit happens’ and so on. Christmas talked about how much she loved Nicole and how hard it was on her to vote against her friend. Cody said he couldn’t even imagine what Christmas had gone thru the night before. (No, I’m not making this shit up and it was a rare moment when I liked Cody. He was completely trolling Christmas)
  • Cody & Enzo: They discussed how and when to tell Memphis that Christmas is going, not Tyler. Cody said he told Tyler he’d have to go otb but had only hinted at it to Christmas.
  • Christmas & Nicole: Christmas went to Nicole and asked if they could talk. She told Nicole the same stuff she’d said to Cody. Nicole said, at first she thought it was Dani and Tyler that voted against her. She said she felt guilty because she guesses Dani really did look out for her but instead, Nicole had been more loyal to Christmas. (I’m guessing this clip will be played on the episode with violin music playing in the background) Nicole thanked her for her honesty and said she was glad to know it wasn’t Christmas’ plan. (Neither beleived the other)
  • Enzo & Christmas: He played dumb and asked how her convo went with Cody. She said she’d probably go otb and they couldn’t let Tyler win veto. Enzo said it must mean Cody is really close with Nicole. (Haha) Christmas brought up not using the veto if she won it. She doesn’t want another wiseguy to go otb and she trusts them to keep her so Nicole’s vote wont matter. Enzo told her what a ballsy move that would be. (Doube hahahaha)
  • Cody nommed Tyler & Christmas.

Tyler and Enzo laughed over how mad Dani would be that they didn’t pack her gold swan with her things AND that Tyler was sitting on it.

  • Tyler & Christmas: She said she didn’t get why Enzo didn’t vote Nicole out with them. They talked about how long Enzo had been saying they needed to get Nicole out and agreed Enzo must be working with Cody and Nicole. They said there wasn’t another reason to keep her when they had the votes. They talked about winning veto and Tyler told her they could still get it done. Christmas said Nicole wouldn’t go otb at all this week and it would be Enzo or Memphis if one of them won veto.
  • Enzo & Tyler: Enzo pretended to Tyler that he was irritated Cody would put up Tyler over a vote. Tyler told him it wasn’t over a vote. Enzo said he should’ve just voted out Nicole.
  • Christmas & Memphis: She told him what she’d told Enzo earlier about not taking herself off the block. She said she needed to win it so he didn’t have to expose his loyalty to her. She also said if she stays otb, she’ll get to tell her baby happy b-day during her speech. Memphis assured her she has Enzo and him so she’s fine with the votes. (He actually thinks he’s telling the truth)
  • Cody & Nicle: Cody said both Christmas and Tyler are blaming each other for trying to flip the vote and he called them both liars. Nicole said they both had to go but it was making more sense for Christmas to leave first.
  • Tyler & Enzo: Tyler told Enzo the best thing would be if Enzo won veto and took Tyler down so Cody would have to put up Memphis. Tyler said there’s no way Nicole will vote to keep him, regardless of what Cody is saying. He said Nicole and Memphis could vote him out and Cody could just be like ‘oops.’
  • Christmas & Cody: She said she isn’t taking the nom personally and is there to answer any question Cody may have for her this week. She mentioned not wanting to be evicted on her sons birthday. (We could have another ‘on my kids bday’ moment)
  • Nicole & Enzo: He pretended to be torn over who would be the best person to evict this week. They joked around over Tyler and Christmas screwing up so bad by trying to evict Nicole.
  • Nicole & Cody: She said that Enzo definitely wanted Tyler to stay. Cody thinks they can get him to change his mind if they need Tyler to go. Nicole said she thought they should keep Tyler as long as Enzo was sure Tyler wouldn’t make him a replacement nom. They’d want to know Tyler would go after Memphis instead and said Enzo needed to work Tyler to become his new fake #1. Thay way, if Nicole and Cody went otb, Memphis would be the replacement and not Enzo. Nicole said she’d lose to Cody in a F2 and said she should. She insinuated he’d carried her through the entire game. He denied it was true and said he wouldn’t be there if not for her. (He totally thinks it’s true) She told Cody that Dani was the real reason Janelle turned on Cody and Tyler. She also thought Dani “looked so happy” when Nicole went otb. (Nope, all the regret she has for getting rid of Dani is really oozing out of her, huh?)
  • Memphis & Enzo: Memphis said they need Christmas to win the veto. He said Cody would have to put up Nicole. He wanted to avoid showing their cards by using a veto on her. Memphis also thinks it will be easier to convince Cody to get rid of Tyler with Nicole otb. He said either way, Tyler would be evicted. They wondered how to handle it if Cody wanted Christmas out. (Enzo wasn’t really wondering) Memphis said they’d just have to push him and talk him into it.
  • Memphis, Cody & Enzo:  During a wiseguy meeting, Memphis said that he’s sick of Christmas. He said he’s trying to just go along for now but really wants to tell her to go f*ck herself. He’s still pissed she tried to flip the vote even though she knew he wanted David out. Cody mentioned Christmas saying she’d never said anything bad about Nicole. They all laughed and said all Christmas did was talk shit about Nicole and Dani. They agreed they’d just wait until after the veto to go over their options….as if all 3 haven’t already decided what they want.
  • Christmas: While talking to the cams, she said she loved Nicole but she’d had it easy in the game because of Cody. She said Enzo couldn’t get to the end or he would win. (That’s new info) She said she knows what’s going on with Nicole and Cody and she isn’t f*cking stupid. She told herself she needed to study.

Casual chit chat: Everyone but Christmas was in the hoh room laughing and telling stories from fights during their past seasons. Memphis told all about ‘Keeshas Birthday,” and they talked about Devin in BB16 and how funny he wa for tv. Nicole talked about her experience on The Amazing Race with Victor. She mentioned (for the 100th time) that Victor was asked to do The Challenge but turned it down and said (again) it wasn’t for him. She also reminded us (again) that Victor had beaten out Corey (her shomance from BB18) when they made Vixtoe an alternate. (So was he offered or was he an alternate?)

Tyler cam talking, telling Angela he loves her

Tyler & Enzo: They had a hilarious convo about how to get Nicole to vote to keep Tyler this week. Tyler said he’d act like he didn’t do it and didn’t know how it happened. (putting her otb)  Enzo said Tyler could say he hadn’t eaten well in months and was weak. Tyler suggested going with how he’d eaten stale tofu just before it happened and didn’t remember anything. Enzo made a joke about Nicole voting out Ian and Tyler said he’d just offer her a F2. Enzo said Tyler made him laugh. Tyler said “me too bro.” He said, he wouldn’t make it in the house if Enzo wasn’t there. They made exaggerated guesses what the jurors would say before they voted for a winner.

Cody: He had some snacks, talked to the cams and talked about how much he missed Derrick. He wondered what the fans and Derrick were saying about him. He figured Derrick would think he’s winning too many comps. He thinks the fans are saying he isn’t as good as Derrick. I guess he doesn’t realize, we’re sick of hearing about Derrick.

As I’m finishing writing this, it’s started raining….hard. I’m wondering how that’s going to screw up the outdoor wedding today and being grateful I’m not in charge of it. Have a great Saturday!

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