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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 8/7/20

August 8, 2020 | 60 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I’m going to admit that I’m having a bit of a hard time so far doing a recap. Since the hgs aren’t in the ‘get to know you’ phase, it’s hard for me to focus on which things to cover. I’m trying to focus on game conversations because that’s the most relevant but I keep getting sidetracked by all the amazing casual conversations happening in the house. I could do a recap solely based on how much tea Janelle spills on past hgs. I’m not used to this amount of material to work with so soon and I’m bound to leave out some things. I still have gotten past seeing Kaysar on my screen again and I have to resist the urge to just recap his entire convos with people word for word. I’ve also realized I’m not going to be nearly as objective as I usually try to be but I’ll do my best.

The top image was when Kaysar caught DaVonne eating chocolate when she said she wasn’t going to eat any junk food. It was fun and I really like these two together.

Cody did as predicted and nominated Keesha and Kevin. Keesha had a long talk with Cody afterwards but she should’ve had it before noms, not after. I have to say, I don’t understand this move at all.  I know he wanted to make a move that wouldn’t rock the boat and have a ‘what the house wants’ week. Here’s the problem, if you’re going to do that, you have to talk to everyone in the house and at least pretend this was the consensus. He didn’t do that so it just looks like Cody drew a line in the sand and has a reason to target Keesha and Kevin. I also don’t understand how Keesha going home is much help to his game. Either take out a threat to you or if it’s a throwaway hoh, do it in a way that you can blame it on ‘the house.’ (This could also be where my bias is showing because I don’t want Keesha to leave. If anyone has opinions on why this is a good move for him, I’m open) Here’s a rundown of the best moments from the day:

  • NicF and Da finally talked about Nics BB18 win. Da was annoyed Nic didn’t thank her for her vote to win her season until they got into the house. She’d also ignored her at a couple of events. I don’t blame her because Da took a lot of heat for that vote after the season and it gave Nic the 500k. While talking about it,  NicF said she was shocked that James didn’t vote for her and said she was “supposed to have his vote,” Da told her some of her votes were more against Paul than for her. I think Da was annoyed by that point. (Nicole has a terrible social game and the entitlement in the convo didn’t help with getting Da to trust her) Later in the evening, they did talk again it felt more sincere so Da may fall for it. Dani has also been putting in good words for NicF to Da.
  • Enzo made a production of telling Dani how much he likes her dad as a bridge to work with her, I suppose. I guess he forgot about the part where Dani can’t stand him and hasn’t spoken to her dad in ages. The room went silent after he said it. It was a very awkward moment. Enzo has also been telling Cody things about Janelle and Kaysar while doing the same thing with Janelle and Kaysar about Cody. A lot of the hgs seem to be doing a floating strategy so far. (I mean a true floater, not a coaster)
  • I have no idea what’s going on with DaVonne. She’s either faking or she’s got a terrible read on the house. She was sure NicF wasn’t working with Cody, sure Janelle and Kaysar were never targets and sure Keesha wasn’t going on the block. I know she planned to lay low but that doesn’t mean stop observing the people in the house. She even told Janelle maybe Janelle and Kaysar could build a working relationship since he used the safety on her. WTF? This was Janelle in that moment:
  • Keesha kept trying to tell Da she was going up. Later, after noms, Da told Keesha she had a good gut. (Technically, it’s Kaysars gut Da is so impressed with)
  • Dani told Cody that DaVonne is worried about an all guys alliance.
  • NicF seemed annoyed when Ian asked where “Janie” was yesterday morning and she had to ask for clarification. He had to tell her he meant Janelle. When NicF said she was sleeping, she also mentioned how BB normally didn’t allow people to sleep late.

  • Bayleigh had a good talk with Kaysar about life in general and the game. We’ll see if she works with him or Tyler but people usually stick with the familiar. It’s the devil you know kind of thing. (Kaysar is a much better fit for her imo)  She also made a F2 with DaVonne.
  • There was a funny convo between Janelle and Cody talking about which hgs they still talk to and Cody asked why she didn’t talk to Boogie anymore. (Ummmm, I don’t know, maybe it has something to do with Boogie getting mad at Dr. Will and threatening to kill his family this summer over Will not wanting to go on TAR with him)
  • Enzo told Cody Memphis floated thru on BB10 and Dan did all the work. Cody said “ya, that’s kind of what I did too. Derrick did all the work.” (Lol, I like self awareness but he doesn’t always have it) I say this because later in the day, Cody decided to tell Keesha all about Dan Gheesling. (Ya Cody, I think she’s got it since she went to the F3 with him) Speaking of Dan…
  • People were discussing shomances and after BB hookups. Keesha confessed she’d hooked up with someone from her season after it was over. (If ya don’t know, there’s been a long time rumor that it was Dan and Keesha was why Dan and his girlfriend at the time broke up)  Another funny moment: Keesha said there were people hooking up during her season that she had no idea were hooking up. Nicole A said the people hooking up on her season were making public announcements. (Hahaha)
  • Dani finally got around to talking to Nicole A about the podcast she’d ignored her over. Nicole said it was no big deal and I’d like to say that will prevent Nicole A from being a target for Dani and NicF but it won’t. Dani just doesn’t like her and NicF isn’t about to keep competition around and as NicF put it ‘are named Nicole, wear glasses and are known for being quirky.’ NicF complained that production took her glasses frames so there wouldn’t be 2 similar types this season. (She’s had lasik and apparently doesn’t need them but still wears them) I don’t mean game competition either. I’m talking about being a more recent face of the show and an Americas Favorite Houseguest. NicF liked replacing Jordan as Americas BB sweetheart and she isn’t about to give that crown to Nicole A.
  • Cody and Enzo talked about wanting to work with Janelle but thought they’d have to get rid of Kaysar first. (I have no idea if Enzo means this because he says the opposite to other people)
  • Janelle and NicF had a quick convo and did the ‘you know you’re good with me girl’ talk. (They were both full of shit)
  • Fun fact: Both seasons Kaysar was evicted, it happened on his birthday. That won’t happen this season because his bday is Monday!
  • Kaysar talked to Keesha before noms to basically predict what was going to happen and prepare her. He wanted her to talk to Memphis and make sure he was going to be with her before they formed something and needed to depend on him. (Keesha should’ve already done this imo)
  • Dani and Janelle FINALLY had a conversation and Janelle told her way too much. She told her she got bad vibes from NicF and she’s sure she is working with Cody.  Kaysar had warned her that she shouldn’t tell Dani too much but she trusts her. I’ll be honest, I can’t figure out this situation. Part of me thinks Dani isn’t wanting to work with her. Part of me thinks they are because Dani has completely avoided her before now. (Danielle Reyes once said if 2 people never talk, they’re working together for sure) These two definitely gamed preseason so it wouldn’t surprise me.  I can also see a scenario where they pregamed, planned to work together, Janelle got too much attention when they got in the house and now Dani has changed her mind. Time will tell.
  • Cody appears to be getting good vibes from Enzo. He told NicF about it. Nic said she thinks Enzo is afraid of her because she’s a winner. (I’m just gonna move on because frankly, it’s too easy at the point and I’d rather have a challenge)
  • Ian talked about leaving his season and googling his name. He said the 4th result said “Ian Terry Autistic” and said he didn’t like seeing it. This was before he was open about it. He said he’s fine with it now because he got so many positive letters from people. This came up when they were talking about the backyard and the hammock. Ian said he was going to try to stay off it. (There was a lot of online complaining from fans about the noise it made during BB14 on feeds and from some of the hgs. He read a lot of it after his season and even tho the rocking helps him, he doesn’t want to annoy people) Yesterday, everyone had the same advice to Ian which was for Ian to rock the shit out of that hammock and not worry about it. (It’s a good thing he isn’t with last years cast and their level of sensitivity) Enzo had his back by saying “I’m a loud chewer. They got me for that.” Haha
  • Dani talked to Cody and told him everything being said about him. She let him know Janelle and others are sure he’s working with NicF and trying to form a guys alliance. (Both true) A funny moment: She told him NicF was sometimes referred to as “Ratcole” by fans. (Dani better watch out because she may steal that title away from her)
  • Nicole A has as bad a read on the house as DaVonne. She thinks Janelle is working with Tyler and Cody and the plan is to pick off the less threatening players first with less connections. She thinks Kevin is the target and may be convincing Kevin and DaVonne of this. On the upside, I guess she isn’t mesmerized by Janelle anymore.
  • Memphis definitely wants to stick with Keesha based on their convo but he thinks Kevin is the target. He wants her to lay low and wants all of them to throw the hoh so they don’t put a target on their backs. (So far, Kaysar is on his own with this fight to the death plan) Memphis told Keesha he’d probably target Ian and “Taylor.” He thinks Ian and Tyler are capable of flying under the radar and having everyone like them. (True)
  • Keesha told Kaysar what Memphis said about laying low and Kaysar told her it was bullshit. He said “Memphis needs to put on his big boy pants. Its time to play the game.” (Kaysar won’t win this game but I’m going to enjoy every minute he’s on my screen until he’s gone because he’s a bad ass)
  • Janelle has also decided they need to lay low and not stick their necks out for Keesha. Kaysar said that was his original plan coming into the game but he and Janelle arn’t lay low kind of people and since they’ve been targeted, they don’t have a choice. He said it’s impossible at this point. She did jokingly admit she’s trying to lay low while walking around wearing a “giant f*cking star.”
  • NicF and Ian officially made the “Million Club” alliance for a F2.
  • Charades were played last night and let me tell you, DaVonne and Enzo are gooood! Enzo is known for sucking at comps but if they have a charades one, he’s gonna clean up.

Kaysar has figured out almost everything that’s been happening so far. The two areas he may be wrong are about Memphis. Kaysar doesn’t just want Keesha off the block, he wants Memphis to do it. He thinks Memphis will be the replacement nom. (I think that’s wrong) He’s also making the assumption that Memphis will be as ride or die for Keesha as he is Janelle. In his defense, Keesha made it sound that way but I’m not so sure. Yes, they went to F3 together in BB10 but you have to look at Memphis’ entire game that season. Memphis would cut anyone, at any time to get ahead. I do think he’ll be loyal to Keesha but he won’t put his game in jeopardy for her.  Kaysar is loyal and that’s partly why he’s trying to make this move but he also believes they need to keep Keesha for their own games because they’ll need the number. He and Janelle are both right in my opinion. Now that they know they’re immediate targets, they really need to keep Keesha in the house. It’s also going to be impossible for these two to lay low and blend into the background. They play the best when their backs are against the wall anyway.  On the other hand, It might be a bad decision to fight so hard for someone in the first week of the game so I can see Janelles point….if she were anyone other than Janelle.

Throw back, BB6 Kaysar and Janelle:

One last thing: When I mentioned Tyler making final 2 deals, I completely forgot to mention the one with David so he also has that one.

Have a great Saturday!


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