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Big Brother 22- Friday Recap for 9/4/20

September 5, 2020 | 45 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, I hope it’s a good start to your weekend. Yesterday was nomination day and they weren’t much of a surprise. The feeds were down for a long time because of the special powers comp so in a first for me, this probably won’t be a very long recap.

The atmosphere in the house looked like it carried over from the night before. People are either telling secrets or making things up in order to cover their own behinds. There’s a lot of tension and the common theme from most players is that they don’t like being there anymore. Ian said he’d like to go to jury and watch Netflix. Dani said she can’t handle the game when people make everything so personal. (Dani is someone who makes things personal) Cody is stressed out and can’t sleep. You know it’s a stressed environment when the people who are safe (and have been the entire game) arn’t having fun.


  • We found out Dani got one of the 3 powers because she complained about it to Nicole. She can choose to let the outgoing hoh play in the next hoh comp. Dani said it was a trash power and garbage. Nicole thought it could be a good one since you could play in the double eviction even if you’d just been hoh. Dani said she had to decide if she was using it by 10:00 a.m. on the day it was used and they wouldn’t know if it was a DE at that time.
  • Christmas got one of them and for anyone wondering where Christmas’ loyalty lies, she told Tyler. (Christmas has always been with Tyler) Her power lets her block herself from being a renom or if she’s the veto holder the week she uses it, she can use it on someone else. She also told Tyler she was going to nom Bay and Day. Tyler suggested Christmas get closer to Kevin so if someone targeted her, maybe they’d put him otb. (Sounds like the move Tyler tried with Scottie on BB20)
  •  I don’t know who has the 3rd power. Dani and Nicole think Enzo has it because he guessed Danis power when he was speculating about them. (I thought Day acted a little different for a while but I could just be hoping)
  • DaVonne joined Nicole and Dani for a conversation. They hashed things out some more. Dani kept blaming things on Tyler and told Day Tyler was playing Bayleigh. Dani said Tyler told her that he couldn’t put Bay otb but said he was fine backdooing her.  They agreed to work together but maybe pretend they were still not getting along. (The agreement didn’t last long since Dani and Nicole told Christmas soon after) Christmas told them in an overly dramstic fashion that she was dreading Day and Bays reactions to going otb. She said she was scared and said “I’m gonna get shot,” “someones gonna put a fork in my face” and made other stupid comments. Nicole, not wanting Christmas to out-stupid her, said “no, they’ll stop that.” Christmas said “not if it happens fast.” (Dramatic much?)
  • There was some talk about Bay blowing up peoples games, alot from Dani.
  • Day told Bay that Tyler was behind everything and said she beleived  Dani. Bay believed it too and thinks it was a set up. (Pretending to work with them)
  • Christmas nominated Day and Bay. Neither of them shot or stabbed Christmas with a fork.
  • Cody was still mad over Kaysars ‘love triangle’ comment.
  • Christmas cried (alot) in the hoh room and was comforted by most of the house. Bay and Day both met with Christmas separately. Bay tried to guilt Christmas a little, pry info out of her and ended up comforting her. (I’ve seen people do this in the past. They try to become so upset that there isn’t any space left for the nominee to be upset)
  • Bay and Dani talked with both of them agreeing they thought the guys were trying to get the women to take each other out. Dani said she was sorry for her part in any of it.  Dani told her Tyler was afraid Bay would try to pay him back for their past season together. Dani said Tyler had said this to her. Bay told her about what happened during BB20, her pregnancy and the fallout with Tyler afterwards. Bay said she and Tyler had talked and she thought they’d hashed everything out. (Dani really twisted the things Tyler’s said)
  • The reason Bay and Day are otb isn’t because of Tyler or even Dani. It’s because of Nicole. So far, when she’s wanted some one out, they’ve left. I have to give it to her, even after the wall yeller, she’s playing her game.
  • Dani cried to Nicole when she told her about the convo she’d had with Bay.
  • Day asked Kev why he was avoiding her. She questioned why he was in the hoh room consoling Christmas. (She’d told Bay she noticed it and told Bay about Kevin asking Day not to avoid him when he was otb) Kevin rambled a bunch of whiny stuff and tried to act like Day being otb was more stressful for him than it was to Day.  He said he did console Day, told her Bay had told him to get the f*ck away from her and after, he went to the hoh room. Day told him he wasn’t really consoling her and said he just came in and made a bunch of faces. He promised he’d use the veto on her if he won it. He told Day while everyone was focused on Dani, he watched for who was hanging out with Christmas. He said Cody was consoling her and he was in on it. (Ya think?)
  • Nicole talked to Christmas and said she was worried about the way Ian was acting. Christmas said she didn’t want people taking her noms and making it anything more than game. Nicole said it was just game.
  • Day, while talking to the cameras said “someone send this clip to Kaysar” and said “You were right, you were right.”
  • Day and Bay think Tyler is behind their nominations.
  • Memphis stayed up past his usual bedtime and said he’d had more muscle relaxers yesterday than the other days. (No wonder he’s fine just chilling and leaving everyone to wipe each other out)
  • David spoke to himself in the bedroom and said he wanted to go after Dani and Cody. He also said he wanted to get out Memphis since he put him otb. He was surprised Christmas didn’t put him up. (Enzo was in there sleeping while he said this, don’t  know if he ws asleep or not)

There should be a lot more to discuss after the veto comp so until then….

Have a great Saturday!

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