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Big Brother 22 Head of Household Spoiler

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Good evening, everyone!


Well, that was an interesting episode. Everyone got a pretty good edit except for Dani. They did not show very much of Ian allegedly yelling at Dani (which we didn’t get to see on feeds, but heard about it). Nor did they show him acting pretty spoiled and claiming he wasn’t going to go to the jury house if evicted. Nicole got herself a fantastic edit where they made her look like the damsel in distress from the big bad Dani and the rest of the Committee. They also completely excluded her talk about voting to keep Tyler but trying to pin the rogue vote on David which would not only make her look good to Ian but try to fracture the other side.

That said, the overall buildup was good and it was finally nice to have a little question heading into the eviction.  This was the 6th eviction and *checks notes* the first time anyone actually voted for the underdog in hopes they’d stay. That’s right. Every other week has been unanimous with the exception of 3 hinky votes and 1 loyalty vote (Kevin to Nicole). I guess now that people are heading to jury, there will be more split votes as others will be trying to win favor with the person leaving.


This is another big HoH week so I’ll stop wasting your time rambling on and just give you the spoiler:

Memphis won the power of veto


  • 9:45 pm – Christmas and Cody are havenots. Christmas was a bit upset that Da’Vonne picked her.  I’m guessing David picked Cody and there are only two because Ian was the third HN
    • Right now there are whispers of David going home.  Let’s assume he doesn’t target his alliance, his options are: David, Da’Vonne, Kevin, Christmas.
    • Christmas is probably out because Memphis has a good relationship with her, so we’re back to David, Da’Vonne, and Kevin battling it out yet again
    • Real small talk going on in the house right now. Memphis isn’t even planning on talking to people tonight
    • Cody in the kitchen telling David he is going to be havenot next week
    • He is half-joking I think but probably just bitter Memphis told David they’d go back and forth and David backed down.
    • Downstairs, Dani and Enzo are talking and Da’Vonne walks by. Dani tells Day that David and Cody are talking and she asks if David is still fake crying lol.  She isn’t a fan of him
    • Oh I forgot to mention, David is upset tonight because someone said something derogatory but any time it’s mentioned the feeds cut so that’s another we’ll put in the ole box of mystery
  • 11:00 pm – Everyone still waiting around for the HoH room so Memphis can sleep. He’s pacing the kitchen lol.
    • And once that happens, I’m going to bed myself because I’m an old man too
    • Christmas is talking to Nicole about being a HN. Apparently Da’Vonne mentioned something how Xmas put her on the block so this is kind of payback. So jingles was pissed
    • And once again they are speculating on the weeks.
    • Before I continue, both Nicole and Christmas said that Alex was ‘pretty good’.  No, she sucked and was an awful human. She mentioned something about Kevin’s ‘leathery skin’ and cancer and the dude ended up getting cancer. Fuck her. They’re surprised she’s not back in the house?
    • Anyway, back to the weeks. They try to figure out the doubles. Don’t they watch this show? I’m pretty sure every single season that I’ve blogged, the last week or so goes:
      • Thursday – eviction
      • Tuesday – Pre-taped eviction airing on Wednesday
      • Thursday – eviction
      • Wednesday – finale
    • So it’s not a double but there are always two knocked out in the week leading up to the final week.
  • David comes in and says ‘sorry I was yelling’ to Nicole.  I guess he had some blowup with her. Probably because her ridiculous plan to steal credit for his vote.
  • Anyway, switching off that cam. I can’t listen to Christmas longer than 5 minutes without wanting to stab my ears
    • Ok, I’m off to bed. Update in the morning



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