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Big Brother 22 Live Feed Updates For 8/25

August 26, 2020 | 51 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Every week around this time, I think real hard on how the underdog of the week can save themselves, and this week it’s of course Janelle. I do this not because I have favorites, but because I love watching flips so I always wonder how it’s possible to create one. Last week, I said NicoleA had to stage a big fight with Janelle and it turns out I was kind of right. NicoleF and others have said that Nicole’s anger at Janelle wasn’t convincing and they fully expected her to float back to Janelle if they kept her. Nicole really had to pull a Nicole’s Funeral and put Janelle on blast publicly but not so obvious that it’s an act.

Anyway, this week it’s Janelle and let’s just say that she’s screwed.  Da’Vonne said that keeping Nicole was better for her game, and she was right. It’s something she’ll regret, but she shouldn’t beat herself up too much because even if Nicole were still in the house, Janelle still needs 2 votes. She’d currently have Kevin, Bay, Day, and Nicole but she needs 6 to stay. Every single other person in the house is involved in their weird ass intertwined mess of multiple alliances.

But, back to reality and her chance to say. The only person Janelle really has to campaign to is her opponent on the block. Wait, what? Yes. She needs to campaign to Kaysar. Convince him that she has the better shot at advancing in this game (which is true) and tell him he needs to flip a switch and become a major threat to people these next few days.  He needs to go around and tell people if he stays and wins HoH, Memphis and David are going on the block with Nicole as a replacement. Why? Because those are the three people who are most likely to actually be scared of that threat.  Nicole will freak the hell out thinking she will be backdoored next week and may actually think it’s better for her game to get out Kaysar. Meanwhile, Janelle has to play the weak and defeated role.

As it stands, right now the entire house is looking at Janelle campaigning and Kaysar mailing it in and it’s just confirming their thought to vote her out. This house seems terrified of threats and that’s one of the few ways she can stay.  Now, I will add this disclaimer – Don’t bash Kaysar if he doesn’t do this. He has every right to want to stay in the house and play his game. He wouldn’t be ‘selfish’ if he rejected the idea. The huge reality is neither are going to actually make it far in the game at this point, but I’m just saying Janelle has a better chance if she secures a few people.

Before I begin, a huge thank you to my friend Amber for her generous donation. She is a very special person and has helped me behind the scenes for the past many years.


  • 12:45 pm – Alright, things already going
    • Dani and David had a pump up session in the bedroom. He was once again down on his game and she tried to pump him up (or be his hype man as she called it)
    • It’s very clear that David is very intimidated by Memphis so she is coaching him to have a sit down. It’s crazy because it sounds so much like a time in my 20s when a coworker coached me on how to sit down my boss for a conversation.
    • Dani does tell David there are people who wanted to flip him out last week but she won’t tell him who. That annoys him
  • In another room, Da’Vonne and Bay are complaining because they have to play today. This is in reference to production pushing them to wake up and get out of bed.
    • Da’Vonne basically comes out and says it’s because production wants them to keep gaming until they find a plan to keep Janelle as that’s who production wants to stay, but she doesn’t see a way of that happening
  • In yet another room, David and Janelle are talking and he’s being pretty blunt about his distrust of Janelle
    • He is really bitter that she campaigned to keep Nicole last week (GET OVER IT)
    • David is also upset because he feels Janelle manipulated him into saying who he was voting for in week one. She went up to him and said “You’re voting to keep Kevin, right?” along those lines. So he thinks she did that just to set him up
    • Janelle makes a pitch that if she stays, she’ll offer 3 weeks of safety and even play for him with the veto if he’s nominated.
    • David says “That’s something to consider, but keep in mind I was very close to Nicole and we spoke every night”. This means that he doesn’t trust her because of what Nicole told him.
    • Janelle says she didn’t do anything like that and it was all rumors from inside the house.
    • David says “well, you also didn’t stop it from happening” to which Janelle replies “How is that the case when you were pissed at me for wanting her to stay?”
    • (She caught him there in his own logic loop. In David’s mind, Janelle simultaneously talked shit about Nicole while also campaigned to keep her which both pissed off David. Doesn’t make sense)
    • David once again goes to the “you gamed against me” and Janelle points out she didn’t. She campaigned to keep her friend.
  • 2:15 pm – Kaysar is making a pretty weak pitch to Christmas

  • 2:50 pm – Kaysar has moved on to David
    • It’s so incredibly frustrating listening to David talk. So many people are basically trying to hold his hand through this game or at least the first half of the season and he’s making it impossible.
    • Da’Vonne and Bayleigh said they refuse to vote for him to leave
    • Janelle offers him 3 weeks of safety if she stays
    • Tyler has him under his wing
    • Dani pumps him up like a coach in a gym
    • Yet with all that, he’s still struggling to trust anyone. And it’s for good reason. According to David, he made a day 1 alliance with Jackson who ended up completely burning him. That’s a really rough start to a Big Brother career so I’m not holding it against him. It’s why it’s so frustrating to watch because from an outside observer I can see how many are actually trying to help him this season but he isn’t trusting anyone.

  • 6:30 pm – Alright, took a few hours off. Time to catch up
    • David re-told his conversation with Janelle to Bayleigh and she immediately goes and re-tells that conversation to Da’Vonne
    • Bay re-tells how Janelle told David he isn’t as safe or as good as he thinks he is. J told David that Da’Vonne was going to vote for NicoleA to stay
  • 10:15 pm – Da’Vonne, Bayleigh, and David are all in the love room talking about the rumors
    • The issue is that Janelle told David that Da’Vonne was tossing around the idea to vote him out last week
    • Da’Vonne keeps asking David why he didn’t just come to her first and he keeps deflecting it
    • David keeps saying how he walked into a house that was established.  Bro. Bro.. Come on. Look, you were screwed by that house but you were in the house playing the game. Sure, you had no chance in that cast because the racism but stop playing the complete noob role.
  • 11:45 pm – Da’Vonne is re-telling the entire David situation to Kevin
    • Christmas is finally done talking with Janelle. Da’Vonne enters
    • Da’Vonne asks J if she told David that Day was trying to flip the votes last week
    • Janelle says “Hell no! Why would I say that?”.  Janelle follows it up with asking how that benefits her at all
    • Janelle told him that she wants to work with Day and Bay but David just hates J
    • Janelle says that NicoleA must have said that to him
  • 12:30 am – Upstairs, Janelle is getting yet another dose of reality from Tyler that she doesn’t have the votes

With that, I’m off to bed


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