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Big Brother 22 – Monday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  It was fairly slow on the feeds so it was a good time to get out and enjoy what’s left of the summer.  Saturday was essentially a wash in the house because they sat around waiting allllll day to play the veto which didn’t begin until sometime around midnight and didn’t end until maybe 3:30 am or so.

Sunday, the house basically had a veto hangover and just kind of chilled. Sure, there were some whispers, but here is what I can remember from the weekend:

  • Janelle and Kaysar are on an island and clueless – These two are in really rough shape right now as they really believe Memphis is working with them and it was just some weird fluke that he nominated a person from their alliance (NicoleA).
  • Da’Vonne seems to be growing suspicious of the people she’s working with so she’s been trying to pick the brains of anyone she talks to of who is saying what. This is due to the fact that there are like 5 different alliances all with similar people just with a few overlaps. (I don’t know the exact number I just know it’s been a lot)  She wants to figure out if she’s part of the overlap or if she’s in the core (spoiler, she’s in the overlap)

Veto meeting is going to be held shortly and I don’t expect noms to change. And if the votes were cast today, NicoleA would be going home in a weird house vote landslide. What that means is if people actually voted how they wanted, it would be a very close vote. But what’s going to happen is the house is going to decide on who goes home and it becomes a landslide – like with Keesha.

Check back for updates!  I’ll begin live blogging once the feeds return from the veto meeting (which I expect to start around noon)

  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back. Veto not used. David or NicoleA will be leaving on Thursday
    • Sounds like Nicole gave a real good speech. Will it work? She has a long road to go but it’s possible.
    • Da’Vonne is telling NicoleA that if she can get NicoleF, you can get Ian and probably Cody
    • I think if that is the case, NicoleA has to convince people she’s not working with Janelle because NicoleF wants Janelle out and everyone associated with her.
    • NicoleA tells Da’Vonne she’s concerned because David says he has the votes so there is probably some big alliance that she’s not involved with (Da’Vonne already knows)
    • Da’Vonne says she’s definitely not a part of it (she’s part of at least one)
    • Da’Vonne says they let Enzo believe he’s a part of their alliance (this is true)
    • Day is honest with Nicole and says she just can’t vote against David. I was unsure if I wanted to even post this because I can see it causing a debate in the forums which I don’t want. She says there has never been an African American winner and with 3 on the same season she feels it’s fate so she’s going to support it. I know people will say ‘oh color shouldn’t play a role’, and you’re entitled to that opinion just as she’s entitled to her opinion. I have zero opinion on that but I am smart enough to read the room and know when something can cause controversy. I’m merely saying respect her opinion and don’t get mad because she wants a person of color to win. It would be no different if a woman had never won so all the women in the house were pulling for one.   Again, please no ridiculous debates over this. I’m just reporting the house.
  • 2:00 pm – NicoleA has moved on to NicoleF. I’m going to report it as ‘A’ and ‘F’ during this conversation if they say anything worth repeating.
    • F opens up by asking about Janelle and if she was trying to get F backdoored this week. ‘A’ immediately says yes. It’s good she’s distancing herself from Janelle. That’s her only chance
    • I’m changing it, F is now Fran and A is now Ant.
    • Ant feels set up by Janelle.
    • Fran tells Ant that All-Star isn’t just about comp. Ant has a good social game and that’s why she’s there.  Fran says she really likes Ant and now that she’s opened up, she feels better about their relationship.
    • Fran asks why Janelle wants her out and Ant says she doesn’t want to give anything specific. Fran asks if it was anything she did in the house and Ant says no. This is likely due to some weird thing she had going with Rachel. Apparently they had some online argument after Amazing Race because Fran screwed over Rachel.

  • 2:30 pm – Dani is in the bedroom chatting with Da’Vonne
    • Da’Vonne says she wants to be able to talk to Dani and not have her run back to Cody
    • Dani says Da’Vonne thinks her and Cody are way closer than they are
    • Day says Bayleigh told her she had a conversation with Dani and then shortly after, Cody basically repeated that back to Day
  • 3:20 pm – NicoleA is outside talking with Enzo
    • Nicole keeps sticking with the ‘Janelle screwed me over’ campaign while Janelle was literally in the bedroom crying because she feels Nicole is mad at her and she tried her hardest to keep her.
    • Enzo tells her he’s thinking of keeping Nicole but I don’t know if he’s just blowing smoke up her ass right now. She makes the argument that she’s overall weaker and David did better in the veto comp. Enzo agrees
  • Meanwhile, David is campaigning to Janelle
    • Sounds like Janelle is realizing that Nicole is gone and she’s already trying to work David a bit and saying he can work with her moving forward.
  • 5:15 pm – NicoleA tells Kevin what Da’Vonne told her about the race thing
    • Kevin says he thinks that’s pretty shitty. They were told during the sensitivity training that you can not nominate someone based on the color of their skin. Period. I mean that’s obvious,but it was apparently drilled into them. Well, Kevin feels it’s not much different if Da’Vonne is voting to keep someone solely for the color of their skin. Yea, that’s why I have no opinion on the topic because it’s a touchy subject that I’d rather stay very far from.

With that said, I’m going to step away for a bit. I’ll start a new thread in an hour or so



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