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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 8/31/20

September 1, 2020 | 12 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies and welcome to September! August feels like a quick flash for me but I never want summer to end so I’m not surprised. I wonder if it will seem strange planning for Halloween while still watching BB because that’s going to be a first.

A passive aggressive batttle is brewing and the lid on the pot was tilted yesterday. It didn’t blow off but but its definitely ajar. I’ll just sprinkle in a few things from yesterday and use most of the recap to go over what’s happening between Tyler and Cody because that’s what will effect this week and possibly next week. (NK covered the late night convos in detail at the top of the comment section in the last thread. They’re worth the read too.) For example:

Ian confiding to Kevin he’s figured out that Nicole and Cody are controlling the game.

I’m not saying the game only revolves around Cody and Tyler because neither of them may win. I’m saying, the direction of the game will mostly likely be decided by Cody and Tyler next week. Lots of other people are playing the game too. (some good and some bad)

I’d mentioned a while back, I could see this season turning into a game of control between Cody and Tyler and it’s finally starting to surface. Since the first week, Cody was in the best spot in the house. He was gathering alliances and shields in front of him. Tyler knew this but also knew he had to be patient. He needed to do the same but had more work to put in to make it happen. Tyler’s said repeatedly he isn’t having fun this time around and wishes he were home. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with having a girlfriend this time around but I think it’s partially because of his position in the game.

Nicole still isn’t happy about having to squeeze her own juice.

Tyler likes to be the one controlling the game. He’s a driver, not a passenger and this season he’s been in the passenger seat so far. He’d expected Kaycee and Josh to be in the house.  With them there, he’d have began the game with a group of 4. (because of Christmas) That would’ve put Tyler and Cody on about the same footing to start out. (This would’ve created more pairs and Janelle & Kaysar may not have been such big targets. It would also have been a cast of 4 winners instead of 2, which could make a difference later on)

Tylers lack of people may be what caused him to approacd Kaysar & Janelle to work with them the first week.  (It’s too bad they said no because we could be looking at an entirely different season) Tyler worked on DaVonne and patched things up with Bayleigh. (which he’d mostly done before the show) He made sure he and Christmas would still team up even tho Josh wasn’t there. (Josh and Tyler are friends) He was put in contact with David preseason thru Ovi, since Ovi is friends with both. David didn’t know the game, Bay didn’t fully trust him and Day is skeptical of everyone but this was his team, like it or not.

Cody knew who he could work with more quickly. Nicole was an easy one and it’s rumored Derrick put them together preseason.  (The 3 of them are friends and it’s recently came out, even Codys parents are invited to Nicoles wedding) Nicole and Dani are friends on the outside so she was a natural fit too.

There were rumors Dan got Memphis and Cody together. I’m more skeptical on this one since Memphis was an alternate and didn’t get called until a few weeks before. Regardless of how it happened, there was an instant comfort level between Cody and Memphis. I’m not bringing up the pregame stuff to get people riled up. I’m just painting the picture of who was on which team (potentially) between Cody and Tyler.

Christmas went otb and it looks like Kaysar will be leaving

Cody won the first hoh so Tyler decided to bro up. With Enzo dying to make Brigade 2.0, it was a no brainier. They created 3 main alliances, the first being just the 3 of them. There’s the one with Day, Bay, Cody and Enzo. (leaving Tyler out- Connect 4) The other was with Dani, Nicole, Cody and Tyler. (leaving Enzo out-The Core) Tyler had his side thing with Day and Bay just like Cody had his with Nicole and Dani. Tyler made all his final 2’s which put Christmas and David with him. Cody did the same by making one with Memphis and he was also closer to Enzo than Tyler.

Grandpa Memphis

I’m not factoring in Memphis’ 6 person alliance since Cody and Tyler are both in it. I’m also not factoring in the side agreements Cody and Tyler have made with people like Kevin. These arn’t real alliances or people they can depend on anyway.

Day told Bay she thought the guys wanted Bay to be their Victoria and she said it was insulting

Using a Brigade style strategy, all the people in the 2 main alliances brought in a side person to give them more numbers and shields. They refer to them as parachutes, side chicks and sometimes side pieces. (I hate that one, sounds like a booty call) The side people are where all the gaming stems from and it’s also why it has been harder for players (and us) to figure out who’s really working together.

Tyler and Cody linked up the first week and then Tyler laid low. (too low) This gave Enzo time to get closer to Cody. Dani began trying to pit people against each other by twisting peoples words and spreading things. Day kept questioning the loyalty of the people she was working with.  The obvious battle was how to get Janelle and Kaysar out but the underlying one was whose side person would go first. (Nicole gets this, it’s why she protects Ian. Dani gets it too, it’s why she tries to reel in people like David and Kevin to her) Janelle and Kaysar are a wash because they would’ve gone after both Tyler and Cody.

Kaysar told Day she had to watch out for the alliance of 4-Cody, Tyler, Nicole. Dani

I felt Cody scored the 1st point because Dani and Nicole seemed more loyal to him than anything Tyler had going on. Tyler scored the 2nd one tho.  Not only was he able to keep David when he was otb, he was able to convince people like Cody, Nicole and Dani, keeping David was good for their own games, rather than Tyler’s.

Tyler would have an advantage because no one suspects he’s close to Christmas but it’s offset by no one knowing Cody has a side deal with Memphis. (We’ll have to see what happens with Memphis’ back before giving a point on that one)

Nicole cried again

Tyler started hinting at Dani being a problem almost from the beginning. Neither trusted the other but he won her over quickly. She trusts him but he doesn’t trust her. He knows Dani is a number for Nicole and Cody. He also knows Ian  is a number for Cody’s side. Tyler has played along when their group has talked about getting out Day. He’d rather keep her but Bay is really the one he’s trying to keep. Cody has the same thing with Nicole. He wants to keep Dani but hell lose her over Nicole.

Day and Dani kept coming up as people who would have to leave soon and this has been going on for a while. It picked up steam when Day started giving away she didn’t trust the guys and they caught Dani being the source of so much stuff. Enzo is all about the boys even tho he wants to work with some of the women….for a while.

Dani tried getting info out of Tyler last night. Didn’t happen.

Tyler was ready to go to Bay and Day about Dani when David did all the stupid stuff he did last week. This caused a setback so he waited until he repaired everything with Bay and Day. After Dani’s hinky vote, the wall yeller and Dani getting caught in even more things, Tyler made his move. I don’t think the wall yeller worried Tyler as much as him finding out Dani had told Nicole about the Slick 6 alliance. (It’s the fake one they made to appease Day and Bay. Nicole isn’t in it) He also found out Cody knew that Dani had told Nicole but didn’t tell him. I think this is when more pieces fell into place and Tyler didn’t want to wait.  It makes more sense when you factor the way Tyler has been talking about the season. He’s said he wished he hadn’t came, he’d rather be home and he missed Angela. It’s only been a few days since he thought David blew up his game and he worried he’s an even bigger target now. He’s said he’d rather go home early than be one of the first people in jury. Tyler decided to roll the dice and use the ‘go big or go home’ approach.

With Enzo as the hoh, Tyler tried to prod him to use this week to back door Dani. It was clear Enzo was ready for Dani to go but he’s also ready for Day to go too. He made it clear, he didn’t want it to happen this week. (I’ll address Enzo wanting Kaysar out sometime before Thursday but he’s leaving so it isn’t that crucial to the game anymore, sadly) Unlike Dani, Tyler knows when to back off so he did but not entirely. He’s used the past couple days to get the next target put on Dani instead of Day.

He stayed in Enzos ear and got him pumped up about Dani being a bigger problem than Day. He talked to Cody and basically tricked him into saying he was fine with Dani leaving. Both of them say this stuff all the time and when Cody does it, he always means ‘ya, they’ll have to go soon’ but it’s very noncommittal. It’s the same way Tyler says ‘Bay and Day both have to go’ but slips in how they should keep Bay because she’d be loyal to them.

One of the ways Tyler got Enzo on his side over the Dani vs Day thing has been his attitude. Enzo loves a cut throat game, he just doesn’t want to be the one to do it. Why would he? He’s playing an amazing social game and no one is talking about getting him out. Tyler started telling Enzo he’d back door Dani and said “I dont give a shit.” He said “I’ll just ask everyone to nod their heads if they think they’re working with Dani and tell her to take a seat.” Enzo ate it up and starting telling Christmas, Day and Bay how Tyler was an animal and dead behind the eyes. He’d say “we’ve got to work with that guy, yo.”

I know the background of all this is lengthy but we didn’t get here by accident. Tyler did a few big things over the past couple of days. First he got Cody to be more vocal about needing to get rid of Dani by telling him Dani approached him about the hinky vote and other things. (even if Cody didn’t mean it) Second, after working on Enzo, he got Enzo and Cody together yesterday morning. After pumping up Enzo, the three debated who should go first. This allowed Tyler to make a few comments to support taking Dani out first but left Enzo saying a lot of it. Cody kept saying Day should go first and he was persistent enough that it looked like he was pushing too hard to keep Dani. He also seemed too persistent about keeping Ian and Nicole. Enzo kept saying Dani needed to be first.

This happened right after Cody came clean to Enzo about the Committee alliance with Memphis. I think Cody could see Tyler was getting too close to Enzo. Enzo liked Tyler’s way of saying he’d go after the women and didn’t care anymore if it blew his game up. This was a way for Cody to reel him back in because of the way he tried to approach it. Cody made it sound like ‘I need to tell you about this, Tyler hasn’t told you, now that I’ve told you let’s get Tyler, tell him it’s ok to tell you and make a F3.’

Tyler rushed to tell Day and Bay that Dani was trying to get people to target them. He told Enzo he told them and gave him a heads up that they’d probably want to talk to Enzo and Cody. Tyler said he told Day and Bay that Cody and Enzo knew but said he’d just told them. Enzo was fine with this and confirmed everything to Bay and Day a little while later.

Day and Bay waited for Cody to come to them but Cody waited for Day and Bay to come to him. He told Enzo he’d just deny knowing anything about it. This looked suspicious to Day and Bay since Cody was the only one not telling them anything about it. Cody started adding Tyler’s name to the list of people who were screwing up their games. He went from saying it was Day and Dani to telling Enzo it was Day, Dani and Tyler.  Enzo seemed oblivious and kept telling Cody to “chill, yo” because Enzo didn’t see the problem. (The problem is, Cody doesn’t really want Dani to go but Enzo does)

Cody telling Enzo that Tyler is becoming a problem

Tyler and Cody both have the same kind of game as far as the moves they want to make. The difference is, Tyler moved much faster yesterday than Cody expected him to move. Tyler got the ‘take out Dani’ plan going before Cody could take it back so this point goes to Tyler. Cody’s a good player, this isn’t over by any means and I’m curious how it’s going to go.

Kevin and Day late at night

Day and Bay may undo all the work Tyler put in because Day has already told Kevin and Bay confronted Cody about it even tho they both told Tyler they wouldn’t say anything. Kevin will probably tell Dani and Cody may fill Nicole in if there’s an attempt to save Dani.

Cody getting questioned by Bay

I didn’t talk much about Kaysar because on one hand, Day should be trying to keep him for a number. She’s already said she regretted getting rid of Janelle. (we knew that was coming) On the other hand, if Christmas is with Tyler and Day is going to trust Tyler, she really shouldn’t be evicting Christmas but….Christmas is with Nicole too and as of a couple days ago, she planned to put up Day and Bay but……Tyler can probably talk her out of it but…..Tyler is one of the people Kaysar would go after. Because of all this, keeping Kaysar doesn’t seem to be in consideration as of now so I’ll cover more of that tomorrow.

Kevin’s still happy since he took himself off the block. He’s probably going to ruin any chance he has by running to Dani today and telling her everything.

This may all blow up today because Day and Bay simply don’t know how to use game info but we’ll wait and see. I’ve left out several things from yesterday because of length so I’ll try to include them in the next one.

Have a great Tuesday!

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