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Big Brother 22- Monday Recap for 9/21/20

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Good morning all! I’d love to say ‘you won’t beleive everything that happened in the BB house yesterday’ but I can’t. It was a pretty dull day except for a small stovetop fire when David was making fries. I don’t know who everyone’s rooting for or if your faves have already left the house. I’ve had several and the last one will most likely be leaving Thursday. Once Day is gone, I suppose I’ll be rooting for chaos.  I’ll  watch to see which guys backstab each other, who Christmas turns her anger on next and if Dani & Nicole realize they shouldn’t have evicted most of the women.  It’s the way I had to watch BB16. (this season definitely has a BB16 vibe with a splash of BB19) Of course, the chaos never happened that season and it’s why, to me, BB16 was one of the most boring seasons.


David’s fire reminded me of Kaysars ‘burn it to the ground’ comments. Symbolic of this season, perhaps?

This isn’t meant to be depressing and in fact, it’s intended as a bit of a pep talk. (yeah, I know, I’d never make it as a therapist) Many of us are sick of the direction this season has gone so I guess, I’ll just throw out a suggestion for a way to still enjoy it. If you can’t cheer for someone to win, sometimes you have to cheer for someone’s demise.

Just as players tend to repeat certain habits, so do fans and frankly, we’re a hilarious bunch!  It’s because were so predictable. A week before the season, we start getting ourselves pumped up. The 1st or 2nd week, we pick our faves and the cheering begins. By around week 3 or 4, we’re feeling sorry for ourselves because once again, our favorite isn’t very good at the game. Sometime around the halfway mark, we start saying it’s the worst season ever. Give it a couple more weeks and ‘the show should be cancelled’ comments start. Around 2/3 of the way, we find ourselves rooting for someone we couldn’t stand the first half of the game. It’s usually a player that’s completely clueless but now, they’ve become the underdog so it makes them more likable. We hang in there a little while longer, just so we can cheer when a couple people we despise get evicted. We’ll wrap things up by (sometimes) being disappointed in who the jury chooses to win, swearing we are done with this stupid show……until next summer, of course. As BB fans, it’s who we are and it’s what we do. I just embrace that fact and laugh at myself for it because it really does make it easier.  OK, I don’t want to overload you with happiness, so I better get to the recap:

  •  Tyler didn’t use the veto. (I think he told Day in advance) It isn’t like they thought he was going to use it anyway.
  • Day made a speech that annoyed a lot of them. We’ll have to wait to find out what she said but I heard it described as ‘harsh, sounding like quitting’ and ‘calling people out.’ Day mentioned calling out Memphis, Tyler and David. She also made a reference about Christmas being used to take out Bay.
  • Day told Kevin and Dani she wasn’t going to put herself through what some of the others had experienced.  She mentioned the way people like Kaysar, Janelle, Keesha and Ian were made fun of when they campaigned. Day said “they shit on Ian for playing the game. I watched it. They’re not gonna do that to me. F*ck them.”
  • Day said she wanted to stay but was ok knowing she was probably leaving.  She told Kevin he would probably be going next and told Dani, she would probably be right after him. (possibly true, just not for the reason Day thinks)
  • David told Kevin he thought it was a bad game move for Day to call people out right before the veto decision was made. Kevin said they both just don’t give a shit at this point. (If you don’t watch feeds, it sounds like Day and Kevin have given up but that isn’t really this situation.  They may have some of the people named wrong but they know what’s going on in the house. They’re aware the decision has already been made about who’s leaving Thursday. They both want to stay, they just don’t see the point in allowing people to humiliate them. That isn’t the same as giving up.)
  • Kevin asked Day if anyone had said anything to her about her speech. Day said no but said “I know flag day is having a fit about it.” She said “she (Christmas) gets so salty every time I bring up putting me and Bay otb. Why you getting so mad? You did it. ” Day mentions Christmas getting mad and saying “you were not my target!”
  • Most of the day, everyone avoided Day (except for Dani) and she avoided them as well.  Some of the guys made comments about not wanting to get stuck in a room with her and having to listen to her campaign. (They’re safe because unless she changes her mind, she doesn’t plan to do it)
  • Christmas questioned Dani about Day giving her a hug. She brought up Day calling her out in her speech. Dani told her she thought it was directed at the guys. (This convo didnt last long since Christmas couldn’t get what she needed out of it)
  • Kevin brought up again the possibility to day the Dani knew what was going on last week, Nicole being the vote flip and David maybe telling the truth. Day is certain it can’t be true because she said there’s no way Nicole was going to screw her twice. She said she’s asked Nicole and told Kevin she would have told me. Kevin said there was no way Nicole would tell her if she had done it and Day disagreed. She said she’d talk to Nicole again.
  • Day asked Nicole about the vote. She began by saying “don’t be mad at me or upset with me for asking but I need to ask one more time….” She said game aside, she needed to know for reasons outside the house. She explained how bad it would be for Day to be trashing David this whole time (and some of the specific things she’s said to him) if he wasn’t guilty. Nicole swore again she voted to keep Ian. Day said something about the way people made fun of Ian and Nicole looked panicked.
  • Nicole realized Day was talking about Ian campaigning. She was relieved that’s what she meant but stopped looking at Day.  She couldn’t seem to make eye contact with her anymore. (The social aspect of the game is still happening even when we’re  frustrated with it. You could see Nicole’s body language completely change. She doesn’t want to get caught but I absolutely think she felt guilty too) Once Day left. Nicole said to herself she would tell Day, she just didn’t know when.
  • Nicole, bogged down with a mix of guilt and fear of getting caught, talked to Dani. They gave themselves a pep talk, recreated history and said a bunch of stuff that wasn’t true.
  • Day told Kevin she’d just spoken to David too. She wanted to let him know her speech was about people wanting to use him in the game. She said it wasn’t anything personally negative about him.
  • Kevin told Day, he still thinks the votes last week could be a set up (not from David) because Dani had urged them not to vote out Tyler, (I don’t remember her doing that but maybe she did) He thinks Dani was trying to look out for them.  Day said Dani would’ve told them more directly and again, said Nicole wouldn’t do this to her twice.
  • Memphis and Christmas talked about the plan ahead and David if he won hoh. They both think they’re fine with him and could get him to put up Kevin and Dani. He doesn’t want to suggest names to David tho. Christmas said she could probably talk to him. There was more of how they’re great and everyone else sucks. She also thinks Day is one of the people Day pointed at and called out in her speech. (She isn’t but who could convince this woman everything isn’t about her?)
  • Christmas talked to David and tried to make him think she has his back. (This was a conversation Steve covered in detail yesterday that seemed to have him fed up with listening to Christmas’ voice) She offered to tell Day that Nicole was the liar, not David in her goodbye msg. All of this was for the low, low price of safety for 2 hoh’s. She made him pinky swear to this deal…..and swear on crossfit. (No. I’m not making this shit up!) She tried to convince him Dani, Nicole and Day came in with a pregame alliance. She also said she didn’t  want to be know as that girl who took out all the women. (No worries, Nicole already holds that title. Christmas will get ‘Miss Congeniality,’ of course! Duh!)
  • Nicole asked Christmas about her talk with David and repeated some of what she’d said to Dani earlier. Nicole said she would be mad if David won and put her otb.  They appeared to take turns being confused. Nicole didn’t know why David was going around the house blaming her for flipping the vote. Christmas reminded her that David obviously knew he hadn’t done it. They discussed why David suspected Nicole at all and Nicole reminded Christmas, she was the only one it could’ve been. Christmas wondered why David didn’t suspect Day or Kevin. Christmas also didn’t get why Day would call David out like she did. Nicole said it was because of the vote. She said she didn’t know they were close and now she feels bad.  Nicole said “alls I did was not vote the way Day thought I was voting. I did nothing more and nothing less.” She said it was just a game move and it worked, she knows Day will never vote for her if she’s at the end and said Day will be shocked to learn it isn’t just a boys alliance.

This is such bullshit from Nicole. Everyone she’s repeating this to knows the truth so it’s for the audience and possibly to convince herself. Nicole knew the problem it would cause, it was discussed prior to doing it AND it’s one of the reasons she did it. It’s not where it started but she said herself, this was the bonus. Like she said, it worked. She’s just worried it won’t be seen as a game move and has said as much.  For the record, this WILL probably cause Day to take to take heat from people for the personal aspect of it against David. However, it WAS a game move and both things can be true. It isn’t Nicoles responsibility to make sure Day doesn’t look bad for not trusting David. David has also given Day reasons not to trust him, more than once. I can’t stand Nicole’s victim game or her obsession with her edit but she can’t be single handedly blamed for Day not trusting David.

Do I think it was a crapy thing to do to people who were already beaten down in the game?  Yes. Was there a potential game benefit to doing it?  Yes.  I know they were outnumbered but let’s say Day won this last hoh.  How much do the odds increase that she puts David on the block because of what she thought had just happened with the vote? They possibly increase by alot.  There was a game benefit to doing this even if it was harsh.  If Nicole makes it to F2, loses by 1 vote and that 1 vote is Days, then obviously, it will have been a bad game move.

  • Nicole cut lots of potatoes and David tried to make fries. When the stovetop caught on fire, Cody went for a fire extinguisher. He spent too long trying to read the instructions so Memphis grabbed it, used it and put out the fire. (It wasn’t the kind of impressive display we witnessed with Sam during BB20 when she put out Brett’s oven/bacon fire but who could compete with that? She came running thru the house like a warrior-firefighter mixed with the speed of Usain Bolt)
  • Cody told the story to all who missed it saying “Memphis ripped it out of my hand” and he was quite impressed. It’s a good thing he did because it was a grease fire and Cody said he was close to throwing water on it.  How old are these people again?
  • Christmas spent dinner trying to make everyone feel guilty because she was on slop. When Nicole complimented the food, Christmas said “yeah, mines so pretty too, it’s yummy.”
  • Nicole and Tyler talked about Kevin being jealous of Cody because people like him and Kevin talking about her. Nicole said “I’m freakin’ smart and I know when people talk shit about me.” Nicole points out how she never talks about people, looks around to make sure Kevin isn’t outside and proceeds to talk about Kevin. She told Tyler about a time Kevin was very passive aggressive towards Nicole.
  • Nicole got nervous when Tyler joked and told her that Kevin was in the yard….during her story.
  • Once in bed in the have not room, Christmas still wasn’t finished complaining about Day. She told Cody all about the way Day called her out at the veto ceremony and started blaming Day for her Zing. She said “I know where my zing came from.” She also talked about the evening she got into it with Bay. While talking about Day, Christmas said “she f*cking charged towards me. I was like, is this bitch really gonna get in my face? Bay had to get in front of her to keep her from coming at me.” (That’s sooooo not what happened) Christmas also informed Cody and the rest of us that Day was a sore winner when she won the veto and is emotionally driven. She said that’s why Day wouldn’t accept her apology after the argument. (She did accept it) She said Day was like Kaysar because she said he “was very self defecating.” I’m going to assume she meant self deprecating, otherwise this is an entirely different conversation and one I don’t want to recap.

Dani became very quiet and engrossed in reading her food packaging when Day and Kevin began discussing how people had set up others to take the fall for things in the game.

Have a great Tuesday!




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