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Big Brother 22 – Nomination Spoilers Plus Feed Updates

August 8, 2020 | 43 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

I expected them to take a tad longer doing their first nomination so I fell asleep, but this was a quick one and before I knew it, noms were done!

Enough about me, let’s cut the rambling and get right to what you want to know:

Kevin and Keesha are nominated

It’s really hard to get the vibe on who is in bigger trouble right now. I feel Keesha has the back of the Old School players but Cody is kind of leaning on getting her out.

Alright let’s jump into the updates:

  • 6:30 pm – Cody was upstairs doing a little damage control with Kevin while Keesha was in the bathroom venting. FNicole heads on up to get the gossip because she refuses to just lay low.
  • Keesha then heads upstairs to chat with Cody. He begins with the damage control to pull the ‘well I didn’t really know who to nominate’ card.
  • On the bright side, maybe we’ll finally see Keesha this week. She hasn’t really been active on the feeds much so it’ll be good to hopefully see her wake up

And mid-update thank you to Michele and Sara for your donations!

  • Cody is trying real hard to mist Keesha by saying the same stuff he did to Kevin “oh, I’m not really after you” but it’s pretty clear she’s not buying it. She’s agreeing with him but in a passive tone. Pretty awkward conversation.
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  • In the other room, Dani is talking about how much she loves everyone so far. Nicole is trying to pick her brain but Dani is the one doing the picking. She’s putting herself in a good spot right now (Dani)
  • I’m going to say it, Nicole is super boring. She was refreshing in a cast full of really awful people and maybe she’ll be the same this year but holy shit she’s boring
  • Keesha is shocked to find out FNicole and Victor weren’t a showmance. She was with someone else during that season.
  • Dani is talking with Enzo in the other room and says that BB asked Britney to come on and she said no. So it’s pretty clear Dani was on her batphone calling former houseguests to pregame a strat. It’s just a question of who.

  • 9:00 pm – Many are in the kitchen while the rest are together playing charades.
  • 11:00 pm – Memphis and Keesha are chatting privately. She is feeling a bit confident about her chances but still unsure

  • 12:45 am – There is a lot of whispering going on in the house
    • Kaysar is chatting with Keesha while Kevin is chatting with Day and Nicole
    • Keesha is realizing that the Old Schoolers are kind of on an island because she was in an alliance with Memphis in the past and Kaysar and Janelle are close.
    • The issue is, Memphis doesn’t seem to be picking up on that. Memphis told Keesha that he feels they should throw the PoV. So Keesha is unsure if she can even pick him to play for her at this point because he’s so out there
    • Kaysar is in a panic over this because he’s confident Keesha is the target while in the other room, Nicole is thinking that Kevin is the target because she feels that you put Memphis up next to Keesha if you want her to go.
    • So now Kaysar is waiting to try and get a hold of Memphis
  • Moving on. Kaysar moves to the bathroom and continues his panic at Janelle as he waits to try and talk to Memphis
    • Kaysar tells her to be careful because there is probably an all-girl alliance
    • He tells her that Bayleigh told him about the all-girl alliance.  FNicole, Dani, Christmas, and Keesha.
    • Janelle is telling Kaysar they have to keep a low profile and not gun for a veto tomorrow. He starts laughing. He’s going a bit crazy with paranoia. She tells him to throw the veto. He says he needs Memphis to win. Janelle says he never will but Kaysar insists he’ll convince him to win.

Houseguests are just about packed for bed. Unless of course Kaysar gets a second wind, but that will be covered in the morning. Off to bed

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