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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 10/3/20

October 4, 2020 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! There wasn’t any rain for the wedding yesterday so that was great! I had to catch up on BB since I usually check in throughout the day but yesterday, I didn’t at all. Except for the veto comp and some alcohol, there wasn’t too much going on. However, when I left for the wedding, Christmas was still the target. By the time I checked in again, Tyler was in big trouble. I guess that’s what happens when you get down to people who are mostly working together. It doesn’t take much for things to change.

I still think taking out Christmas is the better move. No, she isn’t as big of a comp threat and no, they don’t really need Tyler to go after Memphis so they can hide an alliance. What Nicole, Cody and Enzo DO need is to avoid 2 of them going otb together. Tyler is still their best shot for one of them to go up with Memphis as the other person otb. Cody can either keep someone he’s working with or let Memphis keep someone he’s working with. I think Cody should still be wanting Christmas to go. Enzo should too, even though he has a wiseguy alliance with Christmas. It seems, Christmas  has changed her mind and she doesn’t want Enzo getting to the end anymore. It’s a gamble either way and I don’t think evicting Tyler is necessarily a bad move. It’s just, the best chance to get to F2 is to get to F3.  For Nicole, Cody and Enzo, the best way to do that is to keep all of them there another week and that happens by controlling the vote. That can’t happen if 2 of them are otb.


  • Nicole cam talked about how yesterday was supposed to be her wedding day but put it off so she could play BB. (Like her or not, she does love this game)
  • Christmas cam talked about her game and plans. (It was funny when she surrounded herself with the blow ups, got them situated just like she wanted, said good morning to us and the camera cut away from her) It came back eventually and she went thru her game. She had some things right and some wrong. She knows she can’t trust Enzo and wants to avoid going otb with Memphis. That’s the worst case for her and she thinks it will send Memphis home.
  • Christmas told Memphis she thinks Enzo has a F3 with Cody and Nicole. She said they need to move past Nicole and target Cody instead. She doesn’t think Nicole will win the comps.
  • Shortly before the veto comp, Tyler told Enzo about the Committee. Tyler said he thought they might try to take Enzo out if he came off the block. He told Enzo that he’d been telling Cody they should tell Enzo about the Committee. He said Triple Threat had always been his real alliance. Tyler tried to convince Enzo the real reason Cody put him otb was because he took a shot at Dani and Nicole, who were in the Committee. He said they would’ve wanted him to take the shot at Enzo since Enzo wasn’t part of the Committee.
  • Cody won the veto.

The week Tyler lost BB (in my opinion):

As of now, the target has changed to Tyler. It could change again and he might stay this week. If he stays, he’ll have to win out from here. Otherwise, he can’t wint the game. Tyler didn’t know Cody already told Enzo about the Committee but that isn’t his biggest problem. Tyler tanked his game the week he tried to quit. (I don’t mean the first week, when he talked about wanting to leave all the time, I’m talking about when Christmas was the hoh)  Before that week, Tyler, Cody and Enzo were a trio but Enzo was obviously closer to Cody. When Tyler told Enzo he’d put Dani otb and get her out, Enzo loved it because he wanted her out too. He liked the unemotional way Tyler approached the game and said that to Cody. I’d written about an upcoming power struggle between Tyler and Cody because that’s the way I saw the house at the time. Enzo started (for the first time) disagreeing with Cody over their next moves in the game. This was also when Cody started getting grouchy and complaining all the time. (It’s also the only time he thought he might not get his way)  Even though they had the Triple Threat alliance, Cody and Tyler were trying to line up their own numbers. Cody had Dani, Nicole, Enzo and Memphis. (This was before Christmas got close to Memphis) Tyler had Bay, David, Christmas and was trying to get Day.  Tyler had a bigger challenge since he and David had already had an issue and Bay and Day weren’t sure if they could trust him. He gave Bay and Day the info about Dani wanting to go after them, hoping it would gain trust. During this time, Tyler didn’t know Christmas wanted to target Bay because she’d been spending alot of time with Nicole. By the time Christmas won the hoh, it was too late. Since Tyler had been checked out of the game, these things happened:

  1. Tyler saw he couldn’t talk Christmas out of putting Bay and Day otb so he had to just go with it. (She was being influenced by someone else)
  2. The work Tyler had put in with Enzo failed because Tyler didn’t stay on top of it. Instead, Cody, recognizing Enzo was getting closer to Tyler, told Enzo about the Committee. (It was a ‘see, I told you but Tyler didn’t’ move and it worked)
  3. When Bay and Day told on Tyler for the info he’d given them, Tyler told Christmas to put him otb and evict him. Christmas, who thought she had a F2 with him, probably felt abandoned and began looking for back up plans. (Memphis & Enzo)
  4. Because Christmas wasn’t sure if Tyler would stick with the game, she stopped telling him everything and this is a big one. Cody has the advantage of knowing about the wiseguys. What if Christmas had told Tyler about it? Tyler would’ve already known he didn’t really have Enzo. He may not have counted on his vote to take out Nicole. Most importantly, if Tyler knew about wiseguys, he’d know he couldn’t trust that the Triple Threat alliance was real.

This isn’t Christmas’ fault, it’s Tyler’s. When your #1 tries to leave the game, it’s going to change the trust level you have and how much you think you can depend on that person going forward. That was the critical week Tyler might have gained the upper hand over Cody but it was over almost as soon as it started. While Cody was playing BB, Tyler was trying to find the exit door. Tyler eventually snapped out of it but it was time lost. It was time Tyler couldn’t afford to lose because Cody already had the better setup and more loyal people.

 Back to the Recap:

  • Memphis assured Christmas she had the votes needed and told her to stay calm. She said she was but he said she was already asking about votes.
  • Tyler appeared pretty upset. Apparently, he timed out of the comp. (Enzo timed out too bit maybe he threw it) Enzo warned Tylet that Christmas had already started campaigning. He told Tyler to take some time to get himself together and then start campaigning too.
  • Enzo told Christmas that Cody probably wasn’t using the veto but said it didn’t matter. She had Enzo and Memphis’ votes to stay.
  • Enzo told Cody about Tyler telling him about the Committee before the veto comp. As they were talking, Tyler came in and broke up the convo. Tyler told them there’s no way Nicole and Memphis will keep him and he knows he’s gone. Cody told him that wasn’t true. Tyler asked why Nicole would keep him when he’d just tried to vote her out.
  • Cody talked to Nicole about switching up the plan. He said Tyler had told Enzo about the Committee. Nicole asked how Enzo took it and Cody said he trusted them so he didn’t care. Nicole said that showed Tyler would do anything to win. He said he thinks is it’s best to go ahead and take out Tyler now. Cody was worried if they pushed Memphis too hard to get Chriatmas out and Tyler stayed, Memphis and Tyler could team up. Nicole, who had gotten on board with Christmas leaving earlier, agreed to take out Tyler. She went thru (again) how Tyler a terrible player and the biggest liar she’s ever seen. She said the biggest flaw in Tyler and Christmas’ games was trying to vote her out. Cody said if they were going to get Tyler out, he wanted to make him feel safe and then blindside him.
  • Enzo let Tyler know that Memphis plans to vote him out.
  • Enzo and Nicole discussed making sure Memphis would put up Christmas if she stayed and he won hoh. Nicole said she’d be fine up against Christmas but they couldn’t have Memphis putting up 2 of them together. (It’s the whole reason they were gonna keep Tyler)
  • Christmas was starting to get a little worried and talked to Cody. He told her he liked both Tyler and Christmas, it wasn’t personal and didn’t have a target in mind. He said the choice was limited but told her he did feel as if she’d been more honest with him in the game than Tyler had been.  She asked that he look at the way she plays the game, this season and her other one and let that help decide who should stay. She said she didn’t want to trash Tyler and play that kind of game.
  • Cody told Memphis they should probably take out Tyler since he messed up so bad in the comp. They agreed they may not have the chance again since he’s good in comps. Memphis said he needed to go because before every comp, Tyler is the only one he worries about winning. Enzo agreed with them and said it would be good for Cody too. He said Codys hoh’s had been week. Enzo said Cody couldn’t be at the end acting like he’d made big moves by saying he’d taken out Keesha and Kevin. All three started laughing and Memphis was shocked Enzo came out and said it. Memphis said a player like Tyler would be in the DR laughing at all of them if they have a chance to get him out and didn’t take it.
  • Alcohol was left in the storage room which took them longer than usual to discover. The feeds were down and when they came back, it was obvious the hgs had been drinking. (Except Nicole, she’s a have not, she was napping)
  • Cody and Enzo said they think Christmas would put up Cody and Nicole if she wins the next hoh and Enzo said he’d put up Memphis and Christmas. (He later changed this to Nicole and Christmas) Cody said he didn’t want to be cut Nicole before Christmas and hoped she’d just win the hoh and put up Memphis and Christmas  for them. Enzo talked about Nicole getting to the F2. He said he wanted Cody to win if he didn’t get to the end himself and said if Nicole was in the F2, she’d win the game.  Cody didn’t agree and said they’d be the F2 anyway. Enzo noticed that he, Cody and Memphis hadn’t gone otb yet this season.

Have a great Sunday!

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