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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 8/22/20

August 23, 2020 | 58 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I have to say, if Janelle has to leave, I’m glad the start of it happened while I was sitting on a deck, looking out over a lake. Its taken some of the sting out of it for me. The hgs have continued to cooperate with me this weekend by not giving me much to recap.

I liked this image because it almost looks like Janelle is getting her “cat claws” ready.

From my recaps, it’s no secret I’m in the Janelle/Kaysar camp and as Steve said yesterday, her game hasn’t been great. I’m wasn’t someone who thought Janelle was an amazing well rounded player to start with so I’m not delusional as to why she’s leaving. (at least, in part) She didn’t mend fences but Nicole wasn’t open to mending them either. Janelle also planned to work with Dani (who was probably supposed to keep a handle on Nicole) but Dani began trying to evict her on day one. (Maybe Dani wouldn’t have done it if Kaysar hadn’t been there, we’ll never know) The reality is, Janelle was going to be a target no matter what she did and she knew it.  She’s always been great at comps, tough as nails, extremely loyal, recognizes it’s only a game and super funny to watch. That’s really why she’s loved by so many people. Yes, she finished in the top 3 one season but most people don’t see her as one of the best “players” of all time. Her social skills sometimes (often) suck and I agree with Steve about her game this season too.  She’s one of the most iconic players of all time and that’s why we’re sad for her to go, not because she plays so well.

I loved this pic with NicA in the background but forgot to use it before she was evicted.


There’s more nostalgia than great game play when it comes to Janelle and Kaysar. I never get super attached to any of these people but running across video clips this week from all 3 times they’ve played together even got me a little emotional. They’re quite the duo and I’m thankful for the 3 weeks I got to have them back on my screen again, so thank you BB production. Well done. I could listen to their conversations about practically nothing and be more entertained than the other hgs talking game.

A little Janelle and Kaysar trivia for ya if you have seen the older seasons: They’ve played this game together 3 times. All 3 times they’ve played together, they’ve been put on the block together. The first 2 times, Kaysar was the one evicted and if plans don’t change, Thursday night will be the first time Kaysar has ever been inside the BB house without Janelle.

House activity from yesterday:

  • It sounded as if Bay apologized but I don’t  think it helped. Nicole told Dani she’s still upset over the comment Bay made about her shomances.
  • Christmas made a big deal out of hearing that Janelle planned to go off on Nicole after the veto comp. (She probably made it up) She and Dani practiced what Nicole would say and how she would handle it. (Janelle would never do this and wouldn’t need to) Christmas suggested saying something about not wanting to engage in a hostile conversation. Nicole asked Christmas what the word ‘hostile’ meant. (not joking)
  • Enzo won the safety suite, used it on Christmas and Cody won the veto.
  • Christmas got her punishment which involves carrying a stuffed “star baby” around and attending its needs. She named it “Enza,” I’m guessing since he used the safety on her.  (The star baby seems to hate Cody, weird, Cody’s a nice guy)
  • Day and Kevin have continued to talk game late at night about who needs to go. (It’s everyone) Day sees that Ian will never turn on Nicole. (I’m glad because I see it too and have compared it to his relationship to Britney from BB14) Day also thinks Ian and Enzo will win if they make F2. (I agree with that too) I don’t see what the hell Day and Kevin think they can do to stop it with the way they’re playing but we’ll see.
  • Kevin has doubts about Bay and recently told Day he thinks she’s the leak telling “the other side” info. He’s right but Day and Kevin have also done it so there isn’t really one person leaking. Kevin talked a little about Janelle not liking women, rooting for Kevin to win BB11 so therefore it means she’s “pro men” and….I have no idea! He makes absolutely no sense.
  • Dani talked to Ian about Janelle needing to go this week. She reinforced the story that Kaysar lied to him about and alliance that Ian wasn’t a part of and said the new alliance formed because Kaysar lied. (It’s “4 Prime” and I think its Ian, Nicole, Dani and Cody…I think) Ian has suggested pulling Tyler in and they’ve told Ian it was a bad idea. (They made this fake alliance to make Ian feel likes he’s really with them. It’s very similar to what Dan did in BB14 with the Quack Pack alliance)
  • Janelle and Kaysar talked about Kaysars plan after she left. He is a combination of mad and deflated. Janelle told him he’d be fine and they both agreed it had been fun to spend time together again. Janelle said she should’ve turned BB down and it might’ve given Kaysar a chance in the game. They both know they were too big of a target playing together. Janelle thought Kaysar could’ve laid low if she hadn’t been there. He said it wasn’t how he played so it wouldn’t have mattered. He said the last time he played, he tried to have a message and he never thought he’d win. He’d just hoped he could send a positive message to people in general and hoped to do the same thing again. He’s starting to worry about people on the outside being too harsh about him and making things difficult for his family. Kaysar said “I’ve never been in this house without you.” Janelle told him people saw her as a bigger threat and he jokingly said that was insulting. (Haha) Kaysar said he’ll probably be vengeful and Janelle asked “against who, the whole house?” He said yes and told her he’d “try to burn the house down.” (Fugurativly, of course) She tried to tell him he had a chance if he could chill out. He said he knew he couldn’t. (It’s partly why I love Kaysar and it’s also why Kaysar will never win BB)
  • Janelle and Kaysar talked about NicA some more and they both hate the way she left. Janelle said it will be ok and she’ll get to find out they didn’t betray her. Kaysar was still worried about her because he said finding out later didn’t fix it because NicA still went thru what she went thru and that bad experience can’t be taken away. (Kaysar is one of the best humans to ever play this game. I think NicA is too and I think realizing that will make it ever harder on her) Kaysar cried over his concern about NicA.
  • Kaysar isn’t going to do well without his partner in crime. Janelle was making fun of him because he’s apparently asked the DR for a bunny and at a different time, a foosball table. (Janelle has an overweight bunny at home that she’s talked about) She told him they were never going to give him a bunny. (Haha)

That’s all I’ve got for today so….Have a great Sumday!

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