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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 8/29/20

August 30, 2020 | 30 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. There was lots of game talk and a messy veto comp yesterday. Enzo has a little hohitis but not the regular kind. He isn’t acting like he’s a king or getting super arrogant. He’s just more possessive over it. He says things like”this is my hoh, yo. You want somebody out, you win it and do it yourself, yo.” He was already losing trust in DaVonne and Dani but when they pushed too hard for their own agendas with noms, it finished him off. He’s ready to cut them both loose but don’t get excited. Unless something big happens, he means soon, not this week. Enzo never won an hoh on his previous season so he’s super proud of it. If you combine that with the way the Brigade operated in bb12, it’s no surprise he wants everyone to back off and just let him do what he wants to do this week.

Recap of yesterday:

  • Dani filled in Nicole on her argument with Cody the night before.  She said Cody gets easily frustrated and Nicole said he didn’t like hearing anything nice said about Kaysar. Nicole said she had to sit and listen when Cody talked about Janelle and said she never said anything unless she had a point to make. (Hahahaha, not true)
  • Nicole is still hung up on Janelle. She told a group in the hoh room the only reason she uninvited Janelle to her wedding was because Janelle said things about it before BB. Nicole said “she was talking crap about my wedding before even in here, like, she called people and said, like, I’m not going, du, du, du, du, du, du so it’s just, like, hurtful and I never should’ve sent her an invite.” (Nicole’s “du, du, du” was like saying blah, blag, blah so she never actually said anything bad Janelle had said to anyone, just that she said she wasn’t going)
  • It’s apparently Janelles fault too that Nicole wore muppet hair buns on Thursday. Nicole said “what’s really funny is, when she (Janelle) left, she purposely used it (curling iron) and she waited and then hurried and grabbed it and was doing her hair and I’m like, I’m not even gonna ask for it so that’s why I did two buns.” (Keep in mind, what she’s complaining about was Janelle using Janelles curling iron, not the other one they have in the house. There’s also been some complaining because Janelle had the nerve to take it when she left…..her own damn curling iron!)
  • Unrelated, (but its really related) Nicole said she didn’t watch her seasons of BB. She said her voice sounds nasally in the DR and she doesn’t like it because she doesn’t sound like that in real like. She asked a couple people in the bathroom if they thought she did.
  • David asked Kaysar if he would’ve put him up if he’d won the hoh. David said it would’ve been the least amount of blood on his hands. Kaysar told him “I don’t  believe in the least amount of blood.” (David really doesn’t get Kaysar! He also has it in his head that Kaysar is after him but I can’t follow the logic as to why) There’s finally an answer for why David didn’t do anything to prepare for BB. He told Kevin and Nicole he was trying to get on Love Island and said he’d been working out for it and that was his goal.
  • Besides Enzo, Kaysar and Kevin, the veto players were Tyler, Bayleigh and David.
  • Kaysar was with Bay trying to explain the pecking order of the house and what everyone was letting happen. He said he didn’t want them to be sitting ducks. He said they (the big group) would keep lying to them to keep them from grouping together. (True) He said the votes don’t miraculously fall together every week and its planned. He also said not to fall for them trying to tell her she was good until she got close to Janelle because it was a lie and just an excuse when her time came. He said they were just hoping people would keep sleeping until it was too late and said if Cody, Tyler or Nicole got power, they weren’t putting each other up and that only left a few people. He said they wouldnt put up Ian either since he was connected to Nicole. Kaysar told her to think about it. Bay said not to tell her to think about it because she wasn’t stupid.  Bay was offended and told Kaysar she was tired of him trying to school her on BB. She said she knew new school BB better than he did. She told him how much he’d harmed her game and said he needed to back off. She said all he did was shit on her game from BB20. (What he was doing was trying to get her to see the same thing is happening again that happend on BB20. That’s a touchy subject for her so she gets defensive) Bay was pretty hateful with Kaysar and he should’ve realized in that moment, he had no one.

To summarize whats happening so far with several people, it’s apparently Kaysar and Janelle’s fault that Bay, Day, Kevin and even David arn’t in a good position in the game. It’s their fault that DaVonne spent days seeing if NicA could get the votes to stay, lying to Dani about Tyler starting an alliance and showing her alliance she doesn’t trust them constantly. It’s their fault Bay wore Janelles clothes all over the house after she left, spilled too much info to the wrong people and thinks she can hold people to their word just because they promise. Of course, it’s their fault Kevin either,  never knows what’s going on or when he guesses right, never has power to do anything about it. They also forced him to tell Dani everything even tho he suspects her of working with Cody  and Tyler. It’s Kaysar and Janelles fault none of these people have won an hoh yet to hold the power. We’ve already heard they would’ve probably gone after Janelle and Kaysar even if they had won it….all while being worried that Dani, Nicole, Tyler and Cody are too close.

  • Dani told Nicole she’d die if Kaysar didn’t leave this week. She said she’d had enough and just wanted him gone. She was offended because she found out about Kaysar asking Enzo about Dani. Kaysar had asked him if Dani said things throwing him under the bus when they met in the hoh the day before. (Basically, Dani is pissed that Kaysar doesn’t believe her when she lies to him)

Kaysar is over these people

  • David talked to Ian about what may happen with the veto and if David should use it if he won. Ian said he knew Enzo preferred it to stay the same and he probably wouldn’t ruffle feathers. David told him if they were on the outside of things and if they didn’t ruffle feathers, their position would never change. (Yes, no shit, David said this!) David also said that all the fans want is for the outsiders to get together and fight back every year but they never do. He said they seem happy to take the scraps that get thrown at them from the people in power. (There HAS to be a twin twist year and this is Davids brother who knows the game. Right?) Ian said they needed to stsrt talking more.
  • Kevin won the Veto with David coming in a close 2nd. This is the first comp won by someone who wasn’t in the big alliance this season.
  • Cody and Dani tried to guess who Enzo would put on the block. Cody thought maybe David but Dani said Enzo had already said he didn’t want to put up David. She was sure he wouldn’t now and said Enzo would respect how well David competed. (The real reason he doesn’t want to put up David is because Day and  Dani pushed for it. Enzo realizes, if the women want him out, he’s a target anyway and they can do it themselves)  They both agreed they’d have the votes to get rid of Kaysar if Ian went otb.
  • Kevin told Day and Bay they’d made him nervous the night before saying he needed to win the veto. They jokingly took credit for his win, saying they’d motivated him with fear.
  • Enzo complemented David, told him he impressed everyone in the comp and said “he wasn’t a rookie anymore, yo.”
  • Memphis hurt his back during the comp….he was hosting it. (No clue how that happened) Christmas tried to assist him and Kaysar made a joke about grandpa being down.
  • Dani talked to Ian about the possibility of him going otb. She didn’t let him know it had already came up. They both agreed Ian hadn’t done anything in the game to be a threat to anyone. (Well, you know, except that tiny thing when he beat Dan Gheesling in BB14 to win the game) Ian  told her David was talking to him and said something about a big alliance and said someone came to him and apologized to him for something. (David talks in a weird code so no one ever knows what he’s talking about) Dani said maybe Kaysar was in his ear.
  • Day asked Bay about Christmas because Christmas makes her nervous and Bay feels close to her. Bay assured her she wasn’t on Christmas’ radar. (She’s kind of right because Nicole has Christmas convinced to take Bay out first)
  • Dani, Cody and group have decided David and Kaysar must be close. Meanwhile, David is telling other people that Kaysar ruined his game and he wants him gone. (The apology Ian mentioned was from Christmas. The night before, Christmas and a couple others were in a room talking trash about David. Christmas worried he’d overheard. First, she was going to target him in case he’d heard. Later, she decided to apologize and try to fix it so she could focus on targeting Bay and Day)
  • Enzo and Tyler talked about being onto Dani but needing to not let on they know. Tyler debated whether Day or Dani needed to go first. Enzo said if Day wanted David out, she should win and do it herself. He said he respected Day saying she couldn’t be the one to take out Nicole. Tyler said “Day said that?” (Tyler wasn’t actually there when Day said it. It was the Enzo, Cody, Bay and Day alliance meeting. lol) Tyler said the women needed to start pulling their weight. (Tyler knows this is the stuff Enzo says and wants to hear) Enzo said he was getting rid of Kaysar for Tyler and Cody and it would be good if Christmas wins next and takes a shot at Day and Bay for them. Tyler slips in how they can save Bay and she’ll be greatful. (Tyler doesn’t realize Enzo doesn’t need convincing. It’s Dani and Nicole he needs to worry about to save Bay)
  • David told Kevin “Kaysar is the reason my shit is f*cked. ” Kevin’s told him he thought Kaysar would go no matter who Enzo put otb. David said “he’s got bad credit.” (David uses ‘bad credit’ and ‘good credit’ often. I think he’s referring to credibility, being trustworthy, etc. but its super weird)
  • Christmas offered herself up to Enzo as a pawn this week if he needed her. (Ya knew this was coming because she’s such a good little soldier) Later, I think Tyler talked him out of it but I’m not sure.
  • Day and Bay had some game talk alone. Day said she saw Nicole, Cody, Enzo and Tyler hanging out in the hoh room. (This isn’t the first time she’s seen this) They’re worried they could be replaced in their alliance (with Cody and Enzo) with Nicole, Dani and/or Tyler. Bay also thinks Ian feeds info to Kaysar. (Wrong) They worry about Nicole following Dani around ‘like a puppy’ and Ian doing the same thing to Nicole.
  • Enzo, Bay and Day joked around about the comp and how different people were trying to hang on to the ropes. Bay told him she’s worried she’s at the bottom of the totem pole and Enzo assured her she and Day weren’t at the bottom. (Kaysar made her think, even if she didn’t want to hear it. Bay and Day both act as if they can improve their positioning by getting confirmation their alliance is loyal. It’s a bad way to play the game)
  • Nicole and Christmas talked about targets. Nicole said anyone attached to Janelle has to go.  Christmas said she was more worried about Day and she was also attached to Janelle. Nicole said she trusted Day just a bit more than Bay. (Christmas has already volunteered to put up Bay and Day together if she won hoh) Christmas said she wanted to make a big move before she was sent home. Nicole said Bay is talking about her to her friends, being sketchy and getting too “sassy.” They both agreed Bay can get aggressive and Nicole brought up the ‘couple guys and a couple tries’ comment again. (That’s the real reason Nicole wants her gone) Nicole said Bay keeps saying mean things to her and Christmas said she snapped on Kevin. Nicole said she scares her and Chrisrnas agrees it’s because Bay gets so aggressive.
  • Christmas sat with Memphis for a long time talking about the order people should be evicted. (Memphis looked like he wished Christmas didn’t talk so much) As of now, her order is Bay, David and then DaVonne.
  • Cody, Tyler and Enzo met up in the hoh room and talked about wiping out all the women. Enzo vented about people trying to tell him how to run his hoh. They compared notes on Dani and how she goes around trying to plant seeds with everyone.  Tyler, in an attempt to steer them away from David for awhile, said he thought he could talk David into going after Dani for them. Cody told him to be careful and watch what he said. Tyler said he didn’t care because no one beleived anything David said anyway. (Haha)
  • Tyler said something to Nicole about how production probably aired Nicole’s first goodbye message to Janelle. Nicole freaked out because when she kept redoing it, she made them nicer each time. She got so worked up, Dani apologized for encouraging her to do it. (the wedding thing) Nicole is worried fans will be pissed at her if she was too harsh with Janelle. (No, Janelle can hold her own so who cares?) Dani suggested she go to the DR and Tweet out something nice about Janelle to offset her mean message. (It’s what Dani did but I don’t know who she thinks it fooled) Kevin told her he’s left mean goodbye msg before and he didn’t get heat for it. Nicole said she would because “it’s Janelle, the legend. They probably didn’t show her calling me a b-i-t-c-h.” (I guess that’s bad but calling Bay aggressive is ok, girl puleeease!)
  • Cody suggested throwing Ian otb and getting him out. (Cody still wants Kaysar out, he’s just acting like he doesn’t care) Enzo said “nah, she needs protection.” (meaning Nicole)
  • There was some late night talk about the replacement nom.(mostly Cody, Enzo and Nicole)  Enzo originally said Ian was his back up plan. Now, he’s saying he won’t put up Ian. (I have no idea what he’s doing as of now) Nicole told Enzo she was fine if Ian went up. (She isn’t) She said she supported whatever he wanted and Kaysar would go home 10-0 anyway. Nicole told Cody how comfortable Bay said she was in the game. (Bay said it to Christmas, it made Nicole mad, Dani told Nicole to tell Cody when the time was right) Cody didn’t act like he cared and it wasn’t the target changing moment Nicole had hoped it would be. Cody said Christmas annoyed him and said she makes nasty comments and takes jabs at him all the time. Enzo said he didn’t know they “were beefing.” He said “that’s my baby mama, yo.”  (Haha) Nicole asked if she could hide in the bathroom when Enzo talked to Kaysar. (I think she was kidding, maybe?) Cody said he wouldn’t blow up on Christmas because he’d look like an asshole. (I noticed how he was concerned he’d look like one, not worried about actually being one)  Enzo also said “this season’s boring as f*ck, yo.”

Have a great Sunday!


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