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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 8/8/20

August 9, 2020 | 37 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning! We’ve got a better idea now of where this week is heading and it looks like an “old school” player will be going home. Sure, there’s time and anything could happen but I don’t see the incentive for most of the house to want to change it. Kevin doesn’t see himself as an old school player or at least that’s what he told Nicole A. He is and we’ll probably be losing one but if the vibe in the house stays the same, it will probably be Keesha.

I think this will be a season where things change constantly. We arn’t even done with the first week and I feel like most of my thoughts on who was aligning with who is already out the window. Maybe its because it’s all stars or maybe it always happens the first week and we just don’t ever get to see it. Either way, here’s a recap of where the players seem to be:

Dani- I’m going to start with Dani because for now, much of what’s happening is centered around her. No, she isn’t hoh, otb or won the veto but it doesn’t matter. She is at the core of a whole lot this first week. She knew from NicF that she needed to get Cody to trust her and she went to work. She’s had a lot of one on one convos with him and according to Codys camera talking, he feels better about her than anyone in the house. (I’ll cover that later) NicF is working closely with her, she’s being included in potential bro alliances (the Cody/Tyler and Cody/Enzo plans) and the rumblings of a female alliance. She has DaVonne convinced she’s a “girls girl” which is absolutely not true. Janelle shouldn’t trust her but she does and I’ve lost count of how many people come to her and tell her things or bounce ideas off her. There was the potential misstep with NicoleA over the pod cast issue but Dani addressed it. It also helped that NicF had the same issue but really stepped in it, handled it poorly and if NicoleA is going to have any issues over it, it will be with NicF, not Dani. (For the record, NicoleA wasn’t upset over either of them not doing her pod cast) It’s early and she may get caught floating but for now, she’s on top of things. The only person who seemed like they may target her was Cody (briefly) and that’s over.

Cody- He’s  struggling without Derrick but he knows it and talks about it. I don’t think this was the strongest move this week but he has most of the house wanting to work with him so he must be doing something right. He also isn’t falling in line with NicF because of their past friendship. He’s with her but he talked to the camera (and Derrick) and said Dani was the person who’d helped the most this week. He said he can ask her things and she gives him real answers where NicF stays too nervous and freaked out all the time. He’s bro’d it up with Tyler, Enzo and Memphis is with him too. He patched up any potential issues with DaVonne and her past problems with Paulie and they’ve agreed to never nom the other. Da and Bay both want to work with Cody. Janelle and Kaysar would rather work with him instead of going to war with him now. (This may have more to do with Memphis tho) David and Christmas both think they have something with him too. Cody’s biggest targets for now seem to be Ian, Kaysar and he’s still a bit leery of Christmas.

Enzo- Eno finally won something! He was terrible at comps on BB12 but yesterday, he won the veto. Twitter was furious last night after hearing Enzo had a stack of something, (vegetables?) it fell down and knocked Keeshas over. We’ll find out when they air it but there’s already production interference rumblings. (Y’all know how I feel about the way they meddle but this is ridiculous) It’s a comp and apparently something fell. That’s it. Trust me, if production wanted to set up some Macgyver type shit to mess up Keesha, Enzo is not the dude they’d choose to execute it. Everyone loves Enzo and yesterday was like being back in BB12. He’s telling stories, making people laugh and just being Enzo. It ws a good reminder of how he went to the F3 in his season. After his win, he told Cody he’d do whatever he wanted and Cody said not to use it. Enzo said no problem but quickly asked if they should backdoor Tyler. (It was a hilarious moment) Enzo followed up with a ‘no problem man, whatever you want, doesn’t matter to me.’ Like Dani, he’s floating pretty well and telling people what they want to hear. The biggest difference is Dani knows what’s going on and Enzo simply doesnt care what’s going on. At first, I thought it was stupid for him to win the veto because he’d have to show someone he was lying too soon but I don’t think it’s going to matter. He finally had a chance to win his first comp and Janelle and Kaysar are already leaning towards not saving Keesha anyway. I think he’ll be able to keep acting like he’s with everyone for now.

Memphis- He said the right things to Keesha but like I had predicted, he will NOT stick his neck out for her. He’d prefer she stay but he’s not going to give up working with Cody and the boys to help Kaysar start a war. He told Kaysar he was with him but doesn’t think they should throw their games away for Keesha.  This was the info Kaysar was trying to get out of Keesha when they talked just before noms. Before he went to war, he needed to know Memphis was all in with her. He isn’t and now Kaysar knows it. Memphis needs to be a little careful with Dani and NicF because they’ve both mentioned not being sure about him. They’ve  talked with the other guys more than they have Memphis so he could be one they try to detach from Cody at some point. For now, I think he’s fine and especially if Keesha leaves. The perception has been that he’s a duo with her so if she’s gone, he’ll look like someone to grab up and add to your numbers. He also lays around the house, goes to bed early and doesn’t appear threatening. Cody (shockingly) hadn’t seen BB10. It’s why he didn’t know who Keesha was but it’s also why he doesn’t know how cut throat Memphis can be. Anyone who thinks Memphis will be loyal to anyone other than himself, should’ve done their homework. I know Memphis is old school but I get the feeling he might choose Cody over Kaysar.

Tyler- Everyone wants to work with Tyler. (Well, maybe not Enzo but he doesn’t really care) Dani went into the house despising Tyler and it took 1 day for her to want to work with him. Keesha and Memphis have both called him Taylor, which is funny but Keesha does like him. Memphis said they should watch out for him but that’s about it. Even Janelle thinks since he’d expected Kaycee and Josh to be there but arn’t, he must feel all alone. The ‘wounded bird’ thing from BB20 is back in play. Anyone who saw what he did in his season should want him gone but not so far. He’s actually laid low and stayed out of the mix after he put in the work he needed to to be safe from noms.

David- I don’t  have much to say because he isn’t doing much. He’s had some good talks with DaVonne which stand out but it was mostly personal and over his experiences on last season with the Jackoffs. DaVonne and Bayleigh definitely want to work with him. He’s either good with Cody and Tyler or at least thinks he is. He’s probably taken the most grief from Dani and Janelle who’ve made a few snide comments regarding how and why he’s there. He did end up having a decent talk with Dani and Janelle compared him to Chicken George. (Wasn’t the worst comparison either imo) He’s been playing dumb and asking a few people how the veto works. I don’t approve of this strategy tho. Granted, there is a lot he doesn’t know but he does know how the game works. I think playing dumb in a regular season can work but with all stars, it will only reinforce peoples opinions over whether you deserve to be there or not. It could make him an easy nom for someone like Dani.

Nicole A- She’s still finding her footing and her bad reads in the house may send her down the wrong path. Last season, she did well at putting pieces together but unfortunately, she thinks she’s doing it again. She isn’t. She’s too closely aligned with Kevin already, even if he stays. I think she’d do better if she’d make her #1 someone who is a bigger threat. She needs someone people don’t want to piss off yet going to bat for her. Otherwise, she’s got easy pawn written all over her. I love Nicole but I calls ’em likes I sees ’em. She did some camera talking and isn’t very happy with NicF at the moment. NicF made a point (at least from Nicole A’s perspective) to make insulting remarks about Eric (the podcaster she works with) in front of Nicole A. She felt is was very rude and uncalled for so she’s upset over it. (NicF can’t stand Eric and even tho their beef happened before Nicole A’s season, NicF is lumping them together) Look, I’ll be honest, a lot of BB fans don’t like Eric and weren’t thrilled when Nicole A started working with him but she’s had a good experience with him and has become very close to him. She isn’t going to take kindly to people trashing her friends right in front of her. Keesha told Nicole A she thought she had 6 votes and asked Nicole if she’d be her 7th. Nicole said she’d need to know who the votes were first. Nicole went to Kevin and told him about it so they’re starting to worry a little more and count votes.

Nicole F- I’ll add a little more to the Eric story. I didn’t her the comments NicF made and didn’t find it when I went back and looked. I’m  solely going off Nicole A camera talking. I’ve heard NicF mention it before tho and she obviously just wanted to get some digs in towards NicoleA. Eric isn’t my cup of tea but NicF has a well documented history of getting upset with any blogger or podcaster who doesn’t sing her praises. She simply can’t handle people pegging her game. She plays like an underhanded, dirty player that trashes other women but wants to be seen as someone who is a girls girl and plays a clean game. As a different podcaster recently referenced, while using a Survivor comparison, “she wants to play like a villian but be seen as a hero.” I know this isn’t about her game this week and I’ll get to that but I want to address it because some people are rooting for her and I truly don’t want to alienate NicF fans. I throw shade at her often but I do recognize she’s doing a decent to good job so far. Maybe this is the year she’ll figure out she should just own her game. She was well liked in 16, loathed in 18 and maybe she’d turn it back around if she’d admit she plays dirty. Janelle plays dirty but she’s well liked, in part because she doesn’t try to be americas sweetheart. Fans love cut throat players as long as they own it. Regarding her game, she’s well placed so far. She isn’t in as good of shape as Dani but that’s mostly because of Janelle. She has Ian, Dani and Cody will protect her for now. I like that she’s playing hard even if I don’t like what she’s doing. (Only because it goes against my faves) My biggest issue is how sloppy she’s playing. She’s more concerned about whether or not the house respects her BB18 win and disliking Nicole A’s friend choices than she is the game. She was even talking to Cody about Zach calling her a fruit loop dingus in BB16. She did have a good talk with Kaysar about Janelle but I don’t think either one of them will be fooled by the other. It at least laid some ground work for her with Kaysar tho.

DaVonne- I wish she had a better read on the house because her social game is solid. She’s  working with Cody, (for now) is getting closer to Dani, is pulling in David (maybe) and has a great relationship with Kaysar and both Keesha and Kevin. She seems to have a lot of people who probably won’t be voting her out but she’s got to start seeing the game better.

Ian- Slop has done a number on him and he’s pretty sick. He also needs the yard. (badly) He had a one on one with Cody and tried to get something going but Cody doesn’t seem to want it. I think NicF can help him in that area for a while tho. Most of the house loves him and has forgotten he beat Dan Gheesling. Sure, the jury was bitter but he still beat him. Ian is a tough competitor and the hgs better stop seeing him as the adorable 21 year old he was in BB14. Kevin talked to him about his vote but he wouldn’t commit to anything yet.

Bayleigh- She continues to play the social game and has spent a lot more time with Janelle. She talked to Da about the dilemma they were about to have. Bay is closer to Janelle and DaVonne is closer to Dani. They both see that as an issue moving forward because they don’t want to be caught in the middle. As of now, they’d both rather keep Kevin this week too.

Christmas- She’s one of the couple hgs I wasn’t impressed with coming back. However, she’s really been doing well socially.  She has a secret thing with Tyler and the women appear to like her. Even the people like Cody, who are a little scared of her, want to keep her as a comp asset for them rather than getting rid of her. So far, so good.

Kaysar- He’s finally realized he has to chill. (Maybe) Between Memphis saying he won’t go all out for Keesha and Janelle telling him that it’s not worth it on week 1, he doesn’t have a choice. He spent the day working his relationships too. He’s already great with some people and is working on the others. He and Cody keep BS’ing each other and I only see them working together if they figure out a ‘knock off the weaker players’ strategy. He conceded to Janelle he’d try to do it but I just don’t see it. Cody actually wants to work with Janelle, he just wantss Kaysar gone first. I don’t see that happening either because I think Dani will put a stop to it.

Janelle- She knows her target is big, trusts Dani too much, knows she can’t trust NicF and would like to work with Cody and Tyler. She’d like to get rid of David because she can’t read him and doesn’t know what kind of game he’ll play. She’s pissed off Dani and NicF because she keeps taking her costume off and only wearing the part that goes underneath it. (It hasn’t bothered me which is bad because I’m faced with just how much of a hypocrite I’m being. I get so irritated when players I don’t like do that. It’s something I need to work on.)

Keesha- Keeshas in trouble and I’m hoping for something to mix things up. I’m so happy to see Kevin back but I don’t  want to lose her on week one. She’s talking to people and working on it but it’s going to take a lot for her to stay. The problem is, she isn’t really going home for a particular reason and that makes it worse. Sometimes, when you’ve messed up, you can fix it. There isn’t anything for her to fix. If she leaves, she’ll have to accept it happend because she just didn’t play hard enough on days 1 and 2. It’s usually a good strategy but not with past players.

Kevin- Unlike Keesha, he has more people who have much stronger opinions about his staying. He’s talking to people too and he has Da, Bay, Dani, NicF and Nicole A wanting him to stay. Granted, they don’t all have the same reasons for it but he has the advantage.

I don’t expect the veto to be used and we’ll have to wait and see if things finally settle in with real alliances. I also don’t expect the way things look as of now to stay the same. Everyone is still trying to figure out who they should work with and what they say right now will probably change. This cast is great and their stories are hilarious. I want to cover some conversations they’ve had that arn’t  game related when I get the chance but for now, these posts are already too long.

Have a great Sunday!



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