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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 9/12/20

September 13, 2020 | 118 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! Finally, we have something happening in the BB house!! The panic and back and forth that went on last night is the kind of thing we’d get to see more of if there wasn’t a large, dominant alliance in the house. It would’ve been nice to see it over the past month but at least we’re getting to watch how people behave who are used to being in control for weeks and suddenly feel like they’ve lost it.

IHappy Anniversary Steve and Melinda!

Here’s the recap from yesterday:

  • Cody and Enzo discussed a plan to make Kevin seem like a bigger target to Dani. They want to save Tyler but weren’t sure how hard to push back if Dani wants him gone. Enzo said he’d use the veto on Tyler but Cody wasn’t sure they should.
  • David asked Tyler if he’d use the veto on himself if he won it. Tyler said “no bro, I’d leave myself up there because I’m a f*cking idiot.” (I think David just has a hard time with small talk so he ends up asking stupid stuff)
  • Cody and Nicole talked about the girls alliance that formed. Nicole told him Christmas was brought in at the end but Cody said Dani wants him to believe Christmas started it. He said Dani wants him to think Christmas will come after him but Nicole said she won’t
  • Memphis talked to Tyler. He wanted Tyler’s version of what happened with Dani.

DaVonne won the veto so she finally has her first BB comp win after 3 seasons!!

  • The worry set in over whether or not Day would use the veto. Dani told her she wouldn’t hold it against her if she used it but also told her how badly it would screw Dani if she did. Day told her she was sure there was a large alliance she wasn’t a part of and couldn’t afford to lose Kevin. She said she wanted to use it but she wasn’t trying to harm Danis game. Dani said she really needed a volunteer to go up as a pawn so they could get Tyler out. Day told her she knew for sure Christmas had a power and explained how she knew.
  • Tyler worried he could end up otb against Enzo. (In theory, Enzo could be an option since he isn’t in the Committee) He knows he’ll be evicted if that happens and started thinking about staging some kind of fight and wondering if it could help him stay. (Tyler’s already made comments about not staying in jury. He said to Cody: Honestly, if I go, I’m not staying. I’ll give up everything.  I’m not staying there the whole time, f*ck that.)

I really don’t like this side of Tyler. One of the things that impressed me during his first season, was the way he could juggle so many people at once. I also liked how he separated game from personal stuff and appeared to have some sportsmanship.   He played a terrific game and the only thing that prevented me from adding him to my own personal list of great players was wondering how he handled adversity in the game. He didn’t have much in BB20 so it was mostly an unanswered question. Unfortunately, I may be getting that answer this season. He got caught trying to play the women against each other. (Yes, he was telling the truth but using the info was his choice) When he got caught, he almost had the house evict him prejury. He saw his chances to win decrease and thought he’d rather just leave than have to fight for it. If he’s the first one in Jury, now he’s saying he’ll take off. I’m sure production could talk him out of it but it’s a spoiled, whiny attitude and I don’t like it. I’ve called it out for players I didn’t like in the past and this isn’t any different just because I like him.  (Sorry Tyler, it’s a bad look) I get it, he misses Angela but doesn’t everyone in there miss someone? Christmas has a baby and Dani missed her daughter’s birthday so if he couldn’t handle it, he shouldn’t have returned.

Back to the recap:

  • David told Kevin and Day he won the Dusruptor power. (Separately)
  • Cody spent a little time trying to figure out why anyone would use a veto if they weren’t otb. (I want to know if he comes up with an answer if and/or when he ends up otb and one of his alliance members holds the veto)
  • Memphis and Christmas had a long game talk which was noticed by the other hgs. Even tho Christmas promised Dani she wouldn’t say anything, she told Memphis that Dani wouldn’t put up Ian. Memphis said he’d have a problem with someone like Enzo going otb over Ian. (Enzo isn’t in his alliance either so who cares what Memphis has a problem with?) Christmas, never being afraid to step in shit, told Memphis she thought Day might use the veto to make it “political.” (Oh, I don’t know, she might use it because she’s alligned with Kevin and he’s about the only person she has left dumbass)
  • Dani told Nicole she thought Day would probably use the veto. She explained how she was out of options and said the only choice she’d have would be Ian. She also said she absolutely wasn’t putting up Ian.

I’m glad production told them all the laughing about Ian was not being received well, just so it would stop. However, this goes to show how outside influences do effect the game. Until the DR talk, lecture or whatever you want to call it, Ian was at the top of Danis list for people to evict. The truth is, he IS who she should going after. If he was on the block, it wouldn’t be bad for her if either Tyler or Ian were evicted. It would make Nicole a bit more dependent on her and Ian would absolutely take Dani out of the game.

Back to the recap:

  • Nicole wanted Dani to convince Day not to use the veto because she didn’t like any of the other options. Dani said she was trying to but said she didn’t know if she could because using it is the smartest move Day could make. Nicole wanted to get Day to not use it and vote out Kevin anyway. Dani explained that she couldn’t and wouldn’t do it. She said she wasn’t there to make Day look stupid and said if they did that, Day would never trust them again.

Cody begged for alcohol into the cameras.

  • Kevin was worried and wanted to know what Day might do with the veto. They talked about how this time around (Kevin being on the block) was different. He said everyone was coming to him and telling him he has their votes. He said it was unprompted and the other times, he couldn’t get a direct answer all week. He and Day both said they were trying hard to get her to leave noms the same.
  • Nicole said Day was in a better spot in the game than she was and Dani told her it wasn’t true. Nicole said Day had Kevin and David as her #1’s and now, Dani was Days #1. Dani told her that was ridiculous and not true. She pointed out Nicole had the Committee watching her back plus Ian and Enzo and said Day only had 2 people. Nicole said it was true because Dani wouldn’t do what Nicole wanted this week so that must make Day her #1. She said Kevin would put Cody and her otb. She also made an argument for why Tyler needed to stay. (Dani can step outside of herself enough to see the game from someone else’s perspective. Nicole obviously doesn’t have this ability) Dani made her swear not to say anything and told her Day knew for sure Christmas had a power. Nicole also mentioned how she’d rather have the Committee over Day if they had to choose.
  • Christmas was really starting to annoy Dani and Nicole more. She kept popping in and out of the hoh room. (She’s in an alliance with them and thinks it’s weird she isn’t be included anymore) Dani said they had to do better because they’d backed away from Christmas after the argument with Bay and guessed she could tell. They both said they were glad Christmas apologized to everyone for how heated she’d gotten. One of the times Christmas was there, she jokingly said “why do I look so crazy?” Dani told her “you are crazy but you wear it well.” Christmas just laughed and said “that’s why you guys love me.” (Not sure Dani was kidding tho) Christmas spent most of her time with Dani trying to push how the Committee needs to stick together.
  • Nicole and Day went over Days options for the veto. Nicole tried to assure her she’d vote to keep Kevin and offered her ring to hold. Nicole called it a Janelle move. She also tried to guilt Day by saying Dani was in a panic and didn’t know what she’d do but said she understood if she used it. (Nicole basically told Day that Dani doesn’t have options so she must be aligned with everyone besides Kevin and David. Why else would she panic?) Day tried assuring Nicole that Kevin wasn’t coming for her or Dani.

Enzo said Cody begging was stupid because he’d probably only get 1 beer.

  • Dani asked Nicole why she told Tyler something she shouldn’t have told him. Nicole tried to blame it on Cody instead and said Cody was the only person she’d told.  Nicole said she didn’t want Dani not to trust her. Dani said she did trust her and that it just annoyed her at first. Dani said she’d ask Cody about it because this would be strike 2 for Cody if he was running info back to Tyler. (I think the first was not telling her Tyler had talked out getting her out) Nicole looked to be a little panicked after Dani left. She started running thru her options of how to get out of it and said Cody would have to cover for her because Dani would forgive him, but not her. She said she only trusts one person in the house now. (Cody)
  • Once Nicole was with Dani again, she was much more agreeable over evicting Tyler. She said she should’ve been more understanding over the way Tyler had tried to go after Dani. (Nicole was in damage control mode)
  • The Committee had what may have been their first meeting together. (Minus Cody, he was sleeping) This was the closest they’d gotten to having them all together which excited Christmas greatly. (Gooooo team! Yuck!) They feel confident they can run things the next several weeks because they have the numbers now. Dani suggested one of the Committee tell Day they have a power but Tyler told her that was against the rules. Memphis told the group they just didn’t get him.  Dani, always quick with the one liners said “we get you, we just don’t like you.” (Haha)

Nicole made her pasta salad for everyone.

The pasta salad caused some stomach aches and gas for a few of them.

  • Cody was finally able to meet up with Dani. (Unless they win again next week, they’re gonma miss having the late night talks in the hoh room. Nicole would lose her shit if she knew he was doing it) Dani is still worried over how Christmas would take Tyler leaving. Cody tried to convince her they can deal with any heat they might take for going after Ian. He said they’d already discussed not wanting Ian to make it very far past jury anyway. (True) He also thought it wasn’t terrible if Tyler left since he isn’t in the Committee anyway. (No idea if he meant this) Cody thinks Ian would get evicted over Tyler if they’re both otb. Dani still hoped she could talk Day out of using the veto.

It looks like the Committee, which was only real for Memphis and Christmas, may be turning into a real thing….at least partially. Most of them would still like to sub in someone like Day or Enzo for one of the members but they are starting to run the house. Did Julie actually manifest this? (haven’t used a manifest reference yet this season so it was time) I’ve made fun of Julie for pushing a made up storyline but I may have to eat my words before this is over.

Have a great Sunday!

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