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Big Brother 22- Saturday Recap for 9/5/20

September 6, 2020 | 31 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hello BB Junkies! I hope you’re enjoying your last weekend of summer. Granted, that depends on where you live but it’s still considered the last hoorah for the summer.

The game this week will probably revolve more around some of the other players, rather than the two who are on the block. Trust is broken for several of them and it’s too soon to know how it’s going to shake out. Dani knows Tyler was trying to get her out and now, Tyler knows DaVonne, Nicole and Dani went to Christmas to discuss backdooing him this week. The target for this week may have shifted too. Originally, Dani, Nicole and Christmas wanted Bay gone while Cody, Tyler and Enzo preferred Day to leave.

Memphis actually attended a rare meeting with his alliance

I don’t know if something specific happened when the feeds were down the past couple of days or if Tyler just got nervous over Bay being in jury. He doesn’t seem to being subtly pushing for her to stay anymore. Hopefully, they’ll show some of what went on after the hoh comp and it may be more clear. Tyler had a recent conversation with Dani about bitter jurors and a seperate one about his past with Bay. This may have been enough to get him to switch his plans. If so, Dani put in good work because she’s always wanted Bay out.

Yesterday was the veto comp and as Steve’s already discussed, Christmas won. We’ll  continue to hear comments about how she’s the only female winning comps this season. (She won the hoh comp by standing there and doing nothing) Nevertheless, she won it and this one too. She was briefly annoyed over Dani and Nicole not going for the veto when they had the chance but Dani wasn’t going to give up a slop pass and Nicole wasn’t giving up a costume. We’ve seen how terribly Dani handles slop and despite her fake complaining, Nicole loves the fact that she’s gotten a costume every time she’s played. It may have backfired this season though because she hates it….and I mean HATES it.

  • She told everyone she had to wear it at all times. Cody said “what about Janelle?” Nicole said “exactly, they like her better than they do me.” (Feeds cut on that one) She was bummed and said it was a cute costume underneath. I think she’s  supposed to be Sloppies cereal and I had two thoughts. (The first- I’m curious to see if she cheats since she made a big deal over Janelle taking hers off. The second- After the ‘couple tries and couple guys’ drama, I wonder if she’ll make a ‘sloppy seconds’ connection and get furious)
  • The women secretly planned Tyler’s demise but Christmas filled him on on all of it. They agreed he couldn’t say anything because Christmas’ ability to keep getting info from them was too important and they couldn’t blow it. I think Christmas is the only person in the Committee alliance who thinks it’s real.
  • Day campaigned to everyone and had a good talk with Cody. It won’t change anything and his group will decide together who to keep.
  • Bay and Day talked about one of them having to go. They know Christmas was lying and she isn’t considering using the veto. Bay is the most hurt because she really thought she was working with Christmas. Day said she thought they did everything right this time around and are frustrated it hasn’t worked. (Wrong, they did not have mistake free games, either of them) Bay said she wasn’t going to campaign and Day told her “yes you will.”
  • Kevin continued to be mopey and thinks his new plan will be to work with Enzo, Cody and Tyler. (Day too if she stays. Not Bay because Bay can’t stand Kevin) He actually thinks he’s going to make an alliance with those three guys, even though two of the three have put him on the block.
  • Nicole was called to the DR but they accidentally called for “Nicole A.” Nicole said she was offended by it and I’m not surprised. She was offended because there were two Nicole’s in the house when the season began.
  • Bay completed her punishment but had trouble with the wheels. She made some of the laps while having to pedal with only one leg. Most of the hgs cheered her on at the end.
  • Nicole, Dani and Cody joked around, relaxed and had an easy day. Why not? The game is going exactly the way they want. There was one moment when Cody told Dani he’d tell her if Tyler tried to pull something and go after her. (after this week) He said Tyler thought Dani was after him. She said she’d go off if Tyler tried anything. Cody told her not to worry and he’d tell her. She reminded him that he didn’t tell her the first time so she’s aware Cody knew and didn’t warn her last week.
  • Christmas thinks Bay and Day may have thrown the veto and/or the hoh comp. (She’s an idiot) Dani told her no way but refrained from calling her an idiot. Dani said Day just cracks under pressure. Christmas also told herself she needed to remember she was being recorded after saying “F*ck him, I’m  gonna put him on a stake next week” while talking about Kevin.
  • They had a family dinner. (Christmas’ idea, I think) Most everyone was there for it.
  • Kevin brought up a comment Dani made (I think after the hoh comp when feeds were down) about Bay being dramatic and volatile or something similar. Bsy said it mostly bothered her because she said she’s tried hard not to be portrayed that way this season.
  • Kevin late night camera talked. (This was when he decided to join the guys alliance) He’s worried Day is only there to make friends but he’s closer to her than Bay. (Is he really trying to decide which one to keep when one of them hates him?) It will be funny if everyone keeps Day, no one tells Kevin and he votes to evict her. (Also, NO, Day is not there to make friends)
  • Kevin had his once daily good read. He told Day that Nicole was playing a great game and was incredible. He said it was because Nicole was playing America. Day said “100%.” (They know too, lol)
  • Bay had a late night cry and camera talked to Swaggy saying she missed him.
  • Bay and Day both hate the situation because they’re friends.  I get it but its the game. Ian had had the same feelings lately because apparently he tried to self evict a couple nights ago. They talked him out of it.

We don’t know everything that was said when the feeds were down the past couple days but its obvious, things went too far. Dani took things Tyler said about Bay and twisted them when she talked to Bay. I get it, it’s the game. Dani had asked a lot of questions about what happened with Tyler and Bay lately.  For the most part, Tyler didn’t say much Dani  could use against him. Some of the things Dani told Bay that Tyler said were actually things Dani said to Tyler. That doesn’t mean Tyler didn’t say any of it tho.

The one area I actually think Dani was sincere was when she cried to Nicole recently.  It was after the talk she had with Bay. Dani was doing her usual seed planting and pot stirring and Bay opened up to her. (For the record, there’s some things Bay tries to lay at Tyler’s feet regarding her stress during BB20 that I don’t think is fair. Tyler was playing a game and Bay felt peoples words meant something and took it personally. That isn’t Tylers fault in my opinion.) No matter what I think, there were a lot of hurt feelings and it took a long time for them to be in a good place again. Bay DOES feel it was personal and she WAS hurt by it. Those are her feelings and they’re real. After Dani lumped piles and piles of blame on Tyler, (for game reasons and to get herself out of trouble) I think she realized the stuff with Tyler and Bay went further than a game and mich deeper than she knew . That’s why Dani cried to Nicole. She knew this had gone to a place it shouldn’t go but it was already done. She wasn’t going to undo it but felt guilty about it.

Bay said a lot of nasty stuff about Tyler that night too and all of them have said things they’ll have to address later. (I’m not even including all the violent crap Christmas says) That’s for them to deal with and it’s for another time.  My point to all of this, as far as the game, I think the bridge between Bay and Tyler is burned for good or at least until after the show. He and Dani may want the same thing this week but for different reasons. We’ll have to wait and see.

Have a great Sunday!

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