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Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates 9/20

September 20, 2020 | 47 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Yesterday I touched on the mob mentality mindset that has been dominating this game for the last few seasons now, and then stumbled on this gem on reddit last night.

You can take Christmas out of BB19 but you can’t take the BB19 out of Christmas from r/BigBrother

If you have mute on, it’s a simple video. Dani is sitting there just chatting with the ‘outcasts’ and Christmas walks in and sees it. She says “this is interesting” and awkwardly leaves. Yet again, we’re in a season where you can’t be caught just chatting with the ‘outcasts’ for fear of being associated and targeted.  It’s why we saw situations like NicoleA being kicked out of the HoH room last year. Or Kevin walking around aimlessly toward the end of BB19. The first time I ever saw this in a reality show was Boston Rob basically running a cult on the Survivor season he won and then that attitude slowly carried over to shows like Big Brother.  Eliminate scheming and gaming by controlling your alliance and preventing them from even socializing with the ‘enemy’.

I think future seasons there should be some type of gameplay where the house is split into teams and can change weekly.  Here is something I’d like to see…

Start the season with a competition that has 4 winners. Those winners become ‘captains’ and choose their teams (similar to BB14).  The HoH competitions are team-based where the winning team gets pure safety for the week, and that team collectively chooses one nominee from two other teams. The third team that doesn’t get a nom becomes havenots for the week but they’re also safe and don’t even have to play in veto (protected from being a renom).  Do this for four weeks with one rule – If a team gets below 3 people, they can steal a player from the team with the most players.

Carry this over until there are 12 people and then do another comp with 3 winners.  Reshuffle teams so there are now 3 teams of 4. Do that for two weeks until the house is down to 10 people. At that point, teams end and it becomes free for all.  This way it gets through 6 evictions without some massive alliance forming and just picking off people week to week.

Now, this may not be the best way to handle it, especially considering it took me 10 minutes to think of it, but the point is something has to change. The game needs to force people to work with others they may not normally work with in order to keep things dynamic on a week to week basis.

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  • 11:30 am – The house is finally starting to wake up. Production has been super inconsistent with their sleep rules this season.
    • If you’re reading this, production, I don’t really care. I’m not complaining. I’m just pointing out you’re weird and inconsistent. Sometimes players get woken up, sometimes they’re allowed to nap or sleep late. Make up your mind.
    • David tells Kevin that he and Bayleigh had a different game than with Da’Vonne. His thing with Bayleigh is that they were working together but didn’t need to be all open. Meanwhile, Da’Vonne treated him like an ally and wanted to know his exact strategy. He didn’t want to give anyone that because it could be used against him later on. He basically wanted to work with people and have their back but not fully trust people who may backstab him. And he’s right. Da’Vonne trusts Nicole and she’s about to get a massive surprise when she leaves the house.
  • Upstairs, Christmas had a brief conversation with Memphis
    • Memphis explained how he told Day about the pecking order (Tyler, Nicole) and how quickly it came back to him through Nicole

  • 3:00 pm – Mostly quiet afternoon so far but there are whispers on what to do with the Nicole situation
    • That situation is her stealing the vote. Tyler and Xmas may tell Da’Vonne in the goodbye messages
    • Xmas and Dani discuss who to vote out and they’re leaning Kevin
    • Both are unsure if Tyler will use the veto tomorrow though but if it remains the same, they’re going to target Kevin
  • Thank you to Gigi for your generous donation!  For some reason, I couldn’t reply to the Venmo message but you are the best!
    • In the bedroom, Kevin and Day talk about zingbot.  He called Tyler a liar so they are speculating what he lied about (everything?)
    • They are trying to figure out a plan to convince Tyler to use the veto
    • But now they are talking about telling Memphis to use the veto. That’s not how that works, Kevin
  • Outside, Dani works Tyler on using the veto on Da’Vonne
  • 4:25 pm – Kevin and Da’Vonne are trying to finalize the plan that Kevin was coming up with this morning. It is something he pulled from his season so he doesn’t think it’ll work again
    • They are going to say David told them there is a plan to frame Kevin and Da’Vonne to reveal their cards with Tyler
    • They will say that David confirmed he voted Tyler out (which he did lol)
    • This is so embarrassing. They are convinced that David voted out Ian so they are going to try and say that David voted Tyler.
    • Kevin comes out with it and says ‘Tyler needs to use the veto on me’. Doesn’t sit very well with Day
    • Are we really seeing a situation where Nicole stole credit for David’s vote and now Kevin is going to try and steal it back?  What the actual fuck?  I’m so confused

  • Christmas pulls Day aside
    • She wants to know why Da’Vonne has been distant lately. She thought they squashed it so she’s wondering if Day is putting up a front to make it look like they’re still mad at each other
    • Da’Vonne says nothing is wrong and there is no front.
    • The havenot situation comes up and Day says it wasn’t a personal shot. Xmas says ‘well that’s not what you said’. Day’s original reason was that she was nominated so it’s payback
    • Da’Vonne says they did squash it and all she did was put her on slop. Christmas accepts the answer but clearly isn’t happy with it as she gets up and walks out.
    • Christmas heads to the kitchen as has her angry look!
    • Someone take her car keys away. Da’Vonne is in trouble!
  • Christmas pulls Nicole aside to vent to her about it
    • She re-tells the story making Da’Vonne look super petty. Nicole says ‘at least you tried’.  Christmas, you fucked her game. Take a little payback and accept it.
  • Christmas moves upstairs to talk to herself. She going crazy
    • She is whispering to herself and apparently cracking herself up. She is RAGING right now.
    • Her feet are shaking.  Someone protect Da’Vonne please
  • They shut off Christmas cam so I’m going to watch football and also the CBS show. I’ll be back to recap if this weird Kevin plan unfolds or Christmas snaps
  • 8:00 pm – I’m back. No snap by Christmas and it seems she has calmed down
    • I will say, I hated havenots early in the season but if they’re going to do it, this is the way to do it. Having people pick each other has potential for drama.
  • Alcohol is out but Christmas can’t drink. Damn
    • “don’t stab me, don’t stab me” is what Dani thinks when she’s around Christmas lol

  • 9:30 pm – Day and Kevin are trying to figure it out again
    • Kevin says it doesn’t feel right. Maybe because you’re wrong about David?
  • 10:00 pm – Enzo starts rapping so the feeds go down. Fuck

Check back for updates

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