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Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates 9/27

September 28, 2020 | 51 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

We’re currently on the home stretch of Big Brother with only a few weeks to go, but we’re coming up on a huge week with a surprising amount of time left in the season.

What I mean is, when we have seasons like this where one group simply dominates all season long, it gets boring until that group is forced to start going in on itself.  The issue is, usually that happens far too late in the season for us to actually enjoy it. Take Big Brother 19 for example, we had that dominant group of douchebags running the show and it wasn’t until Matt was evicted that the house started turning on itself. Even then, Matt was so obnoxiously boring and his one ally in the house – Raven – was so clueless that nobody really cared until it was Jason and Alex’s turn.

Alex was insistent that she had a final deal with Paul, so her eviction was especially special. However, it happened on day 79! We never really got to enjoy watching Alex flip out as she realized her alliance turned on her because (if I remember correctly), she still thought she was safe until eviction night.

This week, however, we get a delicious triple eviction with still a month or so to go.   With 3 evictions this week, they will be forced to attack each other and they won’t even be prepared for it in advance. They are expecting a double (and have expected a double for like a month now), but won’t expect 3 people to get the boot this week.  And this is perfect timing because the alliance is starting to show a ton of cracks. Christmas and Dani are sniping back and forth, Cody realizes he has to get Tyler out sooner than later, Nicole is still lurking, and everyone knows Enzo will probably win if he’s in the final 2.

In other news, someone asked a good question in the comment section that I wanted to address. Why is David considered a target now that he accepted the money while Tyler gets a pass?  The reason for this is that David is on the block and should be going for safety. The fact that he not only went for money –  but did it in the first round – just didn’t sit well with the house. This is a game where you can get evicted over the smallest thing, and if it’s perceived that David felt so comfortable that he took the money, they’ll use that as an excuse. Again, it’s not just the fact that he took the money, it’s that it sounds like he actually could have advanced and knocked Cody out in round 1. He chose money over safety.

Cody still wants Kevin out, but he is really not happy with David right now after that.

Before I begin, a massively huge thank you to Kimeida for her incredibly generous donation! I am running out of words to say how humbled I am but you all have really blown me away and I’m really speechless. Thank you


  • 1:30 pm – Slow afternoon right now
    • Earlier, Christmas was out there being an expert at life coaching David on his future life choices. How she turned down so many six-figure jobs (humble brag?) etc etc.
    • But now Tyler, Cody, David, Memphis, and Christmas are outside relaxing having a normal talk.
    • Tyler, Cody, David, Memphis, Christmas
  • 2:30 pm – With the backyard open, it’s more of a chill afternoon.  I’m sure tonight will feature more game talk as someone will try to push Cody to use veto and backdoor someone. It’ll probably be Dani/Christmas working on each other
  • Cody makes his way upstairs to talk to Enzo
    • Cody thinks Christmas would go after him and Enzo but Nicole and Dani first
    • Cody wants to ‘clip’ him and ‘clip’ her. Okay buddy
    • Cody points out how everyone in the house wants to go after each other, but they don’t trust Christmas or Dani. However, they don’t want to be the people to get out Dani
    • He tells Enzo that Christmas had the final power. He speculates she told him because of an ego thing where she wanted to show she won the same amount of comps. He still doesn’t quite understand how her power worked. He thinks she could have pulled herself off from being a re-nom. I’m pretty sure the way it worked was that she had to say someone was protected from being a renom before the ceremony. That’s the way I understood it.
  • 4:00 pm – David and Cody outside talking about the sun in the pool.  Not very exciting
  • Going to go watch the CBS show. Be back in an hour or so!
  • 6:20 pm – I’m back! Did you miss me?
    • I’m going to say it, Dani is my favorite this season. She’s probably not going to win but I love how to just owns being cutthroat while all these other people pretend to be nice. I know it’s not a hugely popular opinion but compare her to Nicole with the fake cries in the DR.  I’m probably rooting for her to win the most, then maybe Enzo and even Cody.  I also wouldn’t mind David winning just because I feel he’s been through some bullshit this year and it’d be nice to see their faces when he wins.

Big Brother Cody Talking

  • Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Cody and Enzo are talking
    • They are talking about a conversation Kevin and Cody had while I was watching the show. Brb while I catch up on that……
    • It looks like Kevin has cooled off and apologized for the heated conversation he had with Cody on Friday. Cody also apologized. Kevin admitted that Cody was making good points which was kind of bothering him.  This goes back to what I said about how neither was really right or wrong. It was clearly just an argument out of frustration, especially on Kevin’s part
    • Kevin continued to take ownership of that argument, but Cody said he was also to blame. They both got worked up
    • Kevin said he really doesn’t have an issue with Cody and the jury stuff was mostly just talk he’s not really going to hold that type of grudge (nor should he)
  • Okay, back to live
    • Nicole has entered and Cody begins talking about Ian and his paranoia
    • Cody explains how Kevin and Cody cleared things up
    • The group spent a bunch of time shittalking Dani before feeds went to pet cams. Possibly Will?
  • 9:30 pm – Feeds still on pet cam. Wonderful
  • 10:30 pm – Still down
  • 12:15 am – Feeds were down for about 4 hours or so
    • When they came up, houseguests were sitting around doing nothing.  They have been inside so it’s possible another wall yeller. At least they didn’t punish us for 22 hours this time.
    • With that, off to bed

Check back for updates

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