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Big Brother 22 – Sunday Feed Updates [Reminder: No CBS Show Tonight]

October 4, 2020 | 58 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Judging from the feeds last night, it’s clear that production has basically thrown in the towel regarding the feeds.  They were given alcohol around 9 and after cutting the feeds a few times due to talking about things like production, etc, they just cut the feeds entirely for the next 3 or so hours. So, if you’re still wondering if the live feeds are worth it, the answer is a definite no. Not this season. Sorry to the affiliate team if they’re reading this. I know you want us to push the feeds, but they’re garbage.

Despite the feeds being trash, the season is still quite enjoyable regardless of the general feel from fans.  The house did what everyone usually wants which is to eliminate the floaters and now we’re left with 6 people who all finished the game in the top 3 for their seasons. I know what you’re thinking ‘omg, Janelle is not a floater!’, this is true to an extent. She wasn’t given a whole lot to work with considering her options were very weak at best. Keesha appeared to only be there for the check. Kevin held a grudge from week 1 when Janelle wanted Keesha to stay. David never wanted to work with anyone but Tyler. Ian was doing his play dead the first half routine so he was essentially useless. So, Janelle and Kaysar grouped up and basically just rode it out until they were pegged off. She was a forced floater rather than say the queen of floating: Victoria.

Back to the point, anyone even remotely considered a floater is gone and now you have arguably the strongest 6 people remaining in the house battling it out.   It’s so very unfortunate that half the house full of returning players just couldn’t see the alliance forming around them so they just sat in denial until they were too weak to retaliate, but that’s how it goes sometimes.  When Kaysar, Janelle, Da’Vonne, and Bayleigh decided to keep David over Nicole, they doomed their season. The frustrating part is that Da’Vonne was literally telling the DR that she knows keeping Nicole is the smarter move.   Now, I’m not saying we’d have a completely different season if David went home that week simply because the remaining 6 players won every single HoH competition except one, but it would have been more entertaining early on.

And yes, you read that correctly. And if you want to get technical, it was only 5 of the remaining 6 who won all those comps. And the one they lost was thrown to Dani as both Cody/Nicole probably could have held on longer but chose not to.  That’s 10/11 HoH competitions that the Committee won (and I include Enzo as part of the Committee as he was essentially an honorary member). Pure domination which should hopefully result in a somewhat competitive final 3 weeks.

Alright, I rambled on a bit because I don’t expect much from the feeds today. They drank last night and slept late. Now they have the backyard so it’ll probably be mostly relaxing all day until sometime this evening.


  • 2:20 pm – As mentioned above, nothing going on right now.
  • 3:45 pm – People still hanging outside. Told you it’d be a slow one. Go watch some football
  • 5:30 pm – Christmas is upstairs chatting with Enzo like she’s totally safe and Tyler is for sure going home this week

  • 6:30 pm – Christmas and Memphis whispering.  She tells him ‘good thing is you have me’ (referring to knowing the days) and continues ‘and I’m taking you to the final 2’
  • Upstairs, Cody talks about what I mentioned which is Christmas’ false sense of safety is irritating him (to Nicole)
    • They talk about how Memphis and Christmas are basically a showmance without the romance
    • The two talk about upcoming comps. Really that’s all anyone is talking about
  • 8:30 pm – Feeds were down for about 90 minutes.
    • They returned to Nicole studying the days alone in the HN room. I’m not even going to speculate why they were down. Most likely no reason.
  • 9:30 pm – The feeds have been on Nicole alone in the HN room this entire hour.
    • She is now sleeping. All 4 are still on her.  Un-fucking-real

Check back for updates


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