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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 10/11/20

October 12, 2020 | 15 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB fam! The season will be over before I get used to having an episode on Monday rather than Sunday. I spent yesterday planting some things for fall and rushed to finish, only to come inside and remember there wasn’t a show to watch. It’s going to be over before I’ll adjust my brain to a Monday episode, so I’m just going to enjoy being ahead of schedule for a change.

There was some campaigning yesterday but as we already know, it was pretty pointless. I have to admit, I’m not sure what Nicole is trying to accomplish this week.  I understand not wanting to announce a target after you’ve won  the veto. I don’t understand leading Christmas on late on a Sunday, when you know you’re not planning on using the veto on Monday. They’re almost at the F4 so what is there to gain? Christmas is outnumbered and is unlikely to win the next veto, but let’s say she stays this week and she does win it.  That would give her the only vote next week. How easy would it be for Enzo to go to Christmas? He’d just tell her ‘yo, Nicole played you all last week, yo. She was never using that veto, yo.’ Maybe it wouldn’t work but Christmas is petty and if she felt played, I could easily see her evicting Nicole over Enzo. It seems like an unnecessary risk just so you can have people campaign to you. Other than being easier to beat in comps, Nicole’s reason for keeping Christmas is because Christmas will take her to the F2.

Recap from Sunday:

  • They got the backyard yesterday which was a good thing. They were starting to get really restless in the house. I mean, Enzo has started having lengthy convos with a blow up cow. He also said he’d wear a leash and ear muffs if production would take him for a walk in the parking lot.
  • Christmas gave Memphis advice on how to campaign to Nicole. She said Nicole bases everything on how she feels and said that’s the way he had to approach her. (He has to be cracking up on the inside since he knows she’s leaving, I’m also cracking up at Memphis laughing since he’s probably leaving. Make sense?)
  • Memphis spoke to Nicole about the veto and she acted as if she hadn’t made a decision. He asked if she would let him know if she decided to leave noms the same. He said he’d like to know if he needed to campaign to the guys for their votes. (He’s sure he already has them)
  • Memphis talked to Cody and Cody told him Nicole was not using the veto. Memphis wasn’t bothered by it but seemed a little surprised Nicole didn’t just go ahead and tell him.

I don’t know why people won’t listen to me! I went to the F3 on my season. I mean, I barely remember it because of all the meds but still….I’m a comp beast!!

  • Christmas and Memphis bickered back and forth over laundry and other stupid stuff for a while. Nicole assumed this meant they were fighting and there was tension because they were both on the block. (She was very proud of herself and they weren’t really fighting)
  • Nicole told Enzo her nominations were creating some arguments between Christmas and Memphis. (They weren’t) They laughed and joked about how much coffee Christmas was drinking and said to look out because of it. Enzo said he was sure something was going to blow up later in the day and Nicole agreed.
  • Cody and Enzo had another conversation about who they should keep this week and who would be easier to beat. (It’s the same things they’ve gone over before) It does seem Enzo might rather keep Memphis but he’s such a parrot, I don’t even know anymore. These conversations are more about affirming the decision they’ve already made, rather than wanting to change their minds. (It’s either that or they just really love the sound of their own voices. We know Enzo does!)
  • Nicole told Enzo and Cody that Christmas was still very mad at her because she shared her wine with the two of them instead of Christmas. She went over her lie about the wine and insisted Enzo and Cody cover for her. (The whole thing is pretty stupid) Cody tried telling her it wasn’t that big of a deal but Nicole said it was and said a little wine goes a long way. She said it’s a big game move. (Sure, Dan’s funeral and Nicole’s wine, both legendary)
  • Enzo seemed to get paranoid for a while. He even told the cow he may go home next if they kept Christmas. He’s worried Nicole may want to keep Christmas at the F3 instead of him. He said (to the cow) there was still time and he needed to wait until the noms were locked in place.
  • Enzo asked Cody if they should get her out over Memphis. He thinks if he’s otb with Christmas, Nicole would evict him. Cody said she wouldn’t and said if he didn’t beat Christmas in the next comp, he deserved to go home. (I guess throwing the comps is gonna have to end now, huh?)

Cody popping into the hoh room to see if he can offer any more advice on how to give him 500k

  • Memphis told Enzo he was fine staying on the block He said he thought Cody was a little paranoid about being back doored this week. He said it didn’t matter because he knew he had their votes to stay.
  • Cody and Enzo met up again in the evening and confirmed (for around the 500th time) they should evict Memphis. They agreed they didn’t want Nicole to feel as if she were at the bottom. They think she’ll feel that way if it’s just the 3 guys and Nicole in the house.  Cody also talked as if he thought Nicole was getting a big head over winning the veto comp. He said she needed to chill out over the win and pointed out she’s played it 3 times. He said of course she won it.
  • They got some alcohol so the feeds went down for a long time and it sounded like they had a big meal for dinner.
  • Christmas was back campaigning to Nicole about Cody being such a big threat. Nicole told her it may be best for her if Memphis left but said she was still thinking about it. She said she wanted to be with Christmas  in the F2.  Christmas told her they had a better chance to get to the F2 if Cody was gone. (Along with the next covid test, I think production my also need to check Christmas’ hearing)  Christmas explained to Nicole (a past winner) that at the F5, Nicole should be making deals. She said Nicole should talk to Enzo and strike some kind of deal because this is the last week she could get one. Nicole agreed she would talk to him.

Nicole and Enzo brainstorming just to make sure they’ve done everything they possibly can to guarantee Cody wins BB22. You don’t want to leave this kind of thing to chance, after all!

  •  Nicole called Enzo up to the HOH room and had her fake convo with him. It was supposed to include making sure Christmas stayed this week too. Nicole suggested Enzo make a fake F3 with  Christmas.
  • Memphis stayed up late to talk to Nicole one more time to see if he could get her to backdoor Cody.  He told her he’d take her to F2 over Christmas. (Memphis was fake campaigning and Nicole was fake considering it.  He missed his bedtime for this)
  •  Nicole worried over what to say during the veto ceremony when she didn’t use it. She cam talked a little and said she thought she’d made it worse on herself.  She said Memphis was going to be really mad when she didn’t use it and said she’d  just have to explain her plan was to make people think she was alone in the game. She also said Cody was playing such a good game but said it wasn’t secret. She said she was playing a good too, except hers was a secret.
  • Nicole told Cody and Enzo she’d never take Christmas to the F2 and said she’d rather lose to one of them. She told them how hard Christmas and Memphis were trying to get Cody backdoored. The three of them joked around about putting each other otb next week. Nicole didn’t like it and said Cody better not put her up with Enzo. Cody kept reminding her it didn’t matter who went otb but she didn’t care. She said it made people feel a certain way about it and said he better not do it.
  • Christmas caught Nicole in the bathroom downstairs and wanted to campaign some more and wanted to go to the hoh room.  Nicole told her Enzo was up there so Christmas asked her to come back downstairs and talk. After Christmas had waited for what seemed like a long time, Nicole left Enzo on the couch to go have one last convo with Christmas.
  •  Nicole went uptairs to complain to Enzo and said she didn’t want to talk to them anymore. He told her he’d stay in the hoh room so they couldn’t bother her.
  • Enzo and Nicole talked about how great they are and how Enzo, Cody and Nicole have played the best games.  They agreed that Christmas didn’t deserve to be in the F3 and pumped themselves up over the reasons they could win over Cody. Enzo said he and Nice had played similar games and it didn’t mean Cody would beat them.  He also pumped Nicole up by telling her that getting rid of Memphis was a bigger move than getting rid of Cody this week. There was some discussion over DaVonne and Nicole said she hoped all the jurors wouldn’t just listen to what she said. Enzo had Nicole laughing about DaVonne and her tiny veto. (Nicole has no idea the person she better be hoping the jury ignores is Dani)
  • Nicole told Enzo about the convo she’d had with Memphis. She said she was surprised Memphis said he would take her to the F2 and said Memphis thinks Christmas is a betterp player than Nicole. She’s shocked he’d think she was bad at the game. Enzo said he was just saying that so she’d keep him.  Enzo slept on the couch in the HOH room so Nicole wouldn’t be disturbed.

A few things I forgot:

  1. Cody was afraid to eat Enzos chicken because it made him sick the last time.
  2. A bird flew over and shit on the dryer.
  3. Since it looks like they’re heading to the F3, Cody said he wished he, Nicole and Enzo had a better alliance name. (I don’t even know what it is, unless he means Core 4, the one with Dani)

The veto ceremony will be later today and we’ll have to watch and see if there’s a push from Enzo. He knows it may be better for him to keep Memphis but he also may not try too hard for it.  Once noms are locked, that’s when the paranoia starts to set in with some players. Memphis may not get that way but I’m wondering about Christmas. Is she going to realize she doesn’t have any influence on Nicole once she doesn’t use the veto? Will Memphis realize he’s headed out the door? Either way, I think I’ll finally get to enjoy an eviction.

Have a great Monday!

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