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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 10/18/20

October 19, 2020 | 68 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJunkies! I really shouldn’t title these ‘recaps’ anymore because there probably won’t be much of that for the rest of the season. We’ve just hit that point and it isn’t even because it’s boring BB22. I’ll keep using ‘recap’ because that’s how I’ve titled them in the past.  I just wanted you to know, you’re more apt to get a mixture of things for the rest of the season. Based on what we’re working with, I have no idea what that’s going to be so any suggestions would be helpful. Haha (not kidding tho)

Recap (mini):

  • The hgs were happy to get the backyard again. They know each time they lose it now, it could be for good.
  • Christmas campaigned to Cody (sort of) and got mostly ‘probably doing this’ and ‘maybe not decided’ comments back from Cody. She left it at ‘if you see me in your F3, please keep me’ and ‘you know the kind of game I’ve played’ and blah, blah, blah. She was definitely going thru the motions because she knows it isn’t happening.
  • Christmas recently did some cam talking, said she was better and was just upset Enzo had put her otb without warning her. (I’d given her the benefit of the doubt that it was for other reasons but no, someone who’s played before actually got that upset over going otb at F4. Weird)
  • Nicole cam talked and practiced her speech. (You know, the stupid one for Cody to hear before he decides who to evict with his veto win)
  • Unless Nicole is lying to Cody, she plans to say teaming up with Cody was her best game move. (Ya, that’s a great way to beat him at the end. She can’t be serious, can she?)
  • With Christmas seeming much less likely to kill him yesterday, Enzo finally talked to her. He was more honest than I’d expected him to be. He admitted to having a close bond with Cody and said putting him otb would’ve been like Chriatmas putting up Memphis. He admitted he should’ve told her beforehand and said it was cowardly that he didn’t. He also told her he thought it would be a longshot for Cody to evict Nicole and keep her. He said regardless of what Cody may have told her when she campaigned, he thinks Cody has already decided. It was a pretty good convo except he seemed to move on to asking for her thoughts on what he should do in the F3, as if she were already gone. He said he’s afraid he’ll end up with 3rd again and said Cody and Nicole will both be hard to beat in the last hoh comp. (I’m guessing Cody is a lock for part 1 since Nicole would be his toughest competition since it’s usually endurance, and she said she’s focused on winning part 2)
  • Later that evening, Enzo and Christmas had another conversation about the luxury comp they just played. Christmas was wondering if the jurors would get to watch it and said it was why she chose Kevin in the comp. (jury votes, I guess??) They went over potential jury votes and Enzo seems even more worried than before. With Christmas telling him he can’t beat Cody, he’s realizing the last 3 people heading to jury have basically said the same thing. He thinks Nicole will take Cody but thinks Cody may take him.
  • Enzo took pics with Moolan when he had the hoh camera. I guess this is an official shomance now.
  • Enzo sat alone realizing he’s played himself into a corner:

Random BB stats:

Enzo and Cody can officially say it’s the first time players in a F2 alliance never got nominated…since BB3, at least. They can’t say it’s never been done because it has, Danielle and Jason never went otb either. Neither of them won the game tho and that’s where they’ll end up accomplishing more, unless Nicole pulls out an unexpected win.

The two of them are doing a podcast this season called the Secret Alliance. I watch on youtube but it may be on other platforms too. They do a good job and it’s pretty funny. It isn’t the most informative source out there but they’re entertaining.

If Cody wins the final hoh, he’ll tie Paul for 2nd in comps wins in a single season, with 8.  Janelle will keep her #1 spot with 9 wins.

I don’t know if this is a joke but there’s been discussion about Janelle and Kaysar wearing crowns for the finale. Janelle, being the BB Queen, (which Dani wanted to steal) and Kaysar, having the King Kaysar comic (and being referred to as King Kaysar before the comic) got the comments started. I don’t know if they’ll do it but it would be funny….even if it’s a little obnoxious. It would be too arrogant if this hadn’t been a season of Nicole and Cody being too consumed with Kaysar and Janelle. For me, that’s what would make it funny.

I’m not expecting much for tomorrows recap either. I think I’m going to take a look at why it’s unrealistic to expect Nicole or Enzo to make the right move if they were to win the final hoh. I don’t mean that I wouldn’t expect them to do it because I would. I’ve just been thinking about how it’s actually a hard thing to expect them to do, based on certain circumstances. I’d do it this morning but it’s a Monday, so I’ve got to get my butt to work.

Have a great Monday!


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