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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 8/16/20P

August 17, 2020 | 6 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I’ll be glad if and when the hgs get back on their schedule because for 2 nights they’ve stayed up most of the night. During the summer, I live on BB time and it doesn’t always sync up with running a business….especially on Monday mornings. There were a few new things going on yesterday but a lot of convos were on repeat. (I won’t be going over them every time)

  • Talk continued about the inability for any of the women to win the veto comp. The entire house thinks it and tried to tell NicA she shouldn’t feel bad for performing poorly. (She was embarrassed over her performance)
  • Ian is being put thru the ringer with his punishment and I think he is loving it. He said he doesn’t like that it inconveniences the other hgs and only because of that, he liked his dog costume in BB14 more. Dani didn’t help by loudly asking why everyone had to be punished during one of Ian’s performances. Sometimes Ian has to get other hgs to play parts and perform with him. This is Tyler playing the queen:
  • David talked to Memphis and Memphis told him regardless of what he might here or thought, he said he didn’t have a target.
  • Janelle & Kayser spent most of the day thinking they had Da, Bay and Christmas on their side to save NicA. They weren’t sure about Ian tho. (face palm)
  • DaVonne set a trap for Dani because she realized Dani was repeating some things they’d talked about to people. She told Dani that Tyler was trying to put a new alliance together. Dani asked Tyler, he denied it. (He was doing it, he wanted one without Dani in it) Tyler told Dani he thought Da was trying to fish for info. (She was) Tyler immediately saw what Da was doing and Dani fell for it. After some back and forth damage control, it left all 3 being leary of the others, Tyler not trusting Dani (he was already on the fence) and Day busted for what she was doing. Tyler will also keep a closer eye on Da going forward. He repeated what happened to Cody, Enzo and Christmas. Tyler made the rounds telling Christmas, Enzo and Cody  about it.
  • NicF, Kevin, Christmas and Dani trashed talked  Janelle.  Nicole told them all Janelle wanted her out (she guessed) for personal reasons. She said she didn’t know what Jenelle had against her or why Janelle was talking about her constantly. Kevin asked Nicole if she usually had problems like this with women  (insinuating they were jealous of her) Nicole responded by telling him she was having 9 bridesmaids in her wedding. (I think this was supposed to prove she has lots of women friends) Some version of this convo happened throughout the day with multiple people.  Nicoles use of personal issues as a strategy Is so cringy for me to watch, just like it was in BB18. However, I have to admit that it’s very effective.  Day may be keeping an eye on her but Janelle is really the only person in the house who wants her gone. She’s well insulated in the game right now and doing a good job.
  • Christmas is going along with Janelle & Kayser to string them along but plans on telling them they need to prove themselves to her before they have an official alliance. (bet that goes over well) Christmas only knows how to play the way she played with Paul. She’s a soldier doing things for her team and eventually, it will probably bite her in the butt. (Also, she NEVER shuts up!! Unrelated, I know but sometimes, a girls gotta vent)
  • Day and Bay are more suspicious of Cody and think some of the things Kayser said makes sense. Day is waiting for NicF or Dani to tell her about working with Cody on the side and if they don’t, she’ll know their loyalty is with Cody instead of her. (It’s the Cody, NicF, Dani, Tyler alliance Jan & Kay keep trying to get them to see) Its hard for them to see it because they’re working with them too, just in a different combo of people. They want to wait and see how the next hoh goes before they dive in too much with a new team.
  • Nicole A continued to struggle emotionally throughout the day and it only got worse. Kayser and Janelle both offered to cook for her and most people checked in on her.
  • Nicole A is struggling with being otb with David.  She feels if she stays, she’s somehow the reason David goes home and the reason his game got cut short once again. She’s weighing this over the desire to play her own game.  She’s also terrified of getting played and looking stupid because of things that happened last season. It’s why she’s so hesitant to trust Jan & Kay and why it’s so easy for Kevin to convince her Janelle=Satan.  She talked about wanting to go off on people and give a speech about bullying or being mean to people or something.  Here again, she’s reliving last summer because she fears the same thing is happening again. (No one is bullying anyone) She also talked about wishing she had stood up for people more been more vocal about some of the mistreatment people received in BB21. (What happened in BB21 is NOT repeating but NicA has some unresolved issues over it.  I’m not being judgmental about that and she wouldn’t be the first person who left this game needing or getting therapy.  Kevin even talked to her about it. If you aren’t very focused, mixed with a certain kind of personality, this game can really mess with your head)  She’s lost focus on the game THIS season and is trying to use it  to correct wrongs from last season. I loved everything about NicA last summer but I don’t think she was ready to come back yet.  Watching her struggle so much emotionally is honestly going to soften the blow for me if she’s the person evicted because I think it could be the best thing for her right now.  She’s worried about looking stupid after the show if she mistakenly trust Jan & Kay. She’s playing against all stars and shouldn’t feel stupid but if she does, it will be for not trusting them.

I dont fully blame NicA or Kevin for how they see the house. Sure, they should realized Janelle spends a lot of time with NicA and doesn’t have an incentive to play her. (People can say what they want about Vanessa in BB17 but it’s one of the things I liked about her. She was a very emotional person but her game moves were never based on emotion. She always looked at incentives. It’s how she determined who was telling her the truth and what she could offer someone to get them on her side)  Setting that aside, we have to look at the game through the eyes of NicA and Kevin. They both know how hard Janelle tried to get rid of Kevin last week. Janelle can’t stand Kevin, can’t understand why anyone else likes him so she couldn’t grasp how much NicA liked him. Janelle never offered to bring Kevin in with them to accommodate NicA and told NicA Kevin was a backstabber. NicA is loyal (just like Jan & Kay) so this turned her off. NicA told Kevin what Janelle said about him, Janelle tried to lie out of it to him so why would Kevin trust her? Janelle also continued to whine about Keesha leaving, sometimes in front of Kevin. Add to that, Janelle told NicA she had pull with Memphis but NicA got put otb anyway. Right after, Janelle and Memphis are up in the hoh room sharing some wine. Once that’s done, Janelle tells NicA she’s going to get NicF put up as a replacement for a back door and it doesn’t look like it’s happening.  What we see as Janelle trying but not having any pull with Memphis, NicA easily sees as someone stringing her along so she’ll be quiet until she’s evicted.

The truth is, they’re all to blame. NicA should’ve  gotten her ass out of the room she buried herself in with Kevin at the start of the game. (Ya, I know she was sick but not the entire week) Jan & Kay shouldn’t have talked so much crap about Kevin TO NicA and paid attention to how much time she was spending with him instead. Janelle should’ve shut up about Keesha leaving and accepted she’d have to play nice with Kevin if she wanted numbers. Kevin should’ve shut up with his trash talking about Janelle, which got right back to her and made her despise him more.  He also needed to stop telling NicA his theories as if they were facts about Janelle and taken that damn blanket off his head occasionaly and paid more attention. All 4 of them should’ve realized the game had started when people were saying it hadn’t.  All 4 of them have also spent a week only talking in pairs and planning who they should have an alliance with instead of talking to those people to make one. I understand there are reasons these mistakes happened and some of it was good game play by other people but some of it was playing too slow and hanging out with each other too much.

  • Day talked to NicA after she was worried about needing to socialize for her game but being in a bad place. After suggesting she go to the DR to let it out, Day gave her a pep talk about being strong, reminding her this wasn’t her real life, etc. Day said she thought NicA should go to bed and get some rest and start fresh the next day. (This was after Day got concerned NicA might self evict and it was excellent advice)
  • Day told David how concerned she was about NicA an he was too.
  • David kept checking in on NicA. I didn’t see David tell NicA this but later on, David told Day that he’d told NicA he thought he was the one staying. Day got upset with David and said it may not have been his intention, but she worried it would look like he was kicking NicA when she was down. She also worried if it got around he was confident he was staying, it could backfire on him. (Like I said, I didn’t see it but if David told NicA this, I think it’s for a different reason. She’s assumed the whole time David was the target and her guilt over being the one who stayed was upsetting her. He may have been trying to ease her guilt because they’re actually friends.  I’ve never seen him do anything other than try and pep her up to compete against him this week)
  • Cody told NicF and Dani he didn’t trust Day and Bay as much anymore.  He thinks Bay is way too close to Janelle and he said they never bring him back info. He said that if his name has been flying around, they should have told him.
  •  Janelle tried to talk to Ian to see where his head was and it didn’t go very well for her. He told her he was with NicF and he saw the house as pairs. She told him she wasn’t after NicF but wasn’t working with her either and wondered where that left the 2 of them trying to work together. He told her he didn’t think it was a good idea for her to go after NicF or himself. (I’m assuming he meant because they were past winners and big targets but it came off sounding like a threat from a mafia movie and was hilarious)  At one point, when Janelle stopped talking, Ian looked at her and said “is that all?” He was ready for that convo to be over. (I guess she forgot about NicA trying to warn her that Ian was pretending to be asleep in the bedroom and listened to Janelle talk about going after NicF)
  •  Day eventually told Janelle and Kaysar she would not vote out David. She said she couldn’t do it and it had nothing to do with game. She said it didn’t mean that she didn’t want to work with them, it only meant this was a vote she couldn’t make. (This was around the time Jan & Kay realized just how f*cked they are)
  • Kevin questioned Janelle on having influence this week with Memphis. This made her mad and she told him if she had any, her friend wouldn’t be otb.
  • Kayser and Janelle have seemed to accept they can’t save NicA unless they can get Memphis  to put Kevin otb instead. (it’s actually the best person to try for, probably won’t happen but it has the least ramifications for Memphis) Theyre6talking to Day and trying to figure out if they can work with David if they can’t save NicA.

Later today, I’m sure we’ll get to see Memphis not use the veto unless something big happens. (I think that’s today) Tyler will continue convincing everyone keeping David is their idea instead of his, NicF will keep freaking out even after she’s not put otb and maybe Janelle & Kaysar will realize they don’t have an alliance except with each other. I hope they still have the backyard and I hope NicA is in better spirits and gets a bit of sunshine.

Have a great Monday!

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