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Big Brother 22-Sunday Recap for 8/9/20

August 10, 2020 | 21 Comments
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Author: Mel


Good morning BB Junkies! The hgs finally got the yard last night and they were definitely ready for it. They also had a small birthday celebration for Kaysar and I think they’re going to have something for him in the yard sometime today. Keesha even walked by and gave him a “anyone want cake?”  He’s been in the BB house 3 times now and this is the first time he won’t be evicted on his birthday. Ian is feeling a bit better but now, Nicole A is very sick. They changed the slop to something else hoping it may help but I’m with Steve. Not now, not this year. No one cares about slop anymore and this year only gives us anxiety when people arn’t feeling well.

I wasn’t planning on getting too in depth regarding things that happened or may have happened preseason among the hgs but NicF is making it impossible. She talks about it constantly and since she’s making her game about this stuff, I feel like I need to cover it. Otherwise, some of the conversations won’t make much sense. Here’s the shortest version I can manage:

First, returning players pregame. They do it, accept it and move on. I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal when everyone is returning because they all have connections and all have the opportunity to sneak and plan. I didn’t like it in BB18 with NicF, Paulie and James because they played with new players and had an advantage. Let’s also be clear what pregaming really consists of and it isn’t much. They may call each other and say ‘I heard your going to be on this summer, let’s work together and have each others backs.’ So what? Some of them are already friends, either from playing together or BB events in the past when they met and became friends.  The calls arn’t much of an advantage because it’s a conversation you’d have when you got there anyway. The real advantage is having people there that you’ve shared a season with or have a history with and if you bring people back, its sort of unavoidable. There’s going to be some built in trust or at least familiarity whether you talked in advance or not. I think it’s why Tyler seemed so off the first couple days. He was fully expecting to have Josh and Kaycee there. He was going in with an alliance of 4 (because of Christmas) for however long it lasted. Now, he has Christmas and is otherwise, starting over. They’re all stars so it shouldn’t matter but if you want to pick out the people it could effect the most, it’s got to be Kevin from BB11 and Enzo from BB12. I didn’t include Christmas because even tho she’s the only one from BB19, she’s connected to Tyler thru Josh.

Janelle rocking the Louboutin shoes and her punishment outfit while NicF melts down over her being in the house:

Ok, now on to the rumors. One of them was that Paul was returning and already had something planned with NicF. Why wouldnt she? They played together and Paul’s BB bestie Victor is engaged to NicF.  The next one was how Tyler pulled some strings so he could have Angela there with him. Obviously not true but he was supposed to have Kaycee which would’ve been more beneficial anyway. Finally, the rumor involving Derrick….

Word on the BB street was that when NicF found out some of the people who’d been invited, (and realized she wasn’t among them) she called people in production and had a tear filled melt down. Word of this got out, somehow got to Evil Dick and he Tweeted about it. Janelle knew about it and spread the rumor. (So did everyone in the BB community so I’m not sure why it’s all falling on Janelle) This is connected to the rumor of Derrick, and possibly Dan being removed because of things NicF said to production. Dan laughs at all of it on social media and Derrick claims he was never planning to come back. Derrick, did however Tweet something preseason about being upset with Nicole. This was all the confirmation some people needed to run with it. (I still stand by what I said a few days ago which is, NO WAY production chooses Nicole Franzel over Derrick or Dan) I’m not saying something didn’t happen, it just can’t be this. For a new twist, Cody made a comment the other night on the feeds about Derrick and joking about sneaking in phones. Cody said something about what Derrick was planning and said “it was when Derrick was 100% coming out here.” This does make it sound like, in spite of what Derrick is saying, Derrick was at some point, planning to do the show.

Janelle and Dani had a conversation recently about NicF too. They talked about how stupid it was to lie about it. I think this was referring to coming this summer. It sounded like they’d asked her and she’d said she wasn’t going to do all stars. (I’m not sure) Since being in the house, Janelle has also found out that NicF is worried about The Amazing Race situation. NicF had issues with Rachel R and Elissa on TAR and it still continues. The Reilly sisters apparently even tried to sue NicF for defamation or something afterwards. NicF knows Janelle is friends with Rachel and had been saying it may make Janelle not like her.

Lastly, we have the podcast drama I talked about. (Yesterday, I think??) NicF wouldn’t do Nicole A’s podcast because she and Eric (the podcaster Nicole A works with) have beef. Nicole A claims to have known nothing about their history and NicF doesn’t believe her so she did some trash talking about Eric in the house and it pissed off Nicole A. (I’m positive NicoleA knew all about it so I’ve got to side with NicF on that one. Lol)

I don’t  know what’s true and what isn’t but here we are. This crap is relevant because it seems to be ALL NicF wants to talk about. She isn’t just obsessed with Janelle, she’s obsessed with whether or not Janelle pregamed. She’s obsessed over Janelle not liking her because of her issues with other people. She’s also obsessed with being a worthy winner and making sure everyone knows it, in the house and Twitter. I’d just posted yesterday that even tho I’m not a fan, I could respect how hard she was playing. Welp, that didn’t last long because I don’t know what the hell she’s doing now.

I’m only speculating and want to be clear about it but this is what I think. (THINK, DON’T KNOW) Something happened preseason that made Derrick upset with NicF but it wasn’t her control over his doing the show. I’d say he just didn’t want to do it. I’m guessing some of the crying and begging rumors may be true, even if to a lesser extent that people have described. Maybe begging wasn’t involved. I’d also say NiF did some hard core pregaming herself, with Paul when she thought he was coming, maybe Dani and Cody. She’s said (and made a big deal of it) she didn’t talk to anyone because she didn’t want to break the rules. It could be true but Vic could’ve talked to Paul and Derrick  could’ve talked to Cody. Technically, she wouldn’t  have talked to them. Like I said earlier, I don’t care and dont think it’s a big deal on all stars but here’s why I think this way. You know how it’s always someone who cheats that’s always accusing their companion of cheating? It’s like a combo of guilt and a defense mechanism. This is exactly what’s playing out on the feeds with NicF.  I’m sure Janelle did pregame but make no mistake, so did NicF and she’s also playing 2 games. One is with the hgs and the other is for social media. I’ll touch on that below.

I don’t even have time to address all the past players coming out of the woodwork right now on their own social media. They’ve all got gossip and are spilling secrets because they’re getting upset listening to some of the things people are saying in the house. Nothing is as messy as an all stars season because it’s both inside and outside the house. Good times!

I don’t have any thought on the episode because I haven’t had time to watch it. I’m getting ready to have my grand-girls for a few days so I was busy last night. We have to prepare ourselves because we’re all a little afraid of the 3 year old. She’s cute but she’s the tasmanian devil too.  Now for some highlights from yesterday:

  • Things change constantly so it’s impossible to track some alliances forming, at least for now. Basically, the entire house is working with almost everyone in overlapping groups, even when they don’t know it yet. There are a few that stand out and that’s all I’ll be able to focus on.
  • Dani, NicF, Cody and Enzo have a thing.
  • Enzo wants that group but to also include DaVonne and Bayleigh.
  • Enzo also wants a group with Dani, Cody, Memphis, DaVonne and Bayleigh. (He really wants to work with Da and Bay)
  • Tyler has made a couple more F2’s with DaVonne and I think Kevin. Tyler and DaVonne discussing it:
  • Kevin worked much harder than Keesha yesterday for the votes. I love my girl Keesha but the truth is the truth.
  • Janelle and Kaysar tried to convince Keesha they haven’t seen each other since BB7. He’s lived in Dubai a couple different times and they used that as part of the reason. I don’t think she bought it and if I’m not mistaken, I think Kaysar was at Janelles wedding.
  • Cody keeps calling David ‘Kevin’ by mistake and he’s done it multiple times. You don’t think he meant to nominate David, do you? Lol
  • Keesha is including DaVonne in her vote count but she doesn’t have it. Janelle did try to plant some seeds that Keesha did poorly in the veto comp and say she isn’t a threat. I don’t see it working tho.
  • Kevin’s talk with Enzo made him happy and he was shocked he got a commitment out of him. Kevin has no idea that he isn’t the reason Enzo will keep him, it’s because Cody wants to keep him.
  • Kevin also thinks Janelle and Cody are working together so now he’s saying he’ll put up Janelle and Kaysar if he gets hoh. (Why would Janelle play for safety if she was working with Cody?)
  • NicF went around saying how much she owed to DaVonne for her BB18 win and wanted to return the favor. They’re both playing each other for now.
  • Memphis suggested to Dani that he and Dani, plus Cody, Tyler and Bayleigh work together. and Dani told him DaVonne would have to be included. Memphis is rethinking it now.
  • Kevin briefly thought he could get someone to talk Cody into putting Memphis otb. Da told him he just needed to focus on his votes because she didnt see it happening.
  • NicF talked to Tyler about preseason rumors (covered above) and he chimed in with his own story. After whining for what felt like 12 hours, she told him it was Janelle and Evil Dick who were to blame. She said people say she didn’t  deserve her win and pointed out she did NOT have to cry and beg. She said “Are you kidding me? You really think I’m not an all star?” She also said she couldn’t believe people weren’t saying to put Ian and her otb since they’re the only winners.
  • Dani joined and it was more of the same. NicF said the fans don’t like any of the new players. They only like old school players. She said they don’t even like Derrick. Dani was tired of listening to it and told her she thinks they just dont like boring seasons. (Hahs) Dani started yawning during this convo.
  • DaVonne admitted to NicF that Ian makes her nervous as a player. She loves him personally but the game is different. (NicF will probably tell him since they’re working together)
  • Dani told NicF she thinks Isn uses his condition in the game because it makes people want to protect him. (I know it’s an unpopular opinion but I’ve never liked Dani. There, I said it) I’m glad she’s playing again, I just don’t care for her.
  • Bay, Da, Cody and Enzo got together to talk about their new 4 person alliance. (Told ya, a million combos of people) They want to do a brigade style thing and each get an extra person to work with.
  • Keesha told Janelle she’d nom 2 guys, one being Cody if she stayed and won hoh. Janelle told her maybe she should tell people that while campaigning.
  • Ian finally getting his outdoor time:

Hopefully, we’ll get even more game talk today. If they have the yard, they’ll  be able to spread out more. Until tomorrow, have a great Monday!

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