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Big Brother 22- Sunday Recap for 9/20/20

September 21, 2020 | 14 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! Miss me? (Probably not as it gave you a break from my rambling)  Even with the boring season, I’m still glad to be back at it.

I want to take a moment and say something personal and then I promise to jump right into BB. This weekend was a bit of a double edged sword for me. I saw my daughter get married to an amazing man, husband and father and it was an incredible weekend. One good thing about being with someone for 13 years before getting married, you sure know what you’re getting. Lol  (Thanks again for all the congrats from so many of you)  Within hours of beginning such a fun weekend, I learned of the passing of one of the greatest women of my lifetime. RBG was, for me, my Superman, my Wonder Woman, my hero.  I spent the weekend feeling both a tremendous happiness combined with a devastating sadness. That combination is a feeling I can’t really describe. I know that’s not what I’m here to discuss and only wanted to say, thank you Ruth, for giving us so much of yourself, for so very long. You will be missed.

This feels like a strange transition for a blog but I did promise so I better get to it.  If I were going to miss a little BB, I suppose these past couple of days were good ones to miss. I’ll try not to repeat too much of what’s already been discussed but I may just a bit because it helps me get back up to speed.  I missed seeing Tyler win the veto, Dani coming close to it and Memphis striking an unnecessary deal with David. Did anyone also find it odd he was more angry with Dani than he was with Tyler? Tyler is the one who won it. Maybe Memphis didn’t like Dani getting so close to his time. He’d really be upset if he knew she didn’t give it her all. (according to what she said to Nicole anyway) Speaking of Nicole:

Nicole meditating before an ice skating routine? BB players on ice?

My summary of the weekend activity:

I get why Memphis would want David out but not the way he did it. David doesn’t have a good track record in comps so Memphis should’ve just put him otb. (I’m with Steve on the jury management)  Once again, he left his alliance in the dark and to do what? Get rid of David? Was this supposed to be surprising? Of course, this was his move. Why wouldn’t it be?

David will be (basically already is) solo and good for someone to pick up as a number. (Cody’s already trying) Memphis knows this and he’s trying to do what Enzo talked about earlier this season. He wants to eliminate options. The less options there are, the more the Committee has to stick together. You don’t need loyalty if there isn’t anywhere else to go. He wants to get it down to the six and then get them, before they get him. It’s why Enzo wanted Dani and Nicole gone. He wanted to take away Cody’s other options.

It was a prank night with baby powder, gas and throwing candy bars at people.

As far as Memphis and his stupid test for Day, he’s wrong. (The info Memphis tested Day with isn’t what prompted Nicole to talk to him) Memphis told Dani that Tyler and Nicole were at the bottom of the Committee. Dani is the one who told this to Nicole but she only said the part about Tyler. (Dani told Cody both names) Later, Cody told Nicole that Dani had left out the part about Memphis naming Nicole. Nicole asked Cody if she should say something to Memphis about it. He said maybe at some point but not right now. Nicole did it anyway and Memphis blamed Day. She was going to be the target regardless (if it wasn’t David otb or maybe even if he was- Cody, Tyler and Nicole had already said they weren’t evicting David) because Dani is really the only person who wants to save Day.  (It would’ve been interesting to see Day vs David otb. I don’t know if Tyler and Cody would’ve split up the Committee to keep David. They said they would but now, we won’t know) Christmas wants Day out because she’s petty and was always closer to Bay than she was Day. Nicole is just repeating BB18. She screwed Day and then wanted to evict her before she found out. (Same thing going on now)

We learned Cody’s true loyalty (as suspected) is with Nicole and Enzo since he told Nicole about the guys alliance he made with Memphis. He did NOT tell her about his F3 with Tyler and Enzo or the F2 with Enzo. Fair is fair because she hasn’t told him about her F2 with Christmas. (They both have one with Dani) Nicole advised Cody to tell Enzo about the Committee so Dani can’t use it against him later. Cody agreed he should. (He already did, the week he was playing tug-of-war with Tyler for Enzos loyalty) Speaking of Enzo:

With the white socks, shoes and the new hat, Enzo calls this his California look.

Dani still plans to evict Kevin if noms stay the same and told Nicole they’d “get the votes.” Everyone in the house can see how much Dani wants to keep Day. Three of Danis biggest problems all season:

  1. She isn’t nearly as good at manipulation as she thinks she is.
  2. She’s a lot more obvious when she’s planting seeds than she realizes. Dani has zero subtlety.
  3. She thinks Nicole and Cody are loyal to her.

Other than a chicken cook off, (good job Kevin on his first try) David being a liar to Day and Nicole’s obsession over her Zing, I hope I’m mostly up to speed.

Thoughts on the Sunday episode:

The storyline matched fairly close to reality with a few exceptions:

  • The bathtub clip actually happened last week when the feeds were down. It was planned by Dani to work on Christmas, reel her in, hoping she’d evict Tyler. Nicole fell because she was drunk, not clumsy. It’s why in the clip, Christmas is holding her hand as she gets up and asks if she’s ok…before she fell.
  • Christmas got more angry over Day choosing her as a have not than the episode aired. Later, Christmas told Nicole that Day “plays personally” and right after saying this, told Nicole she was going make Day a HN next week as payback. Sound personal? (this was before they were gonna just evict Day instead) Christmas has also mentioned the only downside to evicting Day is that she won’t be able to return the HN favor.
  • The clip of Christmas on the balcony making it seem as if she could hear Day teasing Kevin about making him a have not was hilarious. She looked like an evil queen looking down at her peasants… least in her own mind.
  • The biggest lie the episode depicted was showing Dani as the mastermind for the plan to blame David for a vote. They tried to edit it to make it appear Nicole just followed along but this was Nicole’s plan and 100% her plan. The reason wasn’t even to blame David, that was just a bonus. (I know Nicole likes the “Americas Darling” edit and probably won’t mind, but I’d be pissed if production gave Dani credit for my plans, if they worked. (In their defense, Dani makes a much better villain for tv)

Why Day doesn’t trust David

Recap from Sunday:

  • David told Kevin he became suspicious of Nicole flipping her vote because he’d played backgammon with her and she’d given him a game tip. (No clue??) He said it was also because Nicole kept saying “Ian is my best friend” last week and she was overdoing it. (True)
  • Christmas asked Tyler if he thought they should tell Day in their goodbye messages about Nicole flipping the vote. He said they should. (Sorry Christmas, he started this last week with Ian. He’s a step ahead of you. Nicole will too if she’s smart)
  • Memphis discussed needing to get the Committee on the same page since they think this Thursday should be a double eviction. (Nope) They also talked about their distrust of Nicole and Dani and thinking they’re planning to have someone go after the Committee for them.  Memphis said they need to nip it in the bud. (Cody would’ve said “the butt”)
  • Dani pitched keeping Day to several people. Christmas said Day wasn’t “engaging with her” lately and Tyler said Day lies to him. (not saying it would be any different but Day trying to say she voted to keep Tyler was a bad move)

Memphis talking to Nicole and pretending she’s allowed to have an opinion.

  •  Kevin worked on some convoluted plan to create a lie that could disrupt the people in the house. (Kevin worked on it himself first) He felt Day should be the one to do it since he did something similar on his season. He said no one would beleive him because of it. Day felt Kevin should do it since the lie would involve David and it was more believable that David would confide in Kevin. (There’s nothing wrong with a plan like this except Kevin and Day don’t have enough info about what’s actually happening)  It’s similar to Day trying to convince Tyler that David voted him out. Tyler knows David voted him out because he was in on it. He just happens to know Day did too.
  • Memphis is still mad his plan didn’t work but seems to have accepted the veto won’t be used. He’ll be satisfied with Day leaving to weaken Dani and Nicole.
  • After days of bitching about being put on slop, Christmas talked to Day about it.  She asked if things were fine between them and faked like she cared. Day pointed out that it wasn’t as if she put her on the block. (haha) Christmas wanted Day to know she didn’t appreciate that being the reason Day made her a have not. (Christmas is sooooo annoying.  It’s like when she got Bay out. She wants to ruin someone’s game but still have that person want to hang out with her) Sorry Christmas, you’d have to be a helluva lot more interesting as a person to screw me, but still want me to be your friend.
  • David and Day talked about the week. He didn’t know why Day chose Nicole to play in the veto. (It was so sad knowing that Kevin and Day intentionally chose Nicole and Dani with hgs choice) She said she believed Nicole would have taken her down but didn’t believe David would’ve. David told her he didn’t know who Memphis was putting up when Day asked if he knew. He also said he didn’t set her up last week. He said he wanted her to stay and he wouldn’t vote to evict her.  He also mentioned thinking Nicole was closer to Cody than Ian but Day didn’t agree.
  • Kevin (who is safe) was possibly on the verge of becoming the target if he created a lie to try and blow up the house. Memphis told Kevin he had the votes to stay so maybe he won’t do it now. He told him again this wasn’t his original plan but couldn’t do anything since Tyler wouldn’t use the veto.
  • Day thinks David lied to her when he said he’d vote to keep her. Kevin thinks it’s the truth and still thinks Day will stay so he told her they may still need to cause a fight in the house. They went back and forth but don’t really think it will cause Tyler to use the veto. Kevin’s also worried he’d lose Davids vote if he throws him under the bus. (I think he means jury vote) Day told him he didn’t have it anyway.
  • Nicole was caught off guard when Day mentioned that Memphis told her he had asked everyone to throw the veto. Nicole lied said she didn’t know anything about it and started thinking that maybe Dani told Day. Later, Nicole told Christmas it didn’t make sense for Memphis to tell Day and said she thought it might have been Dani who told her. (He did tell Day)
  • Kevin and Day realized Dani had told both of them she’d take them off the block if she won the veto.
  • Dani told Nicole she’s worried about only having three women left if they get rid of  Day. They said it would be 6 guys and 3 women. Nicole said they’d just have to try hard and should be fine. She tod Dani she can’t campaign for Day after how hard she tried to keep Ian last week. She said it would be really bad for her game. (True and it’s a good excuse for Nicole to use because it actually makes sense)
  • Day is completely over Christmas at this point. (not that she wasn’t already)  Day complained about Christmas needing constant reassurance and Nicole agreed. She said she had to be that way with her too and suggested Day just give Christmas a little more attention. Day said “she’s 40 years old, I shouldn’t have to do that with someone her age.” (I actually thinks she’s 37)
  • Christmas said it’s weird that Dani wants to fight so hard for Day to stay. She said she wished Dani would fight that hard for her. (I mean, ??? WTF? When?)
  • Nicole is concerned Day and Kevin arn’t campaigning enough. (Day did to Tyler) Even Dani said they needed to play the game. Nicole said she thinks it’s weird they seem normal and not too bothered. (Nicole can’t grasp people being so beaten down in the game that they begin to accept reality) The night Day and Kevin made chicken (after being put on the block) was when Nicole started talking about it and it’s continued. (I don’t know why they want people to campaign to them that they know they won’t keep anyway.  You’d think it would be easier to avoid the conversation)
  • Nicole is annoyed with Tyler for eating too much of the vegan food…..even tho she isn’t vegan herself. (Keep in mind, it’s been discussed by all of the hgs how much weight Tyler has lost since the season started)
  • Dani told Cody she’d give him this one this week (getting out Day) if he swore to go after David next week. He agreed. (Dani  has voted out 4 women, soon it will be 5. She targeted some of them herself but she’s concerned there will only be 3 women after this week. Ummmm, ok)

I wouldn’t expect anything earth shattering today even if Day and Kevin did end up trying to create a story to shake things up.  I think the Committee would just sit around saying how pitiful it was that they’d even bothered to try. I’d also expect Day to be heading to the jury this week and if Dani pushes too hard, she may be right behind her, instead of Kevin or David.

Day and Dani both heard someone in production sneeze from behind the wall. They both said “bless you.”

The only positive I can see moving ahead is we’ll finally see these people turn on each other. After Thursday, they will have accomplished their goal and it will be time for whoever wins the next hoh to make the move.

Check back later for the results of the veto ceremony. I’m sure we’re all in suspense over whats gonna happen.

Have a great Monday!


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