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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 8/13/20

August 14, 2020 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! We’ve got one eviction behind us so hopefully we can settle in and watch the new alliances fall apart. I’ll do this recap in sections in case anyone wants to skip some of it and get to the house activity from last night. I was sad for Keesha but that’s not to say I thought she played well. She didn’t. I ran across this Tweet and it may not address her lethargic game play but it still made me laugh:

Game talk before the show:

  • It doesn’t appear there will be a juror coming back based on interviews happening today and the way Julie sounded last night. DaVonne had a lengthy talk with Keesha and told her she was leaving. Some of the others eventually did too but DaVonne seemed the most sincere about not wanting her to go. I think it’s because it probably was sincere. She didn’t want to get rid of Keesha, she just needed to keep Kevin. Da is also tuned in to what fans like to see (she’s said it to the camera before) and figured we’d like to see them work together. I hope she doesn’t regret the move and I hope she’ll let go of what she thinks we’d like and just play her game. She’s doing well so far and doesn’t need to mess it up over live feeders. I think Keesha fell in the trap of thinking she was safe and thinking if she campaigned, she’d become the target. Easy mistake to make but a big one.
  • Dani talked to David about calling her mean the other say. She said she was sensitive about it, he apologized (even tho it was ridiculous and he was kidding) and the convo ended with a weird awkward silence.
  • Some of the women tried to piece together what happend with the vote switching talk from the night before. I wasn’t completely clear myself when I did the last recap. I’d ran down the way some of the convos happened but didn’t really get it until I went back. Basically, Da let Christmas think she was open to keeping Keesha (partly to cover up that Cody had a preference) She did too good of a job, this info went from Christmas to Janelle and then to Bay. Janelle wanted to keep Keesha but she didn’t push for it until she thought the votes were there. (because of Da) Once the flip started to get talked about, Cody heard about it from Bay so Da threw Janelle under the bus and blamed it all on her. Da played dumb and now Christmas thinks Janelle was trying to set her up for something because Janelle said it came from Christmas. Make sense? Doesn’t really matter. The takaway is DaVonne almost got busted stirring the pot but she got away with it, Janelle is being blamed for something she didn’t do and Christmas has one more reason not to like Janelle. (NicF has been working on her)

Thoughts from the “live” show:

  • To begin, the show isn’t live, they’re pretaping it. I get it, they don’t have an audience but why call it a “live” show? BB Canada does the same thing and they advertise it being live too. There are several things I’d love to see BB US copy from BB CAN but lying about a live show and cutting the feeds so often arn’t the things that come to mind. (How about an amazing house makeover and bad ass comps?)
  • I don’t get the mask thing. Other than safety, I know they’re trying to send a good message with the optics but it’s still weird. Why isn’t Julie wearing one or if they’re so far apart, why do either of them have to? The hgs are the ones who’ve been isolated, not Julie. I’m all for masks, I just dont get this set up.
  • The segment with Tyler and Bayleigh made me realize I wouldnt mind Tyler and Bay making it to the end together for one reason. The Tangela and Swaleigh fans went to war on Twitter during BB20. It would be  funny to watch their heads explode having to root for them both, as a team.
  • I hope we only saw alot of Cody since he was the hoh. I don’t want him to be one of the seasons narrators. DaVonne and Janelle are better choices imo and I hope they don’t try to make him a Derrick 2.0.
  • I noticed Nicole A was rocking that red lipstick Janelle gave her.
  • Personal take on Memphis winning the hoh: Not happy. If NicF doesn’t do some work, Ian could be in trouble.

Feeds from last night:

  • Dani and Janelle were hilarious for a while after the comp making fun of themselves. They called themselves trash, over the hill and terrible players.  They said they should just retire from BB. They joked that Julie hates them and Dani said since she’d barely done DR’s, she probably wasn’t even on the show. (I like Dani more when she’s with Janelle)
  • Kaysar started working Christmas and talking about who they’d work with if possible. He gave her too much info because he doesn’t think Christmas is with Tyler, Cody and Memphis. He also told her Janelle really likes her. (Christmas still thinks Janelle may have been trying to set her up with the ‘keep Keesha’ talk)
  • Who would play in the safety suite was discussed but nothing firm yet.
  • Cody told Bay that Memphis had tossed out Ian’s name before. Dani made some suggestions (to Christmas for sure) that David could be an easy choice. Cody also told NicF Ian could go up.
  • During potential nom discussion, it was obvious Tyler is deflecting from David and you could see NicF was trying to look out for Ian. Cody was putting in work to help Da and Bay. Even the people working with Memphis arnt sure he’ll go after Kaysar and Janelle so they’re working on options to suggest to him.
  • I missed this but when have nots were chosen, Memphis was an asshole to David. I don’t know what he said but David was visibly irritated and later, Dani said it was too harsh. When Kaysar said something about it to Memphis, Memphis told Kaysar (according to Kaysar) he was trying to see if David would break or something like that. He said Memphis was hoping David would do something to put a target on himself. (I’ll mention again when I have time to see what he said) I also don’t know how they were chosen. Memphis picked David but Dani made it sound like NicF volunteered so I’m lost for now.
  • Dani, Tyler, Cody and Enzo are sharing a room. Enzo kept making them laugh and this bedroom set up will probably have them bonding even more this week.
  • You can tell Tyler is trying to get people to play in the safety comp but save his for next week from the conversation he was having with Enzo.
  • Memphis told NicF and Christmas he thought some in their alliance should play for safery so it wouldn’t be obvious they’re working together.
  • NicF and Christmas had a Janelle bashing session and they’re sharing a bedroom so I expect this to continue all week. They complained more about Janelle and her costume. (Look, as far as NicF, I get it. That girl has worn a lot of costumes, but Christmas complaining? Let’s all remember, she played an entire season high on meds and GOT TO VOTE FROM A HOSPITAL BED! Talk about being lax with the rules) NicF also wondered who Keesha was talking about in her speech and wondered if it was her. (Yes Nicole because everything is about you) NicF won’t go after Janelle herself but she’s probably found a weapon in Christmas and she’s already planting the seeds..
  • Memphis told Cody he’d considered putting up David and Nicole A. Cody mentioned Ian and Memphis said maybe but said Kaysar & Janelle were possibilities too. Cody told him he thought Memphis could work with Jan & Kay for now so maybe he shouldn’t. Memphis told him he was more worried about Bay & Da than he was Jan & Kay anyway. Memphis said he wanted to make everyone sweat a little so they’d play for the safety.
  • Memphis talked to Kaysar but didn’t give him anything. Kaysar, Janelle and I think Nicole A are making the mistake of thinking Memphis  isn’t working with people yet.
  • Janelle and Nicole A started comparing info and have caught the same group (mostly) talking together. They sort of have the Cody, Tyler, Dani , NicF with Enzo on the outer circle pegged as a group. They talked about how to tell Memphis and get him to target them. (This could be bad) Janelle realized Dani is playing both sides.
  • Nicole A is trying to convince Janelle they can work with Kevin but she’s still annoyed they have to do it and won’t let go of Keesha being the better teammate to have kept. (Let it go! She’s gone) Kaysar has them both thinking they’ll have Christmas on their side too. (Nope)
  • Janelle, Nicole A and Kevin talked game while Ian was in the room acting like he was asleep. Nicole A kept trying to whisper and tell Janelle Ian was listening but she didn’t understand her at first. Jan, NicA and Kevin had an entire debate over whether or not Ian was asleep….while he was in the room.
  • Those 4 are in a room together now and maybe Janelle can reel in Nicole A a little but she’ll have to stop making comments about Kevin. That’s going to be a turnoff for Nicole.(Kevin and Bayleigh make the best facial expressions)
  • Kaysar, Janelle and Nicole A met in the bathroom way early in the morning to figure out what to do and tell Kaysar about the alliance they’ve figured out. This could be a real shit show when they start trying to talk to Memphis. Nicole A asked if this was a new final 3. Kaysar told her “sure, whatever” and Janelle said they had to get thru the 2nd week first. Nicole A told them that wasn’t very convincing.
  • Tyler and Christmas were on the verge of backing away from the Memphis alliance because they didn’t trust it. Obviously, that will be put on hold for the week. Dani doesn’t like Memphis either but she’ll have to play nice for now.

I don’t blame Janelle and Kaysar forn not having this all put together yet or anyone else really. WE don’t really know who is loyal to who and we see a lot more than the players do. Everyone is with everyone and in overlapping groups. I’m just anxious to see who will really step in it this week because they’re talking to the wrong people.

Random tidbits:

I collect random comments from the hg’s and bits of info that don’t get included in the recap. It’s usually because I don’t have time to add it, the recap is already lengthy it or isn’t relevant. I’m usually entertained by the stupid stuff and sometimes want to share. They’re mostly funny or obnoxious things some of them have said.  Here’s some stuff I have after the first week::

  • Janelle realized they can only find 1 picture of anyone from BB15 in the house. It’s of Andy, Amanda and McCrae. Ian told her where it was located because he noticed it first.
  • Dani told a story about Eric from BB8 and hanging out with him after the show. She said she thought they were somewhere under a table drinking. Here’s the pic:
  • Nicole F wanted to be called Coco this season but she said it never really happened. She said since there were 2 Nicoles, it would’ve been a good idea. (I think I remember her trying to make that a thing in BB18. She said it was her nickname, short for coconut)
  • The morning after NicF had her melt down over Janelle, needing sleep and complaining about Janelle not wearing her costume enough, production told Janelle she had to wear it more. Coincidence? Janelle was also annoyed she had to wear it on the show last night. Haha
  • Dani blamed losing her season on Americas Player. (Not true, it actually saved her a couple of times if I remember because Eric would’ve  done something different)
  • Tyler and NicF bash Twitter fans a lot and say they hate social media. I’m not saying they haven’t taken some heat but would Tyler or Angela have the followers they have for their jewelery line or her cook book sales if not for BB? Tyler’s still a good sport sometimes with it. After Christmas named their 6 person alliance the “Closers” Tyler said it was a bad name. He said fans will seperate the “C” and call them all “Losers.” Right after he said it, he said “you’re welcome Twitter.” NicF has changed careers and says she’s a social media influencer now. She probably shouldn’t hate social media if she wants to influence it. (I don’t think they went with Closers)
  • NicF is still upset after reading an article she said Janelle wrote right after BB18. She said the article was Janelle saying she didn’t deserve the win. She told Tyler she wouldnt go after Janelle for personal reasons but said she’s taken notes on all the things BB players and bloggers have said about her.   She said she’s kept her mouth shut and waited for what’s happening now and this opportunity.
  • Nicole A said she’d like to have “some bachelors” and Bayleigh told her not to date during Covid. She said after the show, she would “get her a line up” and said they’d call it “flavors of Nicole.”
  • NicF told Christmas she’s terrified of one of the fist 4 evicted being sent back in by the fans.
  • Memphis used to pay $250 a month for a dog he sent to live on a farm. It had bitten someone and he didn’t want to have to put it down.
  • Enzo said he hated the live show shout outs but said he would be doing it for his kids anyway.
  • Ian noticed a “Tangela” pillow was on a Pokeman pillow. He said he didn’t think they’d be allowed since it’s copywrited.
  • Nicole A asked Dani to use some moisturizer one day and Dani told her to ask Janelle. Later Dani said, if she was asking in the first week, it meant she didn’t bring her own and didn’t want to be asked the entire time they’re there.
  • Swaggy gave an interview and announced he was done with reality tv. He said he isn’t interested and if he’d been asked to do BB22, he’d have turned it down. (I feel the same way! I’d like to announce that I have no interest in being the queen of England. I’m just going to say it before they ask me, just so things don’t  get messy and awkward)

Have a great Friday!

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