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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 8/20/20

August 21, 2020 | 38 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. It doesn’t feel like a good one today, not in the BB world. (In fairness, it may for some of you so congrats!) We were so close to seeing the house get shaken up a little bit this week but it wasn’t in the cards. Yes, I wanted Janelle to win the hoh but I mostly don’t want boring BB. You don’t have to be rooting for Janelle and Kaysar to want back and forth game play. Kaysar or Janelle winning was the only way to avoid this week being a boring game week. They’ll go on the block if one of them wins the veto, the other will go home. Boom. Done. See ya next Thursday. The remaining one will be the next target and DaVonne or Memphis should go soon after. Hopefully, I’m wrong and we’ll have more ahead of us than watching a dominant alliance send people home in a predetermined order.

Yesterday was Nicole Anthony’s eviction and the start of a new week.  Nicole still seemed confused and I blame part of that on Julie.  Why was she putting focus on Enzo’s vote?  Other than a hinky vote, it didn’t have anything to do with anything. (Here’s an idea, maybe Julie should keep up with the show she hosts so she’d know what’s going on. She doesn’t have to watch live feeds. She could read a blog, listen to a podcast, have production giver her a handful of bullet points)

Tyler is the new HOH but only one thing has changed. We can just say “Nicole” in recaps and comments now. Here’s how the night went after the HOH comp:

  • Hopefully we’ll find out more about this later but it sounds like Janelle said something about someone being whiny or maybe she told Nicole she was whiny. (This is according to Nicole and I don’t  trust her retells) Nicole said something back to her that was snarky. (Not much to go on for now)

Janelle already has her war paint on

  •  Janelle and Kaysar were sad that NicA left.  They talked about how much they really wanted to work with her in the game. Janelle also told him not to worry, said he’d be fine and told him these people didn’t want them to play together again. (She already knows it’s coming)
  •  Tyler got his HOH goodies and it looked like Angela took pretty good care of him. I’d never seen anyone so excited over a particular kind of salsa.
  • Most everyone took their turn visiting Tyler up in the hoh and he’s told his alliance Jan and Kay will be the noms.
  •  Tyler worked everyone separately to make it sound as if it was a team of  2. (Tyler and whoever he was with at the time) He did this with David, Christmas and even Kevin. Kevin told Tyler he appreciated what Tyler had done for him and he hoped to be able to return the favor. (I have no idea what the hell Kevin is talking about and I doubt Tyler does either)
  • Janelle and Kevin hashed things out a little and she told him whoever remained between Kaysar and herself, Kevin needed to work with the other one or they’d get picked off. She tried to explain where she was coming from regarding NicA and that she was loyal to her. Kevin brought up hearing that she’d talked bad about him and had intentionally left him out of alliances. She told him all the things he’d said about her had gotten back to her too. (I wish Janelle hadn’t been such an ass, let go of Keesha and hadn’t talked bad about Kevin to his closest friend in the house but… spilled milk and all) They agreed to move forward because they’d need each other. She also talked about how bizarre it was that Nicole F had mouthed off to her and said Nicole needed to stay out of the rooms she was in. Kevin asked if she was going to start a fight and make the house exciting. (Haha, Kevin is us)  Janelle said Kaysar was trying to talk her out of it. She said she “didn’t like the snitchy, snitchy, ratty, ratty” game and said (referring to Nicole) “if you want to talk about me, bring it. Don’t go in a corner. Come to me.” Kevin asked what the problem was between her and Nicole and she told him what happened on TAR.
  •  Kevin and Janelle also discussed Memphis and Cody. Janelle said she didn’t think they were working together because Cody had played for the safety last week. Kevin told her he thought that was all for show. (Kevin wins this round)

Steve and I differ a little on a couple of things regarding TAR and Kevin. I agree that during this conversation Kevin had a much better read on what was going on than Janelle but as a whole, I don’t think Kevin has a read on the house.  As far as TAR, Janelle was explaining to Kevin the situation that happened and it was another example of the way Nicole plays. Before this conversation, she’d also referenced Nicoles gameplay to Day and Bay. Day had said “been there, done that” and she’d agreed. It’s why I said on a previous post that the Rachel thing isn’t necessarily personal for Janelle. It’s just one more reason why she believes Nicole can’t be trusted in the game. Nicole’s game style is to turn on your allies based on timing and pretend you’re the one who was wronged. Janelles game is all about loyalty so they play completely opposite.  Janelle doesn’t want to play with someone or leave someone in the house who plays the kind of game Nicole plays. (I don’t have an issue with either kind IF it works and the player owns their game) That’s what she was trying to get across to Kevin.

In the past, Janelle had said she thought Paul should win BB18 and she’s quoted in an article saying it. This was when it was down to the F3 that season. (They often ask past players to give their thoughts on the F3) Nicole has mentioned this article since she’s been in the house. (To Tyler, for one) Nicole isn’t over it and it’s part of why she spent the first week being obsessed with everyone knowing she deserved to win her season. It’s the convo when she told Tyler she “keeps notes.” It also shows Janelle’s never liked Nicoles type of game, way before Rachel and TAR.

This is what happened on The Amazing Race as I understand it. All the people from BB were working together. Rachel and Elyssa told Nicole and Vic they were going to U-turn Team Fun, who Nicole was also working with on the side. Nicole told on Rachel and Elyssa to Team Fun and got them to U turn Rachel and Elyssa instead. (It’s a game or race or whatever so I’m not judging Nicole for doing it) Nicole just tells a very different story now that she’s in the BB house. Her version is ‘Janelle is bad, I didn’t dooooo anything, why is Janelle so obsessed with me?’ Nicole has incentive to convince the house that Janelle is trying to get revenge for her friend Rachel and say its personal. I don’t blame Nicole because what’s the alternative?  Is she going to acknowledge and remind everyone that she plays dirty, has a history of back stabbing everyone she works with and Janelle saw it up close? No, that would be stupid.

  •  Kevin ran this information to Dani and Dani ran with the ‘it’s because of Rachel’  part but left out the details.
  •  Dani confirmed to Nicole that Janelle’s whole issue is that she’s mad over Rachel. This is going around the house.
  •  Nicole got a few pats on the back for whatever she said to Janelle. She seemed pretty proud that she’d stood up for herself. (Nicole’s moment as a bad ass didn’t last tho) Shortly after her retells of mouthing off to Janelle, she was afraid to go to the bathroom because Janelle was hanging out in there. Cody agreed to go to the bathroom with her in case Janelle was still sitting in there. Cody has advised her to walk away if Janelle tries to confront her. Nicole said shell be fine now that she knows what to say. (I didn’t catch what that is tho)
  •  Cody, Bay, Enzo and Janelle have been chosen as have nots but I don’t know who picked who yet. There was some complaining about how far away the bathroom is from the have not room. Enzo asked if they should get a “piss bucket” for the corner of the room. Cody and Bay yelled “No!” at him simultaneously.
  • Bay has joined in the Janelle bashing and is trying to get in tighter with the Cody club. (It’s not a good look, especially since she’s been doing well so far) Bay was alsonteying to figure out Janelles reason for being there. She said people have different reasons like more followers and stuff. (So many players in recent years simply can’t grasp someone coming back to play the game)
  •  Cody is starting to push his agenda of finishing the duo off next week.  He said they can’t evict one and leave the other because they will be able to get a foothold in the game.  He also knows most people want to target Janelle this week and he’s  really wanting Kaysar out.
  •  Dani is pushing her agenda too but she’s  starting to get too confident. While Tyler was getting his hoh stuff, Dani was already talking to Nicole about how they’d need to get rid of him soon. She was also talking about getting Memphis out. (She’s got this seasons eviction order all worked out)
  • While in the hoh room, Nicole apologized for  her blow up when she was talking about whatever she said to Janelle. Tyler told her he loved it and it was fine. Nicole is ‘apologizing’ for her behavior as a way to remind everyone she stood up to Janelle.  I think this is that special pressed juice Nicole has to have each day:
  • Christmas said if Janelle tries to cause drama, she won’t tolerate it. She said she won’t stand for Janelle “being nasty, it’s  dirty game play and unnecessary.”  (I’d like to point out this is the same woman who is still bitching about Janelle using a coffee mug and also the person who gave Josh bullying tips in BB19) Cody said that’s and old school way of playing. Tyler said nobody likes that anymore. Tyler also said people like old school but the game is much more developed now. Christmas said “their minds are being blown.” (Yes, pack mentality is soooo mind blowing)
  • Nicole told Tyler and Cody they had to get out Janelle because America could vote on something and give her a power. Cody said if Janelle was gone, maybe the Janelle fans would vote for Tyler. (not if he’s the reason she’s evicted, at least for a lot of them) They also think getting NicA out could be a huge thing if there’s a vote to come back in. Nicole F has them convinced NicA could give Janelle competition with a fan vote.
  • There was some talk of who to save with the safety suite with Tyler. He wants Ian and Kevin left in case he needs a replacement nom. Most of them have landed on saving Enzo or David more than likely.

This should be an easy week for Tyler. He’ll get out someone who he isn’t working with and it will show his alliance he keeps his word. I’m sorry if this recap doesn’t sound very optimistic. I really am worried about the direction the season could be heading but I’m probably also pouting a little bit too.  I don’t want Janelle or Kaysar to go home this soon so I’m frustrated.  I promise by tomorrow, I’ll be over her hoh loss and I’ll try to sound less biased.  I may even try to come up with some compliments for Nicole just to prove I can do it.  In the meantime, check back later for noms and…

Have a great Friday!

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