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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 8/6/20

August 7, 2020 | 34 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! It was day 2 for the feeds and they didn’t disappoint. Returning players game hard and this group didn’t waste any time. The first nights conversation was mostly a walk down memory lane and last night was a reminder of how these people play. Some people are repeating old habits, good and bad but maybe theyll get different results this time around.

To start off, the safety comp was held. Basically, it goes for 3 weeks (I think) and everyone gets a chance to play in it. You decide in advance if you want to play but the catch is, you can only do it once. If you win, you’re safe and you can choose one more person to be safe. If you’re the person who is picked by the winner to be safe, you get your safety but you have to get some kind of punishment too.

The winner of the safety comp was Kaysar and he chose to save Janelle. As Steve covered yesterday, no shocker there and it was a smart play. There was a little back and forth with Cody and his noms but he’d mostly decided he was going to nominate Kaysar and Janelle with alot of encouragement from Nicole F. Since they’re off the table, he’s tossed out several names. For now, it’s looking like Keesha, Memphis and maybe Kevin could be in trouble but that could change.

There arn’t named alliances but here’s how things are starting to come together. In the first part of the BB season, I like to go thru the players and their activity rather than all the conversations they have. Once there are less people, I usually switch over to specific conversations. It’s just easier for me to recap what each player is trying to accomplish by doing it that way.

  • Cody- I mentioned yesterday that I got vibes Kaysar was in trouble and he knew it too. Cody is working closely with Tyler, is baiting Enzo to be the one to bring up a guys alliance and has a secret alliance with Nicole F. He also wants Keesha out because he said he doesn’t know “who Keesha is” and thinks if Keesha leaves, he’ll  have Memphis to work with too. He floated the idea of putting up Dani but Nicole talked him out of it. Later, he had a good talk with Dani so I’m sure she’s fine now. Cody is sure Kaysar and Janelle never knew they were ever targets, (they knew) can’t tell he’s working with Tyler (they can tell) and don’t know he’s working with Nicole F. (They know)  Cody thinks he’s the new Derrick and Tyler will be his Cody. (ain’t happening)
  • Tyler- He’s doing his thing with Cody but has also gone all over the house making final 2’s with people, or at least saying “it’s us to the end.” Along with Cody, he’s now done it with Bayleigh and Christmas. With Bayleigh, he said people will never guess they’d work together. With Christmas, they bonded over Josh and Kaycee not making the cut and now they’re alone. (The 4 of them working together was totally an arrangement made prior to coming into the house. Can I prove it? No. Do I know it? Yes.) Tyler is very likable and even tho people know that’s his game, it may be working any way. (Not for Kaysar, Dani mentioned how nice Tyler was and Kaysar reminded her that’s  Tyler’s game)
  • Dani- She wants Kaysar and Janelle out and wants them out NOW. She didn’t like all the attention they were getting the first night and has made many little digs already. She’s working with Nicole F, which paid off when Cody mentioned putting her up but is bad because she doesnt know Nicole is only working with the women to give Cody info. She seems to bond well with Enzo but that may not turn into a game thing and she doesnt like Nicole A. She likes Tyler so look for Cody, Tyler, Nicole F and Dani to make a named alliance while putting Enzo and maybe Memphis as the 2 extra members. She’s smart so she may not buy Nicole F’s lies for long.  Her main focus for now, seems to be wanting Janelle out. (Not happening this time around)
  • Nicole F- She’s working on forming a womens alliance, told Cody she is and plans to report back to him. She thinks she’s Cody’s #1 but the vibes I’m getting tell me Tyler had already taken that slot. Make no mistake, Nicole is playing the game hard already and like Tyler and his F2’s, only time will tell if it will work or blow up. Not to brag, (but I’m gonna) I’m 2 for 2 on my guesses. First with Kaysar and the other was NicF working with the guys plus 1 of the 2 dominate women. (She chose Dani) While talking about Janelle, NicF told Christmas, “she scares the shit out of me.” She’s put some feelers out to DaVonne but DaVonne doesn’t seem to be buying it yet. She keeps saying she’s worried but runs to the hoh to talk to Cody and thinks people don’t notice. She also cried yesterday and told Dani she was homesick. I suppose that’s possible but it’s also possible it’s something else since it happened AFTER she knew Janelle and Kaysar were safe this week. (Just sayin’) She doesn’t like Nicole A either and discussed with Dani how she and Dani both ignored Nicole A some time back when Nicole A had asked them to do her podcast. They think Nicole A will hold a grudge over it. NicF had also mentioned her unhappiness over having 2 Nicoles in the house. Later, she said she liked Nic. (That makes sense, Nic and Vic is kind of cute) Once and if the house starts doing it, I’ll probably just type “Nic.”
  • Kaysar- He had seperate convos with Cody and Tyler to feel them out. All three of them said the right things but Kaysar quickly figure out 2 things. He knew they were lying about wanting to work with him and he realized Cody and Tyler were already a duo. He also knows he and Janelle were the targets, sees Tyler’s game, knows Keesha and Memphis may be in trouble AND that Cody will want to get Memphis if Keesha’s gone. (How can you not love Kaysar?) He’d like to work with Ian but doesn’t want to move too quickly, is already working with Nicole A and thinks they can use Enzo but doesn’t  think they should tell him too much too soon. (Use him just don’t trust him) The only people he bounces everything off of so far is Nicole A and Janelle. He does get good vibes from DaVonne and Bayleigh tho and is trying to make sure they can trust Keesha and Memphis. One of my favorite moments yesterday was Kaysar telling Nicole A that he’d have to slaughter Cody and Tyler now that he knew what was going on. He said it the way I’d ask for a cup of coffee.
  • Janelle- She makes time for ALL the gossip and the game. Basically, everything I said about Kaysar applies to her too. She sees the same things he does and is getting close to the same people. She thinks it’s weird NicF is working with Cody but believes she is tho. She said Dan told her NicF is the reason Derrick wasn’t going on this season. (Take that for what its worth because she didnt explain) She said David will want to work with Cody and Tyler so she’s  leery of him. She’s made snide remarks about NicF and said NicF would roll out of bed on week 9 to start playing the game. She clocked NicF on the fake worry she had over noms and had a chuckle with Enzo and Kaysar when they realized she was crying and said it was because she was tired. Janelle is just being Janelle and she does it so well. (Poet and didn’t know it moment there) She may not trust Dani but I don’t think she knows Dani wants her gone so that could be her blind spot for right now. Otherwise, she’s got her game on point.
  • Nicole A- She’s spent alot of her time with Kevin and Janelle & Kaysar. Janelle and Kaysar have been giving her old school BB training and she’s living for it. I love this alliance or whatever it is but she’s going to have to do more than be tutored because she’s way out of her league at the moment. She’s a bit worried about being a pawn because people know she won’t be mad and take it personally. I’m not going to be too hard on her yet because she’s one of the few newer players who truly is an huge long time fan. Who wouldn’t want BB lessons from these people? She’s living her best life this week and I’m enjoying it myself!  I’m not saying she isn’t playing the game because truthfully, her options seem to be limited.  She isn’t going to be Bros with Cody and Tyler and Dani & NicF don’t want anything to do with her. She’s right where she needs to be and with the right group….until they chew her up and spit out the unicorn carcus.
  • Ian- He quickly formed a working relationship with NicF and it may have saved him. His name came up too as someone Cody might put up but NicF moved him off of it. He did show signs of BB14 Ian and maybe the stress the house causes him. I think he didn’t want to keep trying to hide it so he ended up telling Kaysar, Nicole A and (someone else?) that he’s autistic. Ian asked Kaysar if he could tell and Kaysar told him he could but only because he was too. He said he’d never had an official diagnosis but knew he was. It was a nice moment and I hope will make it a little easier for Ian to cope. It at least had Kaysar asking Nicole A lots of questions about Ians game since she’d seen his season.  Kaysar asked if Ian was loyal and unfortunately, Nicole A forgot a few things about BB14 and said yes. Kaysar wants to work with Ian but Janelle was on BB14 too so she may point out they have to be very careful with Ian. Ian is just trying to lay low and not remind people he’s a winner and beat Dan so as not to give Cody an easy reason for him to be a nom.
  • Bayleigh- She’s doing a really good job socially and has connections so far with both the old school and the new school players. She seemed sincere with Tyler about working together and doesn’t appear to hold any grudges over their season. She may not be super close to anyone except Da so far but she’s in a good position.  Janelle did have to point out to her that NicF is definitely working with Cody because Bayleigh just couldn’t see it. Like Nicole A, she may be playing above her weight class, so to speak. She isn’t anyones target so she’s got time.
  • Christmas- The first night, it seemed like she’d drank a case of red bull but she’s calmed down and bonds well with NicF and Dani. She also made the secret deal with Tyler so that could get her far. Cody and Dani talked about her being a comp asset but also fear her a bit. Dani said she’s  sure Christmas will yell at her for something this season. (Not sure where that came from but it was funny)
  •  DaVonne-  She’s doing very well socially too. Along with NicF and Dani wanting to work with her, (well, except for that pesky traitor thing NicF is planning) Janelle, Kaysar and Nicole A really like her and she’s pretty tight with Keesha and Kevin. DaVonne is looking pretty good for now.
  • Keesha, Kevin, Enzo, David, Memphis- There isn’t a lot happening so far so I’m lumping them together. David doesnt have a clue what’s happening and Enzo doesn’t care what’s happening. Memphis knows NicF is working with Cody and talks to Janelle and Kaysar. He may still be waiting to see which side wins out this week before committing too much to either. Kevin is doing what he did in his last season. He also doesn’t grasp that he’s considered one of the old school players which is a little funny.  He’s mostly hanging out with the people he likes and its probably going to make him an easy pawn. Keesha has good connctions, will now have Janelle and Kaysar trying to help her since they know where the lines have been drawn but my girl has got to step up and do more.  I can see her being in danger this week and without a veto win, maybe going home.

These will get shorter but I just wanted to lay out how the relationships seem to be forming the first week. We don’t ever get week 1 feeds and this is the stuff we miss. I’m not remotely torn over what I want to happen this week because I don’t see any scenario wher I root for newer players over the old school ones, especially with who these players. For example, I have nothing against Tyler and I think he’s a very good player. I’m also curious to see if he can play the nice guy/trust me game twice when people have already seen it. However, if someone like Tyler or Cody has to leave in order to keep a Keesha or a Kaysar, then so be it.

Nicole F crying may be the perfect example of the different types of play and the way the game has evolved. When some of the newer players don’t get their way, they lose it a little bit. Remember Tyler when he finally went on the block his season? When people like Janelle or Kaysar think they’re in trouble, they calmly and deviously start scheming to try and get out of it. This was the genuine reaction when they realized NicF was crying on day 2 and said “sometimes I cry when I’m tired.” For the record, I’m not judging her for crying.  I’m only pointing out the dismay and genuine confusion Janelle, Kaysar and Enzo had over seeing it. Regardless of what I think or want, the newer players are in charge this week and it may take something big to change the trajectory of ‘old vs new’ that this season may be taking. Either way, its turning out good!

Have a great day.



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