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Big Brother 22- Thursday Recap for 9/3/20

September 4, 2020 | 50 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies.  I’ll start off with the obvious good and bad for the night. The bad- DaVonne lost. The good- Christmas can’t ride the middle anymore. Yeah, I know, that isn’t much to latch onto but it’s what I’ve got for ya’. Steve and NK both had alot of detail last night covering the hg’s conversations so I’m not going to repeat them. You’ll find Steve’s in the last thread and NK’s near the top of the comment section. If you missed what went on last night after the live show, go back and check them out. If you already have, I won’t put you through reliving it. Here’s this instead….to lighten the mood:

As Julie says this year, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding” because Dani looked very pretty last night.

With Christmas as the hoh, I’m expecting DaVonne and Bayleigh to go on the block. This shouldn’t be a shock because it’s who Christmas has been saying she’d put up. She briefly had David in mind as a target (last week) when he overheard her talking about him not deserving to be there but it didnt last very long. She apologized, he robotically said ‘no problem’ and they moved on. I’ll recap Thursday and start by  rewinding to earlier in the day.  It will help explain that tension filled HOH comp last night:

Before the live show:

  • Most of the hgs are talking about and expecting a double eviction soon.
  • Dani worked on Enzo and tried to do some damage control. She knows something is up and is trying to get ahead of it. (Enzo didn’t care) They also went over the have not plan. (Dani puts more thought into have nots than anyone else in the house)
  • This weeks diabolical Dani plan for have nots: Dani knows David asked Day not to make him a have not so Day is planning on picking Kevin. Dani asked Enzo (as outgoing hoh) not to choose Day to go first. Dani hoped to go first, choose Kevin herself, hope that Day would pick David, therefore causing tension between Day and David.  (I know this doesn’t matter since there won’t be have nots this week. I just wanted to demonstrate how much thought Dani puts into it)
  •  Nicole and Day lied to each other and said they haven’t heard anyone saying their names, they would never go after the other one, blah, blah, blah.

Getting ready for the live show

  •  Bay talked to Christmas and gave her even more info than she’d already been giving her.  Christmas knows some combination of Dani, Nicole and Cody would go on the block if Bay or Day win.
  • Christmas told Tyler she thought Bay and Day would put up Dani but maybe backdoor Cody. Tyler said Memphis must be a fake target for Day and Bay and acts surprised. (This tells you how much stuff Tyler doesn’t tell Christmas)
  • Tyler and Ian make a F2 called the insurance policy. (You know Tyler hated it since he likes names with numbers in them)
  • Christmas filled Dani in on the Bay/Day plan. She said Bay/Day think Dani is playing both sides but asks Dani not to say anything. She reminds Dani that Bay confides in her and said that will stop if she gets caught. Dani was pissed, asked if David was in on it and said she wanted to make Bay a have not.
  • Dani immediately spread the info around (mostly to Cody) while questioning people.
  • Bay told Cody that Ian was the source for hearing that Dani and Nicole wanted to come after Bay and Day. Bay said Ian had told all of this to Kaysar. Cody told this to Nicole. (I didn’t see this Bay/Cody convo so it could be a little out of order)

Thi isn’t confirmed but there my have been a banner which read “Nicole is a liar.” Again, its just a rumor but this is Tyler looking up at something right as the feeds cut and the hgs were told it was a lock down.

  • Nicole and Cody talked about Ian asking both of them to throw him the hoh this week. (He did ask) They agree not to tell Dani that alot of information is being spread around by Ian if she doesn’t know. Nicole said Ian was an idiot and selfish. She said he was playing week to week now and she was done with him. They said Ian had to go and Nicole said Tyler wasn’t with them either. Cody said Tyler was selfish and agreed. Nicole said Ian was playing her and Cody said it’s what he did to Britney in BB14. (That’s not true, Cody doesn’t know his BB history) She whined about Day and said “she turned on me already.”  Nicole talked about wanting to confront Ian but Cody didn’t think that was a “pre-hoh” conversation. She wanted to do it anyway because she wanted to scare and rattle him. She said it would make him really nervous. (I don’t know if she did or not, no feeds)
  • Dani asked Kevin if he would tell her if he heard her name being tossed around. He said he would. (Kevin knows Day and Dani both want the other one out. He’s lied to bot of them because he wants to work with both of them)
  • Nicole told Christmas Ian had backstabbed her. She said she knows Ian went to Bay/Day and said Nicole was trying to get him to go after them. She’s really hurt and offended Ian would do this to her.

A few thoughts from the live show:

  • Naturally, Ian got the genius edit since they weren’t going to discuss the wall yeller. I expected it so was only disappointed they arn’t setting up the Tyler vs Cody storyline. It’s much more accurate.  If I was a TV only viewer, I would be really confused.  The story the show told was: Kaysar tries to give people a lot if info, Ian puts things together, Ian goes to Kaysar and tells him the shit Kaysar mostly already told him. I mean???
  • I loved Kaysars speech because it was (mostly) on point, he said it was purely game & nothing personal and as usual, he was a class act. I know some fans got hung up on the ‘love triangle’ comment but good grief, he wasn’t being literal. The love triangle referred to Cody’s real loyalty and it being to Dani or Nicole…IN THE GAME. If Dani hadn’t gotten so defensive, it wouldn’t have even turned into something.
  • It was a good speech but Kaysar couldn’t outdo his BB6 line, “I sealed your partners fate.” I can’t hold that against him because that’s a BB classic moment.
  • Cody doesn’t handle pressure very well and I’m surprised, only because he’s an athelete. He can’t handle criticism either but that one’s not surprising.
  • Cody during Kaysars speech:

I’m going to veer off for a minute and talk about Cody because he was the same way during BB16. Alot of people remember him on season 16 as a friendly flirt. They’ve either forgotten or didn’t know, Derrick had to reign him in fairly often. Cody had a temper and acted like a petulant child at times. The second he heard anything he didn’t like, he immediately wanted to go off and confront people. Derrick would explain to him why it was better to keep quiet and use the info for their game. We’ve already seen it happen this season but I’ve also seen him talk thru it and stop himself. I’ve been impressed with his ability to do it because it shows growth in his game. Other times, he doesn’t control it and the weird thing is, these are usually when its personal stuff that shouldn’t matter.  If you remember a couple of weeks ago, Cody briefly talked about targeting Christmas.  It was because she joked with him and teased him and he didn’t like it. When Kaysar made a joke about Cody talking a lot, he hung onto it and kept bring it up.  Cody would say things like “well, I guess I’m annoying” and “Kaysar said I’m annoying.” Cody had 4 weeks of worry free BB but he acts like he’s inconvenienced when he has to put in work and play the game. Sont get me wrong, Cody is a really good player and has a great social game.  Why else do Bay and Day keep getting hit in the head with evidence that Cody isn’t with them, yet they continue to be in denial?

I still like Tylers game better and have more confidence in his abilities under pressure. For example, this also happened yesterday. Tyler and Kaysar were in the storage room. Kaysar said he wasn’t stupid and thought he had things mapped out. Tyler said he could blow it up in his speech said “it’s fine, that’s big brother.” Kaysar said it wasn’t personal, they both said they loved each other, hugged and Kaysar said “it’s been awesome playing with you.” The entire thing was friendly and calm. Tyler is better at making people feel good about him. He also really did try to work with Kaysar at first but Kaysar came into the game with Tyler on his radar. He was familiar with BB20 and actually saw Tyler as more of a threat than Cody until this week. (It was one of Kaysars blind spots, not being willing to work with Tyler) Not that it wasn’t obvious but telling Kaysar he wasn’t voting for him to stay was classy.  Tyler said “I wanted to let you know, with respect, I’m going to keep Christmas.” Anyway, back to the live show:

  • Getting back to Kaysar before I let it go for good, he made me so nostalgic last night when he pulled out the FBI hat. I loved that!  I was also curious how many hg’s didn’t even know why he did it.
  • There was also a speech from Christmas. Shes mentioned several times on feeds she’d like to host BB after Julie. Last night, she told someone that was her audition. (Good thing she already has a job)
  • As for Danis vote, she’s said plenty of bad things about Kaysar so saying she hadn’t was complete bs.
  • Kevin actually took that damn blanket with him to vote. What the hell?
  • DaVonne may have lost the hoh but she won the fashion show:
  • The tension and anger between Dani, Day and Bay was great! It’s a Christmas hoh but that doesn’t mean it will be boring.
  • Speaking of fashion:

Live feeds last night:

Last night, Day told the live feeders the talks she had last night were a lie. She’s trying to convince Cody, Nicole and Dani that she isn’t going against them and she believes them. It won’t work but I was impressed she made herself cry.

  • Enzo is still pushing for Dani to be the target.
  • Tyler is guiding but from a distance. He’d prefer Dani go but for his game, Day needs to go too.  In my opinion, it isn’t worth him pushing too hard if Christmas is set on Bay and Day.  I know this stuff Tyler said last night about Bay and getting her out before jury. I don’t think he means this.  I think he is either being patient with trying to switch the target to Day or he still sees the opportunity to back door Dani.  It is possible that he’s OK losing Bay before jury, as long as it isn’t viewed as his fault.  It’s possible but I don’t buy it, because Tyler doesn’t really trust Day. He sees Bay as someone who is actually working with him.
  • Nicole and Ian were both trying to do damage control.

Along with all the spilled info yesterday, last nights hoh comp had tensions running high.  You knew it was going to be good as soon as we saw it was a knockout comp.  Every single round said something to everyone. When people were choosing who would go against who and who wasn’t picked at all, it showed how the house is really split.

For now, we don’t know who was lying last night. (A good guess is all of them) Everyone was doing damage control so we’ll have to wait and see how it goes from here. It may not be the week many of us wanted but I don’t think it’s going to be drama free.

Have a great Friday!


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