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Big Brother 22 – Tuesday Feed Spoilers

August 19, 2020 | 96 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m going to start by saying NicoleA is in big trouble. Maybe not as bad as Keesha was at this time last week, but things are just not looking good for her. This is pretty well known by now, but I wanted to bring her up because she’s campaigning hard and I think I know how she has a chance to stay.

She needs Nicole’s Funeral. Maybe not as exact, but the same guidelines.  She needs 6 votes right now which is about as impossible as me running a 5-minute mile right now. Scratch that, a 15-minute mile. Okay, Okay, you got me. A 25-minute mile. You get the point, I’m in about as good of physical shape as Nicole is game shape in the Big Brother house.

Here is what I think she can do to potentially save herself.  Unlike Dan’s funeral, she needs to inform Janelle about this because she’ll need her moving forward. The overall theme is staging a big fight with Janelle – and very soon. She needs to have Janelle talk subtle shit about her to bigmouths like Dani. Have it quickly get back to Nicole who has a very public blowup at trusting Janelle only to be fucked over.

Kind of like what she’s been whispering about doing but actually have Janelle in on it. Why? Because she still needs those two votes.  All she has right now is Kevin, Janelle, and Kaysar. She needs to secure 4 votes to skip a tie but she may even be able to win a tiebreaker. So, she really needs to convince the girls in the house who are threatened by Janelle (like NicoleF and Dani) that she’ll happily go after Janelle next week and moving forward.  She basically needs to make it sound like ‘I may not win, but I’m taking you down with me’.

This could possibly be enough to actually secure Da’Vonne and Bayleigh and then she’d have to just work on a 6th – NicoleF. The only downfall with that is Fran is a big team player and follower so she’d have to break from her alliance who almost all support David. Christmas is another possibility, especially if Da’Vonne lets it known that she (XMas) been excluded from a few alliances in the house.

If that works, NicoleA can keep up the enemy act with Janelle moving forward which should buy her another week or two after that. At that point, see where people stand and re-evaluate her situation.

This is probably a super longshot plan anyway, but at this point, I don’t really see any chance of Nicole staying without completely severing the Janelle connection. Or at least appearing to.

Big thanks to generous donations from Mary Lee, Thelma, and George!  You guys are incredible. Such an amazing group here.


  • 3:45 pm – There is so much whispering today
    • Kaysar is outside working Memphis who badly needs to work with Kaysar yet doesn’t realize it. The people he think he’s in an alliance with want him out.
  • 4:15 pm – NicoleA is doing some camtalk alone thinking about her week. It sounds like she wants to blow up on Janelle but I don’t think she will
  • Enzo talking to NicoleF about how Ant wants to go after Janelle but Fran says she (Ant) will be tougher to get out later
  • 7:00 pm – NicoleA is really struggling. She has been talking with everyone and nearly did the house meeting (do it! do it!).  It’s just a bit sad because she has been easily convinced that her alliance isn’t loyal to her so she’s going to spend the last few days hating the people who have actually been nice to her
  • 7:45 pm – House lounging around right now. Let’s hope it gets spicey tonight

  • 8:00 pm – Cody is chatting with NicoleF.
    • They agree they have to get rid of people who are noticing them being together. That is Janelle and Kaysar first and Da’Vonne is up there
    • Cody asks if Nicole is going to flip on him like she did her old alliances. Half joking
  • Ian joins, Nicole leaves so I’m swapping to Kaysar and Janelle
    • They aren’t talking about a whole lot and they break up. Janelle meets up with Bayleigh to catch up on things. Bayleigh is basically telling her that NicoleA is screwed. Bayleigh would probably vote to keep Nicole but only if the votes are secure – and they’re not even close.
    • I can’t listen to Bayleigh much. She keeps blowing her nose really loud and it’s killing me
  • 9:15 pm – Outside, a helicopter flies pretty low and interacts with the houseguests somehow. A chirp back?  That’s what Kevin said. Anyway, feeds cut. Probably going in lockdown
    • Feeds back, no lockdown. They did say it was a police chopper so there really was no need for a lockdown. Unless the cops are BB fans and are trying to relay a message to NicoleA that Janelle really wasn’t turning on her

  • 10:00 pm – David and Kaysar meet up for a pretty rare conversation together
    • Kaysar immediately begins the condescending tone of ‘I’m a smart guy I understand what’s going on in the house’ blah blah
    • Kaysar does explain how he has no alliance with Memphis (true) nor did he have any input on the nominations (also true)
    • David mentions the race issue how he’s different than the rest of the house and it hurts because Kaysar should relate the most but they never got along.
    • It’s actually smart for Kaysar to try and swallow up David because I pointed out a few days ago that he’s really kind of a floater despite him possibly being in some halfassed alliances in the house. David is staying (for now), and Kaysar needs to steal him, Kevin, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne and form a solid 6 (with Janelle).


Check back for updates

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