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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 10/13/20

October 14, 2020 | 19 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all!  We’ll be able to see the BB comics on tonight’s episode but after seeing most of them already, I have to admit that I’m not super impressed. The creativity seemed to be lacking this season and most of them referenced their past season instead of the one they’re playing now.  I’m not going to pick them apart too much though, because I don’t know when these normally get made. I think it’s possible Covid could’ve caused the need for them to be done earlier. If that’s the case, I guess they had to go on the houseguests prior seasons. The only ones I’ll criticize are the ones that don’t seem to relate to anything but we can save that for tomorrow.

Here is James Rhines’ (BB6 & BB7) reaction to one of them:

Since the people left in the house have all basically playing pretty good games, I’ve been focusing on some of their small mistakes. I’ve been wondering if they’re the kind of things that could get people to change their minds about their F3 and F2 options. I’ve also seen some good decisions this week. This isn’t a summary of their complete games. I’m just pointing out a couple of things that can sometimes make the other players think.

Memphis- Memphis was smart to talk as if he just assumed Cody and Enzo are keeping him. Granted, he’s more than likely being evicted but if it WAS being debated, this one thing could’ve saved him.  It’s the opposite of what Tyler did when he left. Because Tyler’s worry allowed Cody to know that Tyler doubted him, it made it harder to keep him, even if he’d changed his mind.  Memphis showing confidence and trust in Cody and Enzo could allow them to change their mind back to keeping him, and feel like Memphis never had to know they were going to get rid of him.   This is a really good strategy and not enough people do it. Fear and panic start to set in and people end up needing a lot of reassurance. The reassurance they’re asking for, ends up feeling like distrust to the others. Memphis screwed up by assuming he could go to Enzo, halfway into the game, and create a F2 alliance.  Memphis has impressed me with his game play this season (and more than I thought he would) but this was an arrogant move. Why would he assume Enzo didn’t already have a final 2 deal?  Cody isn’t just pissed Memphis suggested back dooring him this week. Cody is pissed that Memphis tried to play him with two separate wiseguys alliances.  Since Enzo and not Cody, is the one who is in both, naturally Cody assumes he’s the one getting played.

Enzo-  Unlike Memphis, Enzo didn’t keep quiet enough.  He may have played a good social game but he’s played himself into a corner. He realized he couldn’t beat Cody 1 or 2 evictions too late.  He should never have told Cody about the separate wise guy alliance.  It’s probably the biggest reason why he won’t get Cody to change his mind this week.  I think the only way Enzo could win this game is if he takes out Cody and no, having Christmas do it for him, may not be enough, yo.

Christmas-  She is so annoying but it’s really the personal stuff. Her gameplay hasn’t been bad this season. ( I have to be careful and can’t be too nice because Steve might fire me, we know he has Christmas issues. Haha)  She maybe should have played a little more like Memphis too.  She talks too much and I know she was on the block, but trying to get Nicole to backdoor Cody was just stupid.  The things Christmas was saying to Nicole this week were completely logical and if Nicole refused to see it, Christmas should’ve already figured out why she isn’t.

Nicole- I’ve already said I don’t know if Nicole or Enzo is Codys true F2 plan.  He may not have one and has simply been loyal to both of them. Nicole made the right move this week because she wasn’t working with Memphis and he’s tough competition.  However, after Dani left, Nicole admitted to Cody she and Dani had a final 2. I have to wonder if it came down to it, could this be the one detail that got Cody to take Enzo to the end.  He may be assuming that Dani is in the jury putting in a lot of work for Nicole.  This was information she should never have given Cody.

Cody- He’s very focused on the comps and keeps saying to Nicole and Enzo, that there isn’t much to strategize anymore. He understands he’s the biggest threat and isn’t going to depend on any of them. He had to make a choice this week between two people he doesn’t trust and chose to keep the one he’s more certain he can beat.  Cody probably has this locked up and I don’t have any mistakes to point out from him this week.  Cody is sitting where Enzo was last week. It’s hard to find a scenario where Cody gets evicted, as long as Nicole and Enzo stay loyal.  Heading into the final 4, Enzoo would have to win the hoh and Christmas would have to win the veto. That’s the only way I see Cody not making it to the final 3.

Here’s Kaysars reaction to his BB Comic:


  • The hg’s hung out in the backyard since they knew they’d only have it for a few more hours.
  • Christmas and Memphis talked about being close to getting Nicole to use the veto this week. (They weren’t) They shook over a deal to “terrorize” either the house or the jury, depending on where they end up. (I think this was kind of a joke but who knows?)
  • Memphis checked in with Nicole to continue the charade of going to the F2 with her. He said they’d need to get together and talk but said he didn’t want to get ahead of himself yet.
  • Christmas cam talked about Nicole’s game and her own. She said Nicole made a bad move keeping Cody this week unless she has a deal with Cody that she doesn’t know about. (ding ding, ding) She also said she hadn’t been aggressive yet in comps, said she’d only been playful and we’d see a different side of her on Thursday. She said “me winning 5 comps was just me being playful. I wasn’t even locked in. I’m locked in now.” (Actually, the power isn’t a comp win and her hoh win was Day ‘not being locked in’ but whatever) She also said “when I make that switch, I will destroy anything that gets in my way…..You all have been asking for it.” (No, we really haven’t)
  • Christmas and Memphis spoke about their business venture they have planned for after they get out of the house. (He told her a long time ago he had a business idea that would be great for them and was secretive because he didn’t want people to steal it)  They’ve had more than one convo like this  but I have no idea what the they have planned.
  • Memphis said he was turning his BB comic into a line of sex toys.  Thankfully, this isn’t the business idea he had with Christmas because they’ve been talking about it for a long time. I’m also not touching this conversation any further.
  • Memphis told Enzo they were still looking ok and there wasn’t any reason they couldn’t get to the F3. (Memphis, Cody, Enzo) He repeats this to Cody once he came in the room. After Memphis left, Enzo began his pitch to keep Memphis. Enzo said Memphis may cut Cody at the F3 but he wouldn’t do it at the F4. Cody wasn’t having it and said “Oh really? Why was he trying to get me backdoored this week then?” Cody said he thinks Memphis would take Nicole to F2 at this point. Enzo said it was Christmas who tried to backdoor Cody and Cody said Memphis didn’t even tell him about it. Enzo said he trusted Memphis more than Christmas and Cody said he didn’t.  Enzo asked if they were going to tell Memphis he’s leaving and Cody said no.
  • Nicole told Christmas that Memphis was always her target but couldn’t say anything. She said it would’ve made Memphis try  harder to get the votes to stay. Christmas said Enzo confirmed he was keeping her but wasn’t sure about Cody. They talked about it being great if the two of them can get to the F2 together.  They said it would be a huge accomplishment because the odds were stacked against them because so many women were evicted early. (Sure, but who targeted all those women who left early?)

Have I mentioned that this is my favorite houseguest of all who remain in there:

  •  Cody and Enzo complained about how much time Christmas with spending in the hoh room. Cody said it’s obvious Christmas was only up their kissing ass and Enzo said Christmas acts like she’s the hoh this week. (Have I mentioned Enzo is sleeping in the hoh this week so he can ‘guard Nicole?’)
  • Nicole asked Cody if he was sure they were making the right decision this week. He said he thought they were and asked if she wanted to switch it. She said she was just worried about Christmas winning the next hoh because she sounds as if she’s really fired up now.  Nicole said she thought Christmas would cut her before Enzo. Cody said it didn’t matter because from this point, they just need to win.
  •  Enzo, who was probably realizing he wasn’t going to be able to change Cody’s mind, started working on Christmas instead. He played up how much he had her back and how they needed to split up Cody and Nicole. He mentioned hoping Memphis wouldn’t be mad at him for voting him out and Christmas promised she’d keep Enzo over Nicole or Cody.  She asked if Cody was definitely keeping her this week and Enzo said yes. He said Cody thinks Memphis is the better player and he’s planning on keeping Christmas. He asked her not to say anything about it.  Enzo brought up Cody and Nicole pre gaming together. (I’m assuming this is meant to remind Christmas that no matter how good she thinks she is, she isn’t going to flip Nicole) Christmas stressed to Enzo that Cody would win the game against anyone and said that’s why he had to be taken out. Enzo brought up Tyler telling him that he couldn’t beat Cody in a final 2. I don’t think he liked that Christmas agreed.  She said if Cody doesn’t leave next, it’s obvious to everyone that he’s won the game.
  •  Memphis seemed to finally be questioning why Christmas was so calm. He told Cody he thought it was weird if Christmas thought she was leaving. They talked about making it to final 3 and then having to cut Enzo. After Memphis left, Cody spoke to himself about how interesting Thursday was going to be.
  •  After talking to Nicole, Cody was annoyed with Enzo. Even though Enzo asked Christmas not to say anything about Cody voting to keep her, she went to Nicole and told her. Nicole repeated this to Cody and Cody said “f*cking Enzo.” (Cody and Nicole had decided Cody shouldn’t tell Christmas how he was voting. They hoped she would be stressed out for the hoh comp on Thursday if she had to keep worrying about it.  This plan wasn’t important imo because Nicole thinks she has Christmas convinced she’d break a tie to keep her anyway)
  • Cody made cookies and production gave them 5 beers. They also ate popcorn with hot sauce. Enzo said Kevin introduced him to it and they all agreed it was life changing. That was pretty much the evening.
  • They hung out in the HOH room playing charades for while and then called it a night.
  • Here are some bizarre looking images from charades. Christmas was pretending to eat and then tried to put her feet behind her head:
  • I think this was Memphis being a ‘sexy maid?’ (I’ll unfortunately keep this in my head for a while)
  • Creeping burglar maid? No clue…
  • Cody went to bed first in the room Memphis and Christmas sleep in. They had to hang out in the bathroom for a while, in order to have their usual evening chat.  Memphis thinks BB fans believe Dan carried him through season 10. He thinks this season may change our opinion of him. (Ya, it’s worse)

That’s it for me today so have a great Wednesday!

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