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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 10/20/20

October 21, 2020 | 27 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJunkies, we’re just 1 week away from the finale. After the triple, it felt like we’d never get here!  It’s always slows down at the end but the extreme slowness of the past week is payment for the triple.  (It’s also why I wasn’t excited when they announced they were doing it)  It’s as if we paid for the triple on credit and now it’s time to make the payment. Honestly, I hope they never do another one and wish they would move the double to earlier in the season too.  Oh well, it doesn’t matter now, as the season is almost over.

I’m sure anyone still reading the morning recaps has already realized, there’s usually a couple of game conversations to talk about each day, and that’s if we’re lucky.  Yesterday wasn’t much different so here’s all the nail biting excitement from the day.


  • Oh yippee! It’s prank time! (Give me a f*ckin’ break) I get it, they’re bored but I hate BB pranks because they’re never original.  Nicole and Christmas wanted to prank the guys and it involved things like plastic on the toilet seat, salt in someones water bottle and I think one inolved a protein shake in the toilet. (I don’t even want to know the details of that one) You get the idea. Later, there was some hide and seek too.
  • It sounds like each of them will get to have 2 people be there at the finale.
  • Nicole pitched to Cody to have him keep her this week.  Normally I’d say it’s good for people to not just assume they’re being taken to the final 3 and always plead their case but I can’t really call this a pitch. Don’t get me she wrong, she did it. She just got annoyed any time Cody asked her a question.  Cody was teasing her, like when he told her that Christmas’ pitch seemed more sincere and when he said, Christmas looked at him when she talked, unlike Nicole. When Cody said Christmas offered to take him to the final 2, Nicole told him it was a lie. Nicole said they’d been together since day 1 and she’d always had his back. She said except for that one time with Dani but said she didn’t really throw him under the bus.  She said she just knew that Dani liked Cody the most and would forgive him. (I specifically remember writing about this but for the life of me, I can’t remember what this was about. Nicole got caught telling a lie and blamed it on Cody. For the moment, that’s all I can remember)  She said she’s taking him to the final 2, thinks she has a good chance to win the 2nd part of the hoh comp, (which means she could be the one doing the taking) and said “that’s my pitch, that’s what I’ve got.” She also said “you better frickin’ take me.” She told him no one was going to vote for a former winner and Cody said “oh, ok” like he thought she was full of shit.  She wanted to know if Christmas really said she’d take him to the final 2 and Cody said yes. He said Christmas told him, taking her was his best chance because she didn’t think Nicole or Enzo would really take Cody. He said Christmas told him she didn’t want to throw anyone under the bus.  Nicole said she thinks “they’re telling her in there to work it that way.” (meaning, she thinks production is telling Christmas to use that pitch because you know, no one but Nicole knows how to play BB) Nicole became annoyed and said she was going to leave the room and told Cody taking her was his best move. Cody asked how storming off was a good pitch? (Haha) She went through the usual stuff about Cody winning because he’d played the best game. Eventually, Cody said “ok, enough” to let her know she didn’t need to pitch to him. Nicole also said she was annoyed that Christmas thought she might stay.
  • They talked about evicted hgs and their games. Enzo mentioned Tyler being a great player. Nicole said she didn’t think he was very good and said he wanted to leave. Enzo said he didn’t leave and won during the triple. Nicole didn’t have much of a comeback for that one since it’s a sore subject for her. (Nicole has never liked Tyler and he didn’t seem to like her.  If she’s in the final 3, wouldn’t it be funny if she lost with Tyler as a tiebreaker?)
  • Meanwhile, Christmas talked to Enzo and he went over some of the things he told Cody while campaigning to keep her.  Enzo told Christmas he was fine if she needed to throw him under the bus and said to convince Cody that she won’t take Enzo to the final 2. He said he didn’t think it was going to work but said he was fine with whatever she used to keep trying. She still seemed to be hopeful and said if she left on Thursday, she wanted to leave knowing she had tried everything she could. Enzo suggested Christmas try to convince Cody that Nicole won’t take him to the final 2 either and say that she may even want payback for evicting her during BB16. Christmas said she was worried about throwing them under the bus too much because Cody might think she’s playing dirty.
  •  After Enzo was alone, he cam talked about his chances to win. He thinks he needs to win the final hoh said Nicole hadn’t done enough to win. He wondered if he could beat Cody in a final 2. He said he didn’t know if he’d actually need to cut Cody at final 3 to win the game. (Ya think?)
  • Nicole started having pains in her chest, said she thought she was having a heart attack and had to go to the DR. Apparently, it was some kind of muscle pain.  Shortly before that, she said playing the game without a shomance was more fun. (I’m not convinced she meant those words but maybe even just saying them caused some kind of reaction) Ya, I know, I’m an asshole. Obviously, I wouldn’t say that if she’d had a heart attack.
  • Christmas campaigned to Cody again.  She told him if he kept her and took her to the final 3, she promised she’d take him to the final 2.  She said she wasn’t asking him to take her to the final 2 and was fine with him doing whatever he wanted.  She said Enzo told her he wouldn’t put her otb again after the week he used her as a pawn and said she felt betrayed this week. She also tried to tell him that Enzo was after him during the HOH comp and was trying to take Cody out. This was an obvious lie that she had planned in advance to use. She said the jury would see Nicole didn’t do much through most of the game, even though she was a previous winner. (I guess this was supposed to make it sound like she was more deserving?) Cody told her she gave him some things to think about. (Not really)
  • Nicole was a little out of sorts when Enzo said Christmas was good at campaigning.
  • They got some beer after having taco Tuesday, hung out in the HOH room and repeated a lot of the same conversations. Who would win AFP? What’s your biggest fear? What are your hobbies? Cody started quoting the kid from that youtube video that said “I like turtles” and doing his voice.

I actually found this funny but not because I think Cody is hilarious. It was because some years back, at one of my son’s high school basketball games, the gym became really quiet just before one of my sons friends was about to shoot a free throw, a crucial one. My husband said, (loud enough for half the gym to here) just before he shot it, “I like turtles.” This was a kid who always froze and could never relax before shooting. Parents with the away team looked over at my husband as if he were a jerk and thought he was being rude. You’d have to know the kid and the relationship he had with our family to understand why this was more of a funny thing and less of an asshole thing to do. It was hilarious and…..John (the kid) was caught so off guard, he made the damn free throw. Just a nice memory so I thought I’d share.

Back to the Recap:

  • Cody had interrupted the hobbies question when he started talking about turtles. Christmas, never one to fear talking about herself, started listing her hobbies. Enzo looked over and kind of talked over her and said “I like turtles.” Immediately after, Christmas got up, said she was ready for bed and left the room. Christmas is so full of herself, I couldn’t help but wonder if Enzo did make it to the final 2, did that moment just cost him her vote? Haha
  •  Christmas cam talked and said Cody would be hard to beat but she would honor her deal if he kept her and said she really would take him to the final 2.  She said he’d been great at comps and had a great social game but said she could argue against that in her speech. (I’ve heard her give speeches so I’m gonna say…, no) She also posed for the camera and called herself Pippi Longstocking.
  • Cody (kind of joking, kind of not) called out Enzo and repeated some of the things Christmas had told him. He also called out Enzo again for his strategy during the HOH comp. Enzo tried to say he was following Cody’s lead and would look at him for direction during the comp. Cody said he didn’t, said he was looking at Enzo the entire time and said Enzo never looked at him.

Assuming Christmas is evicted, she’ll keep the ‘first in the door’ curse alive. If Cody wins the game, he’ll break the OTEV curse. Catch ya’ll later and have a great Wednesday!

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