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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 10/6/20

October 7, 2020 | 23 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies. I wish I had something exciting for you today but…..I don’t. I’ll go over what I’ve got and maybe toss in some stupid stuff at the end. (My specialty!) I’ll continue to recap but as the game talk becomes shorter, I’ll probably switch over to a little game analysis too, for the people who are left. It at least gives us something to discuss during our waiting days.


  • There’s usually a ‘Morning with Memphis’ chat that used to be Memphis and Kaysar. After he left, Christmas took his place and I stopped paying much attention. Nicole joined them and eventually Tyler did too.  (to be the audience, I guess) That’s all I have to say about it.
  • Christmas doctored Memphis’ injured foot for him: (I hate feet! I don’t know why, I just do)
  • Nicole felt she’d put in enough time with Christmas and Memphis and went to hide out in the hoh room. She told Cody she wished the details of Loyals birth was a comp because she said she’d nail it. (She’d had to sit thru the story Christmas told) Nicole’s been funny a few times lately and this was one of those times.
  • Nicole has done alot more cam talking this season than I remember her doing before. Yesterday, she talked about not trying to manipulative people at this point and said she just needs to win comps. She’s stressed about winning the next hoh and said she has to because Cody is counting on her. She said something about Christmas being rude and knowing she’d wanted the 5k during the veto comp.(I don’t remember what that one was called)  Nicole said that’s why she gave the money to Day instead. (Shortly after that comp, I heard Nicole telling Dani and Cody, she should’ve kept the money and used it to buy their (Cody & Dani’s) plane tickets for her wedding. (Cody has said repeatedly, the only way he’s going to the wedding is if Nicole pays for it)
  • Nicole also told the live feeders that if we think she just sits around and doesn’t do anything, the jokes on us. (Isn’t one of her favorite lines “I don’t dooooo anything” whenever she hears her name come up as a target?) She talked about how much work it was to talk to people. (She’s getting worried about looking like someone who sat on their ass and got dragged to the end) She’s had more than one of these cam talks this week. She also complained to Cody about not getting called into the DR enough. She’s played enough to know that if you arn’t doing DR’s, you probably arn’t that relevant to the storyline.
  • Tyler talked to Enzo again and told him Nicole said she’d do what Cody and Enzo wanted. Tyler asked Enzo to tell Nicole very clearly that he wants Tyler to stay. Tyler asked if Enzo had talked to Cody, Enzo said Christmas is always in the hoh and Tyler told him Enzo would be screwed if Tyler left. Enzo said he would talk to them. (Tyler isn’t stupid and has to know, if people arn’t telling  you that you’re safe by now, you’re going home)
  • Enzo and Nicole talked about Christmas being annoying and thinking the next hoh is going to be endurance. Nicole thinks she can beat Christmas if it’s the Slip & Slide. She said Christmas is stronger but said she won’t be good at endurance. (I wouldn’t put any money on that)
  • Christmas apologized to Nicole again over trying to vote her out. They both lied to each other about how they feel and Nicole said she was probably voting to keep Christmas. Nicole tried to lay the guilt on thick to Christmas and Christmas tried to convince Nicole she really cares about her.
  • Enzo told Memphis that Tyler keeps asking about the vote and Memphis said he’s already told Tyler he’d probably vote him out. (Memphis is more direct with everyone so he doesn’t get bothered all week with unnecessary campaigning) Enzo also confirmed that if they win the hoh, they’ll put Christmas & Nicole otb. Memphis said they’ll have to convince Cody to vote out Nicole. (good luck with that one plus I’m not sure Memphis won’t change his mind again) They agreed Cody and Nicole have a F2 and Memphis doesn’t like Cody wanting Nicole to stay over Christmas.
  • Enzo cam talked and we got a better idea of his end game plan. For now, it sounds like he wants Christmas to leave after Tyler, since he’s sure Memphis and Christmas have a F2. (He thinks that gives him Memphis) After that, he wants Nicole taken out because he has a F2 with Cody too. (I’m guessing he thinks Nicole will be easier to beat than Christmas in comps and that’s why he wants Nicole gone 2nd) He definitely wants Cody and Memphis taking out Christmas and Nicole so he can keep his hands cleaner. He told himself that no matter how it went, he was in trouble. (Actually, Enzo is the best positioned person to get to the F3, even over Cody. I don’t see a scenario yet where Enzo doesn’t go to the F3.  That doesn’t get him the win tho and that’s probably what has him worried)
  • Tyler tried to confirm he’s staying when he talked to Cody. He had the right pitch but wasn’t convincing enough. Tyler was trying to tell Cody that Memphis and Christmas are a F2 and will take a shot at Cody. Cody just danced around it and said people have to win comps at this point in the game.
  • Cody and Memphis talked about how annoying Christmas can be. They said Christmas is lucky she’s otb against a comp threat and if she wasn’t, they’d vote her out. (well, Cody would)
  • Cody, Enzo and Nicole (throughout the day) skirted around the idea of taking out Christmas this week because she’s so annoying. (It doesn’t go anywhere and I thinks it’s mostly just them expressing how much she’s getting on their nerves)
  • They’re all as bored as we are. Christmas separated all the cereal by color:
  • Nicole asked Cody if the plan to blindside Tyler was still happening. He said he thinks they need to tell him but won’t do it until Thursday. Nicole doesn’t think it’s going to go well.
  • Tyler cleaned the kitchen and they all freaked out when he found mold under the cutting board that was attached to one side of the sink. (CBS surely has enough money for a new sink. They don’t need to glue a cutting board to one side of it and think it won’t create moisture. Cheap asses!)
  • It was really disgusting:
  • The hgs got a little alcohol and hung out in the hoh room. After everyone left besides Cody and Enzo, they talked about (again) taking Christmas out now. Once again, it doesn’t go anywhere but seemed like it might have if they’d kept talking about it. They started discussing next week instead. They know Memphis will target Nicole next and will want to keep Christmas. Cody told Enzo it had to be Christmas first and then they could take out Nicole. Nicole came back to the room so that convo ended. Nicole made sure Tyler was still leaving this week and said she didn’t get the reason for telling him he’s leaving ahead of time. (I don’t either. What’s Tyler gonna do? He can tell Memphis that he had a F3 with Enzo and Cody but Memphis won’t care. Either tell him or don’t but enough with this stupid shit of stringing him along)
  • After Nicole left again, they said they’ll tell Tyler it’s Nicole’s fault he’s leaving. (Tyler will know this is BS but it was funny at least)
  • Enzo and Nicole just hung out downstairs and chatted. They talked about why people stopped trusting Dani and whether or not Day would win AFP.  Once Cody was back with them, they talked about the jurors and who might be bitter. They’re sure Kevin will be bitter and Ian won’t be. Cody said he was going to bed. Nicole and Enzo, who were restless, followed him upstairs and wouldn’t take any of his hints. At one point, Cody took off his mic and told them he was done for the day. They told him to put it back on, continued to talk and forced him to be a part of it. (Haha)
  • Nicole and Enzo talked about Victor becoming a cop, Enzo dealing with the holidays when he doesn’t have his kids and the cost of homes where Nicole lives. (Do you think some BB fan out there will get stopped by Vic, know he played BB before and when they’re about to get a ticket, say they’d like to use the power of Veto instead? It’s just a thought) Enzo mentioned feeling bad about Tyler and said he doesn’t know what to say to him between now and Thursday. Nicole talked about the week Ian left and is trying to make it sound like she voted out Ian because she got played, rather than coming up with the plan to do it. (Good, stick with that. It’s her only move this season and the only reason Ian might respect her game) Enzo and Nicole are also blaming Tyler and Christmas trying to vote her out on Dani. They said they think Dani might have been the potential 3rd vote that Tyler & Christmas spoke to before the vote. (Obviously, Enzo knows he’s lying but I wondered if Nicole was too, just to assure Enzo she wasn’t suspicious of him)

That’s pretty much it for what happened yesterday. I left out A LOT of talk from Nicole about having diarrhea but that was intentional. Other than that, this was what we got. They know who’s leaving so it’s just a waiting game unless Tyler can pull off something big today. If the feeds are like this again today, I’ll probably go over what I think the hg’s are doing well, instead of wrong, in tomorrows recap. I thought it might be a change from my usual, which is criticizing every move they make. For now, here’s some random stuff I haven’t included before:

  • Nicole recently said “if you breathe in farts, it makes you live longer.” Dani said “that’s absurd” and Tyler asked “what the hell are they teaching in Ubly?”  Dani asked “did they teach you that in nursing school?” (I’m glad she gave up nursing to be a social media influencer)
  • Last night, Enzo asked if you could have a cow for a pet without having to milk it.
  • A while back, Tyler told the story about Sam (during BB20) making homemade alcohol with a milk jug and a condom. (Those were good times, weren’t they?)
  • A recent exchange between Cody and Christmas:  Cody: “I’m not your enemy.” Christmas: “You said that with fear.” Cody: “A little terrified. Please don’t hurt me.” Christmas: “I know I’m a little intense.”
  • Memphis told Christmas how people hired him to set up their businesses. She said she completely understood why they did and said “that’s exactly, why I hired a Doula.” (Not quite the same thing but she needed to get the convo back to her having a baby at the time) During this same convo, Christmas told Memphis she was hyped up and said “today’s a good day for a blood bath.” (Who else is picturing Christmas and Sam playing BB and being in an alliance together right now?)
  • A recent Tweet from Dr. Will:

Now that most of you have one of many potential songs from the Purple Rain album stuck in your head, I’ll wrap this up. If we’re going to be singing to ourselves today, we can do a helluva lot worse than Prince imo. That also reminds me, RIP Eddie Van Halen.

Have a great Wednesday!

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