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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 8/25/20

August 26, 2020 | 41 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone! There was lots of game talk yesterday so I’m just going to get straight to it and this will be a long one.

Janelle and Kaysar had already started to realize what happened with NicA last week but not the full extent. Yesterday, the campaigning made it clear just how much damage had been done. Now they know, NicA told every single thing they’d said about anyone to the entire house. I’m not saying they wouldn’t still be targets but it would mostly be for Dani and Nicole, not the entire house.

Not that this matters but if Janelle leaves tomorrow, it will be 3 people in a row evicted who were also Americas Favorite Player on their seasons.

Game talk from yesterday:

  • Memphis told Tyler the others in the group of 6 need to pull their weight. He said they may have to force them to win hoh’s and make decisions. Memphis also said he’d told Janelle he’d vote to keep her but he wasn’t doing it. Later, he said the same thing to Christmas. He said he’d never see her again so he didn’t care.
  • Nicole and Christmas talked about keeping Kaysar and how Christmas doesn’t like that Janelle was bad mouthing NicA. They’re both expecting Bay and Day to start pitching to save Janelle. Nicole tried to get Christmas on board to go after Bay instead of Day. So far, Christmas isn’t caving to Nicole.
  • Janelle worked on getting Davids vote. He said he didn’t like the rumors about flipping the vote last week and told her he didn’t trust her. She tried offering him 3 weeks of safety if he kept her. He told her NicA told him a lot of stuff and thinks she did NicA wrong. (He’s so hard to follow along with because he talks in half thoughts) He’s basically saying she tried to keep Keesha which was bad, tried to keep NicA but also screwed NicA over. (Even Cody seemed confused by this logic in a different convo) David told her he doesn’t have anything to go on to show she’d be trustworthy. (Just 3 seasons of being one of the most loyal people to ever play!!! Maybe he should’ve watch a bit of BB before coming back. I don’t care if he evicts Janelle but I’m still over David)
  • Janelle started telling people David hated her and NicA ruined her game. She said this to Day and Kevin too. She said she’d told David she would want to work with Day and Bay but David told her no one wanted to be associated with her.
  • Bay and Day tried to figure out what to do moving forward. They wouldn’t want to put up Kaysar but think they’d have to do it. They also don’t know how Kevin and Kaysar would work together. (They wouldn’t and Day has GOT to figure out that Kevin IS NOT her Jason Roy! Stop telling him everything!) They also went over Day talking to Tyler and how they feel good about the 3 of them moving forward now.
  • Christmas and Kevin talked about David. Kevin also told her he really trusts Day and Dani. (That’s one of his problems. He trusts 2 people he thinks are working together but they arn’t and he can’t keep his mouth shut about anything) What they said isn’t that important, I just like Kevin’s expression when he was referencing how lost David is in the game. (Game recognizes game)
  • Janelle campaigned to Cody and I don’t know if she was just making the rounds or if she finally realized, he’s the one she had to go thru. (If she has Cody, she has the votes automatically. No Cody, no votes) She offered him everything from a power if she gets it, 2 weeks of safety and offered to give him her wedding ring to hold. (Janelle isn’t a quitter)
  • Dani made fun of Janelle for campaigning and said she’s tired of listening to it. (I can’t wait until Dani has to do it)
  • Kaysar thinks he’s working Christmas and she thinks she’s working him. They talked about the votes and who they’d go after. They also had a great convo about the middle east and parenting. Kaysar has been working on her for a while and she thinks Kaysar will listen to her about the game if he wins the hoh.
  • Day, Bay and Cody discussed the vote. He said something about Nicole and Ian needing to be split, compared it to Ian and Britney in BB14 (I did too) and Bay asked if they should keep Janelle. She said Janelle would do it for them. Cody tried to backtrack and said he thought Kaysar would do the same thing.
  • After a couple of cringeworthy conversations, David told Kaysar he’d vote to keep him. Kaysar earned the vote by having to listen to David’s stupid convos in my opinion. David told Kaysar he was untrustworthy and mentioned he’s friends with Janelle. (He said this to possibly the most loyal person to ever play this game) He told Kaysar he had low credit and needed to raise it if he wanted to work with David. He told Kaysar “you want so much but you haven’t proven yourself to be trustworthy.” (David was soooooo condescending. I think this stems from NicA telling him what terrible people they were last week) David also said “if you come back in the house, are you coming after me?” Kaysar said “coming back from where?” (David gets camp comeback mixed up with being evicted, at least I think. I’ve heard him say this before) David told Kaysar he remembered things, sequences, times and patterns. He told Kaysar to remember that when he talked to him. (I’m thinking a lot of the praise he got from fans at the end of the season last year, really went to his head) David told Kaysar about getting burned by trusting someone last year. Kaysar, not about to be topped, told David the story from BB6, making a deal and taking his finger off the pressure cooker comp button (a 14 hour comp by the way) only to be lied to and evicted. David brought up hoe bad it was that NicA, AFP went home. Kaysar told him to take it up with Memphis.
  • Dani got a head start for next week and told Memphis she thinks Day is trying to flip the vote again. (She kinda is)
  • Nicole and Ian tried to insinuate to Kevin that Janelle would go after him. Without Kevin around, they talked about putting Kaysar otb and backdooring Bay if Kaysar won the veto.
  • Kevin and Day went over the votes Janelle might have. Kevin can’t stand Janelle but he dislikes Kaysar more so he’d like to keep her. Bay obviously wants to keep her and they think she has Memphis’ vote.

Christmas and her star babies

  • Tyler and Christmas debated going after Day and Bay. Tyler said it would be drawing a line and said it’s too soon but Christmas is all for it. (Nicole has gotten to Christmas about Bay and Day plus Christmas thinks she has something special with Kaysar so she’d rather him stay next week over DaVonne)
  • Dani is trying to get Nicole to uninvite Janelle to her wedding in her goodbye message. Unrelated, Dani thinks Enzo overshadows her by being so funny. She said she’d thought she’d be the funny one this season.
  • David told Bay and Day he’d heard Day tried to flip the vote against him last week. In the process of saying this, he threw out Tyler and Cody’s names as people he’d heard it from. (Remember when Tyler warned David about what Day was doing? Tyler also told him he couldn’t say a word and it would screw Tyler if he did…well, he just did. David is also the person who confirmed to Day last week there was a guys alliance. This was before there was an official guys alliance to be clear) He also said Janelle told him.

I have no idea what the hell David is doing.  He’s known this information for a week so unless he’s trying to use it as an excuse to vote out Janelle, I don’t know what this is about.  I also don’t know how this justifies his vote this week either way.  I know he’s trying to play the game but it’s extremely annoying.  I supported David getting a second chance and even made an argument (a weak one) in an earlier post how production could slip him in as an All Star.  I WAS WRONG.

Lets compare him to some other players: Nicole goes around, starts little fires and runs away before anyone knows she’s involved. Dani starts fires, sticks around and keeps pouring gas on them to make them bigger. DaVonne is an undercover Fire Marshall who tries to figure out who started the fire but blows her cover in the process and probably can’t work undercover anymore. David, well David is someone who thinks he just joined the fire department as a newbie, goes out on his first call but left the stove on back at the fire house and burned down the whole building. (Ok, moving on)

  • Bay and Day became worried about the stuff David asked them about and mostly because they’d both finally had good vibes on working with Tyler.
  • Janelle warned Bay and Day (separately) about working with David. She said she thinks he’s an idiot who doesn’t know basic game concepts. (She ain’t wrong) She also told Day that Dani seemed receptive to her campaign about not losing another female so soon. (She wasn’t) Janelle warned her it may be a lie because Janelle said she thinks Dani is in an alliance with the guys.
  • Janelle and Kaysr talked and went over the votes they think they have. (They have the ability to be mature about it unlike most people) Kaysar said he was confused by David’s attitude towards him. He said David  basically called him a liar since he’s friends with Janelle. They both agreed David seemed hostile towards them. Kaysar said everyone thinks they preyed on NicA and destroyed her life.
  • David went to Kevin and asked if Day was ever planning to vote him out last week. Kevin told him no but said Kaysar went around saying he thought the votes were there to keep NicA. (This may be the first time Kevin unknowingly helped someone in the game)
  • David told Day he was sorry and said Kaysar and Janelle were screwing everything up. He said he believed her about not trying to flip the vote. (Day didn’t look happy)
  • Day told Bay she thinks David was lying.
  • David informed Tyler what had happened and Tyler was pissed. David said he’d already gone back to Day and blamed it on Kaysar. David is trying to make it Janelle and Kaysars fault that he has a big mouth. Tyler said it didn’t help him if David specifically named Tyler as someone he’d heard it from. He reminded him that he’d said “if you ever tell this, you’ll blow my shit up.” Tyler wanted to know how they got the info out of David. (Did he volunteer it, were they pressuring him etc.) Tyler also wanted to know if it was Bay or Day that got it out of him. When David told him it was Bay, Tyler was more worried. He told David he’d probably be evicted next. (meaning Tyler would be). David tried to tell Tyler it wasn’t a big deal because it was early in the game (???) David assured him he would win the next hoh and Tyler said that wasn’t going to help him. He tried to explain to David that Day wouldn’t trust him now, he may have to go after Day but didn’t want to and said he had bigger targets to deal with. (Dani perhaps) Along with not wanting DaVonne out yet, Tyler’s worried it’s going to harm the progress he’s made with Bay. David said he wasn’t as good at the game as he’d thought he was going to be. (No shit) Tyler told him about Foutte from his BB20 season, how they accidentally took out their own people and said he didn’t want that to happen to him. (Tyler getting Foutte’d would be a little funny) David said he would fix it and at first, Tyler said he’d try to do it himself. (It was a thanks, but no thanks, kind of moment) Since David didn’t tell Day and Bay where Tyler originally heard it, they’re trying to come up with a way to stick with blaming Kaysar. The plan so far is to say Kaysar went to Christmas and said he thought they had the votes to keep NicA over David. After that, Christmas told Tyler and he told David, not knowing who those votes might be.  (It will be impressive if Tyler can turn this around. The unfortunate thing is, I don’t think Tyler realizes that instead of keeping David on one side and Bay and Day on another, he should’ve brought the 4 together. It could’ve made the 4 a more solid unit but it may be too late for that now, along with the fact that having David on your side is dangerous)
  • Day asked Janelle if she told David about Day trying to flip votes last week. Janelle said “hell no.” Janelle said that wouldn’t help her game and it was stupid.
  • Janelle told Day and Kaysar (separately) they needed to work together. (They do)
  • Janelle and Tyler talked about the vote. He told her it looked like she would be leaving. She reminded him he needed her there as a target in front of him and said NicA really screwed her game up. She assured him he wouldnt be her target if she stayed. She said her BB legacy wasn’t to take out Tyler Crispin and she’d be hated if she did. She said she liked her real estate sales too much to be hated. (She laid it on thick, haha) Tyler told her everyone was afraid of her and she said Nicole was the only one who should really be afraid of her.
  • Tyler talked to himself last night and thinks his game may be over. He’s realizing he gave David too much credit, is doing Cody, Dani and Nicole’s dirty work and thinks he’ll be going home soon. He’s sure Day will be coming after him and said he’d rather leave pre jury if he can’t win the game. (Wouldn’t everyone?) He feels he has to go after Day first and is already regretting taking out one of Janelle or Kaysar. He really thinks his game is ruined.

I think Tyler is both right and wrong about his game move this week. Yes, it was a bad move to take out a huge target since he’s one himself. On the other hand, since NicA and Kevin couldn’t keep their mouths shut, Tyler knew Janelle and Kaysar were naming him as someone they might target. Tyler approached them the first week about working together and they didn’t seem receptive to it. Tyler didn’t know where it came from and why they’d target him.  I can’t blame him for thinking he needed to get one of them out. It would also keep him good with his bigger alliance until he was ready to make a move against them. Remember, after making a deal with Cody in the first couple days, Tyler didn’t talk to Cody very much the first week. Tyler didn’t actually know Cody was planning on going after Kaysar and Janelle. Cody had those discussions with Dani and Nicole. This made it even more threatening when he was hearing Kaysar and Janelle were naming him as a possible target. Tyler’s biggest mistakes so far were giving Cody time to form stronger bonds with other people the first week and thinking David could play BB.

Random Tidbits:

  • The hgs were told recently to stop talking about Danielle Murfree from BB14. Janelle and Ian both told stories about her being by shit crazy. (She was…and is) The feeds go out a lot when they talk about past seasons but the day they were discussing Danielle, the people who work the feeds were extremely busy. They also kept cutting when Enzo asked what was going on with Boogie. Janelle started telling him about Boogie allegedly threatening to kill Dr. Will and his family because Will didn’t want to go on TAR with him.
  • Dani told Ian and Kevin she doesn’t think anyone who played before the last all stars (BB7) should’ve been allowed back. Dani’s first season just happened to be BB8, back when she said Janelle was her favorite player. Dani also bought Janelles BB7 finale dress on ebay to wear for the BB8 finale. (Ever see the movie Single White Female? Just sayin’)

  • Pics from the backyard this week with the hoh camera:

  • Nicole was irritated a couple of days ago when she had to start making her own pressed juice:

  • Ian finding his zen place on the hammock this week:

  • Nicole Anthony has been making the interview rounds. When being interviewed by her podcast cohost, she made it sound as if going against Janelle and Kaysar was strategic. Her first couple interviews, she was a little more honest about being wrong. It sounds like that’s over and she going to go with the ‘I meant to do that’ excuse. (It’s disappointing) She Tweeted this a couple days ago so I think she’s still going back and forth, the way she was in the house. She’s finding out new info but it conflicts with the reality she lived in those moments and sometimes, people can’t change gears that fast. She’ll get there…maybe.
  • Tyler has taken heat on social media for calling old school BB boring recently. There’s tons of clips from past seasons with a caption that says something like: Howie didn’t threaten to eat April’s dog Pepperoni on BB6 just so Tyler could call old school boring. (April did have a dog named Pepperoni and Howie did threaten to eat it, that happened) This backyard pic reminded me of what Tyler said:

Old school BB carrying the weight for New school BB

  • Some past players have gotten in on it too. Here’s one from Twitter. It’s a tweet from Natalie who was on BB9:

When I see this….

I think of this.

The irony isn’t lost on me that Dani goes around starting fires instead of preventing them either.

Have a great Wednesday!


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